Abdominal pain and rotating pain in b...

Abdominal pain and rotating pain in both testicles burning urination

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Zanesville, OH

#1 Oct 30, 2006
I had unprotected sex with a girl I knew who tends to sleep around a bit, she had a slight odor and later found out she had a UTI accompanied by vaginosis. About 1 week after having sex I noticed a red ring around my penis not on the head but just below it.
I then started to get pain during urination and a very itchy penis and surrounding area, as well as pain in my bladder and abdominal area. Once my urine stream gets started it can be strong and uninterrupted but it takes a minute to get started and is sometimes not always interrupted. I also have an urgency to urinate both at night and during the day.
The pain got worse since June when all this started. It seemed to travel from my penis to my bladder to my testicles and epididymus on both testicles. I have recently been experiencing nauseating abdominal pain, burning pain when I urinate and testicular / epididymus pain.
I decided to go to the emergency room and was examined; I was given a urinalysis that ruled out UTI and was checked physically for tumors and such. I was diagnosed (without a smear) with Gonorrhea and sent home after taking a handful of pills.
The pain did not even slightly differ, afterwards in fact, it got worse and I went back 1 week later for a second visit. This time I was given an ultrasound and another urinalysis. I was told the ultrasound came back negative for any physical problems. I was sent home with a ten day supply of Doxycycline and was diagnosed with Chlamydia / Epididymitis. About 3 days into the Doxycycline cycle the pain seemed to decrease slightly, as soon as the 10 days were up and the medication had been depleted the pain came back full strength with all the same symptoms.
Two days after the 10 day Doxycycline cycle was complete, the pain persists and my epididymus seemed to still be inflamed and sore and the pain consistently switches testicles all throughout the day, my abdominal and nauseating pain seems to be worse now and the burning urination persists. My testicles (where the epididymus connects) and epididymus are still both tender to the touch.
I went to a Urologist where he tested my urine and gave me a prostate exam. He did not seem to think there was anything wrong with my prostate other than the fact that I got a painful burning rush when he pressed on it. He figured it was a bacterial infection / epididymitis / Urethritis and gave me a broad spectrum medication Ciprofoxacin for 15 days. He told me that I should feel better in 24-48 hours if the Cipro was going to work.
After the 5th day I was still experiencing excruciating testicular pain and went back to the emergency room. Here I was given a blood test, CT scan of my abdomen, another ultra-sound, and yet another urinalysis test. All of which came back negative for anything except there was some fluid and 2 small cysts on the left epididymus that the doctors did not think was significant enough to tell me about but I found out from the ultra-sound technician. Remember the pain switches from right to left so I did not worry about the cysts or very small amount of fluid.
Towards the end of my 8 hour visit to the emergency room ( for the 3rd time) I reminded the doctor that the Doxycycline did work slightly until it ran out. He did not have a clue what to do so he gave me 10 more days of Doxy to see if it worked again and told me to follow up with a different Urologist.

Humble, TX

#2 Oct 30, 2006
I reckon no other findings were seen in your physical examination, as you did not mention them.
You have chronic prostatis and epididymitis. It could also cause bladder instability, interstitial cystitis, false positive PSA tests if you don't treat it now and adequately.
You need 12 weeks of antibiotics to cure the infection. Take what ever you like. I could be Cipro, Doxycycline, Co-Trimox, Bactrim-DS...
There was another chap on here with similar problems some time ago and a course of antibx to short to rid the infection.
Condom for each and every kind of sex, including oral, anal and vaginal. Best of luck.

Salmon Arm, Canada

#3 Jan 14, 2007
Like 8 months ago I have pain in my right testicle. I went to the doctor an he gave me doxycline thinkin I had Chlamydia. I didn't have any pain at all while peeing or anything but the pain went away. Recently I have been havin sex but with wearin a condom. Now all of a sudden I have constant pain in both of my testicles. It doesn't hurt real bad but I can feel it almost all the time. I went to the ER an had an exam an a urine test but nothing was found at all. Do you have any idea what it could be. I would like to get this pain gone casue it's kind a confortable. It all feels like the pain is travellin up towards my stomach area near my hips. Any Advice would help Thanks





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Brighton, UK

#4 Feb 4, 2007
Hi Guys,
I have had a very similar problem to what is being described here. It started just under 3 years ago with an unlocatable pain in my left testical and groin. Saw my own GP 2 times and also a neighbouring one who booked me in to see an urologist. Doctors thought it might be a reoccurring hernia that I had as a kid but the ultrascan came back negative and nothing was found. That was about 15 months ago and the discomfort has remained pretty steady until recently. In the last month I have also been experiencing pain in my right testical in addition to the left one. Sometimes the pain feels worst than others but it is always “naggings” and have also noticed the scrotum often is very tight against the testicals. Recently I have had pain in my both my breasts (which started around the same time as the pain in the right testical) and i'm not sure if they have enlarged or it's just me being paranoid. Also noticed a lump on the bottom of each testical which seem to enlarge during an erection, but as they are in the same position on both testicals think it may just be natural.Went to see a different doctor in the last couple of weeks who seemed to think it was psychological, which i can pretty much guarantee it isn't, you don't have an "imaginary" pain for 3 years. Getting pretty fed up of not knowing what it is been through a constant stage of thinking it could be tcancer but then doctors and ultrasound disagree.
Anyone had similar symptoms to the ones which I have described?

Hartford, CT

#6 Mar 6, 2007
i have had weird pain in my testicals for about 6 months now. whats weird is its get alot worse when i smoke pot. this is no joke im am very serrious. the pain started around the same time that i got mono. the mono left but my nuts still hurt. i can ejackulate fine and no pain comes when i do. i have seen 2 urologists and my gp twice. if anyone can help it would be appreshiated

Washington, DC

#8 Jun 2, 2007
Guys get your thyroids checked, sounds like a hyperthyroid (Overactive thyroids). It could largen your breast.
Good Luck

Latonia, KY

#9 Jun 5, 2007
I still have this as of today, about 9 days later. It hurts so bad when I just sit or stand. I have noticed a small amount of clear discharge every once and a while it I try to clear out my urethra, by do some squeezing. My testicals and urethra hurt, along with my abdomen. Still no other signs. They kind of tickle and hurt.

London, UK

#10 Jun 5, 2007
how can so many men be suffering the same symptoms and there be no answers or are the doctors looking at a new disease which is relatively new.
i have been suffering the exact same symptom four about a year and a half and been given antibiotics for for suspected infection which i did not have. i have had a number of tests and still no answers its stressing me out. i have a hot water bottle on my testicles for comfort but it does not work. i feel uncomfortable when i sit down, nauseated all the time, stomach and chest pains and a chest infection that wont shift.what more do i need.

Bronx, NY

#12 Jun 22, 2007
Holy, holy, holy cow, guys!

First of all, any discharge - get yourself thoroughly checked!

Secondly, if you have had symptoms for as long as some of you had, for cripe's sake, make sure the Dr. puts you on an honest course of antibiotics, and promptly tell him/her if it doesn't begin to feel like its resolving by day 3-4, so that they can consider changing the antibiotic.

For the uncomfortable sitters and the pain in the one or both testes, consider that you may have epididymitis either as a result of an infection, or you may a varicose issue. Prostatitis can also cause pain like that, and if you have pain without associating it due to disease, you may have a hernia or worse - a tumor.

Several of these things can affect your 'function', so dang - get it thoroughly checked by a urologist, and don't accept getting blown off!

Escondido, CA

#13 Jul 6, 2007
Got the exact same problem. Testicular pain, slight burning during urination, over time increasing abdominal pain. Also causes minor aches in the surrounding areas: Upper legs, upper abdomen. Deoxcycline did NOTHING for me, however the symptoms left and then returned with azithromycin. I've tried both of those because I've been mis-diagnosed of course. Hope there's no permanent damage as nobody in the US has reasonable health care, least of all me. Any answers or information about this problem is greatly appreciated. And yeah, marijuana seems to make it worse somehow.... Very strange whatever it is!

Murfreesboro, TN

#14 Jul 7, 2007
Anyone cracked the puzzle, I have had this pain in both my testicle for a year now, about to go see another urologist, my 4th one in a few days.

I'll pay anyone who can give me some good advice to stuff like natural pain killers, natural antibiotics, etc.

$500 USD to anyone who can assist. Payment will be sent via paypal.
John Lynch

Aberdeen, UK

#15 Jul 10, 2007
I have pain in both of my testes for the last few weeks. I had a course of doxcycline which subsided the pain a little.I am having an ultrasound done tomorrow. The pain keeps me awake at night and is excruciating. When I touch my testes they are tender and I jump. Could I have a tumour or cancer? The pain also radiates up to my stomach. Please advice.

Cortez, CO

#16 Jul 11, 2007
Has anyone changed anything when this started? Maybe a new car, new office chair, playing more golf, started multi-vitamin, quit multi-vitamin etc? All those things can mess with your nads. My pain seems to be related to the way I sit.

Adelaide, Australia

#17 Aug 8, 2007
Try a larger size underpants or go free balling

Forsyth, MO

#18 Aug 15, 2007
Hey guys, I seem to be in a similar boat as of the last couple of weeks. Almost the same exact pains, but minus the discharge or pain in urinating. I have noticed lately a tight pain in my abdoman, like mentioned above, I just figured it to be bad gas.

The pain started out as an excruciating pain in my testicles. It hurt so bad, i couldn't tell if it was the left or right. Over time, it got to be more of just a constant dull pain (like being hit in the nuts an hour ago, it doesnt hurt as bad, but its still uncomfortable.)

I went to urgent care, and they too told me chlamydia and other things they figured it was, and they did a urine culture, which came up negative on any infections. They want me to go get an ultrasound done, but I dont have insurance, and this has alreay cost me almost more than i can afford.

I can get the ultrasound done, and just do payments through the hospital, but i just have this real bad feeling that its not gonna see anything, and ive just wasted $600, and have to continue with other treatment.

I was given some antibiotics, but just enough for a week or so, so I guess I should at least see about getting more, but im just nervous that im gonna be spending a crapload of money on something that the tests arent gonna catch.

The pain now seems to be in the whole lower area. My testicles, my abdoman has hurt some, and what feels like my hip joints have been aching. Im 28 year old male, Im a bit overweight, but i have never came across anything quite like this.

I truly hope that one of us can get it narrowed down, cuz like the rest of you know, this is not a pain that makes everyday life enjoyable.

Thanks and good luck guys!

Calgary, Canada

#19 Sep 11, 2007
OMG...I can;t belive that I'm seing all this...I have been suffering from the same shit for 2 years now, all these3 symptoms...They went away about 6 months ago, except the abdomoinal pain, but the burning and testical pain, I thought was outta the woods, but they are back, all symptoms...been two various doctors, various tests. ultra sound uroligist, antibiotics etc...
Can we get a god dam doctor over here?
I have also bveen todl it must be in mt head, and I swear if I get told that again, I am gonna freek out...


Calgary, Canada

#20 Sep 12, 2007
O and BTW...I have also done acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, etc...
The only relief I have found is this...

Emu oil...it is available at helath forr stores, and is a natural non alergenic anti inflamitory cream or oil, it does not seem to have any negative effect on my skin or sexual response.
I spread it on my testis, and penis and put on my shoets and get on with my day, as well I use Collidial Silver as a spray lotion, it reliefs the burniong and itching, it;s used inb burn treatment centres for serious burn victims, as well you shd take the siler orally, and you might consider Celadrin, I use that as well for the back/abdominal pain...
If you have anything else that helps please post ASAP

Thnaks and good luck fellas, this shit is affecting all my relationships and my motivation and energy, "WE" need to find a "cure" soon

United States

#21 Sep 12, 2007
wow this is crazy
i thought i was alone
ive had this for years now
as a matter of fact just today it flared up
i thought it was because i stood for a long time but i now work at a job where i sit all day
i dont think ive ever had discharge if so maybe once nothing serious
ive heard about hpv i suffer with genital warts im pretty sure its related to my girl somehow she goes through stuff because of her ph frequent uti's and bacterial infections, you know bv. some doctors say it can affect me others say its not possible smh at modern american medical care smh
you should all check out dr. sebi and read kevin trudeaus natural cures they dont want you to know about it explains why theres no answers smh
but anyway
now if i have sex with my girl while she is going through the whole oder and bv thing a few days im irritated inside the tube of my penis itches real bad like deep inside i try to scratch but the itch is from my anus to the tip it doesnt burn when i pee just tingles and some sort of pressure my pee sometimes comes out all different directions like theres a hole in it somewhere then i get small red bumps that in time swell to clear liquid filled postules then soften up burst scab over than heal and disappear its happened 3 times now
i dont know if its related to the testicle pain which sometimes is unbearable but the :rash: is super itchy and painful but dont look like sores herpes has been ruled out chlamydia ghon. has been tested and returned negative my scrotum skin is also super sensitive to the touch and my right lymph in my groin is huge and painful that means it is an infection but from what some docs say it could be because of fabric or soaps but i doubt it
i dont know i need an answer
all test come back negative
ive never tested for cancer though
i dont know i do need answers though

Blackpool, UK

#22 Sep 13, 2007
CoolGuy wrote:
Anyone cracked the puzzle, I have had this pain in both my testicle for a year now, about to go see another urologist, my 4th one in a few days.
I'll pay anyone who can give me some good advice to stuff like natural pain killers, natural antibiotics, etc.
$500 USD to anyone who can assist. Payment will be sent via paypal.
I dont want paying for this but i will try to give you the best advice i can give you.My son is only seventeen but has suffered with pain and burning in both testes for years now and has had god only knows how many painkillers, antibiotics and medication to stop inflamation. He also has been seeing a urologist the same one now for 3 yrs she still has not found out the cause of this yet and he now suffers with depression because of this he cannot sit comfortably for more than 5 mins and gets really frustrated with this. The only one bit of advice i can give you is that one painkiller does seem to help my son for a little while is a drug called TRAMADOL only perscribed by a doctor you can take 2 upto 4 times a day you can take paracetamol aswell with these but be carefull there is also a drug called declofenac that reduces inflammation that helps to. Gud luck.
Linda NY


#23 Sep 13, 2007
omg my pain started when i was 8 months pregnant i drank castor oil that the doctor recommended and after one hour of drinking it i started getting bad pains in my lower left side of my abdomen almost near my hip bone it was a burning pain anyhow it went away a couple of hours later and didnt come back then i a month later i had a c section and 2 weeks later the same pain came back soooo bad i coulnt even walk i went 2 the doctor and he said it was from straing after surery anyhow then it went away completly.its now 3 months later and the pain started coming back not as strong but still a burning and tender feeling so i went back 2 the doctor they did a sonagram and came back good..so they said it could b a pinched nerve and 2 take pain killers..im hoping its really nothing and goes away 4 good....good luck 2 everyone...

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