cone shaped lump inside vagina

London, UK

#22 Jun 3, 2008
OMG i was worried because i thought i was the only one and had something wrong with me, but i feel so much better now after looking at the link above as it explains everything (:

Thankyou Sal really helped alot!
I can stop worrying now cos its only my cervix.

Schaumburg, IL

#23 Jun 30, 2008
Did you find out what the cone shaped lump was? I have one too and its not always in the spot where i can feel it. If you did get it checked out let mw know. My email is [email protected]
Kris wrote:
<quoted text>
Me too, it's been freaking the hell out of me! I have small hands and if I put a finger in and reach up and back there's this huge cone shaped lump... it has this weird tiny bump on the very top, and it's really scaring me. The only normal kind of thing I could think of was my cervix.... if I touch it it doesn't feel like anything and I can push back on it. It is so not where I pictured the cervix! I'm going to see the gynecologist and I hope she can help me sort this out... again it's freaking me out!!!!

Saskatoon, Canada

#24 Jul 25, 2008
Wow! i was freaking out... that article above really helped! I was worried something was wrong with me... i'm very relieved its only my cervix.:)

London, UK

#25 Jul 26, 2008
omggggggggg ive been reading loads about it but ive always been still scared its good to know everybody is the same
Ive never wanted to go get checked out coz im scared it is actually something bad haha
Im also really worried my bf will feel it :S but nobodys ever mentioned anything
ive never felt an opening though really and it seems bigger than a cherry
I dont really wanna feel because it scares me D:

Inverness, FL

#26 Aug 23, 2008
im 16 and i have a bump up in there too i tryed tellin my mom and she says its normal since its all bumpy in there but i have HPV that can cause cirvical cancer so idk what to think my boyfriend says he thinks i might be pregnant. im scared. he says its getting bigger and thats its soft up in there. wut could it 6e and could it be sereous? HELP!


#27 Aug 23, 2008
Thank you Sal, that was really reasurring. after not having sex and only being 14years old, i was worried. my aunties just have cervical cancer, but it managed to go. i was worried because i never felt it. yeah also it is really hard after i pee lol and soft when i havent...

South Africa

#28 Oct 29, 2008
Thanks so much sal i was realy worried. But i feel so much better after visiting the website. Thanks again.

Eugene, OR

#29 Nov 16, 2008
angelface wrote:
A few months ago my boyfriend noticed a cone shaped thing... that's the only way i can describe it, inside my vagina. It sometimes hurts when i have sex, even if i'm fully arounsed. But its always there, i can feel it if i put my fingers in it. Its weird and freaking me out. I've been looking around on the net for something of the sort, but can't find any info. I'm afraid i have cervical cancer or sumthing of the sort.
It definitly sounds like your cervix you are feeling. You are definitly not the only one who did not know what that was. The feeling of your cervix will change throughout your cycle. It will fill hard just like the tip of your nose feels and soft just like your lips feel. You can even feel the opening of your cervix and the many cervical fluids us females produce. A really great book to read is "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler, MPH. It is the best book to read to get to know your body. I am 28 and thought I knew all I needed to but boy was I wrong.
Regarding the pain you sometimes have during intercourse is normal. Especially when we get closer to having our period, your cervix gets more soft and is very delicate. It also talks about this in the book.

Wembley, UK

#30 Nov 25, 2008
My mind has been going crazy with worry about this cone shaped lump at the back of my vagina, I tried to forget about it but my boyfriend kept making comments which didnt help. Reading this has made me so much more at ease. Thanks everyone

Blind River, Canada

#31 Jan 7, 2009
yeh..when me and my gf uhm do it i hit somthing like what all u girls describe it hurts me but she likes it so i duno what to do and its like at least 6 inches up there... and i havnt actually found her g spot do u think its possable her g spots way up there??

Manitowoc, WI

#32 Feb 4, 2009
i have the same thing my boyfriend discoverd it and he asked me what it was and i told him it is my cervix but i dont knoe some times it hurts when we have sex when he puts my legs over his head it really hurts please help me i am really scared

Melbourne, Australia

#33 Feb 5, 2009
OMGGG I fEEL THE SAME THING. I go up with my fingers about 5cm and feel like a cherry sized lump .. WHAT IS IT.. is there something wrong with me :(

South Africa

#34 Feb 5, 2009
hell wrote"
"right when i put my finger into my vagina on the top there is like a lump that has like ridges... what is it.."
lol soz im new and dont know how to do that quote thingy. and that lump that has ridges is actually a spongy tissue AKA ur g-spot :)

Since: Feb 09

South Africa

#35 Feb 5, 2009
And about the lump all u guys are talking about its ur cervix. try searching pictures of the cervix and ul ee u can actually feel it inside ur vagina and even feel around ur cervix. This is the best pic i could get to illustrate to u guys.

Stockport, UK

#36 Feb 20, 2009
hell wrote:
right when i put my finger into my vagina on the top there is like a lump that has like ridges... what is it..
It's your g-spot, should be rigid and soft.
Em N

Southfield, MI

#37 Feb 25, 2009
It is NOT your cervix, it is something called the os. If it was your cervix it would be able to open up into your uterus, and from what I can gather, the quarter sized shape you were describing does not. If you click on the link that Kris posted, it will help you understand it better.
Common Sense

Covina, CA

#38 Apr 19, 2009
IT IS NOT YOUR CERVIX. The Cervix is 5 to 7 inches deep give or take. Iv felt the same cherry sized lump in my girlfriend only about 2 inches deep. it can be moved slightly and it dosnt hurt. It has soft ridges. it is not felt during intercoarse. She wouldnt of known it was there if i hadnt told her cause she cant feel it. shes 20.
Common Sense

Covina, CA

#39 Apr 19, 2009
Its not your g-spot either genius.
Common Sense

Covina, CA

#40 Apr 19, 2009
oh u right my bad wrong issue


#41 Apr 19, 2009
The position of the cervix changes throughout the month. It is at the lowest right before you menstrate. It also can be moved from side to side a bit. It also depends on what postion your body is in when you check it. If you are in a bent position, it can feel lower. It can get irritated after intercourse because of the penis hitting it.

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