plan b, late/missed period

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#1412 Jun 9, 2011
My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex and i took a plan b the next night. But a few days later we had protected sex but the condom broke and he definitely ejaculated. So i took another plan b just in case. But by the the time i took the second one my period was two days late, so i took a pregnancy test the night before taking the second pill and the morning of and they were both Negative. But now my cycle is 5 days late and im having on going abdomenal pains, my nipples are sore, and theres no spotting. Could i be pregnant?

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#1413 Jun 10, 2011
I'm on started and finished one pack on birth control. I started my second pack on sunday. But I was on antibiotics at the beginning of my first pack for like 2 weeks. But after the sunday I started my next pack of birthday, on monday night and tuesday me and my boyfriend had sex with out a condom. I took plan b thursday. He pulled out everytime early so he would make sure no sperm got inside of me. We did it once after I took plan b. But he pulled out and I'm on birth control. I'm going to get a pregnancy test today. Am I worrying for no reason or is there a slight chance I could be pregnant?? Please help.

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#1414 Jun 11, 2011
I had my last cycle in April my bf and i had unprotected sex he didnt pull out so i took plan b right after i didnt bleed at all the whole month of may i didnt have my cycle...i went to planned parenthood may 24 to get birthcontrol they took a pregnancy test it came out negitive. So i started taking my birthcontrol iv been on them for about 15 days i kept feeling nauseated so i went and and bought a pregnancy test it came out positive im freaking out because i jus had a baby in December and im not ready for another baby...My question is why did it come out negitive when they took the pregnancy test at the planned parenthood? Im so stressing over this....

Dallas, TX

#1415 Jun 11, 2011
obviously had unprotected sex and he completely cummed all in me. i took plan b the next day, week later got the spotting as if it were my period but for about 4 days.( btw: i had sex the day after my period ended) its a month and a half from then & still no period. pregnant or just plan b?

Vancouver, Canada

#1416 Jun 12, 2011
I got my period, just like anonymous did. On the days I had spotting from the month before , when i took the plan B. Good luck everyone!

Hazleton, PA

#1417 Jun 13, 2011
am reading everyone else story and it help me so much..

Central District, Hong Kong

#1418 Jun 14, 2011
i had unprotected sex with my gf on 6 on june..she had mens on may 11 but she has not have mensturation till now..she took planb b few hours after the unprotecd sex..but she has not have her mensturation till now..doese that mean she is pregnemet.please help me

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#1419 Jun 14, 2011
3 wks ago on saturday night I had unprotected sex and he came in me. I took the plan b pill within atleast 8 hrs. I still haven't gotten my period in these three. But, just today I go tvery light bleeding. I don't really have any symptoms of pregnancy, maybe just breast tenderness, headaches, back pain, and nausea. But just to make sure should I still take a pregnancy test?

Detroit, MI

#1420 Jun 16, 2011
Soo i frantically have been on this website for the past month looking for answers & stories like mine, there werent many replies though.. BUT im here to share with you all some relief :)

-Ended my period May 19th
-Had a few minutes of unprotected sex May 20th
-Bad pains on May 21st
-Took plan b May 22nd
-Had a light period with cramping a week later for 3 days (unusual for me)
-Had sex again & the condom broke :/
-Pains again, then they went away for a week
-The weekend i was planned to start my period (June 12th) i began to feel every symptom of pregnancy ! I freakeddddddd outttttttttttttt. In the back of my mind i thought i was causing it from nerves, but i couldnt be sure.
-I began to notice white thick discharge which iv never had..
-Three days pass & still no period, so i take a clearblue test which was negative.. i was still a little un-easy & all those symptoms were still there.
-Next morning i wake up & notice brown discharge ! I first thought implantation bleeding from that second mishap :/
-Woke up from a nap with major cramps & guess what else.. MY PERIOD ! 4 days late enough to scare the hell out of me.. honestly i think it never came because i was soooooooo STRESSED. im usually right on time never late. But i had no one to turn to in the meantime, i did it all on my own constantly worrying until it came. This is my heaviest period ever but i cant complain !
-Sooooooo my advice would be to try not to stress, i know its easier said than done, but to ease your mind just a little take a test ! Also drink hot green tea !
-I honestly think my entire ordeal was silly, but also that i may not be ready for sex. I had to mishaps which has to be a sign.. but i got out them both ! Next time ill do what i know is right, not what feels good at the moment.


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#1421 Jun 18, 2011
I had sex wy bf on a day of high fertility, condom broke&he cummed inside of me, I took plan b three hours later...i am 6days late, two days of brown spotting not even enough for a tampon. Physic told me big oops broken condom&pregnancy...kinda freaked out.

Marlborough, CT

#1422 Jun 18, 2011
So me and my bf had dry sex about a week ago and he came. It touched my underwear a little bit so i decided to take plan b. We had sex again last night with a condom but he pulled out before he came. I was supposed to get my period on june 17 and it is now june 18. I know thats not a big difference but do you think there is any way that i could be pregnant? I really hope someone responds because i am freakin out!! Thank you!!!

Detroit, MI

#1423 Jun 18, 2011
Emma wrote:
So me and my bf had dry sex about a week ago and he came. It touched my underwear a little bit so i decided to take plan b. We had sex again last night with a condom but he pulled out before he came. I was supposed to get my period on june 17 and it is now june 18. I know thats not a big difference but do you think there is any way that i could be pregnant? I really hope someone responds because i am freakin out!! Thank you!!!
Wait a day or two & take a test to ease your mind. You could just be a few days late like i was, but i took a test after my second missed day, it came out neg, then i relaxed & it came !


#1424 Jun 19, 2011
plan b wrote:
Can plan be make your period two weeks late or even make you miss it completly?? im 2 weeks late and have irregular bleeding but still no period
Sorry i know its been long but im wondering how long it took for you're period to come??? Im having the same exact prpblem!!

Fresno, CA

#1425 Jun 20, 2011
I'm going that process now. After finishing up my period,about 2 days later, I had sex. I got the pill about 2 - 3 hrs aftherward just to be safe. Currently,nothing has happened after 5 days after taking that pill.
i've taken plan b before about a year ago, so I was questioning if it will work like last time, or just completely change my cycle again. So far there has been no bleeding or spotting and no major side effects - except and a tad bit of bloating and tender swollen breasts. Now with those side effects is it from the pill, or is it a sign of pregnancy?

Dallas, TX

#1426 Jun 20, 2011
For those who are worried, do not worry. I missed my period for 4 months, and took 4 pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. Once I went to the doctor, the doctor prescribed pills for my period to arrive, but my period came before I even started taking the period pills. So basically, the best thing to do is be patient, no matter what. Do not worry, it could not get any worse then 4 months of no period. And throughout those 4 months,I have expierenced a crazy amount of hormonal changes, dont worry, its just because of the pill. your body will go out of whack, and you will expierence all kinds of changes.

Brampton, Canada

#1427 Jun 23, 2011
obamasmomma wrote:
if sperm comes in contact with air it dies...
and i took plan b after an incident with my boyfriend and am about a week late on my period...ive taken a test and it was negative... from what ive read plan b can do that to your cycle. have nothing to worry about...
Sperm doesn't die like that. I went to the sexual health clinic in my neighbourhood and was told by the nurse that sperm can live on the body for 7 days.

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#1428 Jun 24, 2011
Okay soo im a bit confused. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex a day before I got my period, he didnt cum inside me tho. I got my period the next day but I was still scared so I waited til the next day to take the morning after pill. It made my period last up to 8 days. We had sex more times that month but it was protected. Now im 2 days late on my period and im freaking out please help!!!

London, Canada

#1429 Jun 26, 2011
Hi guys,
I took plan b a few days before i was supposed to get my period. I didn't experience any spotting or bleeding after I took it. I should have gotten my period about a week and a half ago and still nothing. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and got negative on both. I am so stressed. Is it possible that plan b delayed my period for this long or could it have caused me to skip my cycle? I'm trying to be patient but i am so stressed I can't stop thinking about it. Please any advice or personal experience similar to this would be so helpful. thanks

London, Canada

#1430 Jun 26, 2011
PLAN B USER wrote:
I am here to tell you of my experience with plan b. The 1st time i used i had absolutely no side effects and my period had come 2 DAYS EARLY.The 2nd time i took plan b i had no side effects until a wk later which was gas and feelings that my period would be comin but when the day for my period came nothing came and so i just waited a few days and still nothin.So basically i went a whole month without my period until exactly one week from the day my period was due which was the next month IT CAME.So to all of u who r worried cheer up because plan b really does alot to your body and will delay your period :)[Hope my experience helps alot of u]
i really hope this is what is happening to me

London, Canada

#1431 Jun 26, 2011
scared wrote:
if you take Plan B too close to the beginning of your cycle when will you get your period?
i took it right before my next cycle and still havent gotten my period. i took 2 tests both negative.. how long did it delay your period? please help

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