Torn Left Pectoral Muscle - Surgery R...

Dayton, OH

#21 Apr 25, 2007
Tore my left pec 12-9-06 went to the doctor at first he said it was just a strain but my arm was brusied from arm pit to elbow. I asked for a second opinion and he sent me to another Orth sergeon that Dr. said i had a complete rupture and sent me to a Ortho in Columbus OH after 5min of the first meeting He decided for surgery. 1-9-07 had surgery everything went well i have a slight deformity when i flex but i can live with it. I tore it benching 405 the tear was between the muscle and the tendon. 4-26-07 i am back up to 205 for 10 so i think that surgery is the best route.

Sacramento, CA

#22 May 1, 2007
reece wrote:
<quoted text> Why not take anti inflam or vitamin E i am currently on both and have just torn my pec muscle 5 days ago? could you please respond. thanks
I'm new to this site so maybe someone already responded. vit e thins the blood and they don't want you bleeding too much when you're having surgery. Same applies for ibruprofin Hope this helps.

United States

#23 May 15, 2007
I completey tore my pec tendon off the bone at the end of May 2006 and had surgery in June. I was 26 at the time, in good shape, and did this wrestling---reunited with old college friends---I was a great wrestler in HS and College and apparently still thought I had it. Alcohol might have been involved and I never had the heart to tell my surgeon that I was not a competitive wrestler anymore. Anyway, had the surgery in the middle of June of 2006, so it been almost a year. I actually played golf a month after I tore it b/c I had a bachelor party. Swinging VERY easy and with hardly a back swing. My surgeon was awesome....although I didn't inform her or PT that I played golf. My range was back in about 2 months after 2X week of PT. Started lifing at 4 months and almost a year later I would say that I am about 90%.....stregnth is still not 100%. I should be 100% very soon. Pain was nothing after I tore the tendon, but man let me just tell you after the surgery I have never felt worse pain. I have torn ligaments in my knees, broke bones, you name it, but that first week after surgery was like no other. PT was no fun the first two weeks either---rubbing out the scar tissue was no fun.....

If you still want to be active and have your stregnth, then I would recomend surgery!!!!! 90% and about an 6-7" scar to show for it!

Indianapolis, IN

#24 May 16, 2007
I think I may have torn my left pectoralis minor muscle in kick boxing. Not sure, could someone tell me what the symtoms are for a taer. I have not had any test just an EKG thought it could be my heart.

Danville, CA

#25 Jun 1, 2007
To Everyone that has torn their pec and wonders what to do. I tore my pec muscle doing a 335 pound bench press about 7 months ago and just had the surgery through Kaiser Permanente (Dr.Lou) One thing i found is my strength before the surgery only came back to about 40-45% of my normal. If you want to keep lifting you MUST get the surgery. It would hurt a little when i would bench and the side that was torn was significantly weaker! Also, my Doc told me that working out even after i tore it kept the muscles from dissapating until the surgery date so it helped. I am now in a sling and will be like this for about 4 weeks but from what i hear its worth it. I actually have no choice...i was going nowhere without it. Will keep everyone updated monthly on how it is healing. I hope you guys can benifit from this.

Toronto, Canada

#26 Jun 13, 2007
philip wrote:
tore my left pec tendon benchpressing 325 on the 3rd rep. i'm 44 years old and trying to decideif i should have the surgery. if anyone has had the surgery i would love to hear from you thanks
GET THE SURGERY. I Tore mine this time last year. It was at the Musclotenious junction. A great surgeon in Toronto doctor Hall said that it's a simple as sewing two steaks together. I'm back training(smarter) at 43 I look and feel great. If I had not had the surgery I probably still wouldn't be able to down shift my manual transmission. Remember Stallone did the same thing training for Rocky 2 and look how far he went. Stay possitive and the only thing that you'll notice is a 2-3 inch scar, and a little dent (if you drop to 6-7 % body fat).
Mike in Charlotte

Charlotte, NC

#27 Jun 16, 2007
Hey, hope everyone is doing well in their rehab. I just tore my left pectoralis major tendon (from the bone) on June 8, 2007. I am still deciding whether to have surgery this Wednesday or not. I am 29 years old. I am not a body builder by any stretch but I do work in law enforcement. I am little nervous about possibly losing 35%-45% of my strength. I think I am a little too young and work in the wrong field to start making compromises to bodily functions. Just a little nervous to go under the knife I guess. Any thoughts?

Campbell, CA

#28 Jun 18, 2007
Hey Mike just read your post and YES you do want to have the surgery. A couple of reasons:
1. If you dont know the longer you wait you increase your chances of never fixing it.
2. Your strenght will be alot less on that side if you dont!
The only thing is once you have the surgery you will be out for a while ( meaning in a sling for 4 weeks, then rehab) Im going thru this right now. Still in my sling, its annoying but i know it will all be worth it at the end. My biggest mistake was waiting 7 months to have the surgery. I would have already been healed by now if i had. Hope this helps.

United States

#29 Jun 21, 2007
Hi everyone, I tore my left pec benching, and I have seen 4 different Doctors, each telling me not much they can do. I have a have not benched but have used the cables. I only benched the bar and it did feel rather different. I did this a year ago, I've been going to a neuroskeletal Dr. for treatment. What should I do? The last Dr. I had seen was a Jerk! Ex body builders tell me to get the surgery, not the Dr.s! Please Help
Mike in Charlotte

Charlotte, NC

#30 Jun 26, 2007
Thanks Kevin, I am sitting in my sling right now watching a little tv. Not in too much pain and have reduced the meds to one every four hours instead of two every four to six. Dr said everything went great and looking forward to rehab. Hope all is going well with everyone! Surgery was not nearly as bad as I thought....still have to get through rehab though!

Fairfield, CT

#31 Jun 28, 2007
Has anyone torn their pectoral muscle at the inside of the chest where it attaches to the breast bone? I partially tore my pec last june (I was re-racking 1st set of flat bench on a smyth machine at 165 lb) and have gone through therapy a couple times. My surgeon said that there wasn't anything he could do surgically because it isn't possible to reattach the pec on the inside - only on the outside. It's been a year now and I'm doing better, but I'm still not back to lifting (I'm battling shoulder issues/tendonitis now) but I still have to consider my chest once these shoulder issues calm down. Has anyone had this happen and if so, did you have surgery or not? I'm trying to work out the scar tissue, but it's hard on my own. My shoulder issues aside, I can't help but wonder what I'm doing wrong. I don't believe my injury is as bad as some of these posts, yet I still can't bench 25% of what I used to. I've lost 20 lbs since I hurt my chest and I'm trying to remain positive that I can regain all of the muscle I lost. I probably should have continued to eat a lot so I didn't atrophy as much, or at least as quick. Any advice would be appreciated. Good luck to everyone that is hurt out there.

Philadelphia, PA

#32 Jul 3, 2007
I am 20 years old and have been training since I was 14. May 14 I was benching 265 when it (3rd set, 8th rep) when my left arm gave out and the bar crashed on my chest, turned out complete tear, both sternal and clavical heads ruptured. I saw an ortho (Pitts Steelers' ex-doc) and he confirmed thru MRI. I had surgery one week later as he had no other option (I did not want deformity or total loss of strength). Bodybuilders have this all the time and so do athletes. The post-op is horrible, I am in a lot of pain due to my size and the injury. I start PT this week and am dreading it, I refuse painkillers. Otherwise, I'm down 17 pounds in 8 weeks. I go to the gym 3-4x/week for biking, legs, and abs. Keep your head up and count each day as a blessing, I am.
[email protected]
Always looking for advice on this injury and always willing to share what I know.

Since: Jul 07

Shreveport, LA

#33 Jul 6, 2007
new to the torn pec area- tore my pec 3 weeks ago- benching over 500 (to old for that)

Question is- had my MRI 2 weeks ago- Dr I went to had no clue what he was doing- Didnt even look good at my MRI- I am the one that pointed out the tears to him- I have several small tears in my pec major and minor- but I am worried about my tendon- after 3 weeks the brusing has just gone almost away but there is still and aching pain in my chest attachment- having second opinion on July 12- will this long of a break affect me if I need surgery and what is the rehab time both with surgery and also without surgery if the teart isnt major?

Fayetteville, TX

#34 Jul 22, 2007
i tore my pec about 3 years it was a minor pec tear surgery was not required but i could lift weight thanks to eddie guerrero cause he too has a torn pec i was able to get bigger and stronger than ever.

Savannah, GA

#35 Sep 7, 2007
Had mastectomy Nov. 04 (simple, preventative, not cancer)...lots of problems since implants were placed in Feb. 05. Did find out my pec muscle fascia was removed thru Operative report, not doctor. I was told prior to my mastectomy, he was only going to remove the breast tissue, nothing else and to this day has never told me anything else was removed. Have lot of pain and almost anything that involves using pec muscle is difficult for me to do. Does anyone know if having my fascia removed could have injured my pec muscle and cause me pain and limitations, and how could I find out, b/c all PS that I have seen thinks it is no big deal that fascia was removed, but something happened! Thanks

Pyrmont, Australia

#36 Sep 18, 2007
Hi everyone
I am a professional rugby player from Australia, 27 years old. I have partially torn my pec off the bone doing water skiing!!. I have a large divet in my chest and have lost a lot of strength. I did this around 18 months ago but I am currently considering surgery.
Doctor says he can operate and there is a good chance of making a strong recovery.
Has anyone had surgery for a partial tear?
I am opting for the surgery as I live in the gym and like staying in shape and I hate the large hole in my chest. I also want to get back my bench press strength!!


Palmdale, CA

#37 Sep 29, 2007
hi everyone, i think i just tored my lefst side peck tonight(9/28/2007) bench pressing at my somwahat normal on and off 225! just had ice bages, an took some I brofen. on 9/29/2007 planing to have x-ray done. do i need MRI too? any good sport doctor in santa barbra? anyone? i am in pain right now it's 2:30am. i can not move my left side. do i need surgery?

Denver, CO

#38 Oct 3, 2007
Hey Saleem, I'm sorry to hear about your injury...I partially tore my right pec last year on a low-weight set so I know some of what you're going through...I didn't have surgery (mainly b/c my tear was on the inside where I was told surgery isn't performed) so I can't say whether or not you need surgery or not...however, I would definitely push to get an will give you and the doctors a better idea of exactly what you're up the very least, you will have the films to take to other doctors for additional opinions if you choose to pursue that route...keep up with the ice packs and ibuprofen...hang in there...i know exactly what it is like to be kept awake in the middle of the night due to a chest injury...i couldn't sleep on my right side for a while but it has gotten a lot better after rehab and of the hardest parts to these injuries is having patience so try to hang in there...good luck and definitely get an MRI...let us know what you find out

Sun City, CA

#39 Oct 6, 2007
Just tore my pec for the second time this morning.
I tore it 10 years ago while bench pressing. I had surgery and recovery was 6-8 months before I began lifting hard again.

This morning while doing pushups.... yes, pushups!! I felt and heard the all too familiar pop,crunch, and tear. A sensation I've never forgotten from the first time I tore it.

There is no doubt that I will elect to have surgery.

To all those contemplating it!

Van Nuys, CA

#40 Oct 15, 2007
chad wrote:
I tore my chest muscle like 2 years ago. i wanted to know if it was too late for surgery and if it is what can i do to strenghthen it
chad i have the same type of problem its been a few years , were you able to get some help?? thanks for your time. hope you get this.

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