Large Lump Inside Vagina

Wallingford, PA

#255 Jul 27, 2009
hanna wrote:
i had sex for the first time two weeks ago. he has had multiple partners in his past. He pulled out during sex, but just today i noticed a lump in my vagina i can just barely touch it, i have no pain its round and smooth and i can get my finger almost all around it like it is just connected to the skin, it also has one rough spot smaller than a pea. i cannot go to a gyno since i am not supposed to be having sex, my mom would kick me out. anybody here know what it is?
Did he wear a condom??? it doesnt matter if he pulled out... you can still get an STD and get pregnant too. "Pre-cum" exits the penis carring sperm and any diseases way before he ejaculates. Please get that checked out! it may be just a cyst, but you could have pelvic infammatory disease (from Any number of STD'S- that are treatable)
AND please remember to wear condoms AT ALL TIME (even if he doesnt want to) or stay young and wait till you understand what your truely giving of yourself!

Wallingford, PA

#256 Jul 27, 2009
angel wrote:
it's called a sis
i think im spelling it wrong and
you have to get surgery to get it out
like cutting the sis.
CYST... it is a large lump filled with fluid

Wallingford, PA

#257 Jul 27, 2009
no name wrote:
<quoted text>
im only twelve si it really freaked me out i found out cuz i was replacing my tampon and it hurt so being curious i got into the shower and checked it out but im curios as to wut it iz becuz i havent had any recent infections im really hygenic especially down there and i havent had any sort of intercourse so if anyone has any answers plz help im too embaressed to ask my sis or my mom my moms a nurse and all but im not most comfortable with her and my sis would think i was fingering myself or something plz help im deperate 4 answers
If you have never had sex, it is most likely a cyst, which is harmless if you get it removed (painless too)... but you must go to the doctor... and if your sister would think you were fingering yourself, thats rediculous! you can't get what you have by fingering... dont' let her get to you! its none of her business :)

Wallingford, PA

#258 Jul 27, 2009
EVERYONE--- go to the doctor!! if you have not had sex it is most likely that it is just a fluid filled ball called a cyst. They are more often harmless but they need removal ASAP. So do not be afraid to go to the doctor about something like that! ALSO if you have had sex , i am sorry, but you may have an STD. Pelvic inflammatory disease (from any number of TREATABLE STD's) or an abscess (an infection from an STD).
Young ladies- you need to know that you can get an STD from oral, anal and vaginal intercourse AND if the guy says "he pulled out" then you can still get an STD and Pregnant. That Helps NONE!!! YOU MUST WEAR A CONDOM! And to be perfectly blunt to you ladies... these men, young men (and most of the older ones too) Are only in it for your body (even if they say they are not). Remember to take care of your body and your soul. Wait until you understand the gift you truely are! WAIT!


United States

#259 Jul 28, 2009
I had a cyst called something starting with a ( b) Barth somthing... In the right side of my vagina ...My gyno put me to sleep in the hospital and did a surgery on me! She cut it open and cleaned it out!,, after ther surgery I couldn't touch it .. Very swollen and painfull , now 3 weeks later I tried to have intercourse with my husband and it was very uncomfortable to even have it inserted in! So I gently stuck my finger in my vagina .,, I noticed a small bump on the bottom!! All the he'll I went threw ,, and on top of all the surgery and pain ! I know my gyno messed up and cut my left clyteris in half!! How that happened I don't know,, I have cried many timesthat when I touch a part of it I have no sensation!,, so if u don't need surgery ( don't do it) it could get worse) before I had the surgery we popped it 4 times , and it still came back.:(


#260 Jul 30, 2009
I am a fat boy and even if i do exiserce i wount come down

Vancouver, Canada

#261 Jul 30, 2009
This is likely a bartholins cyst. Two bartholin glands near to the opening of the vagina produce lubrication and when blocked can result in fluid being trapped and forming a cyst. Mainly they are not treated unless they become infected and then they can be drained. Still, go to your doctor.

Saint John's, Antigua and Barbuda

#262 Jul 30, 2009
i have a small lump just out side the corners of my vagina. it seems 2 sumtimes seems 2 get smaller. it hasnt been there long. maybe 1 month nd a half.
i also have a piece of skin hanging out. i researche this and it said it was no problam. but im still scared.
can anyone plz help?
today is my thirteenth birthday....i want 2 reach 14. i have never had sex, so i dont kno how all of this happened.
i am 2 embaressed 2 tell my mom cause i dont want anyone knowing. not even my friends who i share EVERYTHING with.
i was going 2 tell my mom, but i just....couldnt....
plz plz help me.


#263 Aug 6, 2009
Hi i am 15 and still a virgin, me and my boyfriend have been 2gether 4 6 months now but he is 18 so we have 2 w8 so he doesn't get done 4 being a peadophile. For a few months now he has been fingering me. Recently i have started 2 loose a lot of discharge that has an odd odour 2 it and isn't like normal discharge. I was away from him 4 a few weeks not long ago n i fingered myself and at the very top i felt a large lump! When i pressed it,it felt like it was pushing into my anus. I am really worried but dont want to tell my mum incase she gets the wrong impression of my boyfriend!! Plz can someone tell me what it is???:{

Runcorn, UK

#264 Aug 8, 2009
I have the same lump inside my vigina around two inches up and its around 2 centimiters (diamiter) does anyone know what it is? im 15 and dont know wether i should go 2 the doctors? i dont want to tell my mum as se still thinks ime a virgin..??

Dartmouth, Canada

#266 Aug 16, 2009
Stephanie wrote:
ladies I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with a lump coming out of my vagina.. I'm scared, but it doesn't hurt at all.. D
oes anyone know what it could be?

Irwin, PA

#267 Aug 17, 2009
hello my name is katie
i am only 13 and i noticed a bump on the left lip of my vagina. i went to medexpress and they told me it was a bartholin cyst. they told me that it would have to be drained. i sat in my bath tub with no chemicals and hot water. then i put a hot water bottle on my vagina. i no this sounds dumb. but i woke up the next morning ready to go to a different doctor i went into the bathrrom and it haqd bursted. i then went to the doctors and they told me that it was a sebacaus cysst and that i should finish my perscription and it will go away on its own. i am only 13 and it is very embarasing but always tell someone cause it could get worse. they told me to keep good hygiene and to get a new razor everytime i shaved down there. clean it good and go back. it is possible to come back a few times a year. but whatever you do DONT POP IT!! i was reading and "spring" i think you poped yours and it came back in a different spot they told me this could happen and it could get infected. when you pop it,it only spreads it farther. i wanted to spare somebody what i just went through so dont worry youll be fine.

Auckland, New Zealand

#268 Aug 25, 2009
i have a lump about 1 inch in and sumtimes, it feels bigger and sometimes it smalls in size........ but the thing is i havnt have sex before......

San Clemente, CA

#269 Aug 30, 2009
evie wrote:
I have this large lump inside my vagina which protrudes out slightly. Does anybody have any idea what this could be? As an afternote I got treated for chlamdyia in december, i am hoping this is unrealted. x
I'm only 13 years old and I have recovered a lump in my vagina. it is a little smaller than an m&m it kinda hurts. but I haven't told me mom. what should I do ?

Southampton, UK

#270 Aug 30, 2009
I have a lump too and it is really painful. Not been to the doctor yet because I thought that it was nothing but in the last few days it has grown bigger.

Bloomington, IN

#271 Sep 3, 2009
Hey guys, i just got back from the gyno because of what sounds like the exact same thing. that was my first ever visit and i was sure he was going to say that it was some sort of cyst/tumor/growth thing but he said everything was normal and didn't even seem to be sure what i was talking about! It's large and right at/inside the opening of my vagina and has slight bumps on it... i'm still not completely sure what it is, but i guess it's normal and if he's not worried, neither am i!!

Suwanee, GA

#272 Sep 3, 2009
vero wrote:
hi.. i just gave birth 6months ago. after gaving birth i had experience abdominal cramps and felt as if all the weight inside my abdomen is at my vagina. after a month it was gone.. but now it came back.. and i have notice that there are small flesh in my vaginal opening growing.. im scared.. i've search the net for a picture but I can,t see anything like the flesh i've been seeing in my vagina.. can you help me?
I have this same thing-- any news.? i gave birth to my daughter 2 yrs ago and I am having the same thing. One very large (like a slug) piece of skin on my vaginal opening. it is very weird and I cannot find any info about it. also intense abdominal pain. and general feelings of fatigue. do you just have one or more?

Dartmouth, Canada

#273 Sep 9, 2009
I went for my pap cause i had same thing a lump about 1 in inside my vagina and the nurse that did my pap told me it was because my bladder dropped does this make since

Dartmouth, Canada

#274 Sep 9, 2009
I went to have a pap done because i found small lump about 1 inch inside my vagina it wasnt sore or nuttin just when i wiped i could feel it ---the nurse that did my pap said everything looked fine and she thinks it's because my bladder dropped does this make since.

York, SC

#275 Sep 9, 2009
i have a cherry sized lump inside my vagina,i dont know what it is , it doesnt hurt though but still im concerned, and when i have sex i have to make the penis go a certain way so it doesnt hit it.someone plz help me.!

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