Lump inside vagina

Sheffield, UK

#548 Sep 21, 2009
I have a lump, in my vagina that when touched doesnt feel like its attached to me, like theres no feeling, but this is definately there, it way high at the back, I also suffer with repeated lower back ache and wee quite a bit.

Leechburg, PA

#549 Sep 23, 2009
I fixed my butt problem.. so that is now a non issue for me.. It was a simple matter of probiotics after the stupid doctors that caused the problem could not figure it out.. finally I did from frustration.. now I am healthy.

Now on to the vag questions by nadine and slightly worried and JCurtis..

Could be cysts.. and that is usually benign or harmless. Neither one of you should have pain or problems .. that is not normal. and Jcurtis.. all of you need to see a doctor.. don't be scared.. be scared to get your answers off of the internet. It is your body.. empower yourselves and be bold and go talk to a doctor. I assure you the staff and the physician have seen it all and there is a high likelyhood that it is not your fault anyways.. but things happen.. we all have sex.. don't be embarrassed.. have it properly evaluated.. Ignoring it ill only cause more problems in the future.. and besides.. ignoring it could have an outcome of cancer or infertility at worst.. and wouldnt it be better to find out that you have nothing wrong and it is something simple like a cyst from a small infection, past injury or something like that. I know you may be embarrassed.. but again.. It is your body... Take care of it .. you have a long life ahead.

Good luck and please don't be scared... Oh.. and to the one gal.. if your mum usues it against you then she is a terrible mother and ignorant herself.. no parent wants to see there child suffer. Talk to her as a daugher needing guidance for a health issue that you dont understand. You don't have to admit to her you have had sex.. and the Doctor is obligated to confidentuality to you as the patient. Remind the Doctor of this fact no matter what the mother wants to know. He or she will help you through this. Just tell your mum that you have had some bleeding and think you should be checked. That is a reasonable request and occurance for women your age.


#550 Sep 23, 2009
mary boo wrote:
i have a lump inside my vagina, and it burns before during and after i pee? i think it may be something with my bladder because it hurts before i have to pee.i had a std check about a year ago and it was good and ive had sex with the same person. my boyfriend also said nothing burns him when he pees.what could i have?
I woke up this morning and felt the same thing, I do not think I have a bladder infection but Ihad pain after urinating, so I felt around and found just inside my vaginal opening a lump that I can stick my finger behind. It is sudden and was not there last week! I wish people could share answers! If you have been to the doctor for this please help. I cannot go to a dr right away because i am in a country that does not speak English!

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#551 Sep 23, 2009
It may be a really bad bacteria infection, a cyst, or possibly some form of HPV. It's spreading rapidly among the younger generation you know? I think it's always a good idea to get things checked out down there if you're feeling any discomfort or have been sexually active. These days sex is more of a risk than pleasure... In my opinion, it's not really worth it to have sex with more than one partner. And, even doing that poses risks because that person could be unfaithful. I'm getting off topic... so I'll wrap this all of you young ladies with a "mysterious" lump on the inside of your vagina NEEDS to go to the gyno because that area is nothing to play around with. After all, if some problems/diseases/cysts go untreated you can become unfertile, become very ill, or possibly even die from bacteria. Get checked out no matter how embarrassing it may be because, believe me, being embarrassed is most definitely worth finding out what's wrong!

Cambridge, Canada

#552 Sep 26, 2009
i have found a lump on the left side of my vagina. it feels like a cherry. i have been have a lot of sex latley but it still hurts when my partner originally puts it in. i was wondering if i should make a doctors appt?

Saint Albans, UK

#554 Oct 7, 2009
i have a lump my virgina its a fleshy lump an it hurts when i push down on it. it isnt my cervix, but i dont no what it is can someone help me i am only 13 and have not yet started my period. is this because of the lump?

Alexandria, UK

#555 Oct 8, 2009
Hey guys just leaving a quick message, was on here a while ago bcoz i found lots of fleshy type lumps inside my vagina on the top wall. Went to the docs today and turns out its not an std ( as i thought it might be genital warts ) but turns out its vestibular papillae, found in a third to half of women. Thought id put this up here incase it helps others :) xx

New Rochelle, NY

#556 Oct 9, 2009
Anon wrote:
during my period when i use a tampon and remove it, it comes out in a funny shape...its always pushed in at the top on one side. and i can feel a lump far inside my vagina on the left side. what is it, should i be worried???
I noticed the same thing. I noticed the bump about a year ago but have been too scared to go to a gyno. Its about a finger lengths up and it has a slit across the middle. I can also feel that its longer but i can't reach that far. It hasn't grown in size but I feel small sharp pains (not so often). Like everyone here has stated mine is also more on the right side. My sister told me that her friend would get lumps inside her vagina, not sure about the slit, but that they were only cysts( not sure what kind). Then she told me I should only worry when there's discharge and foul smell. I googled the symptoms for cervical cancer, because thats what I feared it was/is, and I found that they were indeed foul smell, discharge and spotting. Nothing about lumps or pains or lumps with slits across to be specific. Since I have yet to see a doctor I shouldn't be saying its nothing but if all of us have the exact same lump, wouldn't you think its normal? I've also been a bit of a hypocondriac lately! Any little thing; a twich, a pain, a spasm, anything you name it i'll automatically thing the worst. I know that sometimes when you believe you have something your brain tricks the body into showing symptoms. But again, I can't be sure of anything. Just that too many of us are describing the same thing. If anyone has any feedback from a gynocologist please let us know!

Brighton, Australia

#557 Oct 10, 2009
i have a lump in my vagina, and it hurts when i have sex most of the timeeee but other times i can feel it when i sit down orr sometimes it throbs, what is it?

Stamford, CT

#558 Oct 13, 2009
tinbee wrote:
i think adolescent sex education classes do us a great disservice by offering illustrations of a perfectly straight vagina that dead-ends into a cavernous uterus, after passing through a small cervix passageway. the truth of the matter is, the cervix, which does, in fact, contain a passageway into the uterus (called the ox), extends through a side wall of the vagina. it is very rare for the cervix to protrude from the END of the vagina, as it appears to do so in all illustrations. just about everyone can feel the cervix, and it varies in shape and size. so re-draw your mental maps of what our reproductive system looks like. think of the cervix as a straw that pokes into the vagina so to (hopefully) catch a few sperm.:-)
wow this makes alot of sense. mine pokes out of my vaginal wall and if i push on it i can feel it extend backwards. I remember feeling this bump when i was younger but it was farther back. I don't know how its easier for me to feel it now but then again I am a woman now. everyones describing about the same thing(when it comes to the cherry size lump with a hole or slit across it) so It really may just be or cervix. then again we all should see a gyno once or twice a year to give us peace of mine

Streatham, UK

#559 Oct 15, 2009
i recently pushed my fingers into my vagiaa and at the top i can feel a cherry sized lump it doesnt hurt at all cant feel it infact ..hasnt been affecting me in anything...i havnt had sex yet ether...does anyone know what this could be? or to reasure me that its normal or do i book up a appointment with my doctor..but im embarassed to do so as i am young...please help me!!

Saskatoon, Canada

#560 Oct 18, 2009
I have a lump inside my vagina, its about the side of a chashew, it seems to be attached to the wall. Its about 2-3 inches in from my opening on my left side. its doesnt hurt but it seems to get in the way because i hit it. I have never had intercoarse before. So is this bump alright?

Athens, OH

#561 Oct 28, 2009
english wrote:
okay so i stuck somthing up my vagina to see what sex felt like and i'm over due on my period like i havn't had one and im worried that i might be pregant. is that possible?
uless you got semen all over what you stuck in your vagina, then NO
preety girl

United States

#562 Oct 29, 2009
i just saw a bump in my vagina iam so scare to tell my parents what could this b...please answer
preety girl

United States

#563 Oct 29, 2009
there no way you could get pregnant sweetie because the thing you put in your vagina dont have sperm which only a male and a female have...da only thing you have to worry about is bacteria..if the thing that u put in it was dirty if its clean den u straight
hellooo wrote:
<quoted text>
uless you got semen all over what you stuck in your vagina, then NO

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

#564 Oct 31, 2009
I have a small lump on the inside of my vagina and I just noticed it yesterday. It is sensitive but I am in the middle of the flu. Would that have anything to do with it? Please answer quickly...

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

#565 Oct 31, 2009
I have this lump of the inside of my vagina. It is sensitive to touch and is discomforting to sit. I am also in the middle of the flu. Would this have anything to do with it? Please answer quickly.

Darmstadt, Germany

#566 Oct 31, 2009
Im 15 and i'm WAY too embarrassed to talk about it to anyone;
I feel this "lump" on the wall inside my vagina, but its really strange. It feels like a long thick fleshy strip of skin... it doesn't hurt at all and i dont feel a thing. I don't even notice it's there. However it does get in the way, and its weird... i'm not sexually active either... help? anyone?

Orland Park, IL

#567 Nov 1, 2009
I'm a guy, and I can assure you all that it's all normal. It's either your cervix or g spot. All girls have em and they're helpful for pleasuring

Lamoni, IA

#568 Nov 2, 2009
samantha wrote:
I was recently doing a check on the inside of my vagina. Just feeling around to see if there was anything out of the ordinary and really deep in my vagina straight back I found a lump on what I think is my cervix(it is a cone type thing) and it is about the size of a pea. It is hard and it hurts whenever I push on it. what could that possibly be?
I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I've got the same thing happening right on the lip of it, hard and the size of a pea. I've had this happen before in the same spot, but it goes away after a few days. But then it comes back to haunt me several months later. does anyone know what that is?

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