why i cannot feel anything inside my ...

Berlin, NH

#1201 Apr 14, 2012
I noticed I feel it if I put razor blades in my vagina. Hopefully this helps!

Bangalore, India

#1203 Apr 17, 2012
yeh! but i still cant feel anything!


#1204 Apr 18, 2012
I hv been slping with my man 4 yrs n i was feeling him bt after we had a baby i cnt feel him

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#1206 Apr 26, 2012
in my first time, I couldn't control my discharge after 1 mins of staring.as a boy i was ashamed to my girl friend.HELP ME ANYBODY

United States

#1207 May 5, 2012
I'm 20 and I have sex with my boyfriend most likely every month or two months bc we are in long distance relation we don't get to see each other everytime.. The problem Im facing is I have never enjoy sex we been having sex for over a year already but I don't feel anything I do want to have sex but when I do I don't feel anything or is it bc his small?

United States

#1208 May 18, 2012
Sex is rythmetic , allow the penis to go deep inside and than you both move in the same direction


#1209 Jun 6, 2012
anon wrote:
hi people i am almost 18 and i have been with my boyfreind 4 a lil over two yrs now.. and we both was virgins . we lost it to each other.. i was 15 almost 16 when i lost it to him.. my first time it only hurt when he first put it in after i didnt feel anything.. i dont kno wats wrong is it that he is small???? or do i have a problem.. i dont masterbate.. he has 4 me but i also dont feel anything.. i get wet tho..????? before i got on the shot i used to get wet a lot easier.. but im off the shot now.. i need help.. im scared to see a docter.. i had a pap done and they never called me so i dont kno if i need to tell them to look for some other problem i could have... but me and my boyfreind tried did positions and nothing works.. we have talked about it he feels really bad about it and thinks it is that he is small.... i need some advise please comment back...

I have the same I don't feel anything I dunno what wrong with me and I don't wanna go to the doctors but I have been raped and something it can cause it I have sex with 2 people after and nothing me and boyfriend have been together for a year now and nothing

United States

#1210 Jun 9, 2012
staightforwardanswers wrote:
<quoted text> why would you ruin your life like that
you are stl young baby..stop!

Maryville, TN

#1211 Jun 19, 2012
So I have had sex like three times and i cant feel anything then i tried fingering myself and i still didnt we even watch porn before we do it and nothing happens because i want to get horny before we do i really dont know why i cant feel it

Morelia, Mexico

#1212 Jun 20, 2012
Omg same here!!!! I'm in a long distance relationship and my bf came 2 visit me, we had sex 2 weeks in a row at first it was a bit hard to put it in but all those times I felt nothing .. Only when he got ontop of me 1 time it felt like he was hitting my g-spot and I felt like cuming but other than that nothing.. He seems avarage size to me but idk.. I'm hoping next time he comes to visit I can fix this Problem .. It's so depressing I love him so much and I hate the sex =(..

Fremont, CA

#1213 Jun 21, 2012
who is really not fell durin sex need a big cock to penetrate and i am sure thy will fell very well


#1214 Jun 21, 2012
stranged wrote:
should i be worried? i thot it was just supposed to be like a hole... i duno how to describe it

Yep. It's your cervix, kinda like a doughnut shape? Play with it... It may feel good :)

Hannibal, MO

#1216 Jun 23, 2012
anonymous wrote:
I'm 15 and when I first started haveing sex with my boyfriend.. after about like 20 minutes I couldn't really feel him inside me, i don't really think it's something to worry about.. I think that it's because condoms tend to be really smooth and if your lubricated your not really going to feel anything...
It's a proven fact that if you put a pillow under your butt your guy can get deeper inside of you(it's a whole angle thing).. so you'll deffinantly feel him inside you then..
So don't worry if you don't feel anything I'm pretty sure theres nothing wrong with you... I'm not positive because I'm not a doctor but i wouldn't be worried
You should not be having sex your only 15 nor should you be trying to give other people advice on it!

Hannibal, MO

#1217 Jun 23, 2012
Brandon wrote:
Well let's put it this way ladies. If we date back to ancient historical times, women and men were not having sex strictly for pleasure, but for reproduction. Your body is not designed for pleasure. Consider the fact that you may be having sex too often thus making you numb or left with damaged nerves that need to be repaired. If a guy masturbates too much or has sex too often he cannot ejaculate or even feel stimulation. Men can feel it(sex) more because they have less nerves damaged during intercourse while women have more damaged during intercourse, which takes longer to repair those sensational nerves. If you guys don't have sex in moderation, the women will not enjoy it as much.[IMO]
Umm i cant feel sex at all it has nothing to do with the fact that we have sex too much becuase we have only had sex prob 4 times in a year there is just no feeling to it and my boyfriend cant ever get off eaither..

Washington, DC

#1218 Jun 25, 2012
Jessy wrote:
Hey. I'm 14 and haven't started my period. I finger myself like every week an have been doing it for about a year. I'm really worried if something is wrong with me because I can't feel anything good- it just feels like something going up there. I rub my clit and that works but I'm worried about the fingering! I'm always really wet and wanting to enjoy it but I can't. I don't want to tell my parents or a doctor! Help!
Well that's normal it's probably because you aren't using enough fingers and plus it's not the REAL Thing ,Lol

United States

#1219 Jul 2, 2012
same here... Before a few days ago,i had an intercourse with my best friend,and after few minutes i cant feel anything in vagina....Is it a big problem??My friend made a very hard sex on that day..please please help me..My vagina becamed unsensitive..help

Seoul, Korea

#1222 Jul 7, 2012
i'm too, i don't feel anything with my husband.what should i do?

Seoul, Korea

#1223 Jul 7, 2012
yah! i'm too i don't feel anything with my husband. what should i do?

Plant City, FL

#1225 Jul 7, 2012
The same exact thing has been happening to me! Like all I will feel is him going in and out! It doesn't pleasure me, or feel painful. I don't know what to do lol it's like my nerves in there are retarded or something

Calgary, Canada

#1226 Jul 16, 2012
no name wrote:
i just recently lost my virginity to one of my best friends. we couldnt seem to get it in, in certain positions we tried. so i went on top of him like sitting and i could feel like a pop. then he pulled out to like roll over and i started bleeding like alot. it was really coming out. and i got really scared. this was yesterday and today theres like small bleeding..but if i like fingered myself it would bleed alot again.....is something wrong?
you popped your cherry, its normal

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