Vaginal growth or normal?
congratulations everyone

Abbotsford, Canada

#21 Aug 22, 2007
You have found your g-spot
Scared girl

Huntington Beach, CA

#22 Aug 22, 2007
Yesterday I just discovered a long, flat, little growth on the outside of my vagina, on the very top by the "clitoral hood" as I have seen it described. Before I discovered it I knew there was something kinda weird because I was a little itchy down there when I would wipe after using the restroom. So I got a mirror and saw this growth. It is pink, long and flat, almost like the shape of a tiny little finger about 2 cmms long.
I am very worried and don't know what it is. I tried to find pictures online, but they all look like cauliflower raised, round warts, nothing like mine. Anybody experienced this before? I'm really scared and the earliest appt. I could get in in 3 wks!





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Rockwell, NC

#23 Aug 27, 2007
I'm only 19 and want to start having sex with my bf. The problem is I'm very embarresed because of how "hairy" I am from my belly button down over my vagina and up my butt crack. I shave my vagina, but it is very hard to shave in the crack of your butt. I need some advice, because certain sexual positions would be very embarrising to me.


Rockwell, NC

#24 Aug 28, 2007

You should not be shamful. But if you are, you need to purchase a hair trimmer from your local drug store. Sit on the floor, with a mirror reflecting your privates. Simply shave each side of your crack wall and that should do the trick. Be careful around your anus, but other than that you should be bald and ready to make love.


Rockwell, NC

#25 Aug 28, 2007
You could call your local spa, but I don't know if they would want to wax down there. Good luck.
Hairy and Proud

Rockwell, NC

#26 Aug 29, 2007
Don't be ashamed, pubic hair is part of the body. I'm 42, and never have really shaven, my husband prefers a big bush, a thick beaver, a jungle if you will, and I wish all women would feel that way.

H 'n' P

Rockwell, NC

#27 Aug 30, 2007
A strange conversation don't ya think? This isn't high school ladies. Just for your info, I shave my college logo on my pubs, hubby loves it, and even sings our fight song while he's @#$^&%@ my Vagina!!!! Go WILDCATS!!!!!!! Class 2002

Ps, Misty, get some wax and rip that crack clean!!!!!!!!!!

Rockwell, NC

#28 Aug 30, 2007
Take some nair and mix it with water, gentley soak a paper towel in it and apply it to your butt %$#*& (I can't type it) Wait a few minutes, and then your (butt) hair should start falling off. Make sure to wipe whats left, and you should be good to go. I'm 36 and a mother of 3, I've done it all.

Richmond, KY

#29 Sep 6, 2007
Sarah wrote:
I have recently found a lump in my vagina wall and im really worried...its about 2 inches up. I don't know how long its been there im only 16 and something like this is really scary because I don't know if its normal.
Hey sarah, did you ever find out what that lump was. i have one too and mine moves. its probably the size of a large marble. any anvice

Honolulu, HI

#30 Sep 8, 2007
I am really concerned about something I felt inside myself! I felt a large hard growth that is about the size of a tangerine in the back of my vaginal canal on the left side. I also felt rectally as well thinking maybe it was something there such as bowels or something. It wasn't in fact it really weird for it feels like it is between the rectum and vaginal canal! I pushed on it and now I am having severe pain, and it feels when I walk like lots of pressure in pelvic area. I have had a partial hysterectomy and removed my left folopian tube! I can't touch it now, for when I do it puts me on my knees. I have my husband feel it and his eyes were huge for it scared him, he said that there was something wrong and thought I should do some research or talk to someone to see if anyone has experienced this. I am scared and in pain. As it is I am passing kidney stones on both sides and this is making it worse. Anyone have any ideas on what this may be or what I should or shouldn't do!
dr larry

Jacksonville, FL

#31 Sep 9, 2007
what you are likly experenceing is a blocked gland. you should see you doc to have him check it out. just to be on the safe side.

Goderich, Canada

#32 Sep 11, 2007
is dr larry really a dr?

Kenosha, WI

#33 Sep 21, 2007
My fiance has had these little flesh to white colored... "things" growing between her vagina and rectum. There are currently 2 in this location and she has one forming around her labia minora. they are thin and long "flaps" of skin, roughly __ that long and about a third of that wide... does anyone know what they are??? She said she's pulled one off before, it didn't hurt, it just looked like dead skin. Thank you for any input

Barnsley, UK

#34 Sep 23, 2007
I recently found a lump just inside my vagina on the front wall. It has a hole in it, not a large one though, don't know if it is my cervix or not, it became painful when I had sex though and touching the hole hurts abit.

Abit worried...Any ideas...?

Nashville, TN

#35 Sep 26, 2007
I discovered a similar problem about a month back, which is a numb 'ping-pong ball' sized lump about three or four inches back in the vaginal wall. I've tried to convince myself that it's my cervix and nothing more but it seemed unlikely because I've heard that the tissue is sensitive to touch rather than unfeeling. I am worried, and being a hypochondriac my mind flicked to cancer or some other obscure problem. It helps that I'm not the only one confused though. I've never been to an ob/gyn though I should have to in the next two years. It isn't cancerous, is it?

Nashville, TN

#36 Sep 26, 2007
Worrier wrote:
I recently found a lump just inside my vagina on the front wall. It has a hole in it, not a large one though, don't know if it is my cervix or not, it became painful when I had sex though and touching the hole hurts abit.
Abit worried...Any ideas...?
Might be your urethra, if it's directly above your vaginal opening. Don't worry, it won't kill you. Instead it's vital for passing urine. But yes, it can hurt if it's particularly close to your vagina or infected.

Cottage Grove, MN

#37 Sep 27, 2007
Recently (within the past 5 months) I've noticed 'hard knots' on the lips of the vagina and surrounding area. Sometimes they come to a head - like a pimple and sometimes they go away. Some hurt some don't. I've done research and haven't found anything similiar - except for the clogged gland - anyone else have this problem?

I'm also concerned about a mass of tissue inside my vagina. It's hard to describe but it just doesn't look 'normal' to me. It has absolutely no feeling to it whatsoever - it's just there. Anyone else?

I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not - and my insurance doesn't kick in until January - I'm scared to go the doctor and find something wrong that won't be covered but also scared to wait and have it be a bigger problem? Thoughts?

Blackpool, UK

#38 Sep 29, 2007
i think i might have damaged my clit... when i rub/touch it it doesnt really do 15 and its scaring me.. i alSso dont know if my vagina is wide enough to have sex?
can anybody help pleaseeeeee.!!!
if you can mess it back on here? saying
To Worried98 please id really love it if you could!!
worried 17

Suffield, CT

#39 Oct 2, 2007
I've started noticing recently that my labia minora on one side looks longer then the other side and not as smooth and i'm really worried that this could be a serious problem can anyone help me?

Phoenix, AZ

#40 Oct 6, 2007
like 2 others before have mentioned before, i have found a painless, 2cm long, flat 'tiny-finger' like growth. mine is located just to the side of my vaginal opening. it doesn't feel like anything, but it definately freaks me out. any ideas, please!?

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