Large Lump Inside Vagina

Scarborough, Canada

#401 Jan 5, 2011
i think i have the same thing. a few years ago, when i stuck my finger in my vagina i felt a prodruding lumpy kind of thing.. i was worried and went for an ultrasound asking if it was a cyst or cancer and my results were nothing. i've been to two different doctors and again, everything has come back negative. i can't figure out what it is but it seems as though i'm not the only person with this issue. i was told that my cervix leans to the left but otherwise there is nothing wrong with me. i don't want to keep going back to the doctors just to hear there is nothing wrong becuase i never remember this thing being inside of me. i only came up after i became sexually active (at 20), so maybe i'm wondering if it's just my body developing into the shape of 'my womanly' body.. either way, i really hope it is nothing because after an ultrasound and at least 2 physicals, i would hope they are 100% correct.

Scarborough, Canada

#402 Jan 5, 2011
i have also never had chlymidia or a sexually transmitted disease so i have no idea what it could be.

Columbus, OH

#403 Jan 6, 2011
i m 16 weeks pregnat and my husband said there was like a vain like bump right above where i pee i have never had something like this befor and i m really scared i cant see anything and i dont hurt is this normal? this is my first baby.

Kendal, UK

#404 Jan 17, 2011
hey there is quite a few ppl getting this i have relised that i have a lump inside my vagina i no its not genital warts like sum ppl have said on here it could b iv never slept bhind my partners bk and always got checked out everytime iv had a new partner b4 and after and not had anything like this b4 i went in shower earlier it might sound disgusting but i put my finger up in my vagina to clean my self and felt a lump just in my canal iv noticed brown bleeding then earlier went to toilet and the bleeding turned red clear red im really worried i went to see doc b4 and told me to take some period tablets to stop bleeding it stopped for a while but has now returned iv too noticed pain during intercourse im gonna go to docs again morrw and ask for an ultrasound to check my insides iv just had a son 7month ago and it wouldnt of affected me im really worried
baby yaz

Birmingham, UK

#405 Jan 18, 2011
ii have a lump on the side of my vagina please tell me what it is ?? im scared

Rockford, IL

#406 Jan 21, 2011
Are you sure it isn't vaginal prolapse? The network of muscles, ligaments, and skin in and around a woman's vagina acts as a complex support structure that holds pelvic organs, tissues, and structures in place. This support network includes the skin and muscles of the vagina walls (a network of tissues called the fascia). Various parts of this support system may eventually weaken or break, causing a common condition called vaginal prolapse.
A vaginal prolapse is a condition in which structures such as the uterus, rectum, bladder, urethra, small bowel, or the vagina itself may begin to prolapse, or fall, out of their normal positions. Without medical treatment or surgery, these structures may eventually prolapse farther and farther into the vagina or even through the vaginal opening if their supports weaken enough.
The symptoms that result from vaginal prolapse commonly affect sexual functions and bodily functions such as urination and defecation. Pelvic pressure and discomfort are also common symptoms
There are different types of vaginal prolapse, but I believe they are all protrusions. I copied the above from another website.

Santa Clara, CA

#407 Jan 30, 2011
I have the same thing, and have had it a few times...theyre from shaving... Take a warm bath and/or pop it with a needle and allow it to drain. If that doesnt work go to the doctors
no name

Mississauga, Canada

#408 Jan 31, 2011
I'm 15 years old, and I have a huge lump, at the top inside of my vagina.. I'm scared about this, I've recently just been treated for chlamydia because I had sex, unwillingly on my part, and it was an unprotected, not knowing the guy situation. my foster mom says I'm just paranoid, but I've stuck my fingers up there just to make sure, and I'm not paranoid it's there! and huge.
it hurts when I sit, and suck in. I know everyones different, but I'd love to know about similar situations... so I won't be surprised when I get mine checked out, please and thank you!
Dr John - Australia

Brisbane, Australia

#409 Feb 2, 2011
shannon wrote:
Hello girls im 17 and am so frightened inside my vagina on the top is a massive lump. I cant bare to look proper as it makes me cringe. It seems like a massive swelling. im so scared it cant be an std...whats wrong? ALso my cliterous has swollen very big liek a long tube with a bobble at the end is this normal. Its like a "woman willy" or something. x
You simply have an engorged cliterous which is normally caused by excessive sexual activity with a partner or self administered.
Keep enjoying whatever gives you pleaseure.

Cape Town, South Africa

#410 Feb 5, 2011
Am glad l also hv that lump

Saint Petersburg, FL

#411 Feb 10, 2011
Im only 16 and I have this lump on the far inside about two or an inch inside my vagina and it kinda has a slit on the bump of it. It kinda pertrudes out from the wall but its still inside. Its really weird...Im too embaressed to tell my mom and to go to the doctor I'd have to tell her why. It doesnt concern me much but I would like to know what it is, I cant really find much of anything on the web. Can anyone help me out? or give me advice on what it might be? thanks if you can :)

Downsville, WI

#412 Feb 17, 2011
I have this Lump On the INSIDE of my Vagina....Its about the size of the top of a thumb (maybe a little smaller) It doesn't hurt, itch or anything. Its just kinda there. I'm seventeen and not that worried about it just a little concernd. I think it might be a Cyst but not so sure...i talked to my mom and she said its prolly nothing to worry about but i'm going to get it checked out just to be safe. Is anyone else having this problem?!

Westminster, CO

#413 Mar 3, 2011
Guys! check it out. is THIS what ur feeling!? Cuz I think this is what we are all feeling

Sydney, Australia

#414 Mar 9, 2011
bethany wrote:
I am 15 years old and one day i found a lump, it was small on the left side with a dint in the top, a year on i astill havent had it checked because im too scared and its now in the middle and a lot larger and still has the dint, please help!!
Hey, I have the same thing! I first realised it was there when I was 13 and now I'm 18! J started to think it might be normal but I font know, and I don't Want to ask a friend or my mum, hey does your vagina have a big ball like lump deep inside near the middle?
I gave decided that this year I will see a doctor.. Will let you know what the say!

Christchurch, New Zealand

#416 Mar 10, 2011
Lostgurl1187 wrote:
Ok so im really freaking out. I also have this bump just like some of you were talking about. its not realy far into me or anything but it seems kinda big like a grapefruit. I'm really shaky though and thought it was a fast growing tumour or something but i guess not since you all are experiencing the same thing but can someone please help me! I'm only 16 and i'm still a virgin.
i no this was a while ago and u mite not get this message, but im in that position now ive had sex once and i dont want my parents to find out i was just really hoping you could tell me what happpend to you i dunno to put my mind at ease or somethng coz im really scared its cancer i would really appreciate if you could reply thanx

Christchurch, New Zealand

#417 Mar 11, 2011
aparently in most cases cysts are caused by trauma to the vagina but im 16 so havent been through child birth or surgery so i was woundering if anyone new y this would happen lol i would really apreciate it if u let me know because the only thng the internet say is trauma so not helpful cheers

United States

#418 Mar 12, 2011
Hello, 3 days ago, I was in my shower and I felt a lump in my vagina, on one of my lips. I am very worried bcos in onl 13 and I'm scared to tell people. I have not been sexually active my whole life and I've never kIssed any1.

Do I have HIV?

United States

#419 Mar 12, 2011
I found a lump inside my vagina and im terrified of telling my mom. Im only 16. It hurts when i push it in but idont know what 2do! someone PLEASE HELP!

Christchurch, New Zealand

#420 Mar 12, 2011
im no expert but i thnk it mite be a cyst in most cases so go see the doctor they arent dangerous but you should still get it checked out and as far as i no they arent caused by sexual activity if you dont wana tell your parents tell a friend

United States

#421 Mar 14, 2011
Well, I told my mom and I have a doctors appointment monday !

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