Phoenix, AZ

#42 Aug 15, 2007
That pain happened to me.
Twice now. It feels like a full on contraction that won't go away.

I was crawling in and out of a hot bath crying. There is nothing to relieve it- you have to just wait for it to go away.

I am happy to see I am not the only one. I thought I was dying.

Young, Australia

#43 Aug 16, 2007
I have had intense pain since having regular - not rough - sex last night with my boyfriend. the pain started in the middle of the night - about 6 hours after the sex.
It felt like I really needed to pee but also really painful. I thought it was pain in my actual clitoris so I put an ice pack on it thinking we'd over done it! Then this morning I was in intense pain - it felt like the pain was just behind my pelvic bone. I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, hope it's nothing serious!

Yuma, CO

#44 Aug 16, 2007
I have been married 8 years, and when I have intercourse sometime in different positions (not anal) I have bad pains it hurts so bad I tighten my stomach and hold my breath till he is done and I feel like I have to go to the bath room after wards I have normal periods I dont know if he is just going to deep or what, anyone know the awnser?? thanks


#45 Aug 18, 2007
hi... i had sex(rough)with ma love some two days ago and nw im having an unbearable pain + a burning sensation. i feel like going to the loo every 30 minutes.... please help me... i really dont knw what to do. i cant even go to see a gyn since im still living with ma parents.

Las Vegas, NV

#46 Aug 20, 2007
Does anyone know alot about yeast infections? I have one and I am going to swear that I got it from sex. I guess I wasn't as lubricated as I should have been and sure enough the next day I have a yeast infection. I am now on my period and to embarressed to go to the doctor until my cycle is over. I am taking garlic pills 2-3 times a day and sometimes seems to help but as soon as I urinate it burns again (I've had UTI's before and this doesn't fell the same). I've read the yogurt thing and home remedies but I am too scared to try them. Diflucan has work before so it should help now. Has anyone else had a yeast infection from sex or am I crazy?

Las Vegas, NV

#47 Aug 20, 2007
wonderful wrote: is nice to hear that we are not alone in with these problems, but a solution, or at least knowing the cause of this pain would be nice. Does anyone know???
I had the same pains around May and went to the Quickcare center close to my house. I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and vaginitis ( I had no symptoms that I knew of). I asked the Dr if that can cause abdominal cramping and she said yeah because sex may have irritated it. I also read on the net that if while having sex the guy goes so far in and bumps your cervix it could just be spasming kinda. If it lasts for a long period of time I would go to a urgent care or Dr. if you can get in. Its better to be safe than sorry. I was very sore the next day but I am glad I went....

Cerritos, CA

#48 Aug 20, 2007
Leslie wrote:
I am right now experiencing this pain in my lower abdomen after intercourse. While having sex, my significant other went really "deep" inside of me and there was a sharp pain for a second. About 2-5 minutes after sex I started getting horrible cramps...enough to make me want to throw up. It is now coming up to 3 hours. It feels like I have to go to the bathroom and when I try...nothing. It also hurts if I sit directly on my butt (I did not have anal sex. Please help! Is there something to help relieve the pain? How long does this last?
I don't really post, but I have just had this exact problem just now after sex and I am in so much pain and can't sit down and when I try and go to the bathroom it feel like i need to go and it hurts so bad. Also I feel like I have a week's worth of cramps all bunched into one. Did you find out what this was or how to fix it???

Las Vegas, NV

#49 Aug 21, 2007
elain wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't really post, but I have just had this exact problem just now after sex and I am in so much pain and can't sit down and when I try and go to the bathroom it feel like i need to go and it hurts so bad. Also I feel like I have a week's worth of cramps all bunched into one. Did you find out what this was or how to fix it???
Possibly, please read my post above. If you still have the cramping you should see a Dr. I went to an Urgentcare or you may have a "Quickcare" and have an exam done. There are many things that can cause abdominal cramping such as STD's, a yeast infection, a bacterial infection or your cervix accidently being bumped while having intercourse. Its best to go see a Dr and get the right solution for your problem.

Fredericksburg, VA

#50 Aug 21, 2007
I had sec with my boyfriend today, I started cramping during intercourse and after it got worst to the point I could not even move, tears coming out from the pain. It lasted abou 20 mins. but throught out the day I could still feel some of the cramping even right now. Im certainly glad that Im not the only one having this pain


#51 Aug 22, 2007
its oke
John Carlos Balagtas

Mandaue City, Philippines

#52 Aug 23, 2007
Have a second opinion

Clearwater, FL

#53 Aug 23, 2007
just like everybody else after sex i had a horrible sharp stabbing pain in my lower abdomen but this is the first time this has ever happened. it made me start crying and it hurts to walk and sit *no anal tho* just like the other women said. is it possible for the cervix to get pushed or something?

Rochester, NY

#54 Aug 25, 2007
My girlfriend and i had sex a week ago..and she was having abdominal pains and now she isn't getting her period. shes really worried that something got through but i'm 100% sure that it didn't. mainly cuz i did not ejaculate during our last intercourse...which occaisionally happens if i'm really concentrating on trying to please her. i'm kinda worried..and i told her to go see a doctor...since that seems like it would be our best bet. does ne one have any ideas on this?

United States

#55 Aug 26, 2007
I've read through everyones comments and i just had to ask for some advice. I too am getting cramps in my ovaries shortly after sex and sometimes a long while after sex. It would really help if a doctor could post something.

Scared to death

Towson, MD

#56 Aug 27, 2007
Same as every one... the week before my period..... suddenly during sex I got a really sharp , stabbing feeling in my lower abdomen... it felt unrelentless...I was crying, sweating... i couldn't move. I felt as if I would throw up. I also could feel the pain near my tailbone and lower back... this is the second time that this has happened to me...

I googled ... "sharp lower abdomen pain woman" and i npw bascially think that I have PID, that I will never have children or that I am going too die... someone please give me some reliable info. b4 I go crazy!!!:(

North Salt Lake, UT

#57 Aug 31, 2007
I am so glad that I am not the only one that experiences this!! Okay ladies this may sound nasty but listen it may save money at the doctors too. My sister and I were chatting about this and both of us have tried it before this talk. K what you do is take your index finger and feel inside the vagina on the lower bottom wall so you would be feeling toward butt. If it feels like lumps and you feel a weird feeling in your anal area it is because you have to go # 2. See my sister and I experience gas after like some on here and it hurts when it comes out like knives in your stomach or sharp pains and it makes you want to cry. If you check before you have sex and use the bathroom or just anytime you go to the bathroom that day even if you don't have sex then it may help. Try it and let me know. It has worked for me...
girl in pain


#58 Aug 31, 2007
okay im so glad im not the only one. i had NO IDEA it was this common for girls to have sharp stomach pains right after sex! well today is the first time ive experienced this terrible pain and it happened like 5 min. after me and my boyfriend got done having sex. it hurt so bad all i could do is bend over and cry!! i know this is gross details but yestarday when we were having sex i could feel something in my stomach being pushed up and whats really weird is we could hear it!! i called my friend and asked her about it because her mom is a doctor and she said that sometimes the guy can bruise the girl's uterus which is right below the belly button area (where im hurting) and that it eventually goes away. also, if you turn to the side and it hurts, that is a sure sign of just internal bruises. it kinda freaks me out but at least i think i know what it is now! i hope i helped some of yall out =)

London, Canada

#59 Aug 31, 2007
ya.. I am soo glad i wasn't the only one I was really scaried I'd be preg or something. I had sex w/ my guy two days in a row.. and the last time we did it.. it was rough...
the morning after I was experiencing crazy back and stomach pains.. and had to sit down or lie down alot...
2nd day after.. i am now bloated and still experiencing back n' stomach pains..
--I hope it all goes away.... I guess its too soon to know..

Raleigh, NC

#60 Sep 1, 2007
I'm so glad I found this! I have been married for about a year and a half and occasionally I have had minor pain after vaginal sex, but last night this happened to me! My period, too, is supposed to start in a week. Less than 60 seconds after sex was over the cramps started. I thought I was going into labor! I'm not pregnant! The cramps felt like they were in my uterus and cervix. I threw-up my dinner and laid in the floor feeling like I was about to pass out. I had hot and cold spells and finally I thought to get into a hot bath. That helped tremendously. My husband (reluctantly) got out of bed to get me an advil. When I stood up from the tub the paid started again. I fell asleep in my bed soaking wet in terrible pain. This morning I feel much better, but a little sore. SOMEBODY has to find an explanation for this. It's not cysts, I just went to the obgyn a few weeks ago. No cysts. I hope there is a doctor out there that can help us with this. I won't be having sex so close to my period again, that is for sure.

Windsor, Canada

#61 Sep 5, 2007
I had a cyst on my right ovary. The doc didnt think anything of it. Said we would check it out again in a few months to see if it goes away on its own. About a week after, after having sex, within 30 seconds of stopping I began feeling like I was being stabbed repeatedly on my right lower side. I started screaming and couldn't move. It was not my appendix as i dont have one. My poor fiance was terrified. It lasted about 20 minutes with me sobbing the whole time. A week later I had an ultrasound and I no longer had a cyst but there were no secondary complications from it bursting. I have polycystic ovaries and sometimes sex it would seem makes my period start early, gives me severe cramps for days afterwards and bloating. I also get really bad recurrent bladder infections. I would say that it really depends on the sex itself. Really rough deep penetration usually is a given that I'm gonna be sorry the next day. So ladies, get yourself checked out, your not alone and take it easy in the bedroom!

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