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Goderich, Canada

#1 May 31, 2008
I am 38 years old and was having some issues and sent to a male gyn who I have never seen before.
He seemed to take longer to do the internal part and when I was tense he just kept calling me sweetie and smiled. I am sure he was enjoying himself and I think that is sick and innapropriate and other opinions?
I thought we could trust doctors?

United States

#2 Oct 28, 2008
I am not a fundamentalist. I am actually a Southern Baptist. We need to stop assuming that the medical industry can do anything. Medical professionals often do things such as abortions that are against Godís will. I encourage you to look at Leviticus 18. It prohibits you to be naked in front of the opposite sex. It is strange that women are told as kids after a certain age that they cannot let men including their fathers see them. Then they are told later that they need to submit to intimate exams by a male doctor. Thatís sickening. Male gynecologists are not above men morally. They are men like other men.





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Fredericksburg, VA

#3 Nov 19, 2008
Women who agree with how gynecology is today and think it's ok to be examined by a man in the way they still do it, is because these women do not have respect for themselves, that's why.





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Chesapeake, VA

#5 Dec 8, 2008
No offense or anything, but I find male gynos to be kinda pervish.
That's just my opinion.

West Chicago, IL

#6 Dec 8, 2008
Every kind of doctor comes in both genders these days which is how it should be.

Has your husband ever had a female GP or have you ever taken one of your sons to a female pediatrician?

Well if you have, guess what? Those female doctors have examined their penises and have stuck their fingers up your mens' scrotums while having them turn their heads and cough.

In all cases this stuff is just part of these doctors' jobs, and it's no big deal.





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Arab, AL

#7 Jan 12, 2009
Justfy it all you want. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. A man with no matter how much education is still a man and has no business looking upon or touching a woman in that manner. It should be against the Law. A woman who would let a strange man do that to her is immoral.





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West Chicago, IL

#9 Jan 13, 2009
Hopsond wrote:
Justfy it all you want. A man is a man and a woman is a woman. A man with no matter how much education is still a man and has no business looking upon or touching a woman in that manner. It should be against the Law. A woman who would let a strange man do that to her is immoral.
Well let's think this through...

Up until this present generation female doctors were a VERY rare thing, so for the last couple of centuries MALE doctors must have been delivering almost all the Western World's babies.

I guess in your book that would mean that just about everybody's mother, grand-mother, and great-grand-mother, et al were "immoral" women. Right?

Do you also think that men and boys are "immoral" if they allow female doctors give them complete examinations? Or do you subscribe (as I suspect) to some sort of double standard on the issue?





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United States

#10 Jan 14, 2009
wow. i believe almost all of you are retarded. except for matthew and jamarious.

Flushing, NY

#11 Jan 20, 2009
Male gynecologists make innappropriate comments and are oppoptunists when examining their female patients. It happens everyday. They know what they are doing when they are in med school. The oath doesn't mean anything. Eventually every male gynecologist will make errors. Ladies, if you don't want this to happen to you, go to see any of the growing number of female gynecologists that are practicing now. There is a reason the majority of females prefer a female provider. I just wish people would stop believing that doctors are somehow above the average person morally. When women are spreading their legs to a male doctor like this, it's creating a situation of potential abuse. This is the truth.

Earlwood, Australia

#12 Jan 26, 2009
I don't believe sending a man to medical school changes the nature of the beast.
I worked at the Medical Board as a young lawyer and was shocked and angered by the things I heard...
I don't see male doctors for anything...

There are lots of reasons why men become gynaecologists - I believe some enjoy the power and control, access and opportunity over womens bodies, some enjoy the gratification that comes from simply doing their job, so don't need to step over the line - the invasive nature of the exam is enough for them - some like humiliating women, some dislike or hate women...
I'm now suspicious of the REAL motives for male doctors to choose this branch of medicine.
I've heard the textbook answers, "I want to help women"...but I no longer believe a word of it.

I think women need to be careful seeing male doctors for anything...a male dermatologist ("Dr" Kevin Tong) was recently sent to prison in Australia for the digital rape of several female patients - it seems likely there were many more victims - women who didn't come'd have thought you'd be safe with a male dermatologist!
The dynamics of the doctor/patient relationship can make it difficult for a patient to stand up to a doctor. The Dr is in a position of power, the authority figure.

Personally, I don't know why women would take the risk - I also could never feel comfortable having an invasive exam by a male doctor.
Why would I put myself through more than absolutely necessary?
I'm afraid women need to have complete trust and faith in their medical provider - and not have to feel even more embarrassment and lie there wondering what's going on in the male doctors mind.
Women need to say enough is enough and take control of their health.
Also, question the need for routine invasive exams and testing - many are unnecessary and can be harmful.
Women need to be informed to safely negotiate the medical world.
Good luck everyone!

Canton, MI

#13 Feb 12, 2009
I go to a male gynecologist. I would never go to a female. Anyone ever think that having another woman look at you is just gay like you all criticized jamarious for being. Hypocrits





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Arab, AL

#14 Feb 18, 2009
Juliet, you are a good woman with self respect and a high opinion of yourself. You have pride, dignity and MORALS. You know things these people don't know. Like the perverted ways of a man who violates a woman to obtain his own sick gradification. You have knowledge and experience that the others don't...and that qualifies you to tell the truth about what you know. I am proud that I have a good woman like you as a wife. May God bless you.

Chesapeake, VA

#15 Feb 19, 2009
Male gynecologists do seem perverted...they tend to make inappropriate remarks, they give you that creepy smile, and they call you "sweetie" and whatnot...disgusting.
Heather wrote:
I go to a male gynecologist. I would never go to a female. Anyone ever think that having another woman look at you is just gay like you all criticized jamarious for being. Hypocrits
Heather, having a woman gynecologist is NOT gay. Many of them are straight, and most women today actually prefer them. You seem to think all femal gynos are lesbians or something. Think. You are so stupid.

I'm straight as an arrow, but no way in HELL would I let some strange man go poking around in my womanly goods. Also, I can actually talk to another woman about periods, boobs, pregnancy, birtch control, etc. without being so modest. The only guy who would be allowed to go down there on me would be my fiance.

And have any of you ever seen stories in the news about male gynecologists being sent to jail because of what they did to their patients??? Malpractice, fondling, doing sexual things...even rape. In all seriousness. I am not even joking.

Chesapeake, VA

#16 Feb 19, 2009
*birth control
mathews thomas

Oroville, CA

#18 May 14, 2009
what i feel is very difficult to implement but the best solution to male exposing himself to female and vice-versa....what can be done is that the patient , male or female should have the option to choose what gender persons he/she would like to have in the examining room, operation theatre, or in any department where ones' private parts are being exposed..teaching hospitals should also take this point into serious consideration..

Wilmington, DE

#19 May 15, 2009
I don't trust either sex.

It's embarrassing and i believe it's easy to be judged, especially if you already have low self esteem. I'm barely comfortable enough to get half naked in front of my spouse, let alone some stranger with cold metal instruments.

I was never taught that i had to go to a gyno. My mother NEVER talked to me about the subject, even when i brought it up as a teen. She only went when she was pregnant.

I'm 27 now and have never had a vaginal exam. I could have cancer for all i know but at this point in time i rather not get an exam.


Since: Feb 07

Hampshire, IL

#20 May 15, 2009
OK, no one will believe this, but it's completely true.

In college, I had to take a scuba class.

The school needed a med exam for whatever.

I went to a doc, NOT associated with the school.


When I had to do the bend thingie, that old lady jammed something UP my butt and it hurt like crazy.

OK, and this is what she said,


When I, in total surprise, turned around, she hid whatever it was behind her.

Now, I'm a kid, in every way except physically powerful.

19 and ZERO sexual activity understanding whatsoever. I had zero clue what happened, but I DID bleed anally later.

I was so naive that it took me YEARS to figure out what happened!

One tough as* old b*tch!!!!!!!!!!

Durban, South Africa

#21 May 28, 2009
Heather makes the exam a sexual thing saying that woman must be lesbian, this is crazy. I beleive that gynaecologists should encourage partners to be present during the examination, this will alleviate a lot of stress caused by these exams. I have asked a gynae about this and the answer was that its personal between the doc and patient (thats my wife and i am paying, so its a customer)This privacy makes it even worse, and most woman dont understand that. Woman gynaes are definately a better option.A man is a man, and I love my wifes body and know that he sees naked woman all day, but when it comes to my woman it irritates me, CAN ANY MALE GYNAE ANSWER WHY THEY DONT ASK WOMAN TO BRING THERE HUSBANDS ALONG

Sheffield, UK

#22 Jun 3, 2009
How many men do you know that get excited about the female anatomy other than when sexually aroused? Yes male gyno's will encounter the ugly women but also the very attractive ones! My wife has experienced a time when a male doctor insisted on doing an internal examination and when my wife requested a female doctor to do it, he became arrogant about it. On this same occasion my wife explained the reason why she was in the hospital to the female doctor (much against the male doctors will) and the female doctor said that an examination was not necessary and infact would put her at risk of developing an infection!! Not good when she was 4 months pregnant at the time!! I know this may be a rare occurance but for me, NO man should be in this line of work, there are plenty of other areas of medicine to do so why choose one that involves naked women if it wasn't for reasons of perversion?
I cant believe we are in the 21st century yet nobody has designed a medical tool/machine that makes the need for manual internal examinations redundant?!!
In my opinion, male gyno's are the equivalent of a guy wanting to study breast examinations rather than something inportant such as brain or heart surgery.


Since: Feb 07

San Francisco, CA

#23 Jun 3, 2009

Well, I'll be straight up. If I ever went to the hospital, I'd insist upon a real doc: male.

I wouldn't trust a female with anything serious.

I've had too many female professors that were clueless about most things, including their 'expertise.'

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