Lifestyle Lift DIARY - A+++++ !

Lifestyle Lift DIARY - A+++++ !

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United States

#1 Feb 3, 2007
I just read a bunch of comments in here about Lifestyle Lift advertising. The whole debate was totally confusing to me. Who cares what anyone's advertsing is or where it is? Advertsing will always be advertising. The only thing that counts is hearing from patients..

I just got the Lifesyle Lift Diary and if you read it you know it's written by a totally trustworthy person. Also, has no advertising at ALL on the site. Even without buying the thing I knew the person who wrote it was very likely selling her story to help other people, just as she says. That's because her site isn't filled it ads trying to make money off people who click through.

If you want to know about the Lifestyle Lift, go check out that site. That's all I can say.

Necedah, WI

#2 Mar 2, 2007
I also purchased the diary with the intention of printing it off & reading at my leisure. However, when I tried to print it I found that she had put a lock on it so you could not print it....much to my disappointment. I then tried to contact them regarding their guarantee and nothing would come up when I clicked on it.

Later when I tried to find it in my documents it was gone. How do you explain that?

Sicklerville, NJ

#3 Mar 19, 2007
I had the LSL done 2 years ago and it left huge scars and my ears are pulled down my face. Sure I look younger but at what cost. I can never cut my hair!

Chicago, IL

#4 Jun 4, 2007
I was scheduled to have it done mid June. I told them I had changed my mind today.

United States

#5 Jul 15, 2007
Please email us! We're always out here and we ready to help with ANY problems!!
[email protected]
Diane Conway

San Francisco, CA

#6 Jul 26, 2007
I'm scheduled for Aug 20 apt and I'm worried because the office in San Mateo, Ca won't provide a single contact of a person who has had it done. My questions are about pain during procedure and if I'll look good enough to go on a TV show after a month. Please help!

Lubbock, TX

#7 Aug 7, 2007
Diane Conway wrote:
I'm scheduled for Aug 20 apt and I'm worried because the office in San Mateo, Ca won't provide a single contact of a person who has had it done. My questions are about pain during procedure and if I'll look good enough to go on a TV show after a month. Please help!
Hi Diane, I just paid my deposit yesterday, am scheduled for Feb.
I am wondering if I should cancel after reading some of the comments on this site.
Doctors in San Mateo seem to have great credentials, and are all board cert, alot of people seem to think lsl uses non board cert docs. I don't know what to think?
Are you still going to do it?

United States

#8 Sep 6, 2007
I just had this procedure three days ago. I felt three needle pricks when they were deadening the area for surgery, the rest were not felt because the first ones work immediately and you can't feel the rest. That was less painful than a sugar ant bite, nothing at all to complain about. I fell asleep during part of my surgury but was awake during part of it and aware of people in the room and I could talk, the doctor had to ask me to not talk during some of his surgury. It absolutle did not hurt at all , had no feeling at all. I needed a driver home because I fell asleep going home. At home I had no nausea, no pain, I took one pain pill because I thought I should have some pain but I never felt any pain, still have not taken even a Tylenol, I have swelling , as expected and as explained , I have very tiny amount of bruising but I expect some to occur , surely there will be more. I did not have my eyes done, I did have the lipo under the chin only. I'm 62 and my neck had lots of folds and wrinkling due to 70 lbs of weight loss. So far I am proceeding as normally expected. My doctor in Dallas is Dr. Orten and he is Board Certified Planstic surgeon. So far everything looks fine to me and I expect it will turn out to be great and I can already tell you that my neck looks wonderful and I'm a happy camper. I think many of the messages centers that I read that had negative things to say were often ininformed people is what I later found out. Yes, stitches that are under the skin sometimes do resurface, but I had my appendix taken out when I was a kid and 20 years later a stitch came to the skin. Big deal. Yes there is swelling and it's more on the second or third day than the first day , yes , your ears swell up too, yes, you have to have a wrap around your head and that is to help the skin that has been loosened to reattach itself, you have to put it on every night for a month following surgery, yes your left side of your face swells more than the right side, that's normal, yes, it does look like you are not going to look normal at first but you are swollen, give it a chance. Goodness gracious , people, this is surgery, you expect to get cut, you expect to have stitches, swelling, oozing possibly, fluid sometimes does come under the skin, I'm sorry but I just can't see all the griping I've been reading about being done as legitimate. Now, if you have a doctor who does a crappy job, whose fault was that that you didn't check him out before you had the surgery. I'm sure that can happen but not all the doctors do a bad job and all the lifestyle doctors are board certified in neck, muscle, and throat surgery, additionally some are also board certified in plastic surgery.

United States

#9 Sep 6, 2007
that should have said uninformed people gripe the most. If you do your homework , you can tell that those with the most complaints don't know what they are talking about and they have not done their research. I've read all sorts of things that just are not true about this procedure. If you want it done, go do your research and you will find out what you need to know. The doctors will explain exactly how this is done, I know. I asked. I was told. Look at some of the real videos of people who have taped their experience for you to watch and read about, that will help a lot too. That way you get an idea about what you can expect to go through, every one is not the same . I was not the same as the lady whose video I watched, she vomited, couldn't take her pain medicine, had enough pain that she wanted to take Tylenol, I had none. I still can't chew but I drink protein drinks and soup. My surgery tech told me not to pass on the soup, it was salty but it would not hurt anything, and I've been drinking that and I have normal swelling for three days out. I drove myself to the doctor the second day to get the bandages changed, I then took my dog to the vet because she got sick the same day. I really could have gone to work the second day if I did not mind having a bandage on my head and could keep the ice packs on it. You need to put ice packs on it for three days and then heat packs so really , you would not want to mess with that at work, and waiting one week would be so much easier. I was not sick, not handicapped, not cripple. I just had a few cuts on my face . I think a good positive attitude goes a long way . Another lady who had this surgery the same day as me was getting it for her birthday present. She was 90. She said she was not going to be buried in her casket with a turkey neck. Good for her!

United States

#10 Sep 6, 2007
One last issue and I'll shut up. Advertising is advertising and you should take it with a grain of salt. It's intended to draw you in if you have any desire for what they are advertising, if so, go checkit out, they always have a consulting party where you go meet the doctors and other patients that had it done, go see that, that is where you get to talk to people and find out more. Don't sit home and gripe because you don't know what you are talking about, go talk to those people , that's why they are there.

also some people are not qualified for this surgery and they will be refered to a full face plastic surgeon, if your lines and wrinkles are too deep you are not a good candidate for this surgery. You do not have to have lipo if you don't want it, some people prefer to have a little skin under their chin because they are older and they feel it looks more natural, mostly men feel that way, this is not to make every line in your face disappear, it is to soften the lines in the lower half of your face, not erase them. If you need full face surgery, yes, save your money and go buy that, your muscles will be pulled tighter and you will look like you had a face lift. Most,(look, I said "Most") people do not look like they had something done after Liftstyle Lift, they look refreshed. Nobody asked me my opinion, I do not work for this company , I did not even go to their consulting meeting and meet the staff or talk to any of their customers. I called them on the phone and told them to schedule me . I did not even want to go see the doctor for a consultation but they insisted or they would not do the surgery. So two weeks before my surgery I met my doctor. I had researched him on the internet though. You can too. I just knew I wanted to get rid of my folds of skin on my neck so I could wear a necklace and it not get lost in there. I got what I wanted and even more , my doctor had told me that I'd get more than I was asking for and I'm sure my jowls are gone, my jawline will be more refined and some of my frown wrinkles around my mouth are less , but that is not what I was after, it's that turkey neck. I don't want to be buried with that either. LOL! I would never want to have a full face lift, so it would be a waste of my time and money to save up for that. I want to enjoy this now.
Geneva P

United States

#11 Sep 13, 2007
After reading all the comments on the lifelift,I am so afraid to have the face lift.I've read more bad than good. I have to go to the consultation in nm. I am 65 years younge. The cost sounds reasonable
Geneva P

United States

#12 Sep 14, 2007
I want to read more on the lifelift.

Ossining, NY

#13 Sep 19, 2007
I was seriously considering to make an appointment for LSL. But after reading all the comments on different sites, I have decided against it.
It is a medical procedure, on the most visible place on my body, I do not want to discuss anything regarding this with sales people. I want to meet with a dr instantly. This is a huge red flag. Why do competent drs need pimps?...think about it.....I have....and realized you get what you pay for.....
Cindi W

Powder Springs, GA

#14 Sep 23, 2007
I fell for the commercial and called right away. I was in touch with a very nice telemarketer who made an appt. with me with a local doctor. Then the rep called me before the appt. to tell me that the doctor was "very excited" to see me. I thought: "that's it. It's a sales job," so I told the rep that I wasn't coming in. She seemed so surprised, and asked, "Why?" I said because she said he was so "excited," and it sounded like a real sales job to me. She then began giving me a further snow job by telling me what's wrong with him being excited, since it was such a wonderful procedure, etc., etc., and etc. I finally got disgusted with her and said, "no thanks, I'm not going.." and had to hang up because she just wouldn't take no for an answer and continued convincing me how it's good for him to be excited. I used the same tactics when working for a company offering timeshares to people, I quit when i realized how awful it was to build people's hopes up when I didn't even know what I was talking about...or felt I was deceiving people, I just couldn't do it. So I know the game. I'm going to see my dermatologist (an actual MD) and let her explain to me the problems involved. I doubt she'll be in favor it it, she is so cautious.
Andrea H

Denver, CO

#15 Sep 24, 2007
I seen the LifeStyle doctor here in Denver today and he told me the lift would do very little for my neck. It was meant for the jowls around the mouth. Now I'm not so sure whether I want to have it done or not.
Shirley Starling

United States

#16 Sep 24, 2007
I am having the LSL on Nov. 16th. I decided to ignore the negative "whiney babies" on some of the sites I've visited.
Of course any kind of surgery hurts, swells, leaks, whatever, but it's temporary and the "bottom line" is great from what I've seen and heard from most of the people who have opted to have the procedure. I'm going for it! I will let you know how it turns out someitme in late Nov :) I'm having my eyes done at the same time.

United States

#17 Sep 26, 2007
I'm 46 female. Saggy skin is mostly my problem...not too many wrinkles. I have a very flat face and have been using dermal fillers for about 3 years. I think that I need something more agressive.
I am afraid of a regular face lift.


#18 Sep 29, 2007
I had the lsl done 9/26/07, so far so good
I am very swollen and somewhat brusied.
I also had the uper blifo on my eyes, they are
surprisngly not to swollen.
I do have to say that I am on my 4th day (including the surgery day) and I have not gone out of the house yet, only the day after surgery to have my dressings removed.
The advertisements do make it sound that you can go right back to work, well you cant as you have to apply ice 20 min on and off and you are very swollen and minimally bruised. I work with the public and am chossing to stay home unitl the stiches come out which will be one week after the surgery.
I am exccited for the swelling to go down so I can see the real results, at this time my skin looks softer and smoother with more firmness, but a little to tight which I think is from the swelling. My girlfriend and sister think I look awesome, I dont see it yet, but am looking forward for the next week as the swelling goes down.
The surgery itself was not bad at all , I would recomend to others, they gave me a shot to calm my nerves and I talked to my doctor through out the surgery, It took almost 2 hours but felt like
20 minutes.
Only thing at this time just a little sore and extremley bored, 4thday home and tv and internet getting boring, but I am very rested!!
I would recomend this sugery but recomend you having a highly respected and known plastic surgeon as mine.
I will post more in a couple days on my progress for those who are interested.

Bradenton, FL

#19 Oct 5, 2007
I had the LL in Tampa on Sept. 13. My neck was extremely bruised and face swollen, but within two weeks the swelling and bruising were gone. I would say the procedure was uncomfortable, but not painful. I took 2 valium before the procedure and barely remember it. I could see the dr. performing the lipo on my jowls and could feel pressure, but no pain. I did not tell anyone that I had the procedure and now hear comments that I look very refreshed and rested. As long as you check the credentials of the dr. performing your surgery, you should be fine. It's been 3 weeks since the procedure and one side is still sensitive, but I had TMJ surgery 10 years ago and still have numb spots from that.

United States

#20 Oct 11, 2007
Diane Conway wrote:
I'm scheduled for Aug 20 apt and I'm worried because the office in San Mateo, Ca won't provide a single contact of a person who has had it done. My questions are about pain during procedure and if I'll look good enough to go on a TV show after a month. Please help!
Diane - did you have the procedure done? I live in San Leandro and plan on getting it done in San Mateo but would really like to hear your experience. Thanks, Karen

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