Large Lump Inside Vagina

Sydney, Australia

#381 Oct 9, 2010
Hey girls, i didnt go to the doctor but its not gone, i had a warm shower the next day and it may have come to the cause that it was only just swollen, the next day i went out and had walked alot, which i slowly relised as i was walking it didnt feel like it was there, which when i cheaked it then wasnt. I did panic alot but it was gone within two days, im not to sure bout u girls that are sexually active but i know im not. So if what i said doesnt work within 2-3 days then you should see a docter.
thanks :)

Sydney, Australia

#382 Oct 9, 2010
it now gone, sorry spelling mistake

Canyon Country, CA

#383 Oct 10, 2010
i have this lumpy thing thats brown adn wrinkley inside my vagina and its been growing since i was in fifth grade adn right now im 14, i haveent seen a doctor about it because i didnt think it was a big deal, but its been growng bigger and im scared somethings wrong?? can some one help??
Dr fanny

Anadyr, Russia

#384 Oct 13, 2010
"I heard that it's hardness can change depending on where you are within your menstrual cycle" - This is indeed correct. It is soft when you are fertile, hard when you are not fertile. It is low in your vagina (easy to feel) if you are not fertile, high when you are fertile. It will have a little closed hole in the middle when you are not fertile, and a more open hole when you are menstruating or fertile.

Cervical mucus comes out of it when you are fertile and menstrual debris when you have your period. Sperm goes in there when you have unprotected sex and babies comes out of it during natural childbirth.

It can point down or slightly to the back (normal) or point towards your belly when your uterus is retroverted.

It can be pleasurable when touched or extremely sensitive and sore if it is touched.

During arousal it will move as your uterus rise in your body cavity.

During orgasm, you can have contractions running up your cervix and into your uterus. Your cervix will also move around when you orgasm.

Your vagina is a closed tube. When unaroused the walls are flat on top of each other. When you get aroused, the wall will open up and lubricate. At the top of your vagina you will feel something like the tip of your nose. This is your uterus. When it is stiff, it is stiff like the tip of your nose. When it is soft it is soft like your lips.

Remember to wash your hands and groom your fingers before poking around in your vagina. Although it is a closed 'tube' and there is nothing you can damage or push up into your insides when you poke around there, you can get a yeast or bacterial infection and you can scratch yourself.

Feel your cervix every few days to track its changes across your menstrual cycle. Also take a mirror and look at your genitals. The more you know about your own body and how it feels, looks and reacts, the better you can protect your own health in future.

Take care!

United States

#385 Oct 13, 2010
I have a lump inisde my vagina. Does this mean im pregnant?

Sydney, Australia

#386 Oct 17, 2010
nope does not mean your pregnant, if you were pregnant you would a) have to be sexually active and b) have morning sickness and so on, having a lump inside your vagina is something totally different :)

United States

#387 Oct 18, 2010
I was sick for two months and had a really bad cough. The othere day I was cleaning my self and found like a ball comming out from inside my vagina? It doesn't hurt but I'm worried

Marcus Hook, PA

#388 Oct 28, 2010
I have a bump right where the pink area begins in my vagina. I'm scared to go to a doctor as well but I'm definetly going to do it. And I hope everyone else has and will. At any age as long as your sexualy active u need to go and find out what's going on.

Since: Nov 10


#389 Nov 2, 2010
I have jst found a lump in my vagina today and am sure it wasn't there yesterday at all.its small bt itsnt painful at am very scared .pls frds post what doctors told you about yours so I stop worryin b4 I go see my [email protected] is my email addy

Since: Nov 10


#390 Nov 2, 2010
Its me again,I forgot to add that I started usin tampons,do you kno if its dat or sumtin else.mine is in between the lips.then wen u open d lips a little dats where it is.and am on my period.

Preston, UK

#391 Nov 4, 2010
this lump it's nothing serious.i went to gum clinic and yea it is lump.dont have to be remove but if you have problem having sex it's better to panic girls...happy if i help

Coeur D Alene, ID

#392 Nov 5, 2010
Jean wrote:
I found a cherry sized growth an inch or two in my vagina. Has anyone with something similar been advised by a dr? I guess everyone's different, but dam, I hate going to the dr - am I being paranoid? I had a papsmear last November and all was ok.
I was wondering if you figured out what??? I just found exactly the same thing and Im really freaking out at this point... im just hoping its some form of in fection. So if you could give some inside that would be very helpful

Coeur D Alene, ID

#393 Nov 5, 2010
valerie wrote:
i have a small lump inside my vagina. its scaring me really bad. my family has a history or cancer and i dont want to be next my appt with my obgyn is this cumming thursday the 9th. im realy scared can someone tell me what is going on?
I totally know what thats like.. cancer runs heavy in my family my dad just got over his second battle with it... and I found something like what you described... its really freaking me out

Coeur D Alene, ID

#394 Nov 5, 2010
So, I feel alot better now that I read some of these.. I found a similar lump about two inches in and a cherry really is a good way to describe it... recently my hubby and I stopped having sex as much due to conflicting scheduals... and Im like a sex addict it like just appeared out of no where... but the Gspot conclution makes sense in my situation at least. Im still going to get checked to make sure it wont cause an infection or anything, but im not nearly as worried as I was. My question is... when any of you had these lumps appear did any of you miss your period? cause thats my main concern right now.

Reading, UK

#395 Nov 15, 2010
my partner says recently when we have sex hes penis rubs on a lump in my vagina im worried does anybody knw wat this is? Pls help x

Waverly, FL

#396 Dec 3, 2010
Hi, I'm 15 years old and i have a lump inside my vagina. I doesn't hurt at all. It feels kind of hard and is on the vaginal wall. I'm just worried about what it could be. I have never had sex so i know it isn't sexually related. I have never been to a gynecologist, I really don't want to have to do to be nervousness. Can anyone tell me what it possibly could be?

Grimsby, UK

#397 Dec 9, 2010
bex wrote:
Hi, i'm am really scared and need some urgent advice, i'm 23, and i have 2 children, i went for my first ever smear this week and the nurse had to get a doctor to take a look, the doctor said i have a large lump inside my vagina, and that my cervix was bleeding, i also have had pain during intercourse, bleeding between periods for the last year, the doctor seemed to think i have cancer but she is referring me for a biopsy and a coloscopy urgently. I am so scared that i have cancer, and i would just like to find anything else that could also have the same symptoms as cervical cancer, i've searched the net and i can't seem to find anything, please tell me there's hope for me yet!! Anything but cancer! Thanks
hi i was just wondering weather u found out what it was that was wrong because i have the same thing wrong with me thanks x


#398 Dec 19, 2010
hi please help me im only 14 i have never had my period or had sex before but i found a lump inside my vaina around the size of a 20 cent coin and around 6 millimeters in height please help me any one ? im so scared

thankyou x

Fpo, AP

#399 Dec 22, 2010
Miss kitty wrote:
im 14 years old and i have a large cherry size lump right at the top inside my vagina. it hurts during intercourse and aces all the time i had an std test dont less then 5 months ago and it was all clear and i have not had a diffrent partner since then and im reliant on him not to cheat on me so i should be clear.
i was thinking about going to the drs but im afraid to go incase they have to internaly examine me. if someone gets the answer to the problem please paste it on this page.
hey sweety, i dont have an answer for you but i have to step in and play the "mommy role" are 14 and having sex?! that is sooo dangerous! let your body fully develop before something bad DOES happen.

Los Angeles, CA

#400 Dec 28, 2010
Well I just found out a lump/bump on the side of my lip. Under the skin. In side my vagina. But on my left side. And i dont know what it is. I was bleeding a few days ago. for like 3-4 days. And a week before that i had my period. really heavy. So im freaking out and im callin parentplan hood right now to make apppointment. Im 20. and I've been having sex for like 4years. since i was 16. with my boyfriend of 5years. if you know about anything. hit me up please

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