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#1047 Mar 13, 2008
Fentanyl is actually 10,000x's per part stronger than morphine! Just thought you should know.
Recovering well wrote:
I am five days post-op for ESS, and I feel MUCH better now. In recovery I had such severe pain I was given several shots of fentanyl which did nothing, then three shots of morphine which eventually did the trick.
I was knocked out completely, which I fully recommend. I was also discharged the same day which I would NOT, repeat NOT recommend. ONLY HAVE THIS SURGERY IF THEY WILL KEEP YOU OVERNIGHT AND SEDATED WITH MORPHINE AND OTHER DRUGS.
I had the packing removed the following morning which was not as bad as other posters have hinted at. It was like pulling out a giant booger, but it was not painful. I was looking so forward to having the packing removed; when the nurse told me she was going to remove the packing, I said with a huge smile "Oh, that makes me so happy!", which made her laugh. Probably not as painful because there was not time for crusts and scabs to form.
The worst part of it all was the claustrophobic feelings of not being able to breathe through your nose (completely sealed shut). Just like someone pinching your nostrils shut for almost 24 hours. If you have the slightest tendency for claustrophobia, DO NOT HAVE THIS SURGERY DONE unless they will knock you out until after those lovely nasal tampons are removed.
I have told everyone that the night after my surgery was close to the worst night of my life (it's right up there with the pain and discomfort I had after surgery to repair a broken pelvis, back and crushed elbow).
With that damn packing in (pun not intended), drinking and eating were very scary. Drinking and eating had to be alternated with breathing. Trying to chew, you need to keep your mouth open wide, or fear you'll inhale your food and choke.
These feelings are much better after the packing is removed, but there is severe congestion after the packing is taken out. After packing removal, My Dr. sprayed decongestant (basically afrin) in my nose to stop bleeding and reduce swelling, then vacuumed it out a little bit. I was told to spray saline mist up there every hour to help. Well, I was so congested there was basically nowhere for anything to go. So, call the Dr, turns out Afrin is OK for one day. Then I started Sudafed after that, which has been helping.
The best thing has been (and I hate to mention the name, for fear people will think I am connected with the product) but it is called Sinus Rinse, by NeilMed. It is basically a converted EyeWash bottle, for any scientists out there. You pour in warm distilled (or boiled) water and add their salt packet, then rinse away! It hasn't been a miracle cure, but it has worked wonders, and has helped clear out lots of nasties.
If you think you can get past the first horrific night, go ahead and do it. When I told the Dr I had slept only about two hours, she said "oh, that's pretty good!"
Moral of the story: Have it done with general anesthesia. And, only do this if you can stay overnight at a hospital where they promise to use whatever drugs necessary to keep you pain-free AND SEDATED. Then INSIST that they REMOVE THE PACKING before you go home. The claustrophobia is bad. It really is terrible.

Dunlevy, PA

#1048 Mar 14, 2008
I had the endoscopic sinus surgery three months ago, which also entailed correcting a deviated septum and removing my tonsils.

My doctor suggested taking 1000mg of vitamin C during the week prior to my surgery. Approximately 20 minutes after the procedure, I was alert, oriented, and ready to come home. I was in little pain, but my blood pressure remained high while in recovery. It was treated with small doses of morophine, and I was able to come home within the hour.

Two hours later, I was able to eat chicken noodle soup without any complications. Throughout my recovery period, I did not experience loss of appetite, headaches, or any significant bleeding. I was able to remove the gauze about 8 hours after the surgery, and it did not have to be replaced after that. The pain that I experienced after this surgery was minimal, especially considering all that was corrected during the procedure. My only complaint was that one of the packing pieces became blocked, which caused me to have some trouble breathing. During my post-op visit, which was one week later, I did experience a tiny difficulty. The stitch that was used to hold the packing in place had become imbedded into my cartlige. My doctor required three attempts to losen the stitch. This was not painful, but it certainly was uncomfortable. The packing was easily and quickly removed after the stitch was cut.

My sinus symptoms have decreased significantly, and I could not be more pleased with my results. I no longer need my allergy medications, which I'd been taking most of my life. With my positive experience, I would recommend this surgery to anyone who is younger and ready to alleviate their sinus trouble!
Be Brave

Bethel Park, PA

#1049 Mar 18, 2008
Linda wrote:
I am considering septoplasty and maxillary polyp removal. After reading these horror stories, I am reconsidering. Did anyone experience tinnitus along with their sinus issues, and was the tinnitus impacted in any way by the surgery?
These really ARE horror stories!!! I am 5 days post op for FESS and am very glad I did it. I'm still uncomfortable and the pain is something to work through, but I can tell that already that I have more room to breathe in my head and I'm still swollen! If your doctor recommends it for you, you definitely should weigh out YOUR own benefits. Good Luck!

Los Angeles, CA

#1050 Mar 19, 2008
Sarah wrote:
I was just wondering if anyone produced eye bags because of their sinus problems. I am due to have sinus surgery and a deviated septum straightened in a month or so and I am hoping that it will improve the swolleness under my eyes??? On one side of my face I have a swollen area where my sinuses are spread under my cheek bone and I am wondering whether the swelling is likely to improve after my surgery???
I also had swelling around my eyes before surgery, but I am 2 months post surgery (I had my deviated septum fixed and sinus surgery) and I am still swollen around my eyes and still congested. I feel worse than I did before the surgery.

Detroit, MI

#1051 Mar 20, 2008

Chester-le-street, UK

#1052 Mar 20, 2008
best thing i ever did. 2 weeks since i has 12-13 polyps removed, opening of all 6 of my sinus's and trimming of my middle turbinate.

no pain, no more asthma, no allergys, no blocked nose. i can breathe through both nostrils, i go to bed early, i wake up early, no headaches, i can smell again, things taste better. i honestly couldnt be happier.

for me it has been an absolute miracle cure, the downside? the crap that comes out post op LOL, asides from that..... do it!

Memphis, TN

#1053 Mar 20, 2008
I had a turbinectomy...then about a month later i had sinus surgery (deviated septum and polyps)...everything went fine the pain was there but its not'll live...just be tough!....just keep relaxed...its been almost a month since the surgery...and im having the complication of what they call "scare tissue forming" in other words it didnt heal correctly....even after multiple bottle of Alcholol and saline rinses....ive done some research and i think mine is due to a very narrow nasal canals...
i had a post op today and she was able to open my sinuses back up or break up the scare tissue...( take a pain killer before you go into your Post-ops thats the key) hopefully this will keep me from having to go back into surgery for what they call a "tune up"....i am smelling better and my singing is actually better, my "E's and I's" are more can change the way you just lucky it was for the better...Beware you singers outhere!...i am moving more air through my nose though....
Kelly Ford

Henderson, NV

#1054 Mar 30, 2008
I thought I was the only one out there with a poor immune system always getting sinus infections. I started getting them from age 16 about four times a year. Some years are better or worse than others, and the only things that keep my health in check is Allegra, allergy shots and nasal spray. I have tried herble immune boosters which at least make me think it helps. If I don't get enough rest or even stray from my normal routine of a a healthy lifestyle a get a sinus infection. Everytime I fly, it is like clockwork the next week I have a sinus infection. Ridiculous. I am very healthy except for this ONE HUGE PAIN IN THE NECK thing, sinus infections. Still get em every three months and have to do a round of antibiotics. Don't know if I will consider surgery one day.

Wheaton, IL

#1055 Mar 31, 2008
Kelly, do you still have your taste and smell after all of that? I lost mine after years of sinus infections. January of 2006 I had a pretty bad cold. Nothing out of the ordinary and then taste and smell have never come back. It is horrible. I am going to a tast and smell clinic a a couple weeks to see if there is any hope for me. I've been to so many doctors now that I am just about to give up. I had FESS done in November and all it did is help me sleep better at night because she fixed a sever deviated septum.
Kelly Ford wrote:
I thought I was the only one out there with a poor immune system always getting sinus infections. I started getting them from age 16 about four times a year. Some years are better or worse than others, and the only things that keep my health in check is Allegra, allergy shots and nasal spray. I have tried herble immune boosters which at least make me think it helps. If I don't get enough rest or even stray from my normal routine of a a healthy lifestyle a get a sinus infection. Everytime I fly, it is like clockwork the next week I have a sinus infection. Ridiculous. I am very healthy except for this ONE HUGE PAIN IN THE NECK thing, sinus infections. Still get em every three months and have to do a round of antibiotics. Don't know if I will consider surgery one day.
Sandy K

Cleveland, OH

#1056 Apr 2, 2008
Hi Everyone,
I am having FESS, a septoplast for a deviated septum, radio frequency turbinate reduction, and polyp removal on 4/7/08. I have been told that I will have packing and this will be removed the following day. Can anyone please tell me if they have had the same surgeries?
Also, I hear that for the first 24-48 hrs I will have to breathe through my mouth. How was this for you?


#1057 Apr 2, 2008
can anyone help? I had fess surgery 1 wk ago and i feel quite blocked up but im curious as to why the mucus is not running out of my nostrils it seems to run down so far then just dry out. is it suppose to actually run down the nostril at this stage of recovery?
Sandy K

Cleveland, OH

#1058 Apr 2, 2008
Hi Stacey,

I heard that using a Saline spray should help loosen the mucous. I have been using it preoperatively just to get rid of the mucous. Maybe this will help it loosen enough to blow.

By the way, what all did your surgery intail? Were you able to breathe through your nose(24-48hrs afterwards)at all as I questioned?


#1059 Apr 2, 2008
hi sandy i can breathe through 1 nostril but the other is blocked im using a sodium bicarbonate rince but its not clearing it.


#1060 Apr 2, 2008
i just realised your due to have your surgery soon i do recommend it i feel much better its just they say not to blow your nose for 2 weeks and they dont give you that saline rinse that you have been using.
Sandy K

Cleveland, OH

#1061 Apr 2, 2008
Stacey, The spray I have is called Ocean Spray. Asimple saline that you can use daily and frequent.

Did you have a deviated septum and polyps too?


#1062 Apr 7, 2008
Just wanted to say to those who had recent sinus ops that it may take a while for things to settle down.

I had FESS about 14 months ago (incl septum realignment & polyp removal) and the first few months afterwards I felt as if there had been no improvement. In fact just after the op things were so bad I thought the entire op had gone wrong.

However around 6 months on I noticed a definite improvement and that's been the case since.

I'm now no longer dependant on antibiotics and I can do a lot more things than before.

Would recommend using a saline rinse every day if possible - its really helped me.
Terri -Tucson AZ

Tucson, AZ

#1063 Apr 8, 2008
I am three weeks post op from deviated septum surgery + turbinate clean-up. From reading all other posts, I can agree with most comments. The two days I had "my trumpets" in both nostrils following surgery was shear torture. I chalked up about two hours sleep in two days. Following removal of trumpets and vacuuming (which was bliss), I have continued with lots of blood clotting and constant spraying with a non-medicated (I use Simply Saline) salt water solution to wash this out. However, this has continued for three weeks now, although the bleeding has lessened a bit. I've also had several sessions of bad nose bleeds. I still sound like I have a cold/am plugged up although I'm trying to be optimistic. My ears are also still plugged. I have my next post op appt next week. However, my two questions to others are:
1) Is this normal to have this continued blood clotting/bleeding?
2) My breath is absolutely horrible right now. Will this pass in time?

United States

#1064 Apr 11, 2008
I had sinus surgery about 2 weeks. I'm still recovering, but the day after the ENT removed the polyp and cleared out my left sinus, I was breathing through my nose again. Yes, the stint removal hurt, but it was a pain that lasted at most 5 minutes. My nose was tender for the rest of the day, but with the pain meds, I tolerated the discomfort. I had the packing removed last Monday and again, it was painful, but it didn't last long. When both of these were removed, my face, teeth, and ears hurt. The nurse and ENT both said that's a normal feeling.

As I said, it's been 2 weeks since the surgery. I go in on Monday for my 3rd post-op appointment. The only thing I can complain about is (two things actually) my left eye is puffy and irritated and tears up occassionally. This is on the same side as the surgery. The other complaint is I still feel pain on my nose. Not interal in the nasal passage but on my nose itself. Hard to describe the pain, but when it hits, it hits like a thick needle and lasts for about 30 minutes.

I recommend having this done. The benefits of having the surgery outweighed the risks of it. I hope I continue to benefit from having had this surgery because it's been such a relief to be able to breathe through my nose again!

Toronto, Canada

#1065 Apr 11, 2008
Tami wrote:
I had sinus surgery and a septoplasty in July of this year. I healed fairly quickly, but approximately 6 weeks later I developed yet another sinus infection. I have been doing the NeilMed sinus rinse EVERY day since the 2nd day after my surgery. My ENT put me on an antibiotic for 14 days, which worked for maybe a week or two. I have yet another infection and have been put on a steroid and another antibiotic for 14 more days. I have been doing a lot of reading on chronic sinusitus in relation to a weakened immune system. My doctor thinks my chronic sinus problems may be related to pregnancy and childbirth. Does anyone have any information on this topic?
I found out after having repeated sinus infections and later surgery, that my immune system was weakened due to Anemia. When my blood levels are normal, I tend not to have as many sinus infections. It took me years to discover this, after being Anemic my whole life. I never liked taking the huge pills for Anemia, so I just didn't. They would always make me nauseus. I've found that by taking the pills at night before bed, I didn't get sick from the pills and my sinus infectons have diminished greatly.

Shreveport, LA

#1066 Apr 13, 2008
I had my deviated septon fixed and sinus surgery feb 11 and my nose is still sore.After this long should anything be sore.There are no signs os any infection or anything.Does it take this long to completly heal?

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