plan b, late/missed period

Van Nuys, CA

#1492 Aug 13, 2011
well. i took Plan B twice in one month (mid-June), within a little more than a week apart. I started my last period July 3-July 8. I haven't had my August cycle yet so i'm starting to worry. I've read it may cause the cycle to be 2 weeks late at most, but still worried because i took it twice in one month. Can someone give me some answers or weight lifted off of me, something?! Thank you!:)

Spring, TX

#1493 Aug 13, 2011
Okay, so my story is a little complicated...

I got my last period on July 21st, and it lasted 7 days, I wasn't aware that if a woman's period is 7 or 8 days long that she ovulates about 5 days after her period. So me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex 5 days after my period which was Tuesday August 2nd, and again the following day. I took plan B that Friday (August 5th) 2 hours before the 72 hour time limit. But then we had unprotected sex again this past Wednesday (August 10th)

I was wondering if his sperm fertilized my egg before I took the plan B pill on Friday whether I the pill would have failed or not. And if the pill did work what my chances are of getting pregnant from having unprotected sex this past Wednesday.

Anyone with with information or experience, please help me, it would be much appreciated!

Kewaskum, WI

#1494 Aug 14, 2011
me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex but he didnt cum inside me but there could have been precum so we bought plan b and i got after medium bleeding for about 4 to 5 days but now it has been a month and two weeks since i havent got it i took a test and it came out negative so idk

United States

#1495 Aug 14, 2011
erika wrote:
hi everyone its erika again lol..... so i got my period =)!!! very very happy abbout that. for all those who dont know about plan b.. i asked my doctor and she told me that plan b does cause you to delay or maybe even skip your period. for the one who had the question about the irregular bleading... dont worry its normal since your hormones are all over the place this could happen to anyone =). anyway if anyone has more questions ask me i got more info.. i just dont have time to type it all right now im at work hehehe.....
ericka vould u help me???
Liz-Please read

Plymouth, MN

#1496 Aug 14, 2011
Got my period!:) just keep positive and wait, you'll probably get it! Everyone's stories helped alot! Thanks :)

Spring, TX

#1497 Aug 14, 2011
jill wrote:
me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex but he didnt cum inside me but there could have been precum so we bought plan b and i got after medium bleeding for about 4 to 5 days but now it has been a month and two weeks since i havent got it i took a test and it came out negative so idk
If the test came out negative then the chances of you being pregnant are very slim. Especially if you are just scared because of the precum. Precum doesn't actually contain sperm needed to fertilize the egg. But anyway, when I took plan b before, my period was much shorter than usual. It affects women's cycles in different ways. Unless you had unprotected sex again after taking the first plan b pill, I wouldn't worry about it.

Easton, PA

#1498 Aug 14, 2011
My girlfriend finally got her period a few days. It was a little over a week late. If you're still waiting for your period, try to relax! It will come eventually! Best of luck to everyone!

Lake Worth, FL

#1499 Aug 17, 2011
So My Story Is That Me And My Boyfriend Had Sex Like A Little Over A Week After My Period Had Ended On June 29th And While We Were Having Sex He Pulled Out And We Saw Some White Stuff But He Said He Didn't Cum. We kept On Having Sex, I Took The Plan B Pill On July 2. I Got My Period Like Around The 22nd Of July, My Period Usually Comes On The 17th But Now Its August 17th And I'm Feel Nausea, And Pains In My Stomach, Could I Be Pregnant? I'm Only 18 And I Really Can't Deal With This Right Now.

Lake Worth, FL

#1500 Aug 17, 2011
Oh And I Also Forgot To Say That In July Before I Even Got My Period Because It Was Late I Took 2 Pregnancy Tests And They Both Came Out Negative.

Phoenix, NY

#1501 Aug 17, 2011
i had sex with my boyfriend a week or so ago, and the condom broke. the next day i went and got the plan B pill. i'm now into the 4th day of my period pill and i still have not gotten it. i really dont think i am pregnant, i want to start having sex again but im afraid because i dont know when my period is actually going to come. will it just not come at all? i dont know when i can start having sex again.

Greenville, AL

#1502 Aug 17, 2011
Like an idiot I had unprotected sex and we used the withdrawal method. My last period was on July 11 and the sex happened on August 7. so i knew my period would be coming soon. I took a generic form of Plan B on the last day of the 72 hours and I am now 9 days late for my period. I am freaking out and do not know what to do. If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it.

San Mateo, CA

#1503 Aug 19, 2011
Just wanted to share my experience with plan b. I had sex on 26th of June and the condom broke! I Realized that I was right around the time of ovulation and flipped out. Rushed out and took the pill 5 hours after and the next pill 12 hours after that. I felt tired for about two days and my breast hurt horribly. Got my period two days earlier and everything was normal. The following month I was almost two weeks late. Called the doctor around 8 days late and was told to take a test just to make sure but that It is very comman and the company should really included that on their possible side effects. I hope this helps people who are looking for some reassurance! good luck!

Byram, MS

#1504 Aug 21, 2011
I finally started my period! It was two weeks late after i took the plan B.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#1505 Aug 21, 2011
Hey Guys i have read many of your post and i would like to say a few things. I was in the same position as many of you. I took plan B after having sex with my BF and my period was 11 days LATE. I was spotting and had some of the same symptoms as if i was pregnant. I was freaking OUT and I can tell some are you as well. TAKE IT EASY. TIME WILL TELL YOU. The more you stress the more delayed you period will get. I even herd that you may even skip a month due to plan b. So don't worry !

Kingston, Jamaica

#1506 Aug 22, 2011
I had unprotected sex3 days after my period but i took plan b a couple hours later. now am 2 days late and am freaking out and experiencing vomiting can i be pregnant?

Hamilton, OH

#1507 Aug 23, 2011
amber wrote:
just out of curiosity, what happened? were you pregnant or not? i'm wondering because i'm now in your position. i took plan b several weeks ago after a broken condom, got my regular period, then had sex once with protection, now i'm 5 days late for this period. did plan b end up being the cause of it or were you pregnant?
i took it over a year a ago and im still extremely irregular, ill go months without a period

United States

#1508 Aug 23, 2011
I'm going crazy .. me and my husband had unprotected sex last month (July 28) and that exact day I tools the morning averred pill it wasn't exactly plan b it was another version of it ( does it effect Inn a diff way) and till this day I havnt started my period I usually start on the 18th. I don't need another baby right now I love kids I have two boys and right now I am good with that. Someone plz ease my mind I'm going crazy just thinking about it :/

United States

#1509 Aug 23, 2011
Hey girls...I need help..? Yeah I know weird for a guy right...but my girlfriend and I had protected sex last Saturday but the condom broke...we were both scared so that Monday we took the plan b...she said she had some little brown spots but it is the 8th day after she took the pills and still no period... are we in trouble??????

United States

#1510 Aug 23, 2011
That was unprotected ...sorry..

Brooklyn, NY

#1511 Aug 24, 2011
i was wondering if plan b is the reason why i havent gotten my period yet im about 3days and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and about 36 hours later i took plan b then i got like a discharge mixed with blood and i havent had sex since that it a possibility that im pregnant or did the plan b change my cycle?

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