Soft erection -when standing up. Perm...

Soft erection -when standing up. Permanent Damage?

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Lurnea, Australia

#1 Aug 19, 2007
I come to you as someone who is in desperate need of some advice. I am having erectile difficulties that have been caused by psycogenic and I now suspect physical factors. I have seen several urologists who have told me they can not tell me the reason for my problems. I had a doppler ultrasound under prostglandin e1 that came back normal.

The key symptoms are that i am experiencing firmness in the shaft whilst flaccid; that the glans of my penis is quite soft (Even a little `mushy`) during erections; i lose my erection without direct manual stimulation; and will lose an erection almost instantaneosly when standing up. These symptoms occured from about a month ago, when I masturbated quite forcefully under the influence of ecstasy and marijuana. Since then, I noticed immediately the firmness in the flaccid shaft. I never recall having an erection for greater than four hours whilst conscious, although I do recall my penis being slightly engorged for several 2-3 hour periods.

I am hoping you can help make a diagnosis as I have read hundreds of forum and articles and when it comes to these questions, experts usually say they can`t answer.

In fact my symptoms are near identical to one of the forum members. The expert could not respond. I am hoping you can and have listed his case below

Starting about 3 years ago, my erections became less firm. This phenomenon occured during a 1-yearish episode of depression, which I immediately linked to this symptom. It is now 3 years later, however, and I am not depressed at all anymore and I have not been for about 2.5 years. The problem has continued and even gotten worse. I do not often experience morning erections. They do occur occasionally, but quite infrequently. Whereas I used to get spontaneous erections and be able to achieve erection just by visual stimuli, this is no longer the case. I almost always need direct stimulation for a chance to achieve erection. When I masturbate, I almost always achieve erection and maintain it with continued stimulation. However, the glans often does not become hard although the shaft is. If I discontinue stimulation, the erection disappears quite quickly. Often, if I stand up, even with continued stimulation, the erection disappears. During intercourse, there are rare times when I can maintain an erection for a longer period of time (15-30 minutes). But as said, these times are rare. Sometimes (about 1 time out of every 5 sessions) I lose my erection during intercourse. Sometimes I am able to get it back. I am not experiencing performance anxiety and I have spoken with my partner about the problem. I do not think that any (conscious) psychological difficulty is affecting this. The soft glans during erection as well as the quick drainage after the cessation of stimulation (and standing up) leads me to suspect the problem might be related to venous leakage. However, does this theory clash with the occasional secure erection? What do you think the likely cause of this is? I have done all the reading on drugs, etc. What treatment options are available, if any, that are more permanent? Thank you very much.

Van Nuys, CA

#2 Dec 15, 2007
once you do something under ecstasy no longer will it feel the same when you're sober.

Stanford, CA

#3 May 29, 2008
Hi Richard,

I am experiencing the exact same problems:

- Soft glans while erection even if the shaft is fully erect.(mushy is the word for me)
- Losing erection when I stand up.
- Very infrequent morning erections.

I hope you got better since your post. I wonder if you could have found the source of your problems.

Thanks in advance



#4 Jun 27, 2008
Richard, not really sure if you post on here anymore. Are you still experiencing the same problems or in time have they healed


#5 Jun 27, 2008
Chan Since your last post are you still experiencing the same problems if so are you taking something for ED? And does it work?


#6 Jul 2, 2008
i am having the same problem, has any one got a solution. I am thinking of using drugs but i am still afraid if it will work. Event if it does i am not sure of the consequences.

Haskovo, Bulgaria

#7 Jul 25, 2008
I have the same problem , please someone that had it and got rid of it , please tell us what to do.
We are dying.

South Africa

#8 Aug 4, 2008
Go to a doctor and get prescriptions for Cialis, it really does work and ur girls will be happy again! but be careful if the erections last for more than 4 hours then you have to consult your doctor

Bangalore, India

#9 Oct 17, 2008
Hi Richard, i have the exact same problem as u, i lose erections the moment i stand up on my feet like as if the 'off' switch is on the soles of my feet. Docs say it is psychological. I suspected venous leakage but if tht is the case i should never be able to have an erection, standing siiting or lying down which is not the case.

Please let me know where u stand now in terms of your problem and if you are better what treatment did you undergo.

Athens, Greece

#10 Oct 30, 2008
Does any of you guys have a big vein on the top of the penis. I just wonder if it is not for a varicose vein that cannot drain itself when you are standing.

Philadelphia, PA

#11 Nov 2, 2008
1) Non-stiff glans is absolutely normal during erection. In fact it is the erectile bodies (shaft) that are supposed to get hard during arousal.
2) Direct stimulation got get erection is usually needed for older guys, as opposed to teenagers.
3) I also experience the same problem with erection standing up and I know someone personally who also have that problem. Not sure why, but it may be due to your body not used to masturbating standing up. My hypothesis is that you can perfect it with practice.

Winnipeg, Canada

#12 Nov 3, 2008
I'm 23 and have the same problem. I want to be hard as a rock like the porn stars but only the shaft gets that hard. The head is super soft. It's connected to the shaft and feels completely different! I think it has something to do with energy level, physical health, and psychological bullshit. As far as energy level, I'm going to change by purposefully being in a great MOOD. I think that really matters. Second, I am running more to get back my physicality, to get the blood rushing. And third, to solve the pysch shit once again I think that MOOD is key. Prescription drugs are for douchebags. The human male is DESIGNED to fuck. If you want help getting hard, eat watermelon, that's supposed to help. Diet, exercise, mood. It's all intertwined.

Athens, Greece

#14 Nov 10, 2008
It is not just the mood.
I remember that I could have an erection any time , anywhere and in any position. And they were rock hard too , never going away.
Then I remember masturbating quite forcefully 2-3 days and hop ..., that was it - no more erections when standing up , soft glans , I need manual stimulations to keep up , hard flaccid penis(especially when standing up), numb feeling. This changed in a matter of days , it is physical alright.

Flossmoor, IL

#15 Dec 4, 2008
i tweekd and left a penis weight on to long. Now when its hard to recieve an doesnt fill up with as much blood as it use so scared. is the damage permanent..will i ever b able to recieve a full erection ever again

United States

#18 Jan 12, 2009
i suffer from the same exact symptoms.

but i do believe that age and levels of testosterone, make a great deal, when it comes to this particular problem. until some sex doctor starts listening to what we have to say, we have pills.

and if pills help... why not? just use them and be carefull.

Central District, Hong Kong

#19 Jan 18, 2009
i have most of the symtoms except i still got a morning wood and my glan is still pumped
the erection of standing can be maintained but it need stimulation to keep it erect
the only thing we can do is relax and leave it alone, as long as the morning wood is still there, it's no more thing we need to think too much, it doesn't help there

Panama, Panama

#21 Feb 1, 2009
I had the same problem. Well, I fixed it (around 1 month of constant work).

I am very athletic, so I cannot contribute to this problem to physical limits. I also have excellent morning erections, and sitting/laying down. I believe, as well, that my problem was caused from masterbating too much sitting down, and never standing up. I would stand up, and it would die.

Well, here was my training:

I would masterbate until very close to orgasm, and when I feel I'm a few seconds away, I would stand up and finish off standing up. This was to teach my brain to associate standing up as a good thing.

After a week or so of this (once or twice a day), I would stand up half a minute before orgasm, and finish off. Erection might get a bit weaker, but I'd keep going.

I gradually built up to being able to fully masterbate standing up. Now, I have ZERO problems. The trick is to SLOWLY get your brain accustomed to associating standing up to be something enjoyable and possitive, not negative. Hope that helped.

San Francisco, CA

#23 May 22, 2009
I have the exact same problem that you do and it seemed to have happened after a day of intense masturbation. I can't explain it, but what you are describing is exactly my problem. My only assumption is that it had to do something with that one day of intensive masturbating. Have you made any headway on this??? Let me know!

Wharton, TX

#24 May 28, 2009
Im having the same problem but i found that during masturbation dont ejaculate just keep tugging. Some how i achieved an erection greater then the one before that STANDING UP!

Dumfries, VA

#25 Jun 3, 2009
Have you had any resolution with your problem or made any progress?? Please let me know if you have, I am very curious.

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