More statistical Russian Roulette for women.

"Statistically" women can take these drugs safely for ten years, until age 60, 10 years of menopause?

I hit menopause at 45, not 50. Not everyone magically hits menopause at 50.

I had breast cancer at sixty. It was aggressive and rapid-growing, even though it wasn't the triple-negative kind. Mine was triple-positive -- both kinds of hormones AND I needed Herceptin as well. I'm quite sure I would be dead or dying right now had I used HRT.

The doctor tried to talk my mother into HRT when she got to menopause ... even though she had breast cancer when she was 39 (she survived). She refused. She didn't thin it was smart to "mess with Mother Nature" to that extent. Menopause is a natural life event, not a medical disease.

Doctors tell us to do things sometimes with great confidence even when they don't have all the facts. The Framingham Study implicated animal fats in heart disease, so as a group, doctors encouraged us to use margerine. DECADES later they discovered that the great majority of margerines were more likely to contribute to heart disease than butter did! They made the recommendation of margerine, which my husband switched to, based on a GUESS. They guessed wrong, and my husband ended up with bypass surgery.

They don't always have the answers, and one of the things I really liked about my old doctor (Medicare has forced me to change doctors, I hope the new one is half as good) was that he was willing to say, "We don't know."