1-sided pain during ejaculation, for ...

1-sided pain during ejaculation, for many, many years

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#1 Apr 12, 2011
I understand from two urologists I've never met (but I've read what they wrote) that chronic, one-sided pelvic pain during ejaculation can mean there are cysts in the seminal vesicle on the ailing (painful) side. I also understand that such pain can continue for decades because no US urologist knows how to treat this.[US urologists seem to be only PROSTATOLOGISTS-- they're interested only in the prostate gland and little else.] How can seminal vesicle cysts be revealed? Will any scan or other study or test make their presence known? I've had this horrible one-sided pelvic pain during ejaculation for many, many years-- I suffer this pain on the left side of the pelvis. This same, one-sided pelvic pain has even occurred during sleep, during a "wet dream". After I had it for a few years, I had rigid cystoscopy which is the examination of the interior of the prostate and of the bladder by use of a non-flexible, metal "pipe", the rigid cystoscope. When this torture was done to me, I violently bounced and vigorously squirmed all over the exam table. The first ejaculation *after* the rigid cystoscopy was WONDERFUL AND PAIN-FREE but all subsequent ones were again awful, painful. I figured that when the "pipe" was in me, the bouncing and squirming I did must have opened up something which later closed up again so that the pain was present again in every ejaculation.

Do any of you know about this problem and any treatment for it? Two US urologists only offered me TURED which is trans-urethral resection of the ejaculatory duct. I rejected TURED because I found out it's the wrong treatment and if done, would let urine flow into one or both seminal vesicles.[There are two seminal vesicles: one on the right side and one on the left side.] I've heard of an effective treatment in a distant country. The urologist, relying on ultrasound for guidance, uses a fine wire which is snaked up the penis and into the cyst-filled seminal vesicle. The wire is moved in and out and this breaks up the cysts ending what has been for many men who have this problem, decades of painful ejaculation. But does any US urologist know how to do this? Is there any other treatment for it?

Since: Sep 09

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#2 Apr 13, 2011
I forgot to write that I don't know if there's a non-invasive way to discover if the seminal vesicle (on the painful side) indeed has cyst(s) in it. Do any of you know what's done to determine if cysts exist in the seminal vesicle?

Also, a urologist recently told me that a musculoskeletal problem *might* be causing the one-sided-pelvic-pain with ejaculation. Do any of you know about musculoskeletal causes of this kind of pain? If you do, what's the general nature of the musculoskeletal problem? What muscle(s) is/are at fault?

Fortaleza, Brazil

#3 Jun 14, 2011
I have a similar problem but have never looked into it. I am just starting to now and am interested in hearing what you find.

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#4 Jul 20, 2011
I have also been having this problem for several years but my pain also occurs sometimes in an intense moment of stress or high excitement. So was wondering if it could be related to my endocrine organs such as my adrenal gland. Let me know what you find out.

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#5 Oct 21, 2011
my left side hurt when I ejaculation and fill up with gas and pain what this?? could someone tell what this

Everett, WA

#6 Dec 20, 2012
I have recently had this problem, however it only occurs if I manually stimulate myself while sitting. I do not have pain during ejaculation during intercourse or if I'm laying on my stomach rubbing on something or my partner. I thought it might be a stomach cramp.

Golborne, UK

#7 Jan 5, 2013
Had it for years but never found an answer. Here in the uk we seem to have doctors that are not that good or interested if you live in a working class area and are not a member of. their ethnic group.or clique. Personaly I put it down to forced use of neurolyptic drugs intended for schitzophrenia. and used as a chemical punishment and straight. jacket many decades ago
It seems the brits do not like you to keep creating and apealing if convicted of a crime you did not commit and resort to abuse of drugs.Of course there must be many other things such as nerve dammage infected prostitis prostrate infections that are not bacterial and a dozen other thingd could cause this. Hope you get it. sorted. Best of luck. Paul M

Golborne, UK

#8 Jan 5, 2013
excuse spelling on above using anderoid phone with small.touch keyboard and screen and am a bit clumsy

Buffalo, TX

#9 Feb 13, 2013
Well Suffer from the same thing, left side pain during ejaculation and only during sitting. Seldomly while laying down or any other position...just sitting. it feels like a lot of tingling and pressure then after about 10mins or so it just dies down and goes away. I have had it since the early 90's. I am curious what this could be. no one seems to know!

Sheffield, UK

#10 Feb 15, 2013
all of you must start some sort of muscle relaxants and anti allergic for atleast a month

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#11 Feb 16, 2013
drjamal wrote:
all of you must start some sort of muscle relaxants and anti allergic for atleast a month
DrJamal (of Sheffield, England), do you then think that this problem is indeed a musculoskeletal one? You state that muscle relaxants should be tried. Is there some musculoskeletal imbalance in the two sides of the body? Also, what do you mean by "anti allergic" ? What sorts of allergies could cause this kind of problem?

Toronto, Canada

#12 Aug 15, 2013
I am interested in learning more as well. The pain has gotten to the point that an organism and it 2 to 4 days of pain on the left side is to be feared.

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#13 Aug 15, 2013
Since I started this topic, I've learned from a well-known US physical therapist who only takes uncommon, unusual pelvic pain problems (as my pelvic-pain-on-only-1-side-and -only-during-ejaculation clearly is) and from an MD that this medical problem I've had for so many years is probably an entrapment of either the ilioinguinal nerve or the genitofemoral nerve. You see, when I have this physical pain during ejaculation, there's an awful squeezing-burning pain on the LEFT side of my pelvis only during the time of ejaculation. I still haven't found a treatment though. Do you other guys also suffer from a squeezing-burning physical pain on one side of the pelvis and only during ejaculation? I have a trapped nerve in my RIGHT groin-- it's the horrible neurological problem called meralgia paresthetica. This is intense, constant stinging-burning physical pain in the front of my RIGHT thigh and it hits often (but not always) when I stand and when I walk-- when this happens, sitting instantly makes the problem end.[Since I'd been a longer distance bicyclist for some decades, I read that repetitive leg motion, as in BICYCLING, causes this tiny sensory - not motor - nerve to become entrapped under or by the inguinal ligament.] I found a sports med MD who's tops in my area in the use of ultrasound to diagnose and to treat certain medical problems. He's planning to inject saline by the tiny nerve that causes my meralgia paresthetica. The injection(s) should free the nerve from being entrapped under the RIGHT inguinal ligament.[Incidentally, when you read about meralgia paresthetica, you'll read that obesity causes this. I mentioned this to the sports med MD. He said he disagrees with that because he's seen meralgia paresthetica in slim, lightweight people too.] I also asked the sports med MD if he could detect with his ultrasound machine a trapped ilioinguinal or genitofemoral nerve in my LEFT pelvis. He said he's not good enough to do that but told me European doctors are far better at doing that than US doctors.
Rob Johnson

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#14 Apr 6, 2016
I have had this issue for over 10 years. Last week I was put on Welbutrin XL 300mg for depression. All of a sudden after 10 years I started having normal ejaculations. No pain since. Can't explain it. Don't know if the two are related. I know that welbutrin can be used to treat some nerve pain and it is also know to enhance ones sex drive. I think I stumbled into a treatment for myself by accident. Take it for what it's worth. Maybe something to look into.

Huntington Beach, CA

#15 Aug 30, 2016
have recently had this problem, however it only occurs if I manually stimulate myself while sitting. I do not have pain during ejaculation during intercourse or if I'm laying on my stomach rubbing on something or my partner. I thought it might be a stomach cramp.

I have the same issue only when seated.
Where you able to determine the issue?
Went to urologist he didn't have a clue
Stomach pain

Ottawa, Canada

#17 Nov 20, 2016
Phil wrote:
I have recently had this problem, however it only occurs if I manually stimulate myself while sitting. I do not have pain during ejaculation during intercourse or if I'm laying on my stomach rubbing on something or my partner. I thought it might be a stomach cramp.
Same same for me only if I'm jerking off sitting down if you find a solution let me know

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