why i cannot feel anything inside my ...

Kansas City, MO

#575 Jan 25, 2010
ummmmm cool i made a post!

Seffner, FL

#576 Jan 26, 2010
Maybe U should have more sex hoe!
Small Times

Girard, KS

#578 Jan 26, 2010
Hello, All me and my wife have been with each other for 19 years now, The more your with some one the better it gets! Because you get to know there likes and dis likes. When my wife and I have sex we use a small vibrator between us. She lies flat on her back and I'm laying on me side with her right leg over me and her left leg in between my legs. she puts the vibrator on her clitoris while I'm entering her. She says its the best she has ever had and I'm only 4 inches long!!!

Reading, PA

#579 Jan 26, 2010
intome wrote:
hi there,
me n boyfriend have been having sex for almost a month now but i cannot feel anything inside my vagina when he pushes i have tried various methods but still nothing we were jus wondering if there is a problemo with me...
You have a serios STD. I am a docter get medical help soon

Reading, PA

#580 Jan 26, 2010
You need to see a docter you have a serios STD see a docter immediatly
why is my email here

Truro, Canada

#581 Jan 27, 2010
anthony wrote:
<quoted text> ilove girls playing with them selves. i rub myself to. [email protected]
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Bristol, CT

#582 Jan 28, 2010
I tried it with my boyfriends. but couldn't get any feeling from them. So I went black and never came back. now I have 3 black babies. kill Whitey Long live black. And black penises in my white vagina.

Calgary, Canada

#583 Jan 28, 2010
I have the same thing you arw all talking about only got off once on top I have 18 month old, I can get myself off on my own no problem but sex I dont feel anything unless it hurts or something like that, I'm pregnant again, in my head I think how did this happen but really its not the matter of me getting off to get pregnant its the guy lol just suck you cant have the fun that a lot of people say they are having. Oh well I love my kids to death there is more to life than sex!

Gadsden, AL

#584 Jan 29, 2010
I have been having sex for about three years now, and I have never once felt any pleasure or pain from it.I have tried masturbating, seeing a doctor,everything. I have gotten books, read on the internet. I only have sex now for my boyfriends pleasure. He doesn't know I cant feel anything, because I don't want him to feel bad. Im tired of faking an orgasm, I wish I could feel the real thing instead of just nothing.
get that email off NOW

Summerside, Canada

#585 Feb 1, 2010
anthony wrote:
<quoted text> ilove girls playing with them selves. i rub myself to. [email protected]
If i could you profanity i would be using iT! GET THAT EMAIL OFF THAT NOT YOUR EMAIL! A**hole!

Belton, TX

#586 Feb 1, 2010
OUCH! My vagina hurts all the time! It feels like my vaginal walls are made out of wet sandpaper and when they rub, there's a very painful friction. When I run, it feels like the friction is about to start my panties on fire!

I haven't had vaginal intercourse in over a year and don't masturbate. It started around 5 months ago out of the blue. I've been giving oral and receiving anal in the last few months (because I met a guy I like, I'm not a whore!). He (my boyfriend) doesn't know that I'm having this problem. He just thinks I prefer anal sex to vaginal intercourse.

I saw my gyno twice since it's started and have normal paps. He can't find anything wrong. I'm 25 and my vagina is falling apart!!! This can't be normal! PLEASE HELP!

New Iberia, LA

#588 Feb 6, 2010
I have read a bunch of posts on this page. I sort of have the same problem. It isn't that I don't feel anything, I do but it doesn't arouse me when my boyfriend is inside me. Even without a condom there is nothing. I am smaller vaginally than the average girl, or so I've been told. And he is above average so its not like he shouldn't be able to satisfy me. And hes not too big to cause me pain either. I have only had one orgasm while he was inside me, and thats because before he stuck it in i was masturbating and right before i peaked he slid in. Other that that, even when he is inside me and one of us is stimulating my clitoris I never come. I have also only come twice when he has been eating me out. I really want to know if there is anything that can help me because his ego is being hurt and feels like its his fault he can't satisfy me. I know thats not true though because if anyone is experienced he is, and I have heard that he is very talented in bed. We have been together a year and all this is starting to cause problems. If there is anything I can do please let me know.

New Iberia, LA

#589 Feb 6, 2010
Sara wrote:
I have been having sex for about three years now, and I have never once felt any pleasure or pain from it.I have tried masturbating, seeing a doctor,everything. I have gotten books, read on the internet. I only have sex now for my boyfriends pleasure. He doesn't know I cant feel anything, because I don't want him to feel bad. Im tired of faking an orgasm, I wish I could feel the real thing instead of just nothing.
I am in the same position. I just posted my story up here. I have been faking orgasms for a year and I just told my boyfriend today the truth. I didn't want to keep lying about it and I wanted to try to fix this. But now hes upset and feels its all his fault. I really am just not aroused vaginally. and it really does suck. If i find out anything I'll come post it up here.

Bronx, NY

#590 Feb 6, 2010
I am 20 i have been having sex for three years with my boyfriend and i am completely numb inside i do not feel one thing and i have never had an org. I have no idea what to do it drives me to tears how i don't feel a thing even on the clitoris. Is there a problem leading to this?

Fort Richardson, AK

#591 Feb 7, 2010
I've never posted to chatrooms before. But I found this interesting as my husbad says that I have a big vagina, however, we still have amazing sex. I love making love to him and he makes me cum at least 3 times everytime. I did however have a similar problem before my husband... I didn't feel anything, not that I didn't feel his penis, it just didn't feel good. I finally realized that it all comes down to feelings. It's about love, that's why its called making love. Having sex is a basic instinct, dogs do it. Making love takes more than just sticking a penis in a vagina. It's about compatability and actually caring for each other. So, instead of sleeping with someone just to feel good, find someone that makes you feel good and then sleep with them. There's the difference.

Droitwich, UK

#592 Feb 12, 2010
anonymous wrote:
i am 20 i lost my virginity to my boyfriend of 7 months(but friends since we were 12) and i came once out of the many times we had sex. i come all the time when he eats me out, but when we have sex i cant seem to...can anyone help!!!
thats completely normal, every woman is different,and you wont always come through penitration alone. infact most women rarely do. this site will answer alot of questions, im not entirely sure of the exact links but browse through the video some of the stuff is really helpfull. http://sexperienceuk.channel4.com/

Ithaca, NY

#593 Feb 12, 2010
The clitoris is the woman's version of the penis, not the vagina. Women reach orgasm through sexual stimulation of the clitoris. This is a fact. You can't argue it. It's been known for decades, but sometimes people just don't want to hear facts.
Internal vaginal tissue has very low sensation. That tissues is NOT the primary location for sexual stimulation. Much of internal vaginal tissues can at times be nearly numb.
If a woman in 2010 is expecting to have an orgasm with a penis in her vagina, she is due to engage in some serious reading and research on all of this.
If any man STILL thinks that women have an orgasm with a penis inside a vagina, they are simply just plain lazy and don't want to take the time and effort to understand how to stimulate the clitoris.
NONE of this is NEWS. Why are you Americans so reluctant to understand basic sexual anatomy for both men and women???? I'm a therapist and from Ireland...one of the WORST societies in the world for sexual openness is Ireland, yet, we know all this stuff, and you Americans are still teaching your young men and women through utterly ignorant ideas that the vagina climaxes???

Seattle, WA

#594 Feb 13, 2010
This realy frustrates me! Because I been with my boyfriend for over 2 years now and i cant feel much during intercourse. I know that its in me, and i can tell when its in and out but i dont feel any sensation like he does. And I WANT THAT FEELING. it drives me nuts, but i can feel it sometimes when he fingers me but thats only sometimes. is there anything i can do to change that? like see a doctor or something?

Saint Louis, MO

#595 Feb 15, 2010
im 18 and have been having sex with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. everything has been wonderful until recently i could barely feel it anymore. i dono if im looser or what?

Jersey City, NJ

#596 Feb 16, 2010
I'm 16 and when me and my boyfriend use to have sex it was painfull but about 2 weeks ago we went wild and we heard a pop and ever since then I can't feel him ... I can feel him go in but then I get supper wet and can't feel anything at all

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