why i cannot feel anything inside my ...

Beaverton, OR

#298 Nov 28, 2008
you are a LESBIAN try outside
Kenner Girl

Destrehan, LA

#299 Nov 28, 2008
I have been dating this guy i met on a chat line off and on for eight months now. I've always been the one to break up with him because he makes jokes about prolems I face now, as well as problems i've had in the past. Yet he does alot of things that I feel are only done out of love. Some of the jokes he makes are about my weight, which i've already expressed hurts my feelings. How do I know if he is just an a**hole, who is purposely tring to hurt me or just really really immature?

United States

#300 Nov 29, 2008
Hi, i just turned 8, and back this summer, when i first had sex it was like a bomb inside me... but now that im so loose, i cant feel anything... i wish i knew what was wrong inside my vagina... i don't want to be this way forever, ya know? i love sex. i may be only 8, but its like i need it at least once or twice a week. so no "omg, shes only 8" comments, im mature for my age. and i think i can handle sex from a guy twice my age. so, good luck to you other girls.
Problem girl

United States

#301 Nov 29, 2008
to sqishie or anyone who could give good advice,
ive read some of the stuff people have said in here and i cant feel anything either when i have sex with my fiancee but i also had surgery there. I had to get the hymen cut open becuase i had a thick hymen and i was thinking that it could have been that the dr. hit nerves or something. But right now im worried i might be pregnant because we had sex without a condom 2x b4 my period and once after its only been about a week and a half but my nipples are very sensitive all the time when b4 i couldnt feel anything there and i have been eating more then usual i took a test but it came out neg. and i just think it was to soon to take it. i was going to wait till next month to try the test again. And when i had my period a couple days after i had sex it was very weird like i was bleeding for a day and a half then nothing for a whole day then id bleed the next day and then i was done. ive never had that happen b4. the dr. who did my surgery is a dr. for pregnancies also but i feel weird going there because hes a guy and i dont want to try and switch dr.s because he already knows my problems. i would just like to get some advice b4 i go to the dr. and i just started having sex the first time was the begining of this month and then right b4 my period was the second time. and i didnt know when my period was because it is not the regular count 28 or 30 days after the end of your period its just whenever it feels like. im just confused and i may be a little paranoid because i just started having sex not sure.
Problem girl

United States

#302 Nov 29, 2008
ya i just read the one about the 8 year old. YOU ARE TO YOUNG YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING WITH BARBIES AND DOLLS NOT HAVING SEX!!!!! Seriously your mother should spank you and ground your butt. You are way to freaking young to even think about that kind of stuff. and no matter how mature u think u are you are still only 8 years old and dont know anything. YOU ARE A CHILD! and having sex proves that u are NOT mature.
Sex Woman


#303 Dec 9, 2008
I am 11 yrs. old and I masturbate A LOT!!!!!!
but I wish I could see inside my vagina!
Snowed in

Galesburg, IL

#304 Dec 9, 2008
lara wrote:
I lost my vaginity to this guy he had a really nice size penis(9) inches to be exact, well I recently change sex partners and he's a lil smaller and I don't get aroused or wet, I be soo dry we try oral and that doesn't work, is there something wrong? I used to get really aroused with my first like when he would just touch me now I'm just as dry as sunny day in miami...lol..but really not funny someone help!!!
Try some lube or lubricated condoms, have him try for your g spot, maybe you should watch some porn to get your head thinking about sex( www.porntube.com ). You could also talk to your doctor about it.

United States

#305 Dec 13, 2008
Someone help me. My girl is really lose she has been with alot of guys and now we are together and it seems like there is just nothing there when we have sex.

United States

#306 Dec 13, 2008
Girls please help me I don't know what to do. See me and my girl started dating about 11 months ago and since we have been together she has cheated on me lies to me about everything. And things are not changing at all. She acts like what she did is not even that big of a deal. I love her but I don't know how much more I can take. Please help me....!
jus another gurl

Hinesville, GA

#307 Dec 15, 2008
hey i feel the same way everytime me and mi n=babi daddi have sex i kan feel when he puts it in me and it feels good but after that i feel nothin..like sometimes i feel pain but i dont feel any sensation and i makes me mad i want to be like every other girl..what kan i do to feel that sensation???


#308 Dec 15, 2008
I can't feel a damn thing. I hate it. my hand does a better job. atleast i see i am not alone.
Hayley Chapman 2490

Basildon, UK

#310 Dec 17, 2008
Hi im 17 i lost my virginity 2 months ago and i have had sex about 11 times now and i cannot feel nothing? When my boyfriend fingers me or eats me out i really get into it and cum but during sex i feel nothing but a poke on my bladder? what can i do to make me feel sex and enjoy it like im suppost to, or even whatcan my boyfriend do because he really wants me to feel what the joy of sex is. He is 9 inches and i still cant feel him?

Hollywood, FL

#311 Dec 18, 2008
girlssss.. plz do a little more research...
we actually dont have nrevous enings in our squamous cells... our vagina is just made out of that... so dont worry you wont feel anything ... thats a numb area...ALWAYS!!!
PS there are spots where you can feel something because they are near your urethra....but nowhere else...

United States

#312 Dec 18, 2008
Ohh SHIT!! haha...this is funny convo...haha...Im not exactly sure how you cant feel anything...I mean maybe in the middle of having sex..but deffently not at the begging....(What Im saying is....this is something wrong down thier)

Garden Grove, CA

#313 Dec 21, 2008
That same thing use to happened to me with my boyfriend, first time (virgin) it hurt, in between it was great, a couple of years of sex with a sex addict later i really didn't feel a thing, i felt like if he loosened me up (i know sounds nasty, but true) then i stopped having sex for about 2yrs!!! When i started againg it was the best sex ever, i dont know if my vagina went back to normal or what because it felt like is was so tight, even a lil pain, but still great. I think having too much sex is the reason for not having any feeling down there for a while, but what can you do...

Garden Grove, CA

#314 Dec 21, 2008
i cant feel anything after a couple of hours.... this new guy in my life either likes sex too much goes on for hours and hours or is taking some kind of drug, but i think that having sex for that long can cause that problem. Or maybe he's not that into me, what should i do?

Peshawar, Pakistan

#317 Dec 31, 2008
u r such a porn honey
kaykay wrote:
I've had sex two times. Once with a guy who was small..we did it two times and i felt nothing. So with one of my bestfriends who i knew was a big guy width and length wise, we had sex... but i still didnt feel anything. I'd really like to know whats going on. The only way i feel anything is if i do something myself.. I tried a dildo, and fingering.. it doesnt work. Please help.

Peshawar, Pakistan

#318 Dec 31, 2008
dont sex in these ages damn it. all r u prostitute i think so

Ashford, UK

#319 Jan 7, 2009
Hi i have been reading the comments made on this site i am 20 and have the same problem.

I have been with the same guy for a year now and have felt nothing at all during sex. It has been the same with every one else i have been with. The only way i can have sex and enjoy it is by using a vibrating cock ring on my clit without having the ring on him if that makes sense. This gets very uncomfortable as you can imagine but its the only way so far.

I have spoken to many doctors about this but they just say it will come in time or try a different position. I have tried all the positions and still nothing.

I have just had to excepted it and deal with it the best way i can.

Snow Pie

Castro Valley, CA

#320 Jan 18, 2009
jany wrote:
im 16 and i didnt feel anything at first but then i guess i started gaining confedence and it feels alot better now so probly what you are is a little stressed out idk =] but i def. think you shuold tell your partner probly he isnt doin the right thing
lol for real destined to be a welfare monkey!

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