Sinus Surgery

Pottstown, PA

#142 Jan 16, 2011
Townsend wrote:
I had my sinus (turbinate reduction) surgery ~six months ago. The post op was miserable, but boy has it been worth it. I can sleep through the night. I am much less tired and I am not waking up my wife with my snoring. Hang in there Rob.
Details on your postop Rob? Timing, what you experienced, etc?

Rome, GA

#143 Feb 21, 2011
I had surgery Feb.10,2011. I got an infection on day 3. That was scary due to the fact that I still had packing in my nose and could only breath through my mouth. I got a steroid shot and then steroids for 7 days. The worst was getting the scabs removed. I felt like the Dr. was sucking my brain out my right nostril.I don't think Dr.'s completely tell you the truth. It was worse then my natural childbirth and my 2 c-sections. I am only 11 days post surgery, so I have yet to see if this pain is worth it. I recommend if you have any pain pills left , take them before your follow up appointment to remove scabs.
Randall Johnson

Overland Park, KS

#144 Mar 22, 2011
Cyndi wrote:
Nov 2,2007 - I had the whole shabang - sinus surgery (cleaned out the inflamed membrane), reduction of turbinites, nasal septum correction & enlarged the sinus drainage hole in my head (left nasal side). It was a lot to go through, but well worth it. After years of sinus and ear infections and bi annual bronchitus episode and having a cold hang on for 6 weeks at a time I can say that my allergy/cold episodes are almost non existent. Feeling healthy is important to me. Should you require surgery & wonder if it is worth it, with a skilled and competent ENT you will definitely reap the rewards as I have.
Cyndi, who was you ENT? I live in mission KS. Having surgery later this spring.

Westminster, MD

#145 Apr 13, 2011
Andrea, god bless the NHS :) I live in the USA now and I just had my sinus surgery yesterday morning... feeling like a bus ran over my head but no worse than a good night on the lash..
First and foremost.. DO NOT blow your nose!!! The method below whilst may not be as relieving as a good nose blowing will be much safer, I have been doing the back of the throat scratching thing in combination with below. You know how you do that snort thing to get phlegm, kind of like that but focus the energy on the nasal passage.. it will be gross having bloody phlegm coming out of the mouth but a damn site better than the damage you can do to all those efforts from the surgeons. Just be carefull not to do this too hard... just gentle coaxing.. now then...
hopefully you are over all of the pain and stuff now.. but what is working really well for me is (as instructed by my ENT doctor) to use a saline spray (not the saline rinse like neilmed's but this one it is just a spray. I use this 4 times a day with two good squirts up each nostril and let it flush out some of the gunk. Then I put up 2 squirts of this one which is Oxymetazoline HCI 0.05%
Then I use a cotton bud soaked in hydrogen peroxide and gently clean the inside of my nostrils.. you should be careful not to go prodding the crap out of your nose but at the same time clean out as much crap as you can. This stuff works great and fizzles away the congealed or dried blood as well as the runny stuff... going as high up as about 2.5cm from the bridge of the nose. For a general idea it takes me about 7 double tipped buds to do each nostril. Once I have fully cleaned out each nostril.. I then dry it out using a dry cotton bud and then put some Neosporin or generic brand on a clean cotton bud and 'paste the inside of my nostrils to keep it safe from infection. Yesterday being my first day I spent more time in the bathroom cleaning up the gunk than I did on the sofa resting.. but keeping everything good and clean ha helped me to feel much better and things are not scabbing up. This morning I am getting barely any blood flowing through my nose and I am looking forward to a day of dvd's on the sofa :) with fewer bathroom visits.
Ok - so the drugs I am using.. doctor has prescribed me with Amox/k Clav 875mg twice a day after food.. this tablet is an antibiotic. Co-amoxiclav is apparently the British name for it.. for the pain I am using a tablet called Hydroco/apap 7.5-500 which I was told to take one every 4 to 6 hours, the pain was really bad yesterday and I found myself sneaking one in every 3 and 3/4 hours.. just could not wait that last 15 minutes lol.. hopefully today I can stretch it out to 4 to 5 hours between tablets.
All is going well and tomorrow morning I shall be pacing the doctors office in great anticipation of him removing the splints and giving me a good clean out with his tools... keeping my fingers crossed for a bright and easy breathing summer :)
Andrea wrote:
I had my operation on 19 January..

Glenolden, PA

#146 May 9, 2011
I had my sinuses operated on at Paoli Hospital. My surgeon went thru the bone and my muscle went thru causing my eye to not go up and down. My eye muscle is ruptured and is entangled in scar tissue. It's been 17 months and I've had 2 more operations. I have severe nerve damage and diplopia. My life will never be the same. PLEASE check your doctor and ask people about him. This doctor does not use a navagation system. Using a navagation system this could have been avoided. I had an irregular passageway which he failed to tell me. Also, I had a deviated septum that Univ of Penn had to fix. He left that out too! To boot, I had to have University of Penn redo the entire operation. U of P claims when he operated very little was done - their exact words - not much at all was done. This guy is still practicing - very scary!!!!!!!
Sandy-Chilliwack _BC

North Vancouver, Canada

#147 May 10, 2011
Had the septoplasty and removal of nasal polyps done 12 days ago. Went back to the docs day after surgery to have packing removed....can we have a HELL YA...immediate difference to breathing, drinking, speaking. Went back a week later and had the splints removed. Not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be and again....noticed an immediate improvement! For me though, its the fatigue....I just cant seem to get my ass moving. Had lots of pre and post op care. Saline rinses prescribed, nasal spray, T3 with Codeine, and about a weeks worth of anti-biotics. So far no infection, no ozzing slug-like material emminating from either nostrils or throat however teeth are extremely sore!!! I am talking full-on chronic aching like I have never experienced before! Aside from the fatigue and teeth...everything else is A-O-K!

Denver, CO

#148 May 24, 2011
After years of chronic sinus infections and terrible nasal allergies, I finally had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction on May 11 (13 days ago). The surgery went smoothly (no packing required!), however my slpints had to be removed the day after surgery because they were blocking the openings of my sinuses and nothing was draining properly. I've had to be super careful as a result, but it's been okay. My bleeding stopped about 3 hours after surgery and compared to other surgeries I've had (a couple of orthopaedic procedures and a tonsillectomy at age 26), the pain in the days following surgery was minimal. I had more problems with the side effects from the antibiotics and the prednisone (a steroid). Starting the day after surgery, I clean my sinuses three times per day. First with hydrogen peroxide on a long single-sided Q-tip (you can get them at most pharmacies) to loosen the crusts, then with a saline rinse (I use NeilMed and tap water--it's been fine for years). Then I use another Q-tip to apply a prescription antibiotic ointment. My follow-up appointments are every Monday morning and my doc has taken out a lot of crusts, but it hasn't been anything more than uncomfortable, it certainly hasn't been painful. I had minimal external swelling (if you didn't see me before surgery, you would never have noticed), and no bruising. I don't have much drainage (probably because of the crusting, but also because I've been instructed to clean three times per day). The gums right behind my front teeth (where you would get a burn if you took a bite out of a slice of pizza that was too hot) are numb and that's a bit annoying, but I've been told that it's normal and feeling will come back eventually. I still sleep with several pillows and haven't laid flat at all yet (this helps with drainage and swelling). Other than that, the only other "bad" effects I've had are some balance issues (my eustachion tubes are a bit swollen), headaches and fatigue. It's all been manageable. My surgery was on a Wednesday AM and I went back to work for a 1/2 day the following Tuesday and full time the day after that. After reading through a lot of the postings here, I think the important thing for anyone looking at having this surgery done is to make sure you trust your surgeon. Go to someone who has a full post-op plan for you and who has a lot of experience with sinus surgeries! Although I still have some swelling and crusting, I'm already breathing better!

Today however, it feels like someone kicked my front teeth in. Maybe I'm getting feeling back in the front of my mouth, although I didn't realize that more was numb than just the gums. I have a horrible aching that radiates up into my nose (but definitely eminating from my teeth). I've resorted to taking 1/2 of one of the vicodins I have left from surgery, but even that hasn't helped much. Can anyone weigh in on about how long their tooth pain lasted? So far, this is the worst part!!

Plainfield, IL

#149 Jun 4, 2011
I am scheduled for surgery at the end of the month and after reading am not so sure that I want to go through with it. I am not as severe as most as I taste and smell fine. But I have frequent sinus infections, headaches, and daily pressure below my eyes. I am fatigued ALL of the time. I just dont know if its worth the risk. Anyone have positive results from this surgery?

Denver, CO

#150 Jun 5, 2011
Bonnie wrote:
I am scheduled for surgery at the end of the month and after reading am not so sure that I want to go through with it. I am not as severe as most as I taste and smell fine. But I have frequent sinus infections, headaches, and daily pressure below my eyes. I am fatigued ALL of the time. I just dont know if its worth the risk. Anyone have positive results from this surgery?
Bonnie--I'm now 3-1/2 weeks post op and I would have this surgery again in a heartbeat! For me, it's been worth every bit of discomfort (and really, it hasn't been much!). My original post is the one just before yours. My teeth still hurt a bit, but other than that, I think this was a pretty easy surgical procedure. I have no more drainage than would be normal during allergy season and the important thing is that the crud is actually coming out of my nose instead of sitting in my sinuses resulting in infections.

Do you trust your doc? How long has he/she been in practice? My father has also had this surgery, as well as several sinus scrapings (not sure what they call that procedure, but it's different from the septoplasty and turbinate reduction) and he had a harder time than I did (he's pretty tough and has had many orthopaedic procedures on his knees and broken bones. He said the sinuses were the worst by far). I firmly believe that differences in outcomes are dependent upon the surgeon and how well you follow post-op instructions. If you're nervous, maybe talking to another ENT would help?

Good luck, whatever you decide!:)

South Africa

#151 Jul 18, 2011
I had surgery on Friday (three days ago.) They did Fess, corrected my deviated septum, anstrostomies on both sides and sphenoidotomies (SP?) plus they trimmed some bone and had to stitch it away or something. My ENT is a genius. NO packing at all. Just gel that was inserted. I had a big bleed but we go it under control and I have little pain. Today is maybe the worst so far. Still bleeding a bit but nothing serious. My doc gave me all the info I needed and I knew in advance that this wasn't going to be an instant fix as it takes time for the membranes to return to normal. Good luck everybody.

Clarksburg, WV

#152 Jul 19, 2011
Lori wrote:
<quoted text>
I am just reading this. I am nine weeks post my sinus surgery. My head pressure is just insane and the amount of draingae I have down my throat is insane. It's so frustrating. My doctor is awesome and he's been supportive, adding antibiotics, steroids, sprays. I've been doing irrigations twice a day. I am getting no where and I'm so frustrated. The one thing he did mention the last time he suctioned was that there is an exposed area of bone yet and that's why it's not healing quicker than we had hoped. The dryness has gotten a bit better since I started antibiotic rinses. Anyone experiencing the same? Thanks! Lori F.
Lori, I had sinus surgery on June 16, 2011. It has been nearly 5 weeks since the surgery, and I am having the same problems you did. For the most part, I can breathe fairly well. However, i have no drainage down my nose. Everything is draining back into my throat, so my nose is so dry and painful at times. I tried doing the sinus rinse, but since I have no drainage in my nose, the saltwater just burns like hell. there is no mucous to coat it afterwards. I am getting a little scared that maybe the polyps came back, but I was told it could take a while for my mucous membranes to stop swelling. How are you now? Did your nose neal up? Is it still draining down your throat. You are one of the few people who have my post surgery symptoms.


#153 Aug 11, 2011
I had surgery two days ago to remove a cysyt polyps and correct a deviated septum. Home now hardly any pain but left side of nose blocked. They have put wadding in which dissolves. Nose bleeds are reducing but I am coughing up blood and pus. Got antibiotics a steroid nasal spray and start using netti pot tomorrow. Just got slight head ache but no bruising or swelling on face. very sleepy and trying to sleep propped up on pillows to help drainage. Will keep you posted.

Elmira, NY

#154 Aug 25, 2011
I had surgery done for a deniated septum and tubinate reduction and alar repair. The nose is healing well, swelling is subsidind post op one week. My main issue has been unbelievably bad throat pain. I could not even drink water one day. It is subsiding now after 5 days. I was checked by the doctor yesterday and given a presciption for ''Magic Mouthwash" it's a simple compound they make at the pharmacy. I'm really annoyed that I wasn't given this before, to spare me days of agony. I would recommend people get this beforehand in case you have throat pain.

South Portland, ME

#155 Aug 28, 2011
Hi,I was told that I'll need surgry to remove my sinus polys,does anyone know a good ENT surgeon in the NEW YORK,NY area. Would appreciate it a lot.
I'am having trouble breathing and need the surgry quick.....PLEASE....HELP......

Crown Point, IN

#156 Sep 3, 2011
On Monday, August 29, 2011, I had turbinate coblation. It seems very minor after reading everyone elses posts (my heart and prayers go out to all of you). I was just wondering if anyone knew how long before the congestion would subside and if it is normal to have massive amounts of mucous in the nasal passages. I have been doing my neilmed rinses approx. 5x a day. Hopefully this isn't extreme. I have searched relentlessly on what to expect post-op but to no avail.

United States

#157 Sep 5, 2011
did anyones voice sound different. i sound much more congested. i am 5 days out. had septoplasty and terbinectomy. at this point i feel like i have made a grave mistake

Ville Platte, LA

#158 Sep 10, 2011
My first sinus surgery was to have polyps removed, the deviated septum, etc. It was life changing and I always said I would do it again in a minute. It lasted almost 8 years. The polyps returned, and returned very quickly once they started. The second surgery (same doctor) didn't last through the recovery period and three months later the polyps are as bad or worse than before. Very disheartening. And judging by the vast majority of these posts that date back to Jan 7, 2007, there has been little, to no, progress made in the treatment. I just wonder if it is too good of a revenue source to develop a more permanent solution? God knows one is needed. I am damn near suicidally miserable. It wears you down. Burn the polyps out with a laser maybe?

Wawanesa, Canada

#159 Oct 7, 2011
I had septoplasty/turbinoplasty 2 weeks ago. My packing was taken out in recovery. I stayed in the hospital to be monitored for 3 hours, then went home. I felt really good and was very surprised by how great I felt. I opted to go home instead of staying in the hospital overnight and even stopped at McDonald's for a snack!

The splints in my nose for 6 days weren't much fun, and I didn't sleep well because I kept choking when I closed my mouth. I took an afternoon nap the first week, but went back to work with absolutely no issues. The tip of my nose is still a bit sore and my cheekbones, but did not take pain killers past day 3! My only complaint is the pain I get in my molars as the day progresses. It is painful with every step I take. I hope that goes away soon and I suspect it's related to inflammation that gets worse as the day goes on.

I would recommend this surgery to anyone; however, I do believe a good anesthetist is the secret to a good recovery. I am very pleased - the fact that I can breathe through my nose and feel air go right through to my throat is absolutely awesome!

Since: Sep 11

Daytona Beach, FL

#160 Oct 16, 2011
i have the top molar pain also worse if i take a hard step or jump up and down. 6 1/2 weeks out. my voice is still altered i sound nasally when i never did before

Littleton, CO

#161 Oct 17, 2011
My sugery (septoplasty and turbinate reduction) was about six months ago (see previous posts). The final swelling (almost all internal--I had very little external swelling) has finally subsided, although my ENT, my allergist, and I believe this had more to do with one of the worst allergy seasons on record in Colorado than anything else. My results have been great, although I'm just beginning to notice the full benefits in the last month or so. The bridge of my nose is still a bit sensitive if I apply too much pressure, but any bone that's broken takes a while to heal fully (my septum was broken in two places during the surgery to straighten it fully).

The tooth pain was by far the worst part of this surgery (molars due to sinus inflammation and my front teeth due to the procedure). My ENT explained that the newest and least invasive way to perform septoplasties involves using tools made for shaving larger bones (usually used by orthopaedic surgeons). The manufacturers of this instrument are currently working on a version for septoplasties that doesn't irritate the roots of teeth, but it's yet to be approved for use. My ENT has always been on the cutting edge of treatments (she has preformed two surgeries on me and I've been seeing her for 7 years), so not all ENTs use this instrument, but despite the tooth pain, my overall experience was far better than most I've read about. I had no nasal packing and my post-op nose bleed stopped less than 4 hours after surgery. I had minimal stitches and little post-op discomfort with minimal drainage. The downside was the tooth pain. It sucked and lasted about 8 weeks (the pain decreased a little each week until it was finally gone). I wouldn't trade that tooth pain for some of the other experiences I've read about though!! It wasn't comfortable, but it sure beat the throat pain and other associated pain and troubles with large amounts of nasal discharge (or the congestion that went with the discharge if it wouldn't drain).

I don't remember what this particular instrument is called, but any ENT who is active in Continuing Education (and if yours isn't--FIND A NEW ONE!) should be able to easily find information and training on this newer way to perform these surgeries. Anyone in the Denver, CO/Front Range area should consider Dr. Janice Birney for any ENT treatment or surgeries. She's the best!

Good luck all!

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