Unusual problem of Testicular pain

Concord, NC

#235 Jan 30, 2009
timbo wrote:
hi folks i ask again anybody have any experience of a nerve block injection to deal with tesicle pain? i would like some opinions before i go for it.
Ive had two injection to test for a nerve block, they where to test to see if the permanent injection would work. They were discribed as ganglyeen impire (most likely misspelled)injections. These injections were done after I insisted there was something to help my pain. The first injection help somewhat for a few days and the second had little to no effect. With those results the Dr. said he would not attempt a permanent block. Still feeling like I've been kicked in the testes. Hope this info helps.

Concord, NC

#236 Jan 30, 2009
hey pax man jus wondering how urs started, mine started from coughing to hard after holding in smoke im on month 14, it varys from level of pain but seems to be a lil better than a few months ago, i think whats important is to figure out how it started
Hey My pain feels like when I previously held in smoke and "coughed my nuts off" I wonder if this is the cause of the chronic pain I have now? I've stop smoking herb is this what you are referring too? Thanks

Northampton, UK

#237 Feb 2, 2009
Hello guys i have recently (summer) had pain in my right testicle and it got swollen, i went to 3 different doctors because the first told me that there is torsion on the testicle and we have to operate. The other 2 doctors told me it was an infection, i took some antibiotics and after 2 weeks i was fine. In Christmas i had a pain (like a hand pulling my testicle, soft pain) and went back to the doctor, he told me that i might have stretched it. He gave me some medicine when i was on the medicine the pain disapeared when i finished the medicine the pain consisted. I went to the hospital and they told me its an epiditimus cyst after having blood test that was clear and a urine test that indicated some blood (not visible to the eye). The next day i went to an urologist in London he told me that he was afraid for torsion, i did an ultra sound and a prostate test, they both showed clear. After that test the pain went away that night and i didnt use any pain killers. The pain has now come back again on my right testicle (pain is soft but its irritating) the doctor cannot explain whats wrong. Btw i am 23. Any ideas for treatment?

Lima, Peru

#238 Feb 19, 2009
Hey guys I have a similar problem, I once heard about a powerful anti inflamatory used for treat epididymitis in India and Japan I think but the page where I found this info is not working anymore, Does anyone have this information?, I would like to try something more poowerfull than ibuprofene

Anderson, SC

#239 Mar 26, 2009
How many of you have swollen testicle in addition to pain?

New Zealand

#240 Mar 26, 2009
Here's my story.

About one year ago I started getting sharp pains in my right nut. I pulled myself out of a board meeting to head to an emergency clinic. Doctors felt a bit of fluid around that nut and prescribed antibiotics. At that time, my right nut started to hang quite low, much lower than it ever had (I was 37 at the time). Over the next six or seven months, I saw my regular GP and a urologist about three times. Nobody was overly concerned, and an ultrasound confirmed that nothing serious was going on (i.e., testicular cancer). The pain slowly went away after about three months, and then came and went for about 8 to 10 months. I rarely took the amitriptyline I was prescribed for pain because it made (a) drowsy, and (b) angry (it's technically an anti-depressant, but given I was not depressed it seems to have the opposite effect on me (both my urologist and I had a laugh about that, actually). At one point, I showed up to urologist's office for an appointment with perfectly normal, small, happy balls, but I showed him a picture of how low they were hanging the previous day in the late afternoon. He said he had seen this before and that it's very common.

My low-hanging balls, however, continue to this day, one year later, especially when they are warm. Right before sex or when I'm walking, they shrivel right up back to 'normal', but soon after resting they hang down low again.

At this point, I've resolved to just living with low-hangers, but I suspect they were brought on by that mysterious pain a year ago. I think something has changed internally, but no idea what. Every once in a while I get a dull ache in my right, low-hanging nut, but usually only lasts a day or two.

Anderson, SC

#241 Mar 27, 2009
Adam, was it swollen too or just painful?

Anderson, SC

#242 Mar 27, 2009
Human Papillomavirus Infection of the Epididymis and Ductus Deferens: An Evaluation by Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction

Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine: Vol. 127, No. 11, pp. 1471–1474.

Alexandr Švec, MD; Iva Mikyšková, Dr; Ondej Hes, MD, PhD; Ruth Tachezy, PhD

Context.—Human papillomaviruses (HPVs) play an important role in the etiology of squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix. The possible role of the male urogenital tract as a reservoir of HPV infection is not fully understood. We inferred from our previous observation of HPV-31 in epididymal tissue in a case of chronic epididymitis that HPV might be commonly present in cases of epididymitis caused by sexually transmitted pathogens.

Objective.—To assess the presence of HPV in the epididymis and ductus deferens in nontuberculous epididymitis.

Design.—Epididymal samples obtained from 17 patients and epididymal and ductus deferens samples from 5 patients surgically treated for nontuberculous epididymitis were analyzed by nested polymerase chain reaction for the presence of HPV DNA. In positive samples, the HPV type was determined by DNA sequencing.

Setting.—Tertiary-care academic hospital and national reference laboratory for papillomaviruses.

Results.—Low-risk HPV type 6 and high-risk HPV types 16, 33, 35, 55, and 73 were detected in 7 patients (31%). Neither koilocytes nor dysplastic changes were found in the epididymis and ductus deferens.

Conclusion.—Low-risk and high-risk HPV types were detected in the epididymis and ductus deferens of patients with nontuberculous epididymitis. The infection was not accompanied by koilocytic atypia or dysplasia. Our findings support the hypothesis that the male urogenital tract serves as a reservoir of HPV infection.

http://arpa.allenpress.com/arpaonline/... (2003)127%3C1471:HPIOTE%3E2.0. CO%3B2&request=get-documen t

San Jose, CA

#243 May 1, 2009
cnut wrote:
<quoted text>
Ive had two injection to test for a nerve block, they where to test to see if the permanent injection would work. They were discribed as ganglyeen impire (most likely misspelled)injections. These injections were done after I insisted there was something to help my pain. The first injection help somewhat for a few days and the second had little to no effect. With those results the Dr. said he would not attempt a permanent block. Still feeling like I've been kicked in the testes. Hope this info helps.
I had testicular pain for 5 years. I had nerve blocks, an epididymectomy, a severing of my left side spermatic cord and finally a left side orchiectomy. After the left side orchiectomy, the pain was still there even with no testicle.

Fortunately, I have a friend who is pharmaceutical rep for Wyeth which makes a anti depressant called Effexor. He had told me a few years before the last surgery that I should try Effexor for this because it had been helpful for some people with nerve pain problems. Long story short, it worked. I have been on this drug for 11 years. If I attempt to get off of it, the pain returns. The doctors tell me that I can remain on Effexor for the rest of my life without any problems.
I haven't noticed any difference in my behavior with Effexor since it is an antidepressant, but I do enjoy life without the pain. Hope this helps.
PS If you would like to write me my email address is [email protected]
I don't expect to be checking this forum very often.

Marlborough, MA

#244 May 5, 2009
serg - are you referring to Serratiopeptidase? Tried it, did nothing for me.
serg wrote:
Hey guys I have a similar problem, I once heard about a powerful anti inflamatory used for treat epididymitis in India and Japan I think but the page where I found this info is not working anymore, Does anyone have this information?, I would like to try something more poowerfull than ibuprofene
Rob F

Winona, MN

#245 May 8, 2009

I don't know if this will help but I'll share it.

I'm 43 years old. About 12 years ago, I felt a pull in the groin area around my left testicle during sex.
I tried not to freak and went to the hospital the next day. The doctor said I had a torsion that 'righted' itself and gave me pain killers. I don't remember what kind.

Over the next 6 years I had the feeling of soreness in my testicle, inner-thigh pain and pain going all the way up to my stomach. The stomach pain included twitching like there was a small animal running around in there. All on the left side.

I saw every doctor, chiropractor & physical therapist in town (a small city in Wisconsin). Examinations included Ultra-sounds, prostate checks, MRI's. You name it, all to no avail.

Eventually, I moved to Milwaukee and chose an intern from the phone book. No reasoning in choosing him except he accepted my insurance.

After the usual exam, he asked how my life was. It's generally stressful and told him. He said, "Ok", told me to get dressed and he'd be back.

Upon his return, he said I had Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) and told me to follow a fiber-therapy regeme. I thought he was crazy. At the time I was about 37 years old and thought "old people" had to do that.
He said many people my age and older just stay away from food that aggrevates the condition when all they needed was more fiber in their diet. At that time, the only thing I could eat that would not give me diaria was steak & potatoes. I swear, that's all I ate at the time.

Anyway, I did what he said and bought a jug of Metamucil, got home, mixed it up and drank it. Nasty to be sure, but..... IT WORKED!!! Within 2-3 days I felt like new.

Up until a few weeks ago, I've been pain free (about 5 years) while I continued to take the metamucil, which now comes in capsules.

What happened? I was putting my pants on to go to work and felt the same "pull" I felt years ago.

Went to the hospital and was told it was epyditimitus. Given anti-biotics and was told to take Ibuprofen for the pain. The severe pain was gone in a few days and has settled into the same old ache from 5 years back.

So, here I am with all of you. At this point, I manage with the Metamucil and take Ibuprofin when I need it. Sometimes up to 1200-1400 miligrams per day. A hot shower does wonders, as well.

I've decided to see an internist again just to rule out anything physiological. I already know any tests will come up negative but I want to be sure it's nothing major.

Then I'll look at reducing stress through massage therapy, doing the loose clothing, sleeping, etc. I've also tripled my water intake, as well. Sounds like alot but I used to drink about 16 oz. per day. Not nearly enough from what the experts say.

Also, I'll be changing my diet to exclude dairy and any processed foods. I've actually done quite a bit of excluding them and have lost about 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Just by cutting out McDonalds & Pizza Hut. I've also decided to give the chiroprator a try. I have a sneaky feeling some of the pain is caused by my lower back. No pain there but many nerves run from the lower back to the groin and legs. Actually, all of them, I think. lol

I've saved this forum to my desktop and will check in with updates and to see if anyone wants to comment.
Thanks and good luck to you all.

Rob F


Since: Sep 08

Sydney, Australia

#246 May 11, 2009
Guys, Rob is very much true.
I am not following exactly what he say but doing the same thing and avoiding pain.
I don't take Metamucil but eats food rich of fibers, eat less to avoid constipation and wear loose pants. That is helping me to stay away from pain for a longer time. Still I get pain once a month but that is ok.
Another thing.... if I get pain, I go on fast and do not eat anything for about 12 to 20 hrs. This reduces the pressure in and around groin area and lowers the pain.
Thanks for the information Rob, I will try with Metamucil now.
Rob F

Winona, MN

#247 May 13, 2009
Hey ADP,

If you do use Metamucil, don't be alarmed by the gas you'll have for a few days. Your body has to adjust to the fiber. Warn your family, as well, because the gas will clear the room. Your feces will be huge (I call them battleships. Ha,ha) and you'll see something that looks like mucous in it, as well. It's normal.

Once you get passed it, you'll feel much better....assuming you suffer with loose BM's or diarhea. If it does offer some relief, don't be fooled, keep taking it. As my Internist said back when he recommended it, "You'll feel so much better you won't want to stop taking it." He was right.
It's a little expensive but worth it. BTW, when I say Metamucil, it's easier than typing Physillium Husk which is all Metamucil is. I buy the generic brand and buy the biggest size they have.

Just to be clear, I've been taking it all this time and I still had the pain ("Thing") come back so it may be something entirely seperate. I know most of you will try just about anything to get some relief and Metamucil is available anywhere so give it a try and keep taking it. I was walking funny for months after starting it even though I felt better. I didn't want to get my hopes up that "It" was actually gone.

I hope no one thinks I work for any company endorsing the use of this product. I'm an independant truck driver. It just works for me.

Also, I see my original post shows only the amount of Ibuprofen I take (1200-1400 mg/day). The Metamcil works out to quite a bit more (7500 mg/day) if you follow the label....which I do.

I have my GP app't tomorrow and I'll pass along what he says. Even though we all know what it'll be.:(

Here's my email address if anyone would like it:
[email protected]

Anyway, keep up the fight!
Rob F

Winona, MN

#248 May 19, 2009
I had posted a long response to my post but it didn't show up in the forum. I didn't want to go and post it again until I was ready to take the time again.
In the mean-time, someone had responded to me via my email address. Instead of replying to him and posting another long post here, I've decided to copy/paste my response to his email here as it pretty much sums up what's been going on with me.

The person who responded noted his name as 'Doc'. Here is my repsonse to him:


My GP took quite a bit of time with me. I printed my posting and brought it to him to keep straight what I needed to talk about.

He did a thorough physical exam of the testicles and abdomen and found there was nothing there to detect except for some sharp pain when he checked the right testicle (originally, the epyditimitus was on the left). We decided to give the antibiotics another course, just in case (Doxycyclin).

What's different since my posting is that the pain is on the right side. Along with a mild to severe burning sensation occurring from my inner right thigh up to my abdomen, including the right-side of the groin. Only when I'm reclining while sitting and while laying down in bed, though. Also, my right testicle seems to be positioned higher than the right.

I've found a good hot shower alleviates the burning and some of the pain. I've read on-line today that some people's sweat contain a certain amount of acidity that will cause the burning in that area. I'll be looking into that a bit more.

After 3-4 days on the Doxy, the jury is still out. I'll keep taking it, though.

2 other possibilities we discussed was the fact of the stress and anxiety level in my life is pretty high and also it could be an issue with my lower back. I don't have pain there but because the pain and burning is primarily when I'm sitting leads me to think it may be a huge factor in all of this.

I take Xanax when I need to for anxiety and it really does seem to help.

So, in short, I'll continue to take the anti-biotics and try to adjust the way and length of time I'm sitting.

I'll be posting this reply in the forum as it would be a good follow-up to the last one I posted.

Also, I don't believe HPV is an issue. I'm gay but don't (and never have) engage in any body penetration what-so-ever, giving or taking. Besides that, I have no pain in urination or having a bowel movement.

I hope this helps and thanks for the suggestions.

Rob F
Rob F

Winona, MN

#249 May 28, 2009
Just a follow-up.

I've continued with the Doxy anti-biotics, Ibuprofen and started on Citalopram for anxiety.

Except for the feeling that something might happen if I move wrong, I'm feeling about 90% better. No pain but it seems like when the stress is extreme, I feel like my testicles are....I don't know...like I'm going to pull the pelvic joint out of place thereby pulling a muscle.

It's hard to explain. I have my next app't on Friday 5/29 with my GP so I'll mention it to him. Along with an idea to have an MRI to see if there is still a lower back/pelvic issue.

Rob F
the bartender

Springfield, MO

#250 Jun 1, 2009
cnut wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey My pain feels like when I previously held in smoke and "coughed my nuts off" I wonder if this is the cause of the chronic pain I have now? I've stop smoking herb is this what you are referring too? Thanks
I've been reading these posts because I have the same problem but forgot how it originated until I saw this. Thanks. Now what's the diagnosis and treatment!


Since: Sep 08

Sydney, Australia

#251 Jun 1, 2009
This forum would have been closed if we knew the answer of your question.....:)

Let's hope that one day that will happen.
Rob F

Winona, MN

#252 Jun 4, 2009
Hello Everyone,

Sorry if this shows up twice. I copied it before submitting because it's another long post and I didn't want to try and do it again.

Another update......

Right now, I go day to day but it seems a little better every day. I just got back from the latest app't with my GP and we've decided to wait on any tests (MRI, ultra-sound, etc) as I do feel better most of the time.

What I've done:
Taken the Doxy (anti-biotic) AS PRESCRIBED and finished it yesterday.
I continue to use Metamucil.
Ibuprofen when needed but I take 800mgs at a time (maybe twice a day).
Still taking Citalipram for stress.
Also Xanax for anxiety but only when needed (maybe once a day). The GP wants me to stop taking it when the Citalopram kicks in which usually takes about a month.
Loose clothing but regular briefs (not boxer briefs or boxers). The idea behind the briefs is to keep your balls close to your body and restricting their movement.
Less caffeine.

Now the lecture!

Guys, sometimes the simplest things can make the difference. Doctors are not gods and the practice of medicine is not a science, but the practice of the science of medicine.

If you've done the gambit of tests as I have in the past, then it's pretty much up to you to figure this out.

Many of you have equated smoking pot with your pain. I've smoked acres of the stuff in my time but it's been 20 years since I've smoked it. At this time I'm a heavy cigarette smoker. Could my smoking pot have caused this even after all this time? Maybe, but I don't think so. I can see holding the smoke in, then struggling not to cough could cause a pulled muscle but not after 20 years as in my case. If it were a mold or substance in the pot itself, we'd see an epidemic. Especially among your friends that smoked it with you.

What I believe is that any trauma, whether it's a muscle pull or infection, will cause these lingering effects that we're suffering with.

In my case, I believe the original diagnosis earlier this year was correct, being Epyditimitus. The lingering effects I'm dealing with, I believe, are due to the Epy. The lingering is complicated with the stress of the "Thing" and the anxiety I have about my life in general.

My recommendation is to take a look at the way you do things and be patient. If you think it's smoking pot, quit smoking it. The worst thing that'll happen is your friends will give you shit about quitting. If your job makes the pain worse, see what can be done there. If you drink alot of caffeine, well, quit drink the Red Bull!

Try the loose clothing, briefs not boxers, less caffeine and for goodness sake, be patient. The groin area has tons of muscles which can take time to heal.

BTW, I won't assume any of you need to be on the anxiety meds that I take, though. I think my anxiety only complicates it for me and the meds help me in other areas of my life.

If anyone cares to continue any dialogue off this forum, please feel free to contact me. My email is:
[email protected]

Umm, I guess that's it. Good luck and God bless to you all.
Rob F

Winona, MN

#253 Jun 11, 2009

I found another forum and found a suggestion to wear compression shorts or a jock-strap. I talked to my GP and he said, "What the heck, if it works...".

I bought a pair of compression shorts and they really do seem to help.

Anyway, give it a try. They're a bit expensive but worth it.

United States

#254 Jun 20, 2009
""u drink wheat grass and do anulom vilom for 15-20 minutes it will be solved
I have practised and solved""
This is just witch doctor crap allot of 3rd world people believe in, seen it many times, just dismiss it.
My woman is Chinese, OMG you should hear some of the cave man medical stuff she has been told over the years by her relatives. India is the last place I'd ever accept any medical advice from though. Been there, you guys are tards.

I started getting this sharp ache in my left tactical during long walks about 2 months ago but I get it even while sitting now. Everything feels normal though.

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