bleeding during intercourse
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Brooklyn, NY

#171 Apr 9, 2012
It has happen twice already to me...bleeding during intercourse..the 1st time not as much..but this last time it almost cover the bownty tissue..I have no pain, no discharge or foul smell... Can anyone explain what can it be..I am scared here..I made an appt for this thurs...but just wanna see what I can hear from here till then..thanks
juggalette martinez

Cathedral City, CA

#172 Jul 9, 2012
i had sex with my boyfriend nd i wasnt on my period nd now im spotting for almost a week but im scared to go to the doctors with my mom nd she finding out i had sex im 17 nd i hope i dont get pregnant im not ready nd hes not ready either :/ idk what to do can anyone give me advise please

West Chicago, IL

#173 Aug 24, 2012
The simple thing to do is see another gynecologist because it may matter to your condition and it may save your life.

Omastrand, Norway

#174 Sep 30, 2012
No period, test negative, lightblood 1 day, then brown discharge but no need to use pad or liner only when wiping after peeing. Bled with brown discharge while sexual intercourse. Dont know what is it, can anyone help?

United States

#175 Oct 3, 2012
Hi I'm 17 me and my bf have been together for 3 months we've been sexually active for over a month btt up until two weeks ago or so I've been bleeding during intercourse. Its only happened a few times. I need to knw what's wrong !

Goshen, NY

#176 Nov 30, 2012
Every time I have sex with my bf I will notice I been bleeding during having sex? Why is that ? Heeeeeelp ?!
Wendey H

Matawan, NJ

#177 Feb 15, 2013
Bleeding during or after sex is not normal and should be addressed. While it may be due to trauma in your organs like the cervix due to sex, you can't discount the possibility of other causes. It might be an infection or an abnormal growth. It would be best to see your doctor.
vaginalmeshlawsuitcenter . u s /vaginal-mesh/complications-si de-effects/
vennessa-------- -usa


#178 Apr 17, 2013
Similar case too, seriously bleeding and it freaked my boyfriend.and am worried too. Your reply would be appreciated

Seymour, TN

#179 May 19, 2013
ange sounds like endometriosisdo lil research on this you may find this is problem mine was caused after a miscarriage same symptoms I was 10 Weeks along
fae1285 wrote:
I have a problem and unfortunately my gyno cant get me in until October 3rd. So at this point I just really want someone to talk to. But I dont want to worry any of my friends and family. My fiance is pretty much the only person who knows about all of these things. If you have any idea what this could be, or any suggestions PLEASE write me!
A little over a year ago I had a miscarriage, at 12 weeks pregnant. Then about 6 months ago I started having some problems. I started bleeding whenever I have sex, its not heavy, its actually little and brownish. But its not JUST when I have sex, I spot throught the course of every month. Having sex is the only time I know it will always happen though. Other times I cant predict when I will start to bleed, there are no signs. Its gotten so bad that I refuse to have sex and have only done it maybe 5 times in the past 6 months.
Also my periods have been very irregular. The past 2-3 months my periods have also been painful. Bad cramps and such. This month though it was so painful, I had to lay down on the floor with a heating pad and take midol for a couple of hours. I couldnt stand moving and it hurt so bad at times that I felt like I was going to cry. My fiance and the girl that I nanny for were VERY worried.
This past month around my period I started getting brownish spotting, this went on for approx 10 days, then I got the heavier bleeding like I usually do at my period, this lasted for 3-4 days. Now since the heavier bleeding stopped it got VERY light and brownish again.
Also, my abdomen has been bloated alot, its not constant though, but most of the time its bloated. Im a very tiny girl, I have never been able to gain weight regardless of the fact that I eat like a pig. But now my pant's are too tight. I have also been hungry alot. In fact almost every morning I have woken up early just because Im hungry.
The past few weeks I have also been very fatigued. It's not that Im tired, but I always feel this tiredness in the back of my mind. Like I cant concentrate. My fiance has also complained lately that I keep zoning out.
Occasionally I have also been getting slight pains in my side, but very slight and hardly ever. But this has been going on for about 4 months.
The only other thing that has happened is that I have to pee alot. I mean I wake up alot during the night to pee. And if I dont pee just about every hour, my stomach gets so bloated. Honestly it ends up looking like Im pregnant. But I cant be because I had my period so I dont have any idea whats going on. Please write me and tell me what you think.

Seymour, TN

#180 May 19, 2013
Fae1285 please also do pregnancy test even if have a period you could still be pregnant but as posted before sounds like endometriosis which is often caused by scar tissue in uteraus sometimes after miscarriages that is how I got mine very treatable and is well managed doc may want to do dnc but then it is controlled by stopping you from bleeding the more you bleed worse it gets once bleeding stopped nomore cramps etc and goes into remission if get pregnant

Canonsburg, PA

#181 Jun 29, 2013
UnKnOwN wrote:
Dear,,,i just want to ask that if i will do sex with my wife and the bleeding will start out of her vagina,,,so,,should i stop or first clean it and continue...PLZ REPLY ME....
You can continue after cleaning but being more gentle, it usually only happens when sex is new with her or you are very rough. It is up to you two whether you feel comfortable continuing, she will appreciate that you don't make it a big deal though.

Nellore, India

#182 Sep 6, 2013
Me and my wife have sex this afternoon i starting to bleed can u help

Leicester, UK

#183 Nov 13, 2013
Hi I dont want to go to the doctors as im a little scared but I lost twins the end of may bt held them until july time I now bleed everytime I have sex or even gentle sexual contact its been goin on for about 2 month now and I get pains im not sure if iv had a period in this time I havnt took notice I also bloat n my belly swels everytime I eat and im getting a little worried now any ideas anyone

Niagara Falls, Canada

#185 Jan 1, 2014
Me and My boyfriend Have been having unprotected sex and we've been together for a year now , he's 23 and i'm 17 , and i've never bled during sex before , i just got over a miscarriage 2 months ago , and had a normal menstrual cycle after the miscarriage , well when we were having sex i started bleeding a little bit , and than it stopped .
And never started again .. i also had a cist on my cervix , and never had problems with that before .. could it have popped ? or could i be pregnant again ?

United States

#186 May 17, 2014
Okay so everytime i have sex with my boyfriend i bleed, but i don't bleed afterwards. And i haven't had my period in awhile! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.

Franklin, NC

#190 Nov 30, 2014
I have 4 kids and I've never bled during sex but a couple of times until here recently. Now just about every time I have sex I bleed. Not just a tiny bit but not a whole lot either. I don't know what's wrong. Help.....
Lexis petty

North Fort Myers, FL

#191 Feb 9, 2015
I had sex with my boyfriend but it hasn't been the first time , && today was the first time bleed but it was a little didnt bleed at all again I'm kinda worry cause it has never happen
Boo bear

United States

#193 Aug 16, 2015
So I have a question. My boyfriend fingered me about a about a week ago and I started to bleed but it wasn't the first time I was fingered by him. So I thought maybe it was my hymen. About 8 days later we had intercourse for the second time and I bled a lot more and got some on the WHITE sheets and was completely embarrassed and made him stop. And i knew it wasnt my period because i ended about 2 weeks ago. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and I haven't bled since intercourse. So did I finally break my hymen? Or is this going to happen everytime?

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