doctor gave provera pill to postone p...

doctor gave provera pill to postone period

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Fairfield, CT

#1 Jul 31, 2007 not on any birth control now so my doctor gave me the provera PILL to take once daily for 10 days...2 or 3 days before my period and then continue during vacation.

i thought u were supposed to take something like that 3 to 4 days before your period 3 times daily and then continue on...

does the method my doctor gave me sound right? has anyone esle ever done this? please help thank u
Shell PA-C


#2 Aug 5, 2007
Either you are misunderstanding, or your doctor is a complete nimrod. Provera is a progestogen medroxyprogesterone acetate. Which basically means it is a hormone pill to induce a period, not delay a period. Provera is used only to induce a period when one does not start on there own after one week or longer. To delay a period one option is to get on birth control which will also regulate you, but also if you skip the placebo stage also known as the sugar pill (The last week) and start directly into a new pack it should skip a period for that month. It doesnt always work, and may not work the 1st time trying. But it does skip that month in most cases. I hope this helps you some. I am a PA-C in an OB/GYN clinic, so I do know what I am talking about. If you have any other questions feel free to post back. Best of Luck!






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me me

Fremont, OH

#3 Jun 12, 2008
i just went to dr. today. im going on vacation at the end of the month.(which will be the start of my period) i was also given provera. when you take the provera it will increase your homorne level slightly which tell the body your not ready to start your period. this level normally drops right before your peroid. im suppose to take it 3 days before my normal period or 2 days before we leave and continue to take it until we come home.

Atlanta, GA

#4 Jun 27, 2008
I too asked my gyno today about temporarily delaying my period for one time in order to accomodate a vacation/bday. I am at the tail end of my period now and due to start again on 7/21- my bday/vacation is 7/25-7/27. I was prescrived Provera as well to start taking 3 days before my period- 1x/day and to continue taking it for 5 days.

To whomever thought gee was a nimrod, you are truly mistaken about that.

It is important for women to get a routine exam, including pap & pelvic and to be honest with their gyno about any vaginal/reproductive issues as like with any other medication, Provera has sideffects. From what I understand, once I stop taking the Provera after my 5 day supply is exhausted, I should expect to start my July period within 5-7 days.

Austin, TX

#5 Aug 25, 2008
me me wrote:
i just went to dr. today. im going on vacation at the end of the month.(which will be the start of my period) i was also given provera. when you take the provera it will increase your homorne level slightly which tell the body your not ready to start your period. this level normally drops right before your peroid. im suppose to take it 3 days before my normal period or 2 days before we leave and continue to take it until we come home.
Did this work for you? How long after you stopped taking the pills did you get your period? What about the month after was it 28 days after your last period?

Lehi, UT

#6 Nov 10, 2008
The PA is partly correct, but not in the criticism of the prescribing doctor. Provera imitates a natural hormone, progesterone. Its use delays menstruation, but its abrupt discontinuation leads to sloughing of the endometrium (a period), just as a fall in natural progesterone levels lead to normal period. So it causes both.

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#7 Dec 16, 2008
Hi there, I also have been given Provera. I am not on birth control now, and am due to get my period the day I leave for vacation overseas. I am worried, about blood clots in my legs during the 8 hour plane ride? Does anyone know how to avoid this??

Kimberley, South Africa

#8 Jan 5, 2009
Hi every one Ive been using provera for one month now my docotor prescribed it to me when my period wouldnt stop after i stopped using the injection. I'm suppose to use the pill for 3 months and Im very worried cause I haven't gotten my period jet and I desparetly wonne get pregnant. Is it normal not to get your period while using provera

Brentwood, TN

#9 Jan 13, 2009
My Gynec recommended Provera to delay the periods as I'm going for IVF treatment.
Doctor told to start the pills from 20th days of ur periods until the desired day.. once u stop the pills period will come with in 3-4 days...
Provera can be used for both delaying the period and for coming the period also....

San Pedro, CA

#10 Feb 21, 2009
Hi...I've been taking provera for almost 2 weeks now to delay my period, haven't missed a dose and just got it now...what went wrong? And should I still continue to take it?

Rapid City, SD

#11 Mar 2, 2009
I am an ob/gyn RN. Oral Provera can be used to induce bleeding in some case and stop bleeding in others. Depends how it is used. So, no one here is a "nimrod". You should talk to your MD/CNP/PA for specific information regarding your own personal use of the medication.





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Davis Station, SC

#12 Mar 6, 2009
My daughter is 8 and I think she has started her period.She has been vleeding off and on for about 3 days now.A friend told me that they have a pill that she can take to stop it so she can have a childhood.Is this safe and what can it do to my child.I am very concerned about this I don't want to rob her of her childhood but I am not comfortable about giving her hormones.

San Francisco, CA

#13 Mar 14, 2009
im wondering whats the dose of provera pill that you guys are taking for one pill a day to delay period?


#14 Mar 19, 2009
I was given Provera to stop bleeding. I was on it 12 days, didnt miss a dose. I also know this is given to start a period as it was given to me for that as well. So, Im wondering, how long after taking the last dose will I finally stop bleeding? Its been 4 days since I stopped taking Provera, and 3 months Ive been bleeding, Im real fed up and also want to know if there is something I can take to stop the bleeding like the birth control pill Yaz? Or would that be a bad idea to take that after being on Provera?

Greenbackville, VA

#15 Apr 20, 2009
I took provera to stop excessive bleeding. Istarted taking it on a sunday after I had begun my period the prior thursday. I was still on my period for 9 days during that time my doctor increased the dose from 10mg to 20mg for 10 days.. I was told to decrease backto 10mg if I stopped my period. I did and I haven't had a period since.. Is this normal my total time on provera was about 30 days of which 8 days were at 20mg. That was january 24 its now april 20...

Trenton, NJ

#16 Jul 14, 2009
for those that took provera to push off your period
did it work?
I am going on vacation in a few weeks and am due to get my period then and want to push it off if you take provera a few days before your period is due when will you get your period?

Thomasville, GA

#17 Jul 14, 2009
I have had the worse periods for the last 3 months. So bad that once it starts I can't get out of bed for 1-3 days. I haven't taken birth control for a year and 3 months (blood disorders Von Willebrand Disease and Factor V Leiden). I am suppose to start my period on July 24 that is also the day I am going to San Francisco to run my first Marathon. There's no way I can make it if I feel the way I have felt for the past 3 months. My Dr. recommended Provera. Any help will be greatly appreciated. you can even email me at [email protected]
sum girl

Pinola, MS

#18 Jul 27, 2009
my doc prescribed me provera to start my period. I have pcos. after taking it for 20 days two days later i started my period...And i am bleeding like crazy...going through pads,tamponds and sometimes even my clothes like every 30 min? is this normal?

Pago Pago, American Samoa

#19 Aug 6, 2009
hi im new with the PROVERA pill and i want to know how does provera works? what if you want a baby n your period is not on?will i can still be pregnant?i haven't had my period for four months all of a sudden it just stopped i want to know why?but the OB/GYN doctor gave me the Provera pill, n she told me i take one for five days n den wait. it worked for two months n i stopped taking it just for that one month and it went back to the old style...i didnt have my period i want to know how do you do it and does help me to go back to my normal period?pls i really need your help...thankz

Nanaimo, Canada

#20 Jan 31, 2010
I would love to know if taking the Provera pill to delay your period works... please let me know if it worked. I am going on a vacation the same week I am supposed to get my period so the doctor prescribed me Provera or he said I can just keep taking my birth control pill and that might work aswell. Which way will work better and is it even safe to take Provera while on birth control?? Please Help!

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