Minneapolis, MN

#904 Aug 3, 2012
The type of pain you described could indeed be caused by endometriosis. This I know from personal experience and much research on endometriosis. Endometriosis is extremely underdiagnosed still, and very common. It also has a strong genetic link, so the likelihood that you may suffer from it is much increased given your aunt has it. Do yourself a favor and find a knowledgeable OB/GYN, as your overall lifelong health and fertility may depend on it. If you do have endometriosis, being on the birth-control pill is the best way to keep many of the symptoms at bay, slow progression, and preserve fertility until the time is right. A laparoscopy can help to "clean out" your pelvic area and reduce symptoms, if warranted.

Sophie wrote:
Hi, me and my boyfriend have been together 7 months now. I have never experienced pain like that after sex before. It wasn't during sex, it was more like 2-5 minutes afterwards. It felt like a very dull deep pain central of my womb area. It came in waves and felt like a sharp stab at the peak of the pain. It was a position we have used before, so I couldn't understand it. Its been round about two hours since the pain started and the worst of it lasted a mere 15-20 minutes. I'm worried because this has never happened before, however I am prepared to be told its nothing to worry about. I would rather just know as I was literally screaming in agony :( My aunty had severe endomitriosis (very unsure on the spelling!) To the point where the doctors told her kids were out of the question (she's not got a beautiful 1 year old daughter :)) but I wanted to know if that could cause anything like the pain I have?

Fairfield, CA

#905 Aug 5, 2012
Soo, i've experienced extreme pain after sex two times now. tenish minutes after sex I start getting this gas like sensation and pain that travels from my lower abdomen to around my butt (no anal). When I try to pass the ”gas”, I get extreme sharp pain around my butt area and I am unable to do anything about it. I have to lay down in certain positions and wait till the pain goes away, which usually takes an hour. Its unbearable and it had made me pass out due to all the pain.

I too though am close to my period like a lot of ladies experiencing this. From what i've read and experienced all I can think of is my boyfriend hit my cervix during sex, which can irritate it and cause it to dilate. Ive had a bloated stomach for a couple days now, and if that's one of the symptoms as well, this is most likely it.

All you can do is abstain from sex until you get your period, abstain during your period and a little after. At least until your cervix is high up once again. When you're close to your period your cervix gets low and is very tender, hence the ease of hitting and irritating it.

Colchester, CT

#906 Aug 13, 2012
This happens to me to the first time it hapoened wasnt all to bad it was just a lil pressure and nasuea but then the next time we had sex we finished and within seconds of him getting off me i was in the worst pain ive ever felt i cudent breath i cuden sit stand walk i cudent evn crawl i was crying i was pouring sweat my bf tried to touch me and even his touch made my body wrench in lain i dont understand i really dont like this i was scared to have sex again because i seriously thought i was going to die it didnt go away for a good 3o mins till i cud move around a lil but when we finnaly decided to try again it was ok till he pulled out then it all came back with vengence worst then the first i dont kno wat to do... For everyone else that gets this does it stop because i dont want everytime i hAve sex to cause this death like pain every time it haplens i scare my boyfriend shitless and he cried the first time it happened he thought i was going to die i really hate this i feel like its ruining something inside me and im scared i might not be anle to have kids if this keeps happeneing please help

West Chicago, IL

#907 Aug 24, 2012
You may need to start seeing another gynecologist for your safety. Consult a new one and see what's the results.
Worst pain

Perth, Australia

#908 Aug 29, 2012
As like meny of you ladies, this happens to me on a regula basis, the pain is so unbaliable it makes me shake, and feel like I'm going to vomit, and I can't move my lower abnomen. If i move it's like sharp shooting pains down the back Of my spine. It lasts for ages sometimes into the next morning, and even then some times it hurts to open my bowls, or push down on my abdomen. Its not a pleasnt feeling and if this is what child birth feels like fuck that! I wonder dose it have something to do with being due for a period?

Garden City, MI

#909 Sep 13, 2012
Yes im having pain in my anal area stabbing pains if I cough ,move or anything but lay still but my hips feel pressure like after you give birth or something I had cramps they have went away I guess I should have mentioned I did it but nothing in the back door region then I would obviously know why I would be hurting. Thanks

United States

#910 Sep 19, 2012
The next day after i had sex with my boyfriend my right side started hurting really bad im worried because this is the first time that this happens to me, what can it be ?, someone please help!

Smyrna, DE

#911 Sep 22, 2012
My Boyfriend & I Had Sex Last Night A Couple Mins After My Lower Stomach Started Hurting. It Went Away Within A Hour Now My Anal Hurts, We Didn't Have Anal Sex Though. What Could Be Wrong?


#912 Sep 23, 2012
I am so glad I found this! I've recently found out that I have very low fertility and I have been getting these pains.

Someone suggested to me endometriosis so I did alot of reading on it. This can cause infertility. I have an appointment with the fertility specialist on Tues so hopefully I can get it sorted. I feel positive and am taking control of the situation because I want a family.

Get it looked at girls!! You don't want to become infertile. And any doctor that tells you it's nothing to worry about needs a good slap!

Many of them just can't be bothered to help you properly.

United States

#913 Sep 24, 2012
I have a question I had sex (rough sex) the day before yesterday.....and today I am havin really bad contractions but I'm on the mirena my lower back is really tight and I had some spotting.. I can't get out of bed it hurts so bad what's wrong what do I do?

Chicago, IL

#914 Sep 25, 2012
The same pain u describe, almost like a Charlie horse of the uterus that some times shoots up to my belly button has been happening to me since I was 7. I'm 32 now and some times after.anal play it gets worse. It comes and goes. I've had ultra sounds, exams, blood tests, std testing. And no answers. Closer to my cycle I definately notice it more. I wish someone would figure this out. But I have found that magnesium seems to help stop it with a glass of water. And if u lay in the fetal position and just relax about 15 min it should subside. The magnesium helps to relax your muscles. It lasted three days once and I was so exhausted from the pain . The Dr said ibuprophen they have no answers and that's not to reassuring. I have no tumors and have Baird two beautiful healthy children with my husband. Good luck!!

Chicago, IL

#915 Sep 25, 2012
nikki wrote:
I have a question I had sex (rough sex) the day before yesterday.....and today I am havin really bad contractions but I'm on the mirena my lower back is really tight and I had some spotting.. I can't get out of bed it hurts so bad what's wrong what do I do?
. I would go to the Dr to make sure your mirena is still where it should be. Other than that rest and try some magnesium. It helps relax muscles.

United States

#916 Oct 1, 2012
lady bug wrote:
I'm only 16 nd I have this stabbing pain in my vagina after urinating nd when I wipe I'm bleeding a little I'm scared I don't know what's wrong
Kash tu mujhhse chudwai hoti.
to pain ni hota.
1 idea h, ki a aur mujhhse chudwa le,
dekh theek ho jay to.
memell renford

United States

#917 Oct 5, 2012
I have them same pain my gyn say its a cyst


#918 Oct 6, 2012
I dont know if any of you figured out the problem.but I just had the same thing...STABBING FEELING... SO PAINFUL.


problem is it doesnt feel like a yeast infection.. it hurts my butt and vagina region... and throbs while sitting even if its little pain... so far its been 4 days after the big pain attack... I hope it just goesss awayyy


#919 Oct 6, 2012
and youre not supposed to workout or strengthen the abs butt pelvic ... You need to loosen it up and stretch... sounds weird I know... but I dont know if u have the same pain as me so try things of your own...

look up

im booked to try therapy... these pains give me panic attacks....

Also I dnt think its a cyst .... from what I read & the symptoms u guys have... sadly I think its the nerve


United States

#920 Oct 7, 2012
Me n my boyfriend were in the middle of having sex n he was holding back from cuming now he always holds it n this time he had exscrochatingpain in his lower left abdomen does any one know why? I think its from holding it all tjen time but im not sure

Shanghai, China

#921 Oct 16, 2012
Hey , I'm like most off you only read comments rather when post it my self , but I have to share my experience. Me and my partner we had sex he used protection ,but when he came we felt the protection slipped off and stay inside me so next day , I took the tablet "morning after" my partner went away , my period came two weeks to early , and it's very rare when the cycle changes . But then I found out that that's normal after you take such a strong pill. My bf came back last night and we had long , passionate sex ,however he went very deep inside me . I felt a bit off the pain but nothing to severe . After I was Fine for like 30 hour or so then I go to sleep and I start getting terrible cramps, really terrible , but I king off though maybe is my stomach so I took tablet for stomach , as few hours latter my pain wouldn't stop I couldn't move , at all I was afraid , I was blotted too , I felt like I have to pee or something else. So pain started at 1-5 in the morning I went to get pain killer and I felt hot super hot and called couldn't see wery well and as I was in the bathroom all I wanted is to go back to bed and I knew something is very wrong . As I walked I passed out on the floor my bf wake up god scared . The pain was so severe my even left arm got numb , it was a terrible thing , all I could think is wtf is happening . Pain start to slow down as I guess pain killer start working , and bf bring me warm thing for stomach really helps. So I was thinking must be because , gas got trapped , plus he was to deep .. And my period all messed up . My body must be thinking that I supposto have one and I didn't . I fell a sleep at 7 in the morning . I didn't call emergency as I'm in Shanghai , China and is hard to trust doctors here ( silly I kno) and the American hospital it's so expensive . I fell a sleep at 7 in the morning , wake up feeling better , but when I stand it is painfull to walk . I try walking more . But I'm telling i never ever had such a pain in my life and I have pretty bad period pains. Don't wish to anybody I really pass out because the pain was so severe . And it's still painfull and I suposto do lingerie catwalk show . And with my bloating belly and pain I have no idea how I'm Guna do it . Final verdict I let you know if its ever Guna happen again and if it does I'm def going to see the doctor . Pain killers and hot battle of water really helps I read drinking water good too but I couldn't drink . I let you know how it all goes
charlotte xx


#922 Oct 17, 2012
Hi guys so glad some of you ladys have exsperianced what i went through tonight!! I had sex tonight and used a comdom which was un usual this time lol . After sex i had the most awfull pain as though i was in labour and trapped wind i was in that much pain i was sick! I also couldnt stand up? Does anyone no why this happens ive NEVER exsperianced this before . Thanks xx

Sutton In Ashfield, UK

#923 Oct 27, 2012
Hi I have has this for 7 years now, even though I've been with the same partner for 10 years. Keeping it short, I've been through it all, seen it all, had every expert look at me, in me, up me etc. had the surgery the full blown works. Bottom line of it????? It's shocking but true! It's to do with the bowels! If you don't go to the toilet regularly this is the reason for your pain! Take mild laxatives, softeners, anythin that helps. I can guarantee if you keep your bowels empty this won't happen. When the bowels are compact, even a little bit, one of the intestines is near or behind the uterus/ cervix which pushes it forward slightly and down so that the penis hits it all sending your womb and bowels into shock, hence the pain in the abdomen and lower back, and sides. It's literally like childbirth. I have always struggled with my bowels but after my son 7 years ago they pretty much gave up. Never went to the doctor about it until recently because I'd had enough. And since having strong medication to help move the crap around and soften it, I'm free from this pain 90% of the time, the 10% I'm not is when ive lightened up on the meds, which is then my own fault! Try it. U can get loadsa different strengths cheap from discount stores. And u can't make ur bowel lazy- that is a myth! GOOD LUCK XX

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