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#46 Sep 22, 2009
I have a male ob/gyn and I have respect for myself!!!! Thats very rude of you to say and yyou should keep unhelpful comments to yourself. In fact the two main OB/GYN's I have had are both men. I visited a female gyno and switched doctors because she was cold and callused., not because it was "gay". People be nice. Everyone is different in there beliefs and feeling and you do not need to"bash" b/c your different.
If a doctor begins to call you sweetie and smile he is most likely trying to calm you down. We weren't in there, so no one on this forum could tell you rather or not you should be concerned. If you still feel uncomfortable switch doctors, but DO NOT stop going! Vaginal care is very important, but you should feel comfortable while seeing you doctor.
My Doctor allows my husband to come along to my visits, in fact he talks him through what he is doing. If you have a problem with your wife's doctor discuss it with your partner and then maybe with her doctor.

Mesa, AZ

#47 Sep 22, 2009
Hopsond wrote:
Juliet, you are a good woman with self respect and a high opinion of yourself. You have pride, dignity and MORALS. You know things these people don't know. Like the perverted ways of a man who violates a woman to obtain his own sick gradification. You have knowledge and experience that the others don't...and that qualifies you to tell the truth about what you know. I am proud that I have a good woman like you as a wife. May God bless you.
I doubt you have ever been to a ob/gyno. Stay on topic you preachy hag

Wewahitchka, FL

#49 Sep 23, 2009
If you truly think your doctor is being abusive in some manner report it. If you have a bug up your ass because you hate the opposite sex deal with it or dont go to the doctor. Why do people stereotype (all men or all women). And Heather is saying that if your going to stereotype all male gyne's to be perverts.... then all women gynes might as well be lesbian. And Wayne... have you ever asked your doctor if your husband should come? Why would he ask you... thats retarded! He does not have an appointment with your hubby.... what business does he have inviting him along? For tea??!?!? WTF! I wouldn't say, "Hey, can my girlfriend come in while I get this colonoscopy done?" Scout... thats awful and had you known you should have reported it. Unless your doctor is ACTUALLY doing something like that... no need to hate. They may not be morally above others... but they probably are more intelligent than most... especially the group I am seeing in this forum!


#50 Sep 23, 2009
M-T-King wrote:
<quoted text>
what the F*** is wrong with you?
i'm not sure what my condition is called but it doesn't harm anyone. thanks for you comments though, i was worried no one had read mine. cant wait for 30 sept when we go back, wife has promised to wear stockings and a thong to tunrn him on, god im so hard thinking about it. incidentally, if you do know the name of my condition, share it with me.

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#51 Sep 23, 2009
Hello all:
I understand where all of you are coming from when it comes to such a touchy issue. Personally, I have had bad experiences with female doctors. I honestly think men make better decisions and don't read into situations more than they should. I will say this though, when it comes to a gynecologist, I refuse to have a male doctor examine me because I feel like my body is private and sacred. I agree with some of the other women on here that doctors do enjoy the authority and power they have over their patients, and I'm sure some men do go into that profession to fulfill some kind of sexual desire. I'm sure there are those that don't as well, but why take the chance. This is not to say that ALL male gynecologists are nasty and perverted, but I personally don't think a Medical degree and 8+ years of college education makes a person any better or less sinful compared to the next guy. As the bible states, we are all born into sin; meaning we are all sinners. It's hard to assume that a male gynecologist is not having "dirty" thoughts when looking at an attractive female. Afterall, females give off pheromones, their smell, etc could give way to a male gynecologist having sexual thoughts. That to me is just absolutely sickening, and I know that I would feel "dirty" if I allowed a male doctor that is more or less a stranger touch me in such private parts. This is just my opinion, and I am not trying to talk down to anyone. I cannot help the way I feel. Afterall, women are subjected to sexual abuse all the time, and it's nothing to take lightly.

York, ME

#52 Oct 13, 2009
Yeah this is old but what made you want to be a gyno in the first place? You've gotta admit its a little sketchy for a guy to decide to examine female parts for a job
jamarious wrote:
i am a gynecologists and a male i have been insulted by some comments left by clients of my peers and collegues i personally take no pleasure in examinig a woman not that i am saying no men in my field do but there is the fact that perverts take on all forms in society next theyll start saying adult males shouldnt examin children telling the truth i am a gay male i took this job on oath that i would uphold the moral and ethics instilled in me thruogh my med school training and my upbringing as a child i am personnally insulted that any one would assume without proper cause that a doctor was doing immoral deeds within the confines of his work simply because he was a male

Perth, Australia

#53 Oct 27, 2009
I get turned on when i am examined by a male Gynecologist, is there any other girls that feel the same?


#54 Nov 10, 2009
I think women who go to male gynecologist are just immoral, adultery or are socially misconduct, they don't have any norms or morality, principally those who are married. Same for men.

God ordered that your husband only have the right to you naked and even if you take gynecologist as a professional, but after all he is a human being, have emotions and can get exited. How can you let other men touch you?

What is so humiliating is that when your husband accompany you to the gynecologist, and the latter tell your husband to wait outside, in the meantime he is playing with his wife vagina, how will he feel the poor? A cuckhold?

If a woman get treated by a female gynecologist, this will not humiliate your husband and even if the female gynecologist is a lesbian without your notice, her reaction will be different with a women, a gay woman or man get exited with their partners only, because they are mentally ill!

In brief, even with a lesbian gynecologist, you'll be secure and no risk of absurdity because they'll feel ashame to demonstrate that they are gay.

Capon Bridge, WV

#56 Nov 20, 2009
Wayne wrote:
Heather makes the exam a sexual thing saying that woman must be lesbian, this is crazy. I beleive that gynaecologists should encourage partners to be present during the examination, this will alleviate a lot of stress caused by these exams. I have asked a gynae about this and the answer was that its personal between the doc and patient (thats my wife and i am paying, so its a customer)This privacy makes it even worse, and most woman dont understand that. Woman gynaes are definately a better option.A man is a man, and I love my wifes body and know that he sees naked woman all day, but when it comes to my woman it irritates me, CAN ANY MALE GYNAE ANSWER WHY THEY DONT ASK WOMAN TO BRING THERE HUSBANDS ALONG
because it makes it even worse, especially while you're watching the doctor is smiling as he is rubbing his fingers together and staring at your woman's private parts

Capon Bridge, WV

#57 Nov 20, 2009
because it makes it worse when you watch, when the doctor has a little grin on his smug little face as he rubs his fingers together and gleems at your woman's private parts. kinda makes you want to slit everyone's throat in there and only your wife and expectant little one is stopping you. it's almost like she cheated on you, especially when she says it's no big deal and she's comfortable with it

Dallas, TX

#58 Nov 20, 2009
Carolyn38 wrote:
I am 38 years old and was having some issues and sent to a male gyn who I have never seen before.
He seemed to take longer to do the internal part and when I was tense he just kept calling me sweetie and smiled. I am sure he was enjoying himself and I think that is sick and innapropriate and other opinions?
I thought we could trust doctors?
i think your issue is psych lady. for one you are 38? honey, the cows went home a good while back. did you graduate from high school? inappropriate question? i am sure the only thing he was 'enjoying' is his fee.

Dallas, TX

#59 Nov 20, 2009
take my word, please. you seen one, you seen 'um all. you don't want details. ask any doc.

High Point, NC

#60 Nov 20, 2009
Hopsond wrote:
Justfy it all you want. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. A man with no matter how much education is still a man and has no business looking upon or touching a woman in that manner. It should be against the Law. A woman who would let a strange man do that to her is immoral.
I hope when you have a cyst burst and need emergency surgery that the hospital will be able to find you a female surgeon in time. You are an idiot, not all men are pervs but professional.

High Point, NC

#61 Nov 20, 2009
wvmaurice81 wrote:
because it makes it worse when you watch, when the doctor has a little grin on his smug little face as he rubs his fingers together and gleems at your woman's private parts. kinda makes you want to slit everyone's throat in there and only your wife and expectant little one is stopping you. it's almost like she cheated on you, especially when she says it's no big deal and she's comfortable with it
You have some serious issues, its not like anything. Shes getting checked out to make sure that your little one will be delivered safely. It is no big deal, the issue is you.


#62 Nov 21, 2009
I know that smug look and little smile male doctors get for that exam down there. They always stare once I'm in the stirrups. The doctor I go would remember my private parts when he saw them but probably would not recognize my face.

But hey, it doesnt matter to me what he is thinking as long as he doesnt do anything strange. I cant control peoples minds. I'd rather have him have his attention on my private parts as that is what I am there for than his golf game or his stocks.
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#63 Nov 21, 2009
Speaking from experience, I know for a fact that men can and do get excited from time to time while examining females. I have spoken to my male colleagues and they report similar experiences. One male colleague of mine told me that he has gotten erections while doing exams. He has on occasion refused to exam patients because of intense sexual attraction. He is well liked and well respected by his patients.

Another colleague of mine referred to a patient's vagina a beautiful box. Why do I mention these things? Because it is not uncommon. A woman has no way at all of knowing because she cannot possibly read his mind. Most doctors have learned to hide their feelings very well, otherwise they would not last long on the job.

I know you male gyno lovers will never change. My wife goes to a female doctor for gyn exams and always will. I have since given up the practice of gyn exams because I know they are wrong (for me) and there are too many good alternatives these days unlike 20-30 years ago.

Keep on you male gyno lovers perpetuating the myth that doctors are immune to sexual attraction during gyno exams. It just isn't true.

Been there, done that.

Martinez, CA

#64 Nov 30, 2009
the first time i ever went to a gyno it was a woman.everything went well and when it was time to do another annual visit and a male gyno assisted me. he never asked if i wanted a female nurse present, which i didnt know they were supposed to do.the whole time he was examining me he kept making comments like "wow, you have a very nice stomach" or "do you workout and are you from the area?" it made me feel so uncomftorable that i coulndt wait until it was over. then at the very end of the examination he kept touching sensitive parts of me, i felt like this wasnt right at all and i felt violated. after this experience i have NEVER trusted male doctors for anything. i request female doctors and i would never again risk going back to a male doctor. I dont understand why a man would respectivey want to examine vaginas for a career. i dont understand why it OK for women to let men do this. i just want to let all women know that if you have ANY self respect at all, GO TO A FEMALE GYNO, there is no reason not to.why risk being violated like i was


#65 Dec 1, 2009
Susanne -- just say no. These people are predators and should NOT be practicing medicine.

Not not all are that way. I work in the health sciences researching the genetic links to illnesses so I have many colleagues who are doctors.

One male gyno I know does it for the love of women and, well is a pervert. I would not want my wife seeing such a man.

One does it since he has been fascinated by conception and birth. He enjoys births and puts up with the rest. His patients love him. I would be very comfortable with my wife seeing him.

The third is in between. When he started he told me that it was a bit of a power trip as he gets to see and touch women in ways that some will not even let their husbands do. In Japan, it is illegal to show the details of a women's private anatomy so for a male doctor it is seeing something very private. Now he says he is use to the exam and is all business as he deals with many patients who are ill. But he gets aroused by a sexy patient so even with good intentions he is still a man.

Funny though my wife's friend told me that she went to a female gyno and this women was always talking about her partner. She was gay. So pick a doctor who gives you good treatment and dont stand for some creep.

Capon Bridge, WV

#66 Dec 2, 2009
it's almost like women are being unknowingly raped. i've heard ssome people say that the doctors really don't like their jobs that much that they eventually get tired of seing all of those women, but i figure if that's the case, these guys have enough education and, probably enough money by that time, that they could do something else

Capon Bridge, WV

#67 Dec 2, 2009
also, as far as having a female nurse in there with them, when my wife was 4 weeks out, actually a little more than, one of her male doctors, there were 4 and you had to go to all of them, anyway he checked her for dilation and had no nurse with him to do this. the same doctor, after she had the baby came into her room, i was asleep on the couch, and i heard him talking, he was getting ready to check in her underwear, when i turned my head over and he jumped, he didn't finish checking and he turned around and left. she says he may not have seen me, but this is a dark blue couch and i am a 260 lb white man without a shirt on laying there, and possibly snoring. now if he didn't know i was there and he is facing my direction, if he is that unobservant, do we really want this guy doing medical work?

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