Abdominal pain and rotating pain in b...

Beaverton, OR

#258 Jan 28, 2012
Bobby NV wrote:
It seems we all have the same problem. My dad is a doctor and i have been complaining about the same testicle pain for a year. I have had many doctors claiming it to be epididimitis, prostatitis, and other types of infections. I have taken many antibiotics which only seem to help for a while. I have never told my doctor or dad but i have been smoking pot everyday for the last 3 years. This is not a joke...... From the research i have done alot of men that are daily smokers have this problem 2 - 5 years into smoking. 8 months into the pain i stopped smoking for the first time in over 2 years. I left for hawaii, demanding antibiotics or pain killers so that could enjoy myself without testicular pain. It took about 4 days and i started noticing a change. Pain started to go down and i was able to do things i used to. When i got back from my family vacation i immediatley started smoking again. No joke at the moment i started smoking the pain came back. I couldnt believe it. I have talked personally with at leat 4 people that have testicular pain that most of you have explained and they all told me to quit smoking marijuana. There is somthing that marijuana does to your nervous system which does not allow your testicles to function properly. By the way smokinnnnnng makes testiceles hurrrrt. Basically i wanted to know how many of you guys started feeling the pain after smoking pot for years. I love marijuana more than anything and I believe it is what has gotten me through these hard painful times. If any of you are tired of this scary, annoying dull pain, it is time to quit smoking.
I just fricken cried a little... I knew it was related somehow i just knew it... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....fine i'll quit

Beaverton, OR

#259 Jan 28, 2012

Beaverton, OR

#260 Jan 28, 2012

Have all you guys had surgery at some point? I had knee surgery and soon after the pain started. My dick heads also a discolored yellowish/darker tint then normal. I smoke weed EVERYDAY. And a lot of it, its really pissing me off when i want to relax and smoke and its like worse and more of a hassle to blow from the bong.

Beaverton, OR

#261 Jan 28, 2012
^ Another update lol... Maybe anesthesia, pain pills, fast fast food, and a mix of MJ can cause this somehow? Anyone have some ideas?

Btw, I also have the phantom pain, I swear its in my head... but the pains real, if there is this many people with the same symtoms maybe there is something related... Maybe the shit they use to grow the bud? Has anyone been taking DABS of full melt hash and then started experiencing this?

Beaverton, OR

#262 Jan 28, 2012


#263 Jan 28, 2012
I have these same pains & I think I'm going to get my prostate checked, random. But it's just another test, to be sure.
Why do we have to have balls for, why can't they be internal, Fck me they are aching.
So pissed off ! >:-/

Caruthersville, MO

#264 Jan 29, 2012

Canyon Lake, TX

#265 Mar 13, 2012
Ive got pain in my left testicle, it hurts to walk, laugh, pretty much do anything. It's like i got hit in the nuts and the pain never went away. This started out of nowhere. I've also got the urge to urinate every couple minutes. Nothing comes out but i still try to go. If i do urinate it starts out normal but about halfway through or close to the end a pain builds up. Its almost unbearable. I also have severe stomach pain and pain on the side of my back below my ribs. I'm 18 years old and i'm not exactly healthy, but i do drink lots of water. No sodas or juice. What should I do?

Canyon Lake, TX

#266 Mar 13, 2012
Feellikecrap wrote:
I have these same pains & I think I'm going to get my prostate checked, random. But it's just another test, to be sure.
Why do we have to have balls for, why can't they be internal, Fck me they are aching.
So pissed off ! >:-/
I hear you brother

Islamabad, Pakistan

#267 Mar 28, 2012
9 MONTH PAIN IN my testies left and right
David D

Bondi, Australia

#268 Apr 5, 2012
- Im Cured -
And Im very angered that this cause is not listed on medical sites
Firstly if a physical exam, blood, urine and ultrasound come back clear
Consider the cause being the Pudendal Nerve
The cause for me was squats, rowing, and 20minute bike ride each day
Then without stretching i was going home at sitting at a computer for hours
Which must have eventualy inflamed or entraped the nerve
Now when the first symptoms appeared i stopped going to the gym
And just sat at home with an icepack on my balls
5weeks later, after getting all the tests which came back clear
i found an artcile explaining that just sitting down was keeping pressure on this nerve
As soon as i associated this
I avoided sitting, and just laid down for a whole day and watched movies
I also did the recommended stretching exersices
Almost immediately i noticed a difference
Within 2 day my balls were 100% normal again like a miracle
I thought i was going to loose my balls or die from this
So thats why im writing
Hopefuly it may help someone esle
Now some poeple may actualy have the real medical issues such as
infections, varoceles, hydroceles, blockages, hernias and so forth
So get the tests done to rule these things out
But this nerves job is to let your brain know when these things happen
So it may just be the nerve itself thats effected
Even for the poeple with the real conditions, if the pain is there after treatments
Consider that the nerve also may now be playing up cuz youve been sitting around for too long
Once it starts playing up u should not be sitting on it
Bike riders know all about it thats how i discovered this
search the Pudendal Nerve and bike riders for more information
David D


#269 Jun 10, 2012
i have the same issues have anyones test come back with an answer??

Salt Lake City, UT

#270 Jun 24, 2012
Mike Ohio wrote:
Hey guys me again. I don't think the doctors know or care whats going on with us! If we're gonna find out whats the deal we're gonna have to narrow domn the stuff that might be causing it. It would seem to be that we all have most of the same symptoms so it must be a common thing we've done -been exposed too- or eaten!
I like lifting weights
Eat spinach and chicken mostly
Mines seems to be getting worse with pain sorta like gas travling thru my whole body and where it stays comes the pain.....
Can anybody continue what you do or eat or possible exposure? Thanks
Hey I'm thirteen and I've had the pain in my left testicle for a day I noticed that I've been drinking more milk than I do regularly could this Be this problem

Boonville, NY

#271 Aug 29, 2012
Same symptoms.. Notably extremely sore and sensitive testicles that are reddened and tight to my body. Difficult/undesirable to keep erection, and sex worsens it. Gurgling sound in stomach, periodic itching and pain in anus, and constant sticky and cold-to-touch feeling on testicles.

My doc says others have complained about them, too. I've seen 3 diff docs now, one of whom specialized in STIs. Countless blood and urine tests prove I'm STI-free, HOWEVER, my girlfriend tested positive for HSV1 when I begged her to test for all STIs after mine were negative. I have absolutely no signs of HSV1 orally (which is "oral" herpes) and either does my gf but this all started literally days after the first time she gave me oral sex.

Someone mentioned this- I had mono badly when I was 18 and put me in bed for a good 2 months. Reading endless hours on herpes, I think it may be a novel disease that appears with simultaneous oral herpes **which goes unnoticed in most people** and previous mono infection.

Smoking DOES worsen it, but as mentioned earlier by someone, i think this is mostly psychological bc it makes me a little paranoid etc. I've been smoking forever, sometimes daily, sometimes month-long breaks, but I know my body and this didn't just appear one day from smoking, even a moldy bud or something. I think this is some sort of skin disease which becomes more serious when it infects the groin, related to or some form of herpes. But I DONT BELIEVE it is herpes alone, but interactions with other previously contracted diseases AND herpes.

any thoughts?

United States

#272 Oct 4, 2012
Hey I am just wondering if this ever resolved for you and if you figured out what it was or anything made it better. You have described my situation exactly. Thanks
Morcan wrote:
Hey guys, I seem to be in a similar boat as of the last couple of weeks. Almost the same exact pains, but minus the discharge or pain in urinating. I have noticed lately a tight pain in my abdoman, like mentioned above, I just figured it to be bad gas.
The pain started out as an excruciating pain in my testicles. It hurt so bad, i couldn't tell if it was the left or right. Over time, it got to be more of just a constant dull pain (like being hit in the nuts an hour ago, it doesnt hurt as bad, but its still uncomfortable.)
I went to urgent care, and they too told me chlamydia and other things they figured it was, and they did a urine culture, which came up negative on any infections. They want me to go get an ultrasound done, but I dont have insurance, and this has alreay cost me almost more than i can afford.
I can get the ultrasound done, and just do payments through the hospital, but i just have this real bad feeling that its not gonna see anything, and ive just wasted $600, and have to continue with other treatment.
I was given some antibiotics, but just enough for a week or so, so I guess I should at least see about getting more, but im just nervous that im gonna be spending a crapload of money on something that the tests arent gonna catch.
The pain now seems to be in the whole lower area. My testicles, my abdoman has hurt some, and what feels like my hip joints have been aching. Im 28 year old male, Im a bit overweight, but i have never came across anything quite like this.
I truly hope that one of us can get it narrowed down, cuz like the rest of you know, this is not a pain that makes everyday life enjoyable.
Thanks and good luck guys!

United States

#273 Oct 4, 2012
Hey I was wondering if this ever got resolved for you and if you ever figured out what was going on. You have described my situation exactly. Thanks for any help you can give.
mr magoo

Burnley, UK

#275 Nov 11, 2012
Hi guys, extremely relieved to hear that i am not the only one with this problem. I have smoked weed on/off for the last 4 years, some weeks smoking 3 times, sometimes smoking none at all and other times smoking more than 3 times, basically dependent on the social lives of close mates around me and job dependencies. Anyway...i have never had any past problems or operations in this area, our 'sessions' usually consisted of 4/5 lads, with 10/11 joints passing around over a 4/5 hour period, when we got high we went over board with too many joints every single time. After a smoke, I seem to get sexually charged and require some form of release, leading to masterbation, sometimes which can last an hour, way too long, and way too frequent considering the amount of times we may have got high one week. Anyway..after a smoke 3 weeks ago, mid masterbation i felt a quick sharp pain in my left testicle, i thought very little of it, the next day i had a dull aching pain and this has been consistent until this day fluctuating every now and again, it is affecting my walking and the top of my legs, sometimes im fine other times i struggle. I have been to AnE, and had the standard urine sample and a testicle examination, everything was clear and I was left wondering what the hell, since that day the pain has continued and i went to see my doctor, he again gave me another check over and told me he think its epidymitis - orchitis, i had a swollen belly and flu like symptoms, and he had another examination and gave me a course of ciproflaxacin I was noticing myself getting better, feeling more mobile and had managed to put it to the back of my head, with one bit of sex with my partner of 3 years and 2 periods of masterbation over a week period, until 4 days ago when i had a couple of drags of a mates joint, i could feel the pain again not instantly but after an hour of smoking, and it was clear there is some definite link. I have since decided to stop smoking marijuana for the immediate future and most likely the rest of my life, the high is not worth this feeling especially in such a sensitive area. I have read about liquid silver fixing people almost instantly? it is also worth noting that the marijuana we had recently been smoking was wet, and i have heard quite a bit about mouldy weed causing infection or pain here, also the collection of chemicals over time from smoking cannabis in the fatty tissues of the testicles? The reason im posting is to see if anyone can relate to this and has overcome this issue or has taken effective steps to make it better? i would be super appreciative, one really worried 20 odd year old who wants his sanity back. Thanks

Cambridge, Canada

#276 Nov 26, 2012
Same thing but it happens when I quit....this time it stopped after about 6weeks but has made a comeback at weeks 8. Last time I quit it eventually went away. Have not had this problem and smoked since 15 and quit when I was 35. Picked it up again in my late 40s. Now 50 and I think I will just give up weed. Pain is not worth the high.

Garden City, MI

#277 Dec 5, 2012
Same shit happend to me. I went to doctor and got tested for stds and it came back negative and they gave me antibotic pills and a shot in my ass. now my piss still burns my stomach hurts and my nuts hurt they often switch testi to testi im so confused what do i do?
Chemical Brother

Surbiton, UK

#278 Dec 21, 2012
5-HTP Serotonin

5-HTP boosts serotonin production, as after a long night serotonin can be depleted, which is part of the reason some users

experience a 'comedown' 5-HTP can help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and promote a general feeling of well being.

Research Chemical information provided by www.chemicalpowdershop.co.uk

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