Lump inside vagina

Fritwell, UK

#195 Sep 3, 2007
Thank you!
I'm 19 and have the exact same thing, and as I'm a virgin I thought it could have been something real bad, I have a doctors appointment anyway, but thank you, you've managed to stop me from worrying so much!
hales wrote:
i went to the doctor and found out that the little ball i was feeling is my cervix and the reason my boyfriend felt it in sex and just in general was because i wasnt sexually stimulated they said when you are sexually stimulated your cervix goes up and when your not it hangs down they said that during the day it always hangs down and that is normal...i just thought this would be useful information for someone...i went through invasive exams to find out that everything is normal and where it is suppost to be just my luck right?...i hope i save someone some trouble!:)

Fritwell, UK

#196 Sep 3, 2007
I have exactly the same thing... worrying.
mel wrote:
<quoted text>
I have that too, I'm 18, anyone no wat it is???

Sterling, VA

#197 Sep 5, 2007
erics wrote:
<quoted text> who="ALex"]im only 16 and im wondering is it really safe to stick ur finger in your vagina?
i have that same thing and i'm only 17, what should i do
It is safe to do it... a lot of women do it. If your worry about dirtyness, wash your hands before you try it. But honestly, if your not comfortable, dont do it, your dont need to be inside yourself to get pleasure... and trimming your nails might be a good idea...^^ just incase

Chesapeake, VA

#198 Sep 7, 2007
i'm only 16 and i don't feel comfortable talking to my mom about this. i've been having a lot of trouble lately; spotting, swelling, missing periods, and i also sometimes bleed during sex. i'm very comfortable with my boyfriend so he's the only one i talk to about these things. i asked my mom about getting an appt with the gynocologist. she should be making it soon. last night when my boyfriend and i had sex it was much different than normal. it was much more intense than usual. afterwards i got really scared. i was very sore and i felt around a bit and it was almost as though something had ripped right near the entrance. i've also had a lump inside it that hasn't gone away. i have long nails and i accidentally scraped against it once and it hurt for a long time. i'm very scared. if anyone thinks they can help at all please e-mail me. my e-mail is [email protected] thank you

Montgomery, AL

#199 Sep 8, 2007
i am 37 years old. and still never had sex yet, and really wont to experience it. Should i sell myself on the streets as a prostitute? or rape a drunk guy?

please w/b

Rokeby, Australia

#200 Sep 12, 2007
i have a large painful lump on the outer part of my flap on my vagina. it really hurts when i walk, sit or anything.
it is large in size and it feels like there is a lump inside?
am i ok?
what do you think it may be?
please help me

Lafayette, NJ

#201 Sep 15, 2007
holly wrote:
on the left side of my vagina there is a lump that sticks out and is putting pressure on bladder making me need to urinate every 2 minutes but am too embarrassed to get it checked out at the doctor as i am only 15
Umm i have the same thing you have and im so confused i didnt have it last night when i went to bed but i woke up 2 it being there did u ever figure out what it is?

Fitzroy North, Australia

#202 Sep 18, 2007
i can feel a lump up on my cervics and a bigger lump beside it should i be concerned

Oviedo, FL

#203 Sep 19, 2007
i found a lump under the skin of my left vaginal wall/lip. It kind of sticks out. i can not reach it if i stick my fingers inside of my vagina. It kind of a really bad pimple aches. I am 16 and had sex for the first time about 3 months ago. If it was some sort of std it would have showed up much sooner right? I can not tell my mom she would kill me!!! And i cant go to the doctor alone! Can ANYONE help me????? Im really scared!!!=[[


#204 Sep 23, 2007
I am really worried, at the entrance of my vagina, there is a small lump with layers of skin around it... I cant even see my vagina hole if that makes sense... i am really worried!
Daisy Mae


#205 Sep 26, 2007
I have this lump on the inside of my vagina as soon as my fingers go in, it is semi-hard and when i press on it it just seems like is just a pressure point. It does not hurt or anything, and could never seem to have an orgasim when i had sex with my last boyfriend. What do you think all of this means?

Ottawa, Canada

#206 Sep 28, 2007
blister of some sort inside my left vagina its not sore but its the size of a cherry very concerned feels funny when i touch it

Innisfil, Canada

#207 Sep 28, 2007
i have a lump of fluid like inside of my virgina please can you help me dos't hurt but its the size of a cherry

Tulare, CA

#208 Sep 29, 2007
I was feeling around today, minding my own business. Then i noticed a lump, on my left side of my vagina(near the top). And i was reading around and i might be having too much sex, but i only do it like twice a week. I'm scared, i think i have a cyst and too afraid to see a doctor because i am embarrassed. Help?

Dallas, TX

#209 Oct 4, 2007
First Off, let me tell everyone that a Gynocologist looks at your vagina like a physician looks at a broken arm. Your vagina is nothing more than a body part. Going to the gynocologist is not sexual, you dont need to be embarrased. Having a woman makes things less scary. But GIRLS....PLEASE KNOW, you are not alone, many things you find in your vagina are supposed to be there. Worrying about things will just make what your feeling increase. For young girls, go on the internet and look up planned parenthood. They are a great resource to go through. If you cant go alone, and your too afraid to ask your mom, talk to a school nurse. She may be able to talk to your mom. And when all else fails, and your too afraid to tell your mom about a bump or lump or some other thing involving your vagina, just tell her your having pains in your lower abdomen...this will lead the way for a doctor to say you need to go to a gynocologist, and then it wasnt you idea at all it was a doctors... BUt, let me finsih by saying, your mom will NOT get mad at you or think bad of you..She most likley will love the fact that you and her have something that you only feel comfordable talking to her about. You both have a vaginas and trust me your mom knows that you will need to see a gyno. eventualy..JUST TELL YOUR MOM, she will take care of you!! Dont be ashamed, even if you think you might have an std, now days they are treatable and no biggie..Your mom will just be glad you are safe and healthy and checked out.. Plus after you tell your mom and go to the gyno you and her will be alot closer!! Good luck GIRLS, and never feel embarresed about the gyno. All you are is a paitent, your not gonna be talked about, since there will be another girl in the room right after you!!

London, UK

#210 Oct 9, 2007
hello! ive had a problem for nearly a year now, but it if feels like someone has hold of my waist and is just squeezeing it i have a pain all around my lady bits ive been to the docs and they think ive done something to my spine, but i think different, it also feels like i have something 'hanging' just inbetween my vagina. im worried about a prolapse pleaseeee leave a comment anything will be taken gladly thanxs!!!
Penny Jane

Alexandra, Australia

#211 Oct 10, 2007
holly wrote:
on the left side of my vagina there is a lump that sticks out and is putting pressure on bladder making me need to urinate every 2 minutes but am too embarrassed to get it checked out at the doctor as i am only 15
I know what you mean I've got that same type of thing. A lump on the leftish side of my vaginal wall ist pretty big too about the size of a cherry. When i press on it I can sort off feel that it connected to something kinda. But yeah my boyfriend and I muck around and pretty much everytime hes finguered my for the last month or so I've bled. Not heaps but enough to piss me off. The first time it happened I figured it was just my cherry popping now it keeps happening and I'm getting a bit worried.
Im 15 too and am too scared to ask anyone for help and if I did who? It would instigate the whole "how do you know it bleeds?" and I dont want my mum to know all my ins and outs with my boyfriend.
Penny Jane

Bedford, UK

#212 Oct 11, 2007
i have found a lump on the front wall of my vagina. i have no idea what is it. it doesnt cause any discomfort and i have had it for over a year now. to emabarrased to go the the doctors but now im in a relationship where im having sex on a regular basis and im worried my boyfriend knows its there and doesnt know what to say. what is it? is it normal in all women?

West Point, MS

#213 Oct 12, 2007
jenny17uk wrote:
can u help me please im really scared iv found a lump just on ma vagina it kinda hurts to touch and i dont know what it is i am soo scared please if u can spread sum light on this for me thanks

ok go see a gyno. cuzi have the same thnig but it doesnt hurt
Nicole Riley

Wentzville, MO

#214 Oct 16, 2007
I have a lump on the left side of my vagina lip. it's about the size of a cashew nut. I have never encountered something like this, i tried to squeeze it like a ingrown hair , but nothing really came out, it seems to have gotten a little bit bigger, i;ve only had it for a few days, but im wondering what it could possibly be. It hurts to put pressure on it so what can i do besides go to the doctor?

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