I am so so regret that I agreed to the doctor when he recommended to metal rod implant when I had a simple fracture on my lower leg. He told me all the good things of implant and bad things of cast. Who would not agree for that?
After sugery, in addition to the broken area, I had to suffer much more on sugery area. For about two years, I was never able to run, never was painless. But I thought it would take long time to get heeled. But it started getting worse giving me pain in angle area and knee joint area where the whole tibia length metal ends rocated.
So i decided to have it removed, while romoval, the bone was broken, Dr put another metal rod again, and am suffering, worring about which if the metal rod hurts again,then it sould be removed. Then it will be three times opening the same spot of the bone. I am worrying that my bone possibly would give out to recover. Am I not going to be permenantly cripped?
I am angry and regret that I did not have just a cast.