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#22 Jun 27, 2007
I too have had these horrible pains. For me, the worst, absolute worst time it happened, which was my 4rd, I had to go to the hospital for 6 hours. My boyfriend carried me to and from the vehicle, I could not stand or walk on my own. The pain was right after sex, I just laid in the bed and could not move, but it start 5 minutes or so after intercourse. After the looking around was done, they monitored my pain, and eventually had an ultrasound done. I had a cyst that was twice as big as normal size. It was almost 4 cms. They gave me a morphine drip because I was in screaming pain, literally. One dose didn't even put a dent in it, I had two. No it still didn't stop all of the pain entirely so I still suffered and the pains we spiratic. The cyst ended up rupturing by the time I had a 2nd ultrasound so that's good. But ever since stopping birth control in november, I can't have a period more than 2 months in a row, I skip all the time. We are trying to get pregnant and have been since November 2006. We have intercourse every day in hopes for a blessing. Now I had a pap come back abnormal, then a biopsy which showed it was worse than originally understood by the doctor, now I need affected parts of my cervix removed. This is to all avoid cancer. But what about all of this crazy other stuff going on with recurrent yeast infections and BV? Every month I have one or the other, since I stopped birth control in November. Why all of the sudden did my body go haywire?

Panama City, FL

#23 Jun 28, 2007
Niki wrote:
Thank you, Ur haven sent! Lol thank you very much! Though, the bleeding stopped and is no longering happening. It was only that night. Can something serious happen if I leave it alone or don't see a doctor? Your help is veryy kind.
It sounds like u "popped the cherry" (ie: ruptured hymen). There is usually bleeding and some discomfort that all dissapates quickly. If that's all it is you would be absolutely fine not going to a doc. But I hate to say that and not know all the details. If I were you I would confide in an older more "experienced" woman that u trust and get her input, you can research it on the web, or see if there's a free clinic in your area. Best of luck to ya hun.

Henderson, NV

#24 Jul 6, 2007
In May I experienced the same pain abdominal pains after sex and I went to a quickcare center and they did a pelvic exam and the doctor came back after about 15-20 min. and told me I had a yeast infection and vaginitis. I asked her if that could lead to severe abdominal cramping and she said yeah. While she was doing the pelvic exam she also pressed on my stomach and pelvic area and said everything felt fine. I she gave me medicine to cure both and I have been alright since. However, for about 3-5 days after the cramping I was very sore in my abdonmin area. I would suggest anyone with the same problems to see a doctor. Its always better to be safe than sorry. Many problems can lead to abdominal cramping.

Stafford, UK

#25 Jul 9, 2007
i have a question. For a while after sex (normally ruff sex) i have had a really bad stomach i feel like i need to pass wind but there is none, i normally have to force myself to poo to get rid of this awful undescribible pain. wot is wrong?

Adelaide, Australia

#26 Jul 9, 2007
megan wrote:
i have a question. For a while after sex (normally ruff sex) i have had a really bad stomach i feel like i need to pass wind but there is none, i normally have to force myself to poo to get rid of this awful undescribible pain. wot is wrong?
Maybe the contractions from your orgasm are so intense, your cramping up to the point your constipated ?:s if that makes sense :S have no idea.. but I've experienced the whole wind thing during a period.

Also if i have a really intense orgasm with my boyfriend i get slight abdominal cramping & if the sex is close to my period i tend to get my period within that day or the next morning. bummer.

But someone mentioned something interesting ''polycystic ovaries''. Well a year ago due to painful periods & irregular cycles i went to a recommended Dr in this department, he gave me a blood test and it showed i had an extremely high amount of estrogen, I was never diagnosed with polycyctic ovaries but was warned that if i did not
make lifestyle changes & commence a hormone therapy treatment then id be likely to get it. So i started hormone therapy by taking anti estrogen troches
(like a lolly sucked under the tongue) and being on this treatment really helped,I had no more pain i couldn't deal with like before & i dropped that 5kgs id been carrying around
without even touching a piece of gym equipment but unfortunately i got lazy and i gave up the treatment & that is how i found myself on this forum,
because I'm experiencing nasty period pains right this moment but after reading all these posts, i guess tomorrow ill ring up that Dr & get back on the lolly hormones. You should all get checked for polycytic ovaries, it can have some scary effects my Dr told me my ovaries would become like a thick bubble wrap & conceiving would be difficult & that is always in the back of my mind the closer i get to my now long term boyfriend.

Sylacauga, AL

#27 Jul 10, 2007
I'm newly married and was a virgin until my wedding night. and during intercourse when we are in certain positions i have horrible sharp stabbing pain in my cervix. i dont know whats wrong?

Burbank, CA

#28 Jul 13, 2007
I don't have an answer for you but I think it's so cool that you waited. I've had problems with intercourse due to childhood molestation. Was this on the first time or a recurring thing? Do you ever have pain using tampons?

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#29 Jul 14, 2007
i need help please? Can any1 give me advice on lower sharp but dull and stabbing pains, it happened during sex but got worse after it. i cant move for it hurting so much. i tried to do toilet incase of trapped wind, but nothing? Please help!!

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#30 Jul 17, 2007
Hello ladies and few concerned men. I just wanted to say thank you for the comments and share my story. I just got done having these terrible, sharp pains as well. The sex was a little uncomfortable, but not bad or unusual by any means and then immediately after came the pain in the lower abdomen. It was so intense it was like I couldn't do anything but take the pain...I definitely felt like I could throw up at any moment, though I didn't. What seemed to really help calm things down was drinking many glasses of super ice cold water. The first glass was hard to get down, but the pain started to gradually get better with each glass. I drank until I felt better. I have had this pain maybe five times before, one of them a couple of days ago and my period will begin any day now (seems to be a trend). The ice water seems to help in the interim of a doctor's visit. Anyway, you're not alone in the pain.
young one md

New York, NY

#31 Jul 18, 2007
having pain after sex is like when you get a charlie horse in your leg from being to hard on it. well thats what happens when you have pain after sex. its so much strain on your stomach so you are pretty much just getting a cramp. its just like the same reason you get cramps. if your like any other girl sometimes when your on your period and you have really bad cramps you go and take a poo and it helps relieve it so next time you have pain after sex just try and take a poo or do some strecthes to help relieve the tension
the lost one

Trussville, AL

#32 Jul 23, 2007
my boyfriend and i had sex tonight after not being able to see each other for about a week (i had went home on vacation). it was a bit rough and i had horribly lower abdomen pain and pressure around the other end too that made me feel like i needed to go to the bathroom afterwards. we did not do any anal. well i was looking around and thought i would let all of you know that this is what i found. hope this helps others. and also glad to know i'm not the only one, lol.

Lower Abdominal Pain After Intercourse

Absolutely especially if he is large and/or its rough sex. If the pain lasts for more than a day or two I would tallk to my doctor. More than likely it is the uterus being hit during sexual activity causing it to become sore. Maybe you should ask your partner to take it slow and not to thrust so hard and deep. That may help relieve the pain, but this is normal as long as it does not last for long periods of time (over 5 or 6 days).

Here are more opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers:

* Sure. It can be caused by many things. Some if it may simply be high blood flow to aroused areas. You get increased blood flow to the pelvis when aroused and this swells the tissues. They may be sore afterwards. Or it could be muscle soreness just like after any other workout. Kegels and stretching can help this problem. If the pain is sharp, severe or long lasting see your gyn, it could be a sign of other problems.

* I frequently have lower abdominal and vulval pain the day after or sometimes two days after a sexual encounter. It will subside, and for me is inextricably linked to the size of the masculine genetalia involved. The larger the penis, the more and longer the pain lasts. I am a very small woman, both inside and out, which complicates sex to no end. I work at taking things slower, which tends to help in some cases. I do suggest stretching both before and after any sexual encounter. It's working out just like going the gym!

* I had this problem after orgasm when I was pregnant.

* If he is large it helps to go into doggy style during intercourse. It seems to stretch the vaginal canal and make it harder for him to bump the cervix.

* No, it's not normal. It can be caused by your vagina being unusually dry and having sex, rough sex, deep pentration or infection.

* Pain in the lower abdominal area after sex, particularly if isolated to one side of the body, could be the first sign of endometriosis. This is a nagging condition that can cause either dull pain (similar to mild menstrual cramps) or intense pain (like being jabbed with a knife). If you continue to experience pain after sex, I suggest that you consult with your physician, as there are various treatment options available.

San Josť, Costa Rica

#33 Jul 26, 2007
hi i had sex with my boyfriend like 2 days ago and i am having sum pains in my lower abdomen.. they have gotten a bit better but are still there. i feel sum wat gassy wat can i do PLZ HELP

Saint Petersburg, FL

#34 Aug 3, 2007
i'm 25 and i have been experienceing this pain since i was maybe 18. it's not every time. but sometimes during sex at one point it seems like he hits my cervix causing extreme pain during a moment of deep penetration, and it isn't so bad until he's done. about 10 minutes after sex i experience what feels like spasms in the cervix or uterus. so painful that i can't use any muscles in my body and i have to just lay flat on my back. the pain can last up to an hour. one time a few years ago i went to the emergency room for it, and they said it was bladder spasms and gave me an antinflammatoy. which was stupid and pointless because the pain always goes away at some point anyways. but i'm clueless as to what this is. oh and i am infertile unnoficially, about 6 years. never gone to see a specialist. does anyone know what the pain is?

United States

#35 Aug 6, 2007
wow im glad to know that im not the only one who has this issue...i had sex tonight with my boyfriend and right after my vaginal area started to burn and sting really really bad and now im having slight lower abdomal discomfort...i know its not a UTI or a yeast infection and im pretty sure its not a cyst either because i have been taking BC pills for 5 years for them...if anyone has any input on it i would greatly appreciate the help!

Ashburn, VA

#36 Aug 7, 2007
boy, am i stoked i found this thread! this happend to me last night... rough sex is fantastic till that pain comes in. my period started 2 days ago [yes, i'm one of those people] so this definitely occurs not just around your period, but during. i have only had it happen two other times, both times it felt as though i was being stabbed in my lower stomache, the edges of my vision fuzzy from pain. and i thought i was going to be sick. it seems that after reading you're responses common symptoms include bloating, dull throbbing pain lasting from 2 hours to 3 days, nausea, and good old fashioned cramps. i had a GYN appointment today, but i had to cancel, even though i am very concerned...i guess time will tell! i will try and post again after i find out what my problem is!

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#37 Aug 9, 2007
Gosh, I'm relieved that it is not only me! I had sex with my boyfriend last night and felt like I was going to pass out with the crampy pain afterwards. It feels like it is tramped wind and seems to happen if I'm having rough sex and eaten a large meal an hour before.

Bay City, MI

#38 Aug 9, 2007 is nice to hear that we are not alone in with these problems, but a solution, or at least knowing the cause of this pain would be nice. Does anyone know???
wanting to know

Des Moines, IA

#39 Aug 13, 2007
I, too, experienced this last night after sex. I am in my mid-thirties and had a hysterectomy less than 3 months ago due to endomitriosis. My ovaries were not removed. I've had ovarian cysts in the last year that have gone away on their own. That is the only think I can think is causing this pain and it's not consistant. Also, since my hysterectomy, these are the first times where my husband has ejaculated inside me (other than when conceiving). I feel nauseated, gassy, bloated the day after. Is this my body absorbing the semen?

Nashville, TN

#40 Aug 14, 2007
My situation is a little different. My pain has started a day-and-a-half after having intense intercourse. Everytime I bend over today, it hurts like I've bruised inside my lower abdomen, which may be the case. I had no pain after intercourse, only starting 2 days later while eating a piece of pizza. The pain was harsh in the middle of the night while laying there. Each time I touch my lower abdomen it hurts bad. My period is coming up in the next week-and-a-half.

Port Alberni, Canada

#41 Aug 14, 2007
Im a 26 yr old healthy Canadian girl, and this happened to me last weekend.
During sex, not abnormally long or "rough" - i had to stop him - i was starting to feel a little light headed, it had started to feel like i had pressure building - almost a constipated feeling - a cramping...I was sweating more than normal about a minute it was getting intense - i went into the washroom - feeling like i needed to pass some gas - something to relieve the pressure feeling. Not much happened - the pain intensified. I was sweating profusely - the pain was so incredible - i couldn't stand - i started to lay down - i lost consciousness on the bathroom floor. I awoke within seconds - barely able to see - my vision white with pain - thats when i finally felt i had to call for help (i would have to be in some INSANE pain to call out for help) He came running - eventually brought me water, two extra strength Tylenol's...i was naked on the flush barely able to put a sentence together.(embarrassing)
I got up in a minute stumbled to the bed - he said my lips were white - my face white. I was sweating PROFUSELY. I heard a snowy static in my ears, my outer limbs went tingly. I was delirious.
After a few minutes the pain started to lift. Colour returned to my face and i returned to my senses.
My guesses as to what happened range from "oh God i have Cancer" to "i must have had some upper bowel gas trapped in there somehow, and all the movement moved it building crazy pressure?" (is this possible? cause thats what it felt like - like something wanted to escape but had no where to go but through my in linings)I read all this and i think, "cysts?"
I still, 4 days later, occasionally kinda feel a bit of "tenderness" where the pain was. All i know is i have never felt such excruciating pain, and want to avoid experiencing it again. I'm on day 13 of my cycle, menstruate like clock work and have never had a yeast infection or anything along those lines.
....great thread...

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