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Cumming, GA

#84 Oct 14, 2010
Martha wrote:
I just had this procedure three days ago. I felt three needle pricks when they were deadening the area for surgery, the rest were not felt because the first ones work immediately and you can't feel the rest. That was less painful than a sugar ant bite, nothing at all to complain about. I fell asleep during part of my surgury but was awake during part of it and aware of people in the room and I could talk, the doctor had to ask me to not talk during some of his surgury. It absolutle did not hurt at all , had no feeling at all. I needed a driver home because I fell asleep going home. At home I had no nausea, no pain, I took one pain pill because I thought I should have some pain but I never felt any pain, still have not taken even a Tylenol, I have swelling , as expected and as explained , I have very tiny amount of bruising but I expect some to occur , surely there will be more. I did not have my eyes done, I did have the lipo under the chin only. I'm 62 and my neck had lots of folds and wrinkling due to 70 lbs of weight loss. So far I am proceeding as normally expected. My doctor in Dallas is Dr. Orten and he is Board Certified Planstic surgeon. So far everything looks fine to me and I expect it will turn out to be great and I can already tell you that my neck looks wonderful and I'm a happy camper. I think many of the messages centers that I read that had negative things to say were often ininformed people is what I later found out. Yes, stitches that are under the skin sometimes do resurface, but I had my appendix taken out when I was a kid and 20 years later a stitch came to the skin. Big deal. Yes there is swelling and it's more on the second or third day than the first day , yes , your ears swell up too, yes, you have to have a wrap around your head and that is to help the skin that has been loosened to reattach itself, you have to put it on every night for a month following surgery, yes your left side of your face swells more than the right side, that's normal, yes, it does look like you are not going to look normal at first but you are swollen, give it a chance. Goodness gracious , people, this is surgery, you expect to get cut, you expect to have stitches, swelling, oozing possibly, fluid sometimes does come under the skin, I'm sorry but I just can't see all the griping I've been reading about being done as legitimate. Now, if you have a doctor who does a crappy job, whose fault was that that you didn't check him out before you had the surgery. I'm sure that can happen but not all the doctors do a bad job and all the lifestyle doctors are board certified in neck, muscle, and throat surgery, additionally some are also board certified in plastic surgery.
You go girl, Love your attitude!!!

Collierville, TN

#85 Mar 3, 2011
I had my procedure 7 days ago and I can honestly say that I can feel my butt hole tighten up everytime I smile.. Really , it's unbeleivable. Everyone wonders why I keep laughing.. he he

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#86 Apr 30, 2011
Terry in Greenacres FL wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Toni,
Its been a few months. Are you feeling any better? Do you still have pain? How are the LSL results. I am thinking about going for a consultation at the West Palm Beach office of Dr. Catalfumo. Do you still feel that your surgery was a mistake? Thanks, Terry
Dr Catalfumomo and Dr Grimaldi, West Palm Beach, on 45th St. did my surgery Feb 2010. I dont know which Dr botched which side, but both did a less than good job. I went to an eye specialist and he said he would never cut the way they did, and that the eyes were cut so differently he could not believe. he even wrote a letter to my family physcian stating this. I was very sedated so that was not a problem. But, since then it has been down hill. Right side of head, ear, neck is numb, Ears pop all the time. There is a terrible pulling on both sides of head and ears, feels like cutting off blood through the arteries. I had "Pixie" ear on the right side, Dr. C simply used a laser pen to release the ear, did not stitch and left a half dollar sized scare that you could see veins in. Dr. Catalfumo always acted so bored at my comments and concerns. Like Charlie Sheen after a one night stand. I had to go to another surgeon to have the ear lobe repaired. This surgeon said unfortunately i will probably always have this pulling, numb feeling due to the proceedure and that he was appalled at the lack of workmanship. Ladies and men, if you want a face lift, do it, but spend the extra $2 or $3000 and go to a Facial plastic surgeon. Ask how they suture the underlying muscles, how the stitching will be placed, how the ear canal will affected, dont just worry about the money. It is a year of eating out compared to a lifetime of misery or pleasure. My biggest regret is how stupid i feel for falling for Cr. Catalfumo's sweet talking, i feel violated.

United States

#87 Sep 26, 2011
terry did u have dr cat do your lsl

Fremont, CA

#88 Jan 20, 2012
I had LSL Jan 14, 2012, Did not need pain meds passd, first day, Very swollen and this is the 6th day mostly in neck I had lipo, neck is stiff and swollen, I was very afraid this would be permanet but swelling is slowly going down, I think it's to early for me to tell my story. I will be back in one month.
queenuveverythin g

Plano, TX

#89 Mar 8, 2012

Every woman around 50-60 have issues that they want to improve upon. Please...this is your face! BE CAREFUL. Forget any infomercial. Forget any quick fix! Forget any simple procedure! Forget anything painless! Forget anything Cheap or inexpensive! Do your homework, talk to many doctors in your area, yes many! Ask for a board certified plastic surgeon and nothing less! Make a list of questions and have someone else that you trust to attend the initial visit with you. Meet and speak to your doctor, ask details. Demand that he is available to you following surgery, and when you are back home. Ask that doctor for testimonials and pictures of HIS actual surgeries. Don't allow any doctor to do too much too fast. See how you respond and scar under the knife. And if you happen to read a long story of complete painless, bliss and satisfaction; use your common sense to figure out who really wrote that bologna.

You only have one face, and not all things can fully be corrected. Many suicides have resulted in faulty reconstructive surgeries. That's not so sweet, but is the real and present dangers of this.

Vero Beach, FL

#90 Mar 8, 2012
My LSL eas done 2 years ago by Dr. Catalfumo in west Palm Beach. Biggest mistake of my life.
I still get pain in my jaw and my skull, my ears are still numb and everything is already sagging.
Do not fall for the advertised sales pitch or anything these people tell you its all BS and not worth the money. go to a plastic surgeon who has a practice not a corporation who really doesn't care who they hire to botch the job. Im so sorry I ever had the lift,I should have left well enough alone.
Very Disgruntled

Dahlonega, GA

#91 Mar 20, 2012
Charly wrote:
I'm in Atlanta and went for a consultation. Before going, I'd had to cancel/reschedule several appointments. I had so many phone calls, I was so disgusted, I told them to NEVER call again. Next day, another call! I decided these were telemarketer-types and didn't let it keep me from finally doing the consult. I was impressed with the professional office and staff. When I was FINALLY called back, I watched a film (just ok) and spoke with a rep that was ALL SALES! But, when the doctor came in, I was pleased with her. She answered my questions. Then, the cost and sales pitch--time deadline for THAT price! I refused to leave a deposit. And, I told the ofc mgr to have calls STOPPED. I've not heard from them since! I do plan to have my neck done and pray all will come out in a positive result. Comments have me worried, I'll admit. My surgeon has double degrees, board ctfd, etc. These people need to back off the high pressure and, maybe, they would have a better reputation. I'm going to call today with some more questions but I plan to have done in about 2-3 weeks. HAS ANYONE IN ATLANTA HAD THIS PROCEDURE?
Yes, I had the procedure done in Atlanta and I had to repay out of my pocket to have it fixed. Anyone who is thinking that this is a quick and easy procedure, ha!! They are selling plastic surgery via infomercials. Now they have Debby Boone as a spokes person. I wonder how long that would last if they took her in the back way, the way they have all returning patients coming in? It is surgery while you are completely awake. Save your money and go to a real board certified facial plastic surgeon. If you do go to the "FREE" consult, don't sign anything until you take the time to read each and every line on every page. You are signing away your rights to any kind of recourse. Get a 2nd opinion no matter what you do!

Columbus, OH

#92 Mar 3, 2013
I had the Lifestyle Lift done two years ago and cannot be more pleased. The healing time was short and I went out in less than a week with no one noticing anything but the fact that I looked good, but they couldn't figure out why! I loved it. I am still quite happy with the way I look, which is at least 10 years younger than my actual age of 69!! I would recommend this to all my friends!

Kenner, LA

#94 Mar 19, 2014
I had the LSL 4 days ago and I was not forced to do it, I wanted to get rid of my flabby neck an jowls.... runs in my family! I saved and knew I did not want to waste my money...I read all of the complaints and I am glad I did not see them first. I woke up the morning after and I was so scared of myself.... the swelling was awful.... The procedure was not painful, but the next day I was in pain...I took the meds and the pain was relieved.... but the swelling and bruises was not a pretty site... I went back the next day and they changed the bandages.... I did not like the nurse... she was not a nice person. I followed her instructions and removed the bandage the next day and was very swollen but I iced and now today I look so much better.... still swollen and a little bruised... I get the stitches out in 2 days and hope the swelling is gone by Monday. I will keep you informed... Im glad I did it... I hated my neck and jowls!
Chrystal Eckes

Winder, GA

#95 Mar 20, 2014
Before anyone even considers having this done, read up on some of the comments and disasters that have happend to women all over the USA. Some have died, permanently disfigured, etc. Please take the time to get more than one opinion before having any "surgical procedure" done. This is not new, innovative or secret procedure. Most doctors will not use this type of lift due to the fact that it does not last. Don't trust you face to an Advertising Campaign that targets women and offers a "too good to be true" campaign. It is your face after all and why take a chance?

Williston, FL

#98 Dec 5, 2014
In 2008, I met this amazing physician. I signed up for my face to be carved (many I interviewed). Dr. Catalfuomo was MY choice. The best decision ever! Beyond my appendectomy man and OB guy of 30+ years. I am coming back for my cheeks hanging on my neck, jaws. My eyelids are fab to date. You said 6-7 years and we may have a reunion. Yes know your skill, gravity, prediction is spot on. For your readers, I love this Doc and I did as instructed. When I was 24, different plastic surgeon, I had a facial mole removed and was in more pain than nearly my Cesarean. There was no Lunesta. I signed up for that also, mole removal. Dr. Catalfuomo, you are still my surgeon man of delicate choice, on my face. Please only I am allowed to get old. Beyond Dr. B., my cesarean man, he zipped me up nice. HA! He was present for 5 pregnancies and gave all of meds for strep...I miss him too. You guys seem to be retiring before I can get younger... or look younger under your care. I hope to see you soon. Please do not leave your surgical post before you let us know or to whom you will hand me, us. And for the babes that will be in charge in your vacancy? You are the best!

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