Large Lump Inside Vagina

Chaska, MN

#465 Jun 23, 2011
I am 14 and i am super scared and embaressed to tell my mom or to go to the doctor.
i've had this problem for a while now..
its not big but it seems like my insides are slipping out.. after i go to the bathroom i try and push them back in.
i dont know what to do.

Jackson Heights, NY

#466 Jun 25, 2011
Hi i have this ball on the left side of my vagina but it isnt on the side of my vagina is really like inside & im worried because i just recently had sex and i dont know if my partner has any problems , This ball irratates and itches when i touch it & Im really scared too see a doctor because im under age and i dont want my mom finding out i had sex please help me out !!!

Bundamba, Australia

#467 Jul 1, 2011
about finger length in my vagina, or the back wall sort of thing there is a lump that sticks out buts its not like a lump you feel poking out of your skin its like a few centimetres long, it doesnt hurt all the time but does alot of i have sex, im worry about it because it feels like there is no opening or anything at the back but i still get my period :S:s




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Saint Kilda, Australia

#468 Jul 1, 2011
hi people
i also have a big,buldging lump inside vagina, and also a soft lump on 32 and afraid to go see gyno as i have vaginismus!!
i only had sex once,with the man im married to and he has got checked out and is clear of any stds etc..
hmmmm this lump,is not painful when i touch it but it gets in the way of inserting the dialters into the vag.
anyway else with same prob? vaginismus and lumps?

United States

#469 Jul 3, 2011
Hi, I'm 18 years old, have never had a smear or anything(but I am scheduled to be getting one in the next week or so) I've had a longterm boyfriend for a year now and we are sexually active, just not a lot. We were recently messing around when he told me there was something odd in my vagina. I asked him what he saw and he said it was a white mass. I had noticed the day before that I had a lot of discharge, even some weird clear liquid coming out when I would bend down. Anyways, I looked at it and it's tender to the touch, but now it feels like it's closing over inside my vagina. I've had to pee more frequently lately as well, and it feels like its harder to pee. Also, every now and then it get a sharp pain down there. I'm starting to get really scared. Does anyone know what this might be? Please help.


#470 Jul 4, 2011
Hey im Rach and I seem to have the same problem im 15 and it hurts while intercorse and pretty freaked and desperate for ansures. I want to tell my parents but im to embarressed to.

United States

#471 Jul 11, 2011
I have a lump also and it seems to move idk what the it is
Brittany Garrett

Chelsea, AL

#472 Jul 16, 2011
Hi, i am 15 & recently became sexually active 3 weeks ago.

Just inside the anterior wall of my vagina is a fleshy lump the size of a cherry, you can kind of stick your fingers slightly behind it as it has a U shaped groove behind it as if part of it is not attached to the wall.

Is this normal? When I last had a smear they said everything looked normal but I didn't point the lump out.

It's not my cervix, I can feel that higher up. It also causes some pain when trying to have sex and it can be difficult to get his penis into me because of it (he does have a very wide penis though). Once I'm fully aroused and I've had sex the 'lump' kinds of flattens out quite a bit.

It also bleeds just a little bit. The blood goes from a dark red to a brownish color. Only time i bleed is in the morning, and after that i don't bleed anymore till maybe the next morning. Can someone with experiance please tell me what this means.


#473 Jul 20, 2011
kim wrote:
about finger length in my vagina, or the back wall sort of thing there is a lump that sticks out buts its not like a lump you feel poking out of your skin its like a few centimetres long, it doesnt hurt all the time but does alot of i have sex, im worry about it because it feels like there is no opening or anything at the back but i still get my period :S:s
I have had exactly what you described, please email me at [email protected] I really sangho know what the problem is I'm really worried!

United States

#474 Jul 20, 2011
I also have this lump bout a finger inside of me it seems to have a whole in it and for some reason after i had my son it smells funny after sex but men just say it smells like sex what is this lump ????

United States

#475 Jul 20, 2011
I have the same thing but mine has this hole in it what is it????


#476 Jul 24, 2011
Hi Ladies,

By the sounds of things its what i had.
A very LARGE painful lump, specially when i sat.

However it got to a point where i couldnt take it any more. So i felt inside my vagina, inserted a tampon and sat on it (even though it hurt like hell)I also managed to do continuious awkward movements and placed pressure on that area.

After about an hour it eventually bursted and puss and blood came out.

I have been to see the doctor and it was kinda like a boil but a little worst.

Things are all good and from my experience all i have to say is if it is that bad get checked, ensure you use protection, every night before bed place some kind of anti bacterial cream, spray around that area (this kills germs that may get into the area, this is very safe to do so, as i have ask my doctor, just do not over do it other wise it wont work)

Hope this has solved all you problems.
An every lady is ok in the matter.

Thanks. XXXxxxxXXXX

P.S- It also occurs more often if you do not have a healthy diet. Very important.
Lulaby Winston

Canmore, Canada

#477 Jul 24, 2011
I'm really scared...this lump inside the top of my vagina is painful when i masturbate. and i don't plan to see a doctor. its lump and large. im scared to have sexual intercourse.

Sacramento, CA

#478 Jul 24, 2011
its called a the female prostate or gspot

Sacramento, CA

#479 Jul 24, 2011
if you let it release it won't be swollen or hurt anymore and that can be achieved with ejaculation.. it sounds dirty but really look it up and look up the female orgasm or 'squirting' .. im really not trying to be offensive i promise =]

Wellington, CO

#480 Jul 28, 2011
evie wrote:
I have this large lump inside my vagina which protrudes out slightly. Does anybody have any idea what this could be? As an afternote I got treated for chlamdyia in december, i am hoping this is unrealted. x
I think I know the problem beginning ovulation Aka your period

Silver Springs, NV

#481 Jul 29, 2011
P have the same exsact thing but i am 13 wat do i do?! it hurts when i sit or when i stand! how do i deal with this? im just to embarassed to tell ANYONE!!!

Winter Springs, FL

#482 Jul 30, 2011
I'm having similar issues as some described here, "bulging", something "falling out" sensation... It seems that Pelvic Organ Prolapse might be the likeliest cause for the majority of us. I'm only 28, and consider the idea of my bladder, uterus, or rectum falling out of my vagina to be something I wouldn't have to even consider for at least 30 more years... But I've been reading that more and more cases reveal that women mid-20's on can develop this, ESP those who have had vaginal deliveries or chronic constipation...

United States

#483 Aug 8, 2011
I have a reoccuring bump on the left inner of my vagina... kinda on the inner lip if that makes sense. It normally hurts, but not this bad! It hurts to sit down, lay down, stand, ecspecially wipe... this is so embarassing. I don't have medical insurance at the time and I'm so scared. I'm 23 years old. What is more nerve racking is I'm on my cycle... I'm pretty sure this happens when not on my cycle as well. It burns and has very aching pain sortve like a scratch or new scrape would feel. Please any advice or similarities help. Thank u very much. And if ur goin through the same I'm sorry!!

Mercersburg, PA

#484 Aug 13, 2011
i went to the er room the other nite cuz my vagina hurt really bad when i urinated and wiped. so i went and they told me i have a yeast infection really bad. n then today i have problems sitting cuz is hurts so badly cuz i have a large lump but the entrance to my vagina. the lump hurts really badly. i havent had ne of this b4. i havent been sexually active for a lil under a month. so i dont know wat it is. but its very uncomfortable.

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