plan b, late/missed period

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#846 Jan 17, 2010
anonymous wrote:
I got my last period on May 23rd, and my boyfriend and I had sex on May 28th. The condom broke during intercourse, but my boyfriend was no where near ejaculating. Just to be safe, we went out the next day and bought Plan B. I took it within 24 hours of the condom breaking. Six days after I took it, I had a brown discharge. It lasted for a few days, and it had some regular blood mixed in. I also had some cramps when that was happening. We have had sex other times this month, all of them were protected and no other condoms broke. We checked them after he came and there were no holes, and he always pulled out before he came. I am now 3 or 4 days late for my next period. I'm really afraid that I'm pregnant. Is being late normal or should I be more worried?
That's totally normal. i took Plan B and exactly a week later i had brown discharge and cramps and was late for my next period. It took a couple fo months for my periods to get back to normal but I've taken several tests since then and all have been negative and my periods are back to normal. So dont worry. Plan B does mess up your cycle but im sure you're fine :)

Courtenay, Canada

#847 Jan 19, 2010
Stephanie wrote:
My last period was 7/29 and I had intercourse on 8/6 and 8/8. I had intercourse again on 8/11 and being that it is too close to ovulation or middle of my cycle, I took Plan B on that very same day on 8/11. I've been waiting and waiting for my period to come around the last week of 8/25 -- no period. I took a pregnancy test on 9/3 and it came out positive. If I remember correctly, my period on 7/29 only lasted for 1 day. Do you think that Plan B failed or could I already been pregnant prior to August? If someone can please tell me?
im fearing of the exact thing right now

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#848 Jan 20, 2010
Took plan b on day 3 and got my period but it was 9 days late , and I had cramp the entire 9 days!!!

Minneapolis, MN

#849 Jan 21, 2010
About a couple months ago I used the Plan B pill and it worked and got my period about a week later than when it usually comes. That was 12/20. Its now 1/21 and I have not yet gotten my period, is this common to miss your period if you take the Plan B pill? Or is it normal if your period comes even later?

Minneapolis, MN

#850 Jan 21, 2010
kristen wrote:
ok so i normally have my period always round the 30 of each month. my bf and i had sex on the last day of my period but the condom broke and he cam in me. we got plan b and took it within 72 hours and followed all directions. about a week later i had some irregular bleeding and thats it. im now 14 days late of my period. Im so scared. i cannot handle having a child now. im still to way to young and in school. i took a preg test a few days ago and came out negative. and i took another today and was negative again. but i still dont know. Still no period. Does any1 know if plan B can make me miss my period or be this late??
Kristin I'm wondering the same thing as you. I took the Plan B and was a week late on my period, which was 12/20 and now its 1/21 and I have not still had my period. I would just say try to take a pregnancy test and see the results.

Walnut Creek, CA

#851 Jan 22, 2010
I haven't got my period yet. It's 5 days late now. I had intercourse with my boyfriend last week and I took plan b again because the condom broke. but a week after I didn't have the bleeding or spotting like how I got it the first time I took it. Is this normal? Am I pregnant?

Walnut Creek, CA

#852 Jan 22, 2010
Can someone please respond?

Thibodaux, LA

#853 Jan 27, 2010
this really helped me plan b screwed me over to but i feel better reading this though..... ig ill have to wait nd see!

Baltimore, MD

#854 Jan 27, 2010
Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday so i went to go see him and well we had sex. I am on seasonquin so i only get those four periods a year and i start the "sugar" pills on Sunday of every third month and end up getting my period on that Wednesday. Well yesterday we used protection and he ended up not pulling out, so after we finished we both noticed that the condom just completely broke and so when he finished it wasnt protected. We went out and got plan b within 4 hours after the incident(Tuesday), its not Wednesday and no period. I restart my pills on Sunday, 4 days from now. I noticed people saying that there periods come anywhere from one to three weeks late after using plan b, since i start my pills again sunday i will not have my period until April, so if i dont get it this time is there anything to worry about? Pregnancy? Please help I am scared to death.

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#855 Jan 29, 2010
Emily, plan B is effective only 72 hours after unprotected sex, not 120.
I wish I had come across this conversation 5 months ago. I had the same issue as everyone else here. I actually broke down and told my boyfriend at the time that I thought I was pregnant.
Now, I'm in the same situation with current boyfriend but am much less worried, knowing that this happens all the time.

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#856 Jan 29, 2010
Carly wrote:
I haven't got my period yet. It's 5 days late now. I had intercourse with my boyfriend last week and I took plan b again because the condom broke. but a week after I didn't have the bleeding or spotting like how I got it the first time I took it. Is this normal? Am I pregnant?
I just read from someone else's response that your period can come either 1 week early or 2 weeks late after using plan B. Don't worry.


#857 Jan 31, 2010
You have NO idea how much these posts have helped - I thought I was the only one going through this, but apparently there are tons of you experiencing the exact same thing! Here's my story...

Had unprotected sex (you have no idea just how much I regret it now) on January 1st... no condom, no birth control, got ejaculated in, the works. My last period started on Dec. 22nd, ended I believe on the 28th. Anyways, the sex was at 9pm-ish, I went and took Plan B at around 12:30pm the next day. Maybe 3 days later I was spotting, as many of you have reported. I took it in stride because thats what the info I got read. I didn't feel the need to document any of it, but I got this "spotting" for maybe as long as 6 days. I call it "spotting" because sometimes it was just a light pink/red, but other times it was very dark, quite heavy, and seemed almost like a period.

Now I'm getting worried, but these posts have calmed me a little bit. My periods never really have a "time" to arrive on, but I was estimating it to come on Jan. 25th-27th. Obviously it hasn't come yet. I don't have any of my usual PMS symptoms (sensitive breasts/nipples, cramps) but then again I don't have any pregnancy symptoms - if I was, I'd be a month along. I am breaking out though and my breasts DO seem to be on the fuller side.

Another note - I don't appear to have ovulated after taking the pill/experiencing the bleeding... I would hazard that ovulation would've happened around Jan. 12-15th, and I always know when it's going on, lots of discharge and pain. I don't know if this is because of Plan B or not.

But anyways, I'm just waiting for my period. Just like everyone else here. I'm going to wait until Feb. 6th or 7th to see if I get it according to the "new cycle" approach... if it doesn't show, I'm defs taking a test. On another note - I'm taking herbal pills that are supposed to encourage menstruation. Feel free to ask about them.

Just sharing my experience... wish me luck!
dontneedtoknowmy name

Thornhill, Canada

#858 Feb 2, 2010
i'm eleven and i'm waiting for my 2nd cycle and it's 4 days late! i'm really scared i have had NO SEX AT ALL PERIOD! i'm eleven why would i have sex! but it's scaring the crap out of me PLZ HELP!
Formerly Scared in Cali

Waterloo, Canada

#859 Feb 3, 2010
Couldn't agree more...I took Plan B within an hour and I'm now 7 months pregnant.

Ladies, just be very careful- this pill isn't very effective during fertile times. Even my doctor verified that.

Good luck to you all!
Bella wrote:
The same thing happened to me. The condom broke 11/2/09. I took Plan B within 24hrs. A couple of weeks later, I had the brown discharge, like old blood for a week, the normal length of my period. I was even fatigue and had cramps. A week after that my symptons changed. I took a pregnancy test, it was positive. This was a month later, 12/3/09 after I took Plan B. I waited a couple of days and then took another test ahd it said the same thing. Still in disbelief since I took the pill within the proper timeframe, I got ab ultrasound and it was true. I was pregnant. So you may want to take a pregnancy test.

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#860 Feb 4, 2010
So I have been reading on here and y'all are ridiculous. Ridiculous in the sense that you all post your story and maybe 30-40% of you follow up on it. I'm the boyfriend in this situation, but seriously it'd help if you'd actually tell all of the other girls what ended up happening. I'm sure there are guys just like me not wanting to be a daddy anytime soon and sure it's comforting to know most of you have the same symptoms but I'd rather have you end up telling me you either did not end up pregnant or you did end up pregnant.

Yonkers, NY

#862 Feb 5, 2010
Similar to the other stories, my girl and me had sex with a condom and once I ejaculated, I realized that the condom broke. Immeadiately, I went and got her the plan b. This happened on Jan 28th around 7 she drank the pill around 9. Her period is suppose to come down o Around Feb6-9, on the 3th of Feb she started spotting for two days. Now today she told me she doesnt feel like her period but she is bleeding. My concern as her bf is "Is this a sign that her period coming?" If anyone has any information they can share with me concerning this, i will gladly appreciated.

Yonkers, NY

#863 Feb 6, 2010
well my girl got her period today, but i been under so much stress that i still can't believe it. hope that everything goes well for everyone else

Addison, AL

#864 Feb 6, 2010
I had my last period on or around the 25 of december it is now feb 6 and have not started yet. I don't feel any different really. It doesn't feel like I am startin anytime soon. I am worried I don't wanna be pregnant. We never had unprotected sex but anal a few times. Can u help.

Rexburg, ID

#865 Feb 8, 2010
i had sex for the first time the end of december. we didn't used protection and he didn't ejaculate until after he was out of me. there is always the chance of pre-cum so the next day i took plan b. i had sex on the 28th and had my period on the 5th til the 12th. it wasn't like all my other periods it was just light. anyways i ended up with a UTI which led to a yeast infection. i am not 4 days late for my next period. is there a chance i could be pregnant. i've had all the signs but the home pregnacy tests are negative. what should i do?

Ann Arbor, MI

#866 Feb 8, 2010
cup has runeth over. too damn funny!

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