What happens when parents spank their...

What happens when parents spank their kids

There are 702 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Feb 19, 2007, titled What happens when parents spank their kids. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

When Murray Straus was raising his children in the 1950s and '60s, spanking was de rigueur in the American household.

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Indianapolis, IN

#1 Feb 19, 2007
Yeah, let's just reason with our bratty kids and make deals with them instead of really punishing them. Maybe that's the problem with today's youth.

Our parents were spanked, and they didn't seem to grow up as dysfuctional as today's youth.

Indiantown, FL

#3 Feb 19, 2007
What total baloney. I was spanked as a child and so were my friends and we are just fine. Look at all the drug abuse, eating disorders, cutting and other self destructive behavior, acting out, and general misbehavior by teens today...they are the ones who have NOT been spanked, and it shows. Parental discipline results in self-discipline. Some children don't need to be spanked, some do. End of story.

Since: Dec 06


#7 Feb 19, 2007
"Frequent and impulsive spanking is clearly detrimental, researchers agree." But the key words here are "frequent" and "impulsive." One could say the same thing about ANY sort of discipline. Indeed, we can say that frequent and impulsive EATING is clearly detrimental, but that does not mean that we ought to pass laws against eating because America is filled with fat people.

Corporeal punishment works. Plain and simple. And one only has to look at the manners and morals of modern society to see how the absence of discipline in the home as well as in our schools has manifested itself.
not quite

Boca Raton, FL

#8 Feb 19, 2007
Spanking doesn't necessarily have to be child abuse. As long as it isn't done out of anger and the child knows fully well why it is occuring. Much of our population today was once spanked as a kid and for the most part everyone turned out OK.

Hollywood, FL

#9 Feb 19, 2007
I think spanking is right spar the rod spoil the child I have four boys and none of them have I ever had a problem with at school and I think that has a lot to do with the spankings they got and get. I have friends that never have spanked and the kids are brats they do not listen they do what they want because they know that the most they get is a time out and what a farce that is.
A Good Spank

Delray Beach, FL

#10 Feb 19, 2007
...never hurt anyone and helped make many better people.
Fred S in St Louis

Chesterfield, MO

#11 Feb 19, 2007
They forgot to include that it causes Global Warming. They really ought to consult with Al Gore before they write these research articles.
The Authority

Tallahassee, FL

#12 Feb 19, 2007
1. Try speaking with your kids rather than to a cell phone or watching television.
2. Explain what is acceptable and what is not.
3. When kids do what is unacceptable and they will because they are kids, explain it to them again and employ some type of punishment and make sure they associate the punishment with the transgression.
4. When the punishment does not work and the behavior continues, make sure the kid understands and raise the level of the punishment.
5. If that doesn't work and sometimes it won't because, they are kids. Explain it to them and use your open hand on their butt. Try once and see if it makes an impression, if it doesn't give them two.
OK Doctor, explain why teaching kids that communication is the key, there are rules in the world we all have to obey, when we ignore the rules there is a consequence, if we ignore the consequence the consequences become more severe until there is pain in our lives because of our decisions and actions have caused the pain-why is this bad? Oh that's right, that book has already been written. No cash in that!
woody hayes

San Antonio, TX

#14 Feb 19, 2007
not to worry. a new study will be released in 3 months saying we SHOULD spank our kids.
i swatted my kid's behind when he was a toddler. now, i only need raise my voice or give THE LOOK, and presto - the misbehavior stops.
like everything else in life, spanking, done in moderation and without anger will not harm anyone other than the researcher's pockets.
which we're probably paying for with some government funded study.

United States

#15 Feb 19, 2007
What is now referred to as "the greatest generation" - those who went through the depression, fought and won WWII, and put the US on track for econmic prosperity were certainly the recipients of spanking, as well as users of it when called for.

Today, it is commonplace to lament the complete lack of parental discipline and control in so many of our young people. Gangs have become a serious problem.

Now how can one reconcile those two facts with what I've read here?

Key West, FL

#17 Feb 19, 2007
This article to total garbage. Almost everyone I know, gives their child an occasional spank on the butt when they are misbehaving. The parents that I do know that don't spank their kids have brats, and sometimes can't even take them out in public because their kids act like fools.
Davie Girl

Hallandale, FL

#16 Feb 19, 2007
If those sissy granola for brains idiots think that spanking is so horrible, then I'd like to see how good their "alternative" disciplinary methods are with their children. My parents spaked me as a child if I misbehaved and I turned out right. I don't see anything wrong with spanking a kid that misbehaves.

Ocala, FL

#18 Feb 19, 2007
I totally agree with ALL the above. I was spanked, I'm not dysfunctional (looney at times but not dysfunctional). I spanked my kids (and in my opinion, not nearly enough) and they aeem to be just fine adults too. Give me a break. Don't abuse your child but a good swat on the butt with your hand (cause it will hurt you too, so you won't do it too hard) is very often a lesson well learned!

Miami, FL

#19 Feb 19, 2007
This study started biased and ended biased. What's the surprise? Just because the tester's children have social problems doesn't mean others do. My mom and dad spanked us kids and we grew up with respect for authority. I guess that is a social blight.

Miami, FL

#21 Feb 19, 2007
There's a difference between hitting and spanking, and the shrinks in this article don't seem to get that distinction. Hitting is violent, spanking is done out of love and mutual understanding.
Luv ya

Leesburg, FL

#20 Feb 19, 2007
THE GLOBE wrote:
It's a pity those evil whites didn't know this back in the times of slavery when they thought they owned this world. It is now 2007, and they are still wondering why black men are so aggressive and always committing crimes.
What the hell...


Since: Dec 06

Location hidden

#22 Feb 19, 2007
"Nevertheless, Straus notes, a "lucky majority" of kids who get spanked suffer no discernible harm."

Lucky majority my A$$! I've never read such bull$h!t in my entire life. My parents spanked me and my siblings and my siblings and I spanked our kids when they needed it and we all turned out just fine. I don't think any of us ever spanked our kids after they were about 9 or 10 because they were old enough by then to understand and appreciate a lecture and loss of something like TV or computer time and all of my kids and my nieces and nephews turned out quite well. Lack of spanking is why there are so many out of control screaming brats these days! When I was growing up I knew that behavior like I see from kids every day would get my fanny tanned so I didn't do it. My kids and nieces and nephews all knew that a temper tantrum or bad behavior would get their little butts reddened too. People used to come up to me and tell me how well-bahaved my children were, and they were because they knew that there were consequences for misbhaving that were a little more unpleasant that "time out" and they were much more polite and obedient because of it!

Hialeah, FL

#23 Feb 19, 2007
this article is full of crap!spare the rod, spoil the child! this is why your kids run amuck like lil gangsters! think about that?

United States

#24 Feb 19, 2007
Ouch - this is not a racial issue.

I was spanked some when I was a child and so were my other 10 simblings and guess what - we all survived and we are all decent people. Abuse is one thing and a spanking on your behind is another. Parents spend too much time trying to be their kids friends instead of their parents. The proof is right there in our face everyday.

Miami, FL

#26 Feb 19, 2007
I stole from a candy store ONCE and got a belt across my butt.. I have NEVER stole anything ever again. today you have 10 year old girls beating women in store, young teens beating other teens .. theft,drugs,the killing of homeless people and a total lack of respect for any authority.. Yea just keep nuturing the brats that makes sense.NOT

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