Burning Head of Penis , Sore Testicle...

Saint Louis, MO

#32 Jun 10, 2008
thanks uptownnotown about your herpes diagnosis.

Yesterday the itch was gone, but today it was here for about half a day. The Remeron may be helping, its just not all gone yet. Still have pain in my left testicle, but no pain in my abdomen for a week.

Maybe I can talk to my doc about going on long term antibiotics to knock it out.

London, UK

#33 Jun 13, 2008
It doesn't sound like Herpes. I have a similar problem. Sore penis head, very painful testicle, occasional lower back pain and abdomen pain. I emailed an online doctor and was told it may well be a prostatis problem. Most conditions of this are non bacterial and can be caused through trauma or heavy lifting. Whilst it is possible you have Herpes you would normally have got a sore by now. This is the ONLY condition I can find anywhere that lists a sore penis head and even then it is not on all sites. Good luck, I know what your going through.

Salisbury, Canada

#34 Jun 16, 2008
Have the same problem.. it seems to get a lot better the less I worry about it. Seems to get a LOT worse the more I worry about it. Weird. I found this site too that talks about something called balanitis:
It doesn't seem like that serious of an issue (I have also have two doctors tell me it's nothing serious and have had negative std tests. This has been going off and on since October, 2007, when I broke a condom whilst sleeping with a woman I suspected that I should have slept with. This seems to be a common theme as well.
Going to try a few tips from the above site and stop worrying for a while...

Laguna Beach, CA

#35 Jul 15, 2008
DBA73 wrote:
i went to the hospital for the same reasons & had a cat scan done & they said it was swollen limp nodes pertaining to my appendix, & with the swollen limp nodes it causes pain in the abdomen, testicles, penis, & constant burning feeling in groin/penis area.Most people would think it was a urinary track infection (which i thought & they gave me ciprofloxacin) but it wasn't a UTI, or kidney stones.They prescribed me (DARVOCET-N 100) or (propo-n/apap100-650) & after a few days i'm feeling much better & they want me to go back in 2 months to check on the appendix & limp nodes!
I would really like to hear more about the symptoms you had to see if they match mine. I have had pain at the tip of my penis for on eyear now and all my urine tests come back clean. My problem started after 2 months of Cipro and Valtrex for prostatitis and EBV. I also have pain in my suprapubic area and lower abdomen. CT scans are fine. Colonoscoy and Endoscopy are normal except for small mild stomach ulcer. I have pain in my urethra too (tender and sore). I've tried all the triiger point release thereapies, diet, stretching, herbs, etc. but nothing relieves the pain. Any advice? I'm desperate.





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#37 Jul 21, 2008
I am having problem with penis since last year,i have tried several treatmens and creams and also change doctor.my penis is getting dark red colour and got very sensitive even i feel burning experience with pain.

can any doctor suggest cure treatment for the same.


#38 Aug 10, 2008
my gf tied a rope around my balls/penis real tight during sex, and after i came. a hour later my side hurts real bad. could it be cause of that rope play we did ?

Windsor, Canada

#39 Aug 14, 2008
do any of you constantly feel like your head is tingling becuz i have the same symptoms and my doctor tells me the same thing as he tells you he even gave me ketorlac an told me it was jus a bladder infection but my symptoms have never stopped ive takin multiple blood tests an theyve all come back negative to so tell me is it jus me or could it be an infection??

Windsor, Canada

#40 Aug 14, 2008
ive had the same thing as all of you but there is one thing that really bugs me does any1 ever feel this constant tingling feeling in there heads right where the pain is becuz ive had multiple blood tests an seen the doctor atleast a dozen times an they always say its jus a bladder infection but ive never heard of sum1 having the same exact feeling i have can sum1 plz right me n tell me if its me or the infection...

Windsor, Canada

#41 Aug 14, 2008
do any of you constantly feel your head is tingling becuz i have the same symptoms and my doctor tells me the same thing as he tells you he even gave me ketorlac an told me it was jus a bladder infection but my symptoms have never stopped ive takin multiple blood tests an theyve all come back negative to so tell me is it jus me or could it be an infection??

United States

#42 Aug 19, 2008
go to a pain clinic they can test you for nerve damage

South Sioux City, NE

#43 Aug 20, 2008
stop masterbating get a partner and have normal sex. your straining your muscles by masturbating to much. break yourself from the internet porn! i have the same problem and i am getting better. same symptoms and diagnosed with prostitits. same meds. tell your dr you masterbate every day he will tell you to stop as well.
Holy Mackerel

United States

#44 Aug 27, 2008
What did you expect? I had sex with a dirty chick, and now I have a problem... You had a problem when you decided to hook up! A professional racer does not get on the bike or in the car without having protective gear on. You are not allowed on a construction site without a hard hat. Even lawn care professionals wear gloves when pulling weeds. Are you getting the picture here? If you did the horizontal bop without covering your soldier, you deserve every ounce of pain or irritation you get. And I bet you have told all your friends, actaully the whole world here on the internet that "she gave me something". Grow up... you did it to yourself. I swear, this world gets more stupid every day.

Smithfield, NC

#45 Aug 28, 2008
sensation- no, my head doesn't tingle. I don't have a bladder infection though.

Holy Mackerel- thanks for your input, but I used a condom.

Bossier City, LA

#46 Aug 31, 2008
Yesterday I got around 20 or so sharp pains throughout the middle to head of penis. I also have slight discomfront in the muscle behind my pubic area and I had slight pain and swelling in the testicles.

Today I may have had 4 or 5 very mild pains in the penis and the muscle behind my pubic area is having none to very very mild discomfront. Also have a mild mild pain it feels like in my right testicle.

I'm going to get tested Tuesday I am just praying it is not gential Herpes. I am showing no signs of a herpes outbreak. I also read where it might be clamidyia. Hopefully it is that because that is curable.

Carrollton, TX

#47 Sep 16, 2008
My partner has many of these symptoms, he is depressed, chronic pain, he has seen so many doctor's. What is the best way I can be supportive for him?

Waterford, CT

#48 Sep 18, 2008
This sounds similiar to what I've gone through since Feb of this year. It started with burning feeling after intercourse and progressed to pinching feeling in urethra/penis constantly. I had every possible test you can think of and took 7 different antibiotics over the course of 6 months. Sometimes the antibiotics would seem to help for a couple days then the pain would return. Pinching feeling progressed to Epidimitys on left testicle, then feeling of golf ball in rectum. 4 months into this thing, I was just left with a terrible chronic stinging and burning feeling in the urethra/penis that wouldn't go away! Here it is 8 months later and Im almost completely cured! How might you ask? I changed everything about my lifestyle: I quit smoking, I stopped sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day on my job and turned my desk into a "Standing up" work area and almost never sit down-this is very important. I've undergone at least 12 sessions of myofascial release, especially concentrating on abdomen and lower abdomen/groin area. Im still going to these sessions once every two weeks. I also take Amitryptlene. This helped especially when the symptoms were at their peak. Now I've started lowering the dose because Im feeling SO MUCH BETTER! For me, this was the worst pain/agony I've been through for way too long! Post another comment if you need any further information. Im happy to try to help someone else going through a similiar problem.

Everett, WA

#49 Oct 17, 2008
A CURE!!!!. Hello to all. I have similar symptoms for about 4 months now. I have had all the STD tests and have been to 3 different doctors and FINALLY SOMETHING HAS WORKED!! My worst pain was burning in my testies, my last doctor gave me a pink ointment that is called Calmoseptine - it is pink and has the consistency of tooth paste. I have been using it for about 5 days now, and i feel about 80% better. Give it a try I hope it works for you and relief from this consistent pain is a great relief.

Guangzhou, China

#50 Oct 19, 2008
i had unprotected oral sex with prostitue and after few days i had pain i could not figure out the locationof tha pian then i went to doctor he gave me bacterial medicine and said ther is no infection,but pain continued to grow i went to another doctor he also said bacterial and then i took aciclovir and the pain reduced but again the pain has come back today near groin area and i have taken aciclovir,i have done the hiv test after 37 days of exposure it came negative,pls inform do i have hiv or herpes.
protect yourself

Miami, FL

#51 Nov 11, 2008
hey. i have the same symptoms. and i went to go get checked. I have herpes. I got it from receiving oral sex from a girl. i have really no symptoms other than the burning. i have no bumps or anything. good luck every1. protect yourself and others!

Valley Stream, NY

#52 Nov 17, 2008
this thing is crazy and its been a year and im still trying to found out whats wrong, one doctor help alittle by telling me to wear a jock strap, it helps for the day but it dont cure you,

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