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#225 Sep 23, 2013
Scam wrote:
<quoted text>
It doesn't. All the positive reviews are fake.
I'm not sure how to feel about your review, I been using dime curves for the last year and have seen results. I'm an actual person and am glad to provide pictures to back up my claims. I think that a lot of people think it's something that magically happens overnight, but it does take a commitment. I'm fromPhiladelphia and recently relocated, I receive plenty of packages from them saying Lewisville, when I first started using them I received a lot of flack from people on black hair media because they worked for other pill companies. So whose to say that you aren't a fraud yourself. I don't think you can speak for a product that clearly has worked for people or I don't think they would be in business for so long. I feel like the email names that the have, maybe they actually have representatives because their a company. Idk to each their own but you sound rather bitter to me. Or maybe you thought it would happen overnight. I truly believ In this produ6 and take offense when you say something doesn't work when it has for me. Ladies for my pics email me at sneakyphilly@live.com I'm proud of my progress.

Pocono Lake, PA

#226 Sep 25, 2013
What all medicines have come up..
toronto facelift

Atlanta, GA

#227 Oct 18, 2013
this thread is toooo long to read through it all. But I will give my 2 cents. I've been using dime curves for 4 months and Im just now seeing results. I wanted to give up because the pills can get expensive but I cannot afford to go get surgery plus Im scared of that anyway. I know these pills work because even my boyfriend has said so and he is a BOOTY man! He used to say I suffered from no-ass-at-all but now he grabs my butt and tells me Im getting thick all the time.:) So yes, I will take Dime Curves for a few more months until I get a big juicy booty that breaks necks!! LOLOLOLOLOL

Ashburn, VA

#228 Oct 21, 2013
wia can i get et in Nigeria?

Houston, TX

#235 Nov 29, 2013
Hi,just wondering HOW DO I ORDER. Yhe blue link buttons on the page dont allow me to select. Do I choose the amazon button below it?

Framingham, MA

#240 Dec 7, 2013
I bought dime curves, and its been 6 days already and i still havnt recieved my product .. tryed contacting them but no response its rediculess i jyst hipe. Dnt lose my money . And im a new customer ... is it normal to take so long ?

Brooklyn, NY

#245 Dec 19, 2013
I purchased during the Bogo deal dime curves offered last year. I received a 4 month supply and took them twice a day in the first week and then once a day there after. While I did find a noticeable increase in my bust waiste and buttox I also had extreme gains in my stomach, love handles and face. Many people thought I was pregnant. I would highly recommend a strict workout regimine with an ample amount of cardio and strength training focused on abs and lower body to achieve great results. Do not take if you are not prone to working out. I stopped taking DC and do not plan on continuing because of the extreme migraines I began to experience while taking the pills but have subsided now that I have stopped. I have not tried any alternative pills or medications now I am back to my simple regimine of strength training workouts with protein shakes 2x a day. Works great with no negative side effects. I hope you find this review helpful.

Best wishes on your continued success,


Newark, NJ

#253 Mar 7, 2014
Do this work or not???

Schenectady, NY

#254 Mar 14, 2014
I did the BBB's a 2 month supply and i must say I got some great results from it, I went from 110lbs to 135lbs and its been in the right places...... My butt and hips. i went from wearing a size 1-2 in jeans to a 6-8. So to me BBB's does really work, I want a lil more result so I was thinking about getting another 30day supply of the BBB's but then i heard about Dime Curves, which one should I do?
Dime Curves Results 2014

Plano, TX

#256 Mar 20, 2014
Dime Curves Results 2014:

Dime Curves Results 2014

Plano, TX

#257 Mar 20, 2014
Dime Curves Results 2014

For ordering and pricing, please visit us online at DimeCurves.com

Tallahassee, FL

#261 Apr 6, 2014
Hey I'm skinny with little curves. I like my size, but I really want a few more "assets" lol. I heard that the amount of estrogen in these pills can also make your breasts and boobs bigger. Is that true?? I'm a little nervous to get these pills because I REALLY don't want to waist my money and a little scared if I'll truly like the results. I was thinking about getting the month supply and see what happens, but I've read and heard that you may need more than that. Any advice?
Dime Curves Results 2014

Plano, TX

#265 Apr 18, 2014

United States

#275 Aug 4, 2014
I really want to try DC but I'm scared of the side effects and also I'm hearing it enhances your breast and I don't want that can anybody help me and give me advice on what I should do

West Palm Beach, FL

#278 Oct 26, 2014
Silvia wrote:
DCs does not cause cancer, i went to my local gyno and he told me that all the ingredients are all natural. The chances of going out side and standing in the sun has more chances to cause cancer than taking these pills. HE also said that alot of the ingredients in th pill can balance my hormones and that as long as im not allergic, which im not to the ingredients its as safe as taking a vitamin. Before you pass on bad information to women looking for something to satisfy them in their lives or before you take anything you have to ingest inside of your body, you should really check with your dr.
Hi I would like to know are u still taking these pills and if so what was the outcome

Nashville, TN

#279 Dec 8, 2014
Can you take dime curves while being pregnant someone please honest answer thank you

Las Vegas, NV

#280 Dec 21, 2014
People have many mixed reviews about these pills for one reason - GENETICS. The pills just make you eat more so if your genetics say you will have a big butt it WILL get bigger because you ate more food. On the other hand there are people like me who had a flat butt and it did nothing for me. It's really common sense if you think about it.

I'm posting this link http://dymesbythedozen.com/ because people are on this website asking what works, well the system works. They also have a money back guarantee. I never had to use it though. Good luck and God bless.

Southern Pines, NC

#281 Dec 31, 2014
I'm on my 2nd bottle of DC. I doubled up the first 2 weeks but after that I took one pill. My boyfriend said he could tell a difference before I could tell. He said my breast was getting firmer and fuller...he would know because we been together for 7 years...he can't keep his hands off my booty...I'm keep taking them for 9 months... I did notice more gas @ first bUT not so much now...it does give u a little stomach so Imma start doing some sit ups or crunches. Other then that I'm pretty happy. My first bottle was short and I emailed them. They responded by in a day and email me confirmation that they sent out my remaining pills. I have nothing bad to say right now...it took me about 5 months before I actually purchased a bottle

Southern Pines, NC

#282 Dec 31, 2014
It takes 2 weeks for the pills to come or maybe longer. So you can't wait til the bottle is really low to order or u will run out

London, UK

#284 Feb 15, 2015
hey guys im new at this and i would like to know whats better the pills cream or shakes or do they all work the same.

london UK

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