Abdominal pain and rotating pain in b...

Page, AZ

#215 Jul 13, 2010
How Did u Cleans each organ? pills or food?
The Blaize wrote:
I have completed my liver cleanse and i have never felt better in my whole life!!! Pain is a thing of the past! No irratation!! Throbbing gone!!!!! Still is a little bump in my testys though...? Think that this whole thing will go away as sone as i move on to the kidneys. So far ive done the colon cleanse the heavy metal cleanse and the liver cleanse. I stoppped smoking cigs and drinking so i could do them properly. All this acupuncture and chiro and all that crap isnt going to fix the pain. Ive had this for a long time and i know whats working and what dont work. THE CLEANSES WORK!!!!!! This is some strange s@#$ thats flys in under the radar and doctors make it worse!!!! Dont take antibiotics!!!!! They make it worse!!!! Trust who you want but my balls feel good now!!!! I bet when i do the other cleanses i bet this s@#$ will be gone!!!! For good!!!! If you dont have this you shouldnt tell people what to do cause you dont know!!!! It aint in no text book buddy!!! I dont want to know someone opinion!!! I want to know what works or what it is!!!! If you dont know either of those things then shut up!!!
Ben M

Jamaica, NY

#216 Aug 22, 2010
You guys should ask your Dr about prostatitis and epididymitis. I have the same symptoms and that's what my diagnosis was. There is no cure unfortunately. The best thing you can do is take Advil and hot baths.

United States

#217 Sep 3, 2010
I have had the same symptoms as everyone else. Ive had all the std tests except one thats not offered. Thats the test for Trich, Very hard to detect in men. Havent heard anyone mention trich at all. It's cured by taking four pills of Flagyl at once. I Took it and my symptoms went away.
cali central

United States

#218 Sep 6, 2010
Same problem here. Got an apt with a urologist layer this month. One thing I was wondering, I have been drinking energy drinks double what I usually drink for the last couple months. About 3 tall rockstar recovery drinks a day. Do any of you drink a lot of caffeine?
Righthereinthera w

West Tehama County, CA

#220 Oct 14, 2010
TO the guy who said his Uncle said it could be a compressed disc or whatever....a month before this happened i messed up my lower back really bad and i was pretty sure it was a compressed disc , 4 weeks later im smoking (weed), everything is fine fall asleep , wake up in the morning going about normal day and i get this extremetly bad pain(Left testicle , lower back and abdomin and prostate) and go to the ER and Doctor , they check EVERYTHING and said that everything was healthy after about 3 days of me going in and out to the doctor. Through a few months of these pains i was smoking not as much but a couple times a week and then i stopped smoking weed completely because of the pain and started taking this stuff called liquid silver which seemed to work almost instantly, balls completely stopped hurting , pain went away completely and everything functions back the way it did before all this started happening , but i haven't smoked weed again yet because i don't want all his shit to come back. Thing is about 4 months before i hurt my back i never had this happen while smoking weed ever in my life , all sudden i hurt my lower back and all this starts happening so What the fuck happened and could it have something to do with a compressed disc? Because i also noticed when my back was feeling good i didn't really get any pain while high. To anyone having these pains try liquid silver its 23.99$ and works extremely well so far 100% worth it.Also might try seeing a chiropractor about my lower disc. Heres a link to another Thread about this same problem for anyone interested , we need to team up and find out what this shit is i want my weed to be enjoyable again.

West Tehama County, CA

#221 Oct 14, 2010
Also to the guy who asked if alcohol , caffeine , or weed/hash has affected us , the only things that effects me so far is weed/hash and painkillers brings the pain back for me.

West Tehama County, CA

#222 Oct 14, 2010
Anyone know if you still feel the pain if you eat an editable?

Apo, AE

#223 Oct 16, 2010
Dudes I have the same shit I though It was a hernia but now that i read this its the same symtoms that I'm having I have some Doxy at home Ilmm gonna start to take it.. The pain isnt that bad for me Its just buggin me...Thanks for the INfo.

Cheltenham, UK

#224 Oct 29, 2010
Hi all. I can't believe so many of you have the same symptoms. Here's my story > I have had slow urine for about 4 years and bladder can only hold 100-150ml. Urodynamics showed I had weak bladder muscles and small bladder capacity (max 230ml). Prostate normal PSA 2.1 .
8 weeks ago I developed rectal discomfort/burning and urethra pain. Urologist said prostatitis. Gave me antibiotics (levofloacin) 2 weeks. Now I am getting bladder pain as my bladder fills. I can only hold 50-100ml urine and the pain starts. Relieved on emptying. No blood in urine.
I always have a dull ache in bladder region that
sometimes expends down to both testicles. Is this
also classic prostatitis ? Also if i dont empty pretty quickly (within 10 mins or so of urge) my urine stream slows down really badly. Anyone any ideas please ? Pelvic MRI scan normal. Thank you.

Brisbane, Australia

#225 Oct 30, 2010
Yes i have had the same problem, has increased in pain slowly over 12 months, i have right testicular pain that is a dull pain, pain in my back mainly at bottom of spine (i think cause i sit differently to stop pain in testicle)
i have lipomas in my lower right back that hurt and swell lots when i smoke marijuana, it also intensifies the pain in my testicle my back and now around my kidney and appendix area. my side tightens up and hurts, i smoke a few cones every day.

Tests done

blood test
small cyst on epididymus in testicle.
its stressing me out.

but i think if marijauna was the cause of it, why do my mates who smoke way more than me for years longer dont have it??

maybe because i smoked a mouldy bud and they didnt?

doesnt this cause legionaires disease?
sexual diseases
checked kidneys for stones

UmeŚ, Sweden

#226 Oct 30, 2010
Linda NY wrote:
omg my pain started when i was 8 months pregnant i drank castor oil that the doctor recommended and after one hour of drinking it i started getting bad pains in my lower left side of my abdomen almost near my hip bone it was a burning pain anyhow it went away a couple of hours later and didnt come back then i a month later i had a c section and 2 weeks later the same pain came back soooo bad i coulnt even walk i went 2 the doctor and he said it was from straing after surery anyhow then it went away completly.its now 3 months later and the pain started coming back not as strong but still a burning and tender feeling so i went back 2 the doctor they did a sonagram and came back good..so they said it could b a pinched nerve and 2 take pain killers..im hoping its really nothing and goes away 4 good....good luck 2 everyone...
I don't think you have testicles, ms.

Cincinnati, OH

#227 Nov 29, 2010
Wow everyone has similar problems as me. I thought it was either caused by my new motorcycle or the heat from my laptop. When I saw that it hurt when you guys smoked weed I freaked out because the same thing happens to me and no one believes me. Ill be heading straight to the doc in a week or 2 when I get health insurence.

Westwood, NJ

#228 Nov 29, 2010
this is caused by a geneticly altered nematode (worm).there is no cure.Look up Strongyloides.This is a super strongyloides aimed to reduce human population.Doctors cant help.On topix health check out scabies or many call it Morgellons,it is end times pestilence.

Westwood, NJ

#229 Nov 29, 2010
Albenzadole,flagyl,ivermectin and doxycycline all help but there is no cure.
need answers

Columbus, OH

#230 Dec 12, 2010
WarmWilly wrote:
Got the exact same problem. Testicular pain, slight burning during urination, over time increasing abdominal pain. Also causes minor aches in the surrounding areas: Upper legs, upper abdomen. Deoxcycline did NOTHING for me, however the symptoms left and then returned with azithromycin. I've tried both of those because I've been mis-diagnosed of course. Hope there's no permanent damage as nobody in the US has reasonable health care, least of all me. Any answers or information about this problem is greatly appreciated. And yeah, marijuana seems to make it worse somehow.... Very strange whatever it is!
i have had the same problem for years and it has never went away. im have spent 30 thousand buck on tryin to find out what this is and why it has gottin worse with time "three years". cat scans urine samples 5 different urologyist ultrasounds and still nothing. this started in my left testical and worked its way into my bladder. the pain is a burning feeling with abdominal pain. i used to smoke a lot of weed and cigs but quite all at once because it made the burnin worse. i dont understand what this could be but it hs changed my life and not knowing is the worst part. the doctors say im fine since they cant find anything wrong but i know my body and its not right. please if you have any advice please share some info with me. im 29 and feel like im goin on 60 from the pain and stress. please help

Bronx, NY

#231 Dec 16, 2010
Ahmed dubai


#232 Jan 3, 2011
I have had the same from last 8 months problems dull pain in both testicles rotating but more on the right hand side, my all medical tests which I had done thatís or clear there is no infection or some else even my ultrasound test also clear if some body have any idea about this. Please help me regarding this matter. Thanks

Belleville, IL

#233 Mar 24, 2011
joe wrote:
i have had weird pain in my testicals for about 6 months now. whats weird is its get alot worse when i smoke pot. this is no joke im am very serrious. the pain started around the same time that i got mono. the mono left but my nuts still hurt. i can ejackulate fine and no pain comes when i do. i have seen 2 urologists and my gp twice. if anyone can help it would be appreshiated
My left ball hurt really bad and I was put on doxycycline and ibuproffen for 10 days, it's been about 7 days, ball still hurts, and now my right one hurts too. It hurts SO MUCH WORSE when I smoke weed, to the point where after about a decade of toking, I have completely stopped. It still hurts though and doesn't seem to be healing...I am scared, if you ever found out what the deal is I'd like to know, because the doctors don't, after ultrasound and all.

Hernando, FL

#234 Apr 2, 2011
I have been going throught all of the symptoms mentioned here for the last three to four years. From what I have uncovered in my search we may very will have XMRV. Something that is as AIDS once was. No one wants to go there so it is spreading like wildfire. There are test for it but our doctors are not aware of them because they do not know what they are looking for. All I must say is tell all you know to stop having sex until more is known about XMRV unless you have a death wish.

Santa Barbara, CA

#235 Apr 4, 2011
hey guys, im 22 and been having this pain for the last couple years. i have gone to two different doctors and had an ultrasound down. pretty much for me the pain is almost impossible to describe because as people have mentioned its like a "phantom" pain/ache, mostly in my left ball.

despite what everyone is saying, smoking weed makes my balls hurt 10x WORSE, to the point where i dont smoke weed anymore. although i think the problem is mostly MENTAL, regardless, my balls start killing me.

first doctor found nothing wrong, even after checking my prostate. second doctor had me get an ultrasound to look for a hydrocele or whatever, but the ultrasound came back negative for anything. he told me that i am 100% normal, which leads me to think this is ALL MENTAL.

to the person who asked about edibles; YES edibles make it happen. the higher i get, the more pain i feel.

the 2nd doctor told me that he has had people come in and talk about the same type of problem. i told him it seems to happen after i have a big bender of a weekend with the partying and drinking a lot.(right now, my balls are kind of aching, but i was just on spring break for a week and was partying like crazy.) THE DOC TOLD ME that he has other people saying the same thing: after a bender weekend, their balls kind of ache. he said he DOESNT KNOW WHY but to lay off the alcohol for a little bit.

the pain for me has gotten to the point where its interrupting my workouts; when i try to really go hard on any exercise (not even legs), ill get up and it feels like i will get a hernia.


1) mine hurt after ive been partying/drinking a lot
2) after i smoke weed

HENCE, i dont smoke weed anymore and i still drink, but only on weekends.


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