I am 37 yrs old. I have been having a lot of different symptoms but can't seem to get any answers. It has become very discouraging when I am in pain but everything seems normal. My upper arms have this red sometimes purple splotchy color. It is constant. Never goes away. It is shoulder to elbow on both arms. This began about a year ago. Didn't think much of it bc it doesn't itch or anything. Then In Nov I woke up one morning, suddenly couldn't move my left arm. It was terrible pain. It would pop right in the bicep and muscle would burn like fire. I thought I slept on it wrong. After a few days, I went to Ortho dr. We tried anti inflammatory meds but nothing worked. He couldn't figure it out. He gave me a cortisone shot in that shoulder in late Dec. that helped a lot. But he didn't like the look of the red splotchy skin and said it felt "lumpy" under my skin. He referred me to dermatologist. Derm didn't know what it was. Wanted to biopsy it but first she wanted me to have a work up with internist. So I went to internist. He did lots of blood work. Everything was normal. By this time, my other arm has caught up to the left one. Doing the same exact thing. Hurts to even fasten my bra. Both elbows ache. Face has red "rash" and fingertips turn red/purple. The internist still didn't like the way my arms looked so he referred me to a rheumatologist. The rheum. Dr did even more tests. Lupus, sjorgren, dermatomyositis, arthritis, cpk etc. all were normal. No muscle wasting. He said they could biopsy my muscle. My legs ache at night, my hands and feet ache. I have had a constant headache for two months now. It seems like it is getting worse and worse. I can't even take a bath now without losing my breathe. I also had a hysterectomy in sept before all of this pain began. But hormones are ok as well. My platelet count has been high for about a year. High meaning 450. That is the only lab test that has come back "flagged". They have really done every test I can imagine. It is frustrating that I continue to hurt. I think something would show up somewhere but it hasn't. This can't be a normal life that people live. I'm surprised that I'm not divorced or lost my job due to all of this. It can't continue like this. I have of course researched a little trying to find relief. My symptoms seem to point to many things but I have been tested for it all it seems. Could there be someone out there that has experienced the same? Maybe could shed some light on this? Thanks in advance