Nasal polyp removal


#668 Aug 23, 2011

your doctor is an idiot. No doc should say 'hey this disease you have is thet worst i've ever seen' they are supposed to 'normalise' what you are going through.. especially younger patients like yourself. if he's trying to make out that it's serious there are other more effective ways.

he's probably not part the new wave of doctors who are being heavily trained in communication skills.

let us know how surgery went.


#669 Aug 23, 2011
btw: helminthic therapy has worked so far for me.

mri showed polyps had completely taken over my sinus again. doctor said I needed surgery and put me on the waiting list.

within two months after starting my helminthic experiment.. the poylps seem to have retreated somewhat.. and that's despite moving back to one budamax spray per day!

previously, nothing was holding them back.. except 'pure' corticosteriod dripped into my sinuses.
and I was always taking prednisone bursts to hold them back.

I'm definitely looking/feeling healthier.
I will update further with any good or bad experiences with this experimental treatment.

I was reluctant to mention it now.. because it still may not work(maybe it's coincidence..seasonal.. that I'm feeling better)
but i just want to let people know there may be real help around the corner.

i will report back if there are any significant changes for or against this therapy for polyps.

Fairfield, CT

#670 Aug 25, 2011
I'm new to this site, can you please pass along any information on the helminthic experiment. I'm a long time sufferer and have put off surgery. My ENT is in NO rush to do surgery because they can grow back. Short doses of Predisone work great but for short period of time. This site is very helpful, I experience most of all what has been shared.
Thank you


#671 Aug 25, 2011
Hi John,
I mentioned my theory behind helminthic therapy on page 32.

It also might be a good idea to google "hygene hypothesis" and "old friends theory" and perhaps go onto sciencedaily ( ) and do a search for 'helminth/helminthic therapy'.

You could also google "helminthic therapy + nasal polyps" but you won't find too much. It's mostly known as an new exciting area in helping auto-immune type diseases like IBDs/IBS/Asthma/Allergies etc etc. My allergist is excited by the outcomes people are getting from the therapy.

There is an open yahoo group where you can get info.. but there have only been a couple with polyps who seem to have tried this therapy. They both reported positive results. I am reporting my own cautiously positive result.

If you'd like more info on it.. perhaps take your questions over to the yahoo group:
I hang out there as well.



#672 Aug 25, 2011
p.s. I don't want to mislead people into helminthic therapy.. it still might not in the long run for me.. and that's the ultimate proof I can provide.

if you are desperate and can afford it, I say try it because there are few side-effects (I had a mark on my arm for a while)

however, if you can wait, perhaps do so and I'll report back how things are going in another month or two.

Stockton, CA

#673 Aug 26, 2011
I had nasal polyp surgery in '96, via my insurance, & after INSISTING to my doctor that after 10 years of suffering, I be granted surgery--please!!
I had nasal polyp surgery in '96, via my insurance, & after INSISTING to my doctor that after 10 years of suffering, I be granted surgery--please!!
I've now been uninsured since late 2003, & my polyps recurrence has greatly intensified(EQUAL to the severity experienced just prior to my '96 surgery, for sure!) since first noticing them around mid-2004, & requiring over-the-counter Oxymetazoline HCL 0.05% sprays most of the year in 2006 and 2007, and almost constantly in 2008 and 2009, & now all the time(esp. for sleeping) in 2010 & 2011.
My greatest obstacles in obtaining surgery as an 'uninsured' are that I definitely do NOT qualify for Charity Care ($7,500.00 limitation on personal savings/CDs/IRAs/401(K)s/Bonds combined total), & cannot find out the UPPER LIMIT on personal savings amount so as to be able to receive STATE aid of 70/71% vs. my having to pay remaining 29/30% of total surgery/MRI/hospital stay, etcetera, NOR the actual TOTAL ANTICIPATED COST OF NASAL POLYP SURGERY (OUT-OF-POCKET, with or without subsidies)!!
I would be willing to pay monthly or bi-weekly payments, so long as I would be given a WRITTEN QUOTE of VERY-NEAR(within $500-$1000)ACTUAL COST of FULL TESTING/SURGERY/CARE. 2-3 years ago, a Singaporese Otolaryngologist quoted me $12,000.00 for surgery if I had it done in Singapore, but advised I try to obtain it in U.S. first! My greatest fear, as I've heard it from 'New York Public Radio' is that, say, for surgery retailing $20K($4K paid by an 'insured' patient--20% of total), the 'uninsured' patient would be HARNESSED with 3 TO 5 TIMES the $20K full original retail cost for INSUREDs ($60K/$80K/$100K), as I've heard, for example...Please advise, as the PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT of my severe nasal blockage for 7+ years now, once again, is GREAT, only EXACERBATED by the fact that no hospital/clinic/organization I've contacted has so far been willing to address my need to know what personal savings limitations I might be exceeding (thus, barring me from state aid) & what GUARANTEED MAXIMUM COST I would face after having the nasal polyp SURGERY I once again DESPERATELY SEEK (as an UNINSURED)....DILEMMA


#674 Aug 26, 2011
hi 2ndTimeAround,

i contacted one hospital in thailand who quoted $4000. Still pretty expensive if you include travel.(my surgery was free as I live in australia.. just had to wait 5 months)

Have you considered a strong prednisone burst to bring the polyps down.. followed by corticosteriod based nasal sprays?(these won't be over the counter).

Have you considered some way to legally offload your savings for a period (according to Shawshank Redemption you can make one non-tax deductible gift to your wife??)

I feel sorry for US citizens. Seem better off earning nothing rather than middle class wages over there. Interest rates on your savings are near-zero.. while inflation runs rampant with the rich being bailed out.. sorry, wrong forum for this rant.

I take it you are doing nasal rinsing twice a day.. although with advanced polyps maybe this isn't always recommended.

Have you considered going to Canada to source medications/treatment?(sorry, I don't have a clue as to how practical that is)

Anyway.. hang in there. Read what I've said about helminthic therapy.. and come back here later for my report on whether it helped my polyps.


Stockton, CA

#675 Aug 28, 2011
Hello, Tim_DownUnder:
Thank You so very kindly for taking the time to respond to my inquiry(desperate "cry for help", actually).
As for prednisone, I've heard so many bad things about prednisone from radio naturopaths, esp. 1 who says it can have severe repercussions for up to a year or more, unless it'd be properly counter-balanced with natural "substitutes", esp. for those who've been on it for prolonged periods of time & are weaning themselves off of it finally.
As for offloading savings to loved ones as "gifts"(i.e.$12K or so per year, per recipient), I have way too much saved in the form of IRA CD contributions over the past 30 years or so($2K per year,then in recent years,$3K,$4K, & finally $5K/year MAX contributions have been allowed by U.S. law), & I definitely wouldn't trust gifting to anyone other than direct, familial loved ones(probably wouldn't get anything back!); moreover, the elderly, by law, now must have offloaded their savings a FULL 5 YEARS prior to being put into a nursing home!(the law might similarly dissuade patients from taking such purposefully evasive action just prior to surgery, too..???)
Finally, I'm not a middle-class wage earner, but rather, a lower-class one, having earned merely $16K-19K roughly, per year, most of my life, & only twice or thrice having earned between $22K to $25K, due to MUCH overtime work along the way in those particular working years!!
I have been researching this matter further, & 1 govt. worker with whom I'd spoken yesterday suggested I speak directly to a Social Worker at a hospital, so as to try to work out a deal for payment, over time. I will definitely need to know(in writing), however, the FULL COST of their Surgery Process and whether I'm within the MAX Savings Constraints of our State's 70%/30% Aid to the uninsured, before feeling comfortable to proceed with matters.
And, thanks for also mentioning the Thailand option--which, incidentally, would be a GODSEND to me, if all else fails in the near future with me here in U.S. regarding this predicament of mine...


#676 Aug 30, 2011
So I had my surgery and I was told I could probably go home the day of but after two days of Dieing in a hospital bed not legitly I came out and have 0 trouble breathing and it feels like I never had them in the first place if ur questioning surgery I say you should do it

Stockton, CA

#677 Aug 31, 2011
Ditto, here! I was supposed to have been an outpatient in '96, but was bleeding from my nose, & had to have gauze sticks put in both of my nostrils, and stay for 2 days, also! Most importantly, it was like "night and day" after the surgery/healing, & it made me somewhat emotional just to be alive, unharmed, & able to breathe freely once more!!!

Astoria, NY

#678 Sep 6, 2011
I'm so happy I found this forum. I thought I was the only one who put a flashlight up my nose. I have had a moderate case of polyps (or polyp - I only see and deal with one) for past 10 yrs. Seems to have been started when I developed an allergy to NSAIDs. Was using Nasonex daily and once a year got a sinus infection that required predisone and antibiotics. My ENT wanted me to have the surgery. I decided to stop with the Nasonex and didn't want the surgery, so started investigating alt treatments. While some seemed too scary to me - putting hydrogen peroxide up there, I decided, based on advice found here and other places on internet, to drink lots of water, take Omega-3s, do Neti pot 2x a day, yogic breathing and cut out dairy. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT BUT 3-4 DAYS LATER, THE POLYP SHRUNK!! I think it was cutting out dairy!! I'm writing to say thanks and also to suggest removing dairy from your diet and see what happens!
Mark United Kingdom

Irthlingborough, UK

#679 Sep 8, 2011
just an update from when i posted before, i started taking the vitamin D in feb, and i am happy to report that i have been feeling great, i can breath through the side of my nose that was stuffed, i am getting great air flow, i cannot believe the difference, i still cannot smell, but i can now go out and socialize, and not always sound stuffy, or be so congested, that i spent most of my time in the bathroom,this is not an over night cure, but its the best thing that i have tried, i will keep you informed..[Hi Diane, very interested in your progress with vitamin D therapy.Are you still following the 5000iu per day and if so how are you?

Gaborone, Botswana

#680 Sep 14, 2011
hi,i went to the ent specialist and found out i have polyp.i am so terrified of surgery.can someone please explain what you mean by being 'packed'?

Cape Town, South Africa

#681 Sep 23, 2011
I have tried SinusWars13, it worked for me nasal polyps and congestion are gone, I just need something for bring back my sense of smell. It came back for a short period with using SinusWars13 but it went away. If anyone knows how I can get me sense of smell back please let me know.

Stockton, CA

#682 Sep 25, 2011
Firstly, I would beg to not lose our comments if we submit them without realizing we haven't typed in the special numeric code first, as I just hadn't.

Secondly, Tanita: I don't recall any 'packing' besides the 2 gauze sticks that had been placed in my nostrils for 2 days (special case patient) to stop my trickling of blood, but the surgery was WELL-WORTH it!!!

Finally, I have GREAT NEWS: My company has changed my working status to FULL-TIME now, complete with Health Insurance Benefits!!! So, I'll only now have to wait another 6+ months before my next nasal polyp surgery, so as to be sure the pre-existing condition clause has been averted!
Mark United Kingdom

Irthlingborough, UK

#683 Sep 27, 2011
Hi everyone,I have been following the Vitamin D therapy recommended by Diane in an earlier thread.I have been taking 4000iu of Vitamin D3 daily for 3 weeks and the results are phenomenal.I have had sinus surgery to remove polyps and have recently been taking flixonase nasules along with nasonex,rhinocort etc,etc.I can now smell,taste and have little congestion since taking the vitamin D3 and this week I have stopped taking any nasal steroids to see if the vitamin D alone will control the polyps. I can only say that if like me you have tried everything to get rid of polyps without much success you must try vitamin D therapy.
Tom Davis

Temecula, CA

#684 Oct 2, 2011
I had the surgery

It was hell when I woke up from the surgery. Very painful and lots of bleeding. It was my first surgery so I was scared. Very very painful. The nurse said, "Are you in pain, here, I will give you somehing." but had no affect. Still painful. Like someone held a match to the inside of my nose and kept it there. No kidding. And blood spewing out my mouth and nose.

But before the surgery I was blocked and constantly coughing and irritated. Like a constant cold.

Now, two years later, I still take nasal spray every day. prescription. I have no sense of smell. But I breathe freely and with open airways.

Would I do it again. Yes. Is it hard the first days after the operation? Yes.

That's my advice.

You have growths in your sinuses that won't go away. You need to cut them out and it's painful and not easy but you need to do it.

Be strong and go through it and move on with your life. Some people suffer far worse.
NH mom

Manchester, NH

#685 Oct 10, 2011
my son recently had polyp removal surgery. He had surgery a few years ago but unfortunately they grew back. The polyps appartently filled his entire sinus area. He had the procedure done as an outpatient at a local hospital. I recently received the hospital bill. Not including the surgeon's fees the bill was $25,000.00 We do have insurance but we'll have to pay $2,800.00 out of pocket. Does this cost for the surgery seem high or is it "reasonable"? Thanks for any information!
Dave from Houston

Pearland, TX

#686 Oct 11, 2011
I have been able to suck out my polyps for years. never a side effect. I only get them associated with a virus or bacterial infection. My test is if I roll on one side, and the lower nostril gets blocked, then I roll to the other side, then it gets blocked, I know I have one. I guess im lucky that I can suck/blow them out without much issue. It seems that once its removed the infection subsdes very quickly afterwords. that polyp is half of the symptoms of the infection.

Hope that helps.


#687 Oct 12, 2011
Hi Dave,
I believe most peoples polyps are well and truly connected via live 'feeling' tissue.
Perhaps there is a type that isn't well connected that can be forced out.
I don't have this type.

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