why i cannot feel anything inside my ...

West Chester, OH

#694 Jun 5, 2010
Lemon bones wrote:
im 6 years old and im screwing evry1 and i cnt feel anything no more wat could tht mean?
what exaclt do you mean screwing ev1 like u are not a virgin?!!!!

Austin, TX

#696 Jun 8, 2010
I lost my virginity to a good friend a year and a half ago. We didn't have sex regularly. Maybe like twice a month, if even that. I've had sex with other people, one person i couldn't feel it at all.
Another person it hurt extremely bad. And the last person it didn't hurt at all but i didn't come.
I took a break from having sex for a while and i just had sex recently after 5 months of not having sex. It hurt really bad. Is it because i didn't have sex for a while or is it because i'm just too tight?
I've never come from having sex and i've had sex many times. But i do come from masturbation with a clitoris rubber. I have come once from being fingered. But is it possible to be too tight?
I read some other walls where they were talking about subconsciously clenching your muscles during sex so it hurts. What am i doing wrong?
Doctor Tom

Charleston, SC

#697 Jun 9, 2010
hello size has nothing to do with feeling your partner a woman only has one to two inc of feeling in her vagina from the open this is a proven fact
if you having problems feeling love making then it has to do with something other then size

Enfield, CT

#698 Jun 14, 2010
im 18, lost my virginity when i was about 13. i really wasnt ready for it yet.. but the guy kinda forced me.. ever since then i cnt feel anything. im with my boyfriend for over 2years now n ever since we started having sex ive never felt a thing. i cannot get wet at all, im so dry n i dnt feel a thing when were having sex. it feels just numb! n ive never in my life experianced an orgasim. i went to doctors and they said its normal but i just feel like no one understands me. my boyfriend doesnt know about ne of these problems n i pretend i enjoy it wen were having sex. but im just getting to the point i dont like have sex at all cuz i neverrrr feel anything n theres no point for me. i just sit there. he ate me out, he has finger me, he has rubbed my click n still nothing. im so stressed out. i wana b able to enjoy n love this for me n the both of us but i cnt. in need help! who shuld i really go to? mayb for exams down there or somthing>?

Kapolei, HI

#699 Jun 14, 2010
me and my boyfriend lost our virginity to eachother, at first it did hurt but after a while i felt nothing.i thought sex was gonna be fantastic and what not ut i feel absolutely NOTHING! i get frustrated at times & i dont know what or how to do it, give me some advise please,/;

Redondo Beach, CA

#700 Jun 19, 2010
yeah i feel it
way to the left

Redondo Beach, CA

#701 Jun 19, 2010
i have a question i am a virgin and im 15 almost 16
i want to have sex with my boyfriend but i dont know if he does
i want to surprise him one day but idk how
help please
and thoughts about best condom?
gypsy smith


#702 Jun 20, 2010
my man has a big one but i cant feel a thing when he is inside me.i feel it frustrates me to be so numb . i thought it was because i had three kids ,but reading this page i know its not.maybe i ll be re born a man and i can get something outa sex in my next life.
Nerdy boy

Aberdeen, WA

#703 Jun 22, 2010
Wow ur all bitches!!! Go men!!!! We only use slutts like u haha
Nerdy boy

Aberdeen, WA

#704 Jun 22, 2010
Why don't girls feel anyting but us guys do???
Nerdy boy

Aberdeen, WA

#705 Jun 22, 2010
a guys perspective wrote:
ROFL. this is hilarious. Y'all are so concerned that something is wrong, that you find like 20 reasons to explain it physically.
It's not a physical factor that is your problem here. If you were truly turned on by the guy you are with, you would feel him by excessive measures. The term "hot sex" would apply.
You stick a cucumber up there you probably won't feel much, catch my drift? Unless you are wierd and really like cucumbers...
I suggest all of you eat exorbidant amounts of chocolate the next time you sleep with yo nasty boyfriends that don't turn u on, and see wat happens.
With my girl... I know she's happy cause she tries to do all the work. If you are just layin there receiving, it isn't gonna be much to speak of.
Use your brain to focus on the "hotness" or pleasure of being with who you are with, or escalate it to pubic sex or something.
If you aren't enjoying yourself, then the problem is the dude, not your vagina wall, cervix positioning, butt positioning with a pillow, nor even the nerve count of your wall. I mean seriously.... The nerve count? We are all human, and you would have to be quite malformed to have a lack of nerve endings.
Go find yourselves a sexy man. Then come back and post and tell us you didn't feel anything. ;)
You are so right lol my gurl does the same thing. All deze girls need to find dem there prince of charming lol

Waterloo, Canada

#706 Jun 22, 2010
I want to screw u all day and night over and over text me and ill send a pic to c if I'm what u like I'm buff and have a big dick, 5174140105

United States

#707 Jun 28, 2010
wen i have sex i dont feel anything or i think i do IDK idnt moan either and we only have sex for 3mins becuz he thinks im to boring cause i dnt moan or any thing PLEASE help me is there somthing wrong with me ? am i to open (which idnt think so cause i havnt had sex alot]

Waterloo, IA

#708 Jul 1, 2010
I'm 17 and have had sex with my boyfriend of 2 years several times and never had an orgasm. I really do think that there is something wrong with me because he knows and we have tried several things and positions and nothing works. I feel him when we are but it doesn't feel good, it really doesn't feel like anything and if we go a few months without having sex then it almost feels like i'm losing my virginity again. Idk whats wrong.

San Juan, Philippines

#709 Jul 2, 2010
i am a girl wile im having sex first sex is so autch and second shoot its ok when my bf hold my breast and i feel so good and i m thinking wat is inside my vagina??????????

San Juan, Philippines

#710 Jul 2, 2010
Nerdy boy wrote:
Why don't girls feel anyting but us guys do???
hows ur sex can i join

Montgomery, IL

#711 Jul 2, 2010
Consider the following:

A very small penis in length may not penetrate deep enough. Try something larger (not necessarily another male).

If you have trouble with masturbation, make sure you are stimulating your g-spot, or it may not feel good when you finger yourself.

Hollywood, FL

#712 Jul 2, 2010
Same with me!! I'm really scared I'm 16 and my bf is normal size pls help I'm begging you. When I finger myself I still don't feel anything. Boys if you read of coment you really sick!!

Arlington Heights, IL

#715 Jul 5, 2010
I was like that for the first 5 times, then I started to feel it, and I have had it, like, 50 times.
thanks a lot wrote

Exeter, NH

#716 Jul 8, 2010
maybe you should have sex with a another girl and see if that helps it help me when we did each other she uesd all kinds of toys then we had sex with each other bf and we did each other as well then and then it was amazing i felt so good after words

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