Large Lump Inside Vagina

Chico, CA

#108 Jun 8, 2008
I had a baseball size lump and went to er and they said it is my intestines from my rectum, wall loosened up from having babies or it could be genetic, it is call a vaginal herniation

Fremont, CA

#109 Jun 26, 2008
omg i have the same thing!! my mom just died and i dont want to tell my dad help !!!!!!!!!! im only 12 an i dont have my period help im scared!

Sutton, UK

#110 Jul 16, 2008
Hello girls im 17 and am so frightened inside my vagina on the top is a massive lump. I cant bare to look proper as it makes me cringe. It seems like a massive swelling. im so scared it cant be an std...whats wrong? ALso my cliterous has swollen very big liek a long tube with a bobble at the end is this normal. Its like a "woman willy" or something. x

Solihull, UK

#111 Aug 7, 2008
It sounds like thrush you should really get it checked if you have not had sex then you have nothing to be ashamed of doctors deal with many situations like this everyday. I was experiencing the same symptoms before and got checked out, it was thrush.

Hoddesdon, UK

#112 Aug 11, 2008
i just recently found a lump inside my vagina too.. not too far up though, it feels weird, it doesnt hurt me at all, is this normal seeing as though most of you girls have a lump inside? i was pregnant last year and then after i had thrush but got rid of it! now i have found this weird lump and my vagina looks all closed in, i sometimes cant even fit my own finger up. the vagina itself has gotten tighter and looks so weird on the outside

Stamford, UK

#113 Aug 13, 2008
oh my god alteast this isnt as rare as i thought it was! ive just turned 15 and ive had a lump in my vagina for as long as i can rember. it doesnt hurt at all even if i touch it. its just there!
i read on a different website that it is definatly our cervix which moves up and down accroing to the time of the month. im not too convinced. im very worried! i dont want to tel my parents i havnt told anyone! im not even sexually active! how did it get there?!!!!!!
im desprate for an awnser!!!
zo x

Edirne, Turkey

#114 Aug 14, 2008
hi my names jessica im from uk. ive had a lump thing far up inside for 2 yrs nearly. ive bin to doctors and been refered to a gyno doc and every1 has said theres nothing there! sometimes i can feel it in diffierent positions but im sure its not my ceervix as it comes out from the side. given up on doctors now dnt know wat to do... also i get yeast infections regularly... cud that be somethin to do with it?
Amy S

Dublin, Ireland

#115 Aug 15, 2008
Lee wrote:
I'm SO EMBARRASSED! But, here goes!!
I am almost 39 years old with 3 children (all born vaginally). The last child being born almost 4 and a half years ago.
I am concerned that I feel like things "are falling out" of my vagina. I know
this sounds strange but it's something that you just don't talk about with friends. Or maybe again, I should, but of course, never would.
I do have terrible pelvic floor muscles where sneezing and even having a good hit of tennis, makes me leak. I know, I know, pelvic
floor exercises! Is this part of my problem? I also use to suffer from constipation and I'm wondering if all that straining has also added to the problem.
When I sit down I can see and feel lumps inside my vagina. Are my insides, really falling out? What are all these strange looking bits and large lumps? I can see 4 of them and they cover the entire entrance of the vagina. Please, please HELP?
Any type of information would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Lee,
somebody's probably already replied to this, but it could be prolapse? Not a health threat, just unpleasent! Hope you've resolved it all by this time!

King George, VA

#116 Aug 15, 2008
I have a lump in my is located...If I put a finger in side my vagina...and I push down towards my butt..that is where it is...I think I have had it for about two years now and I think its getting bigger.I can kinda pinch the skin on it and pull it up a loose skin kinda. Well...My only problem is I don't have money to go to the doctors..I am 23 and I have two kids. I am I don't have the money. It really does not hurt if I touch it slow..but when I have sex it does hurt sometimes (not always). If I sit on toilet a long seems like it comes out a lil because I feel something is there. So I don't know what to do?? Can any one help me???...

Batu Pahat, Malaysia

#117 Aug 18, 2008
i also hav a lump inside me..i doscovered.,..and i also hav common yeast infection. the lump doesn't hurt but i'm paranoid... pliz giv me normal women hav this???

South Brisbane, Australia

#118 Aug 19, 2008
I'm 14, and sexually active. I've just found that I have a lump in my vagina that comes out alot, I can't feel where it's attached and on the end there is like a little opening. Could it be an STD, pregnancy, or what?
please help.

South Brisbane, Australia

#119 Aug 19, 2008
continueing from my comment above, and I have thrush at the moment, could it be related to that?

Batley, UK

#120 Aug 21, 2008
amy wrote:
i have a fleshy cherry sized lump up inside my vagina i am aware of it all the time it kind of aches please help im only 15!!
Hi there i had exactly the same problem and i am also 15 i told my mum and she was very understanding and i went to the doctors the lump is your cervix and there is nothing to worry about at all you would be more worried if it wasnt there hope thats helpful to you .

Brea, CA

#121 Aug 26, 2008
It sounds like no health professionals visit this site or this question regarding the mysterious lump or in my case thick peice of flesh like a mini tongue in the upper part just two inches inside the vagina. This complaint has been posted back in 2007. I would say visit and join their blog. You will get answers! That where I'm going! Later!

Brea, CA

#122 Aug 26, 2008
I wanted to say, this question should have been answered by now! So I would travel to other alternatives to find answers! Just a thougth! Gigi

Swansea, UK

#123 Sep 4, 2008
i had something like that, it was quite small, i sought of picked at it a bit and some white stuff came out, now it is hardly there anymore, i'm too scared and embarrassed to go to the doctors, please help me!

Motherwell, UK

#124 Sep 4, 2008
hey ive got a lump inside my vagina that was not there before. my period is late and ive had a lot of discharge. i am not pregnant though.

Fort Stewart, GA

#125 Sep 6, 2008
i just found a huge lump in my vagina hole it doesn't hurt and it goes back in when i lay down but when i get up it pops out...

Fort Stewart, GA

#126 Sep 6, 2008
when i touch it it just feels like excess tisue. it wasn't there 2 weeks ago but is as big as a half dollar...plz help me


#127 Sep 7, 2008
Hello girls. im not sure about everyone, but its probably your cervix, if its around 3 inches in you. also to the lady who said about the women willy: i think it may be thrush if red and swollen. just go to your local pharmacy to pick some caneston up. but i recommened you all make an appointment with your doctor if adults, or if like me and still in education i would go to see the school nurse if not wanting your parents to know. hope this helps, crystal xxxx

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