plan b, late/missed period

Germantown, TN

#41 Oct 15, 2008
it is normal to be late on your period and have weird abdominal feelings after taking plan B? I AM SO PARANOID right now. This is ridiculous, WHERE IS MY PERIOD?!?!? NOW.
When I took Plan B (around 39 days ago) I had adominal pains (similar to when I get my period) and was slightly nauseas. I got my period about 6 days late then.

Northbrook, IL

#42 Oct 15, 2008
Dear Teriyaki,
So you're NOT pregnant?
I feel like my stomach is bloating, I am extremely paranoid, I can't even think straight, scared to think i'm pregnant. I NEED TO GET MY PERIOD ASAP!!

Lake Worth, FL

#43 Oct 17, 2008
Dear Teriyaki,
So you're NOT pregnant?
I feel like my stomach is bloating, I am extremely paranoid, I can't even think straight, scared to think i'm pregnant. I NEED TO GET MY PERIOD ASAP!!
Well, so far no, I am now 12 days late on my 2nd period after Plan B, I just took a pregnancy test and it came out negative.
If you took Plan B at least 72 hours of the accident you should be fine,(my period didn't start until 5 days after I was supposed to).
If you don't get your period within about 8-9 days take a pregancy test. You should be fine, try not to worry to much!

Northbrook, IL

#44 Oct 19, 2008
Teriyaki wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, so far no, I am now 12 days late on my 2nd period after Plan B, I just took a pregnancy test and it came out negative.
If you took Plan B at least 72 hours of the accident you should be fine,(my period didn't start until 5 days after I was supposed to).
If you don't get your period within about 8-9 days take a pregancy test. You should be fine, try not to worry to much!
Wow this plan B stuff sure does mess up the cycle. That tiny pill really gets me worrying. So my second period can be late too? Oh jeez, this is frustrating. Btw, thanks for the reply, I was totally freaking out (I still am a little).

Mission, TX

#45 Oct 20, 2008
OK so here is my story...i'm a "virgin" cuz I've never had penetration. But on August 13 my boyfriend and I messed around and some of his sperm might have gotten inside my vagina. I didn't take plan B then. Two weeks after this incident I start having extremely sore breasts, which lasted for 3 whole weeks. I also had bloating and some nausea. So i decided to take a pregnancy test, negative. A week before my period i took another one, still negative. But I still felt pregnant. To my surprise I got my period. My menstrual cramps were more intense than ever and not even midol could make them go away, I was in bed the whole day. My period, however, was only a day or two shorter and towards the end i had some dark red spotting. So, after that I had the idea I wasn't pregnant. However, the nausea and breast pain still continued. On top of that i felt liquid coming out of my breast. Not only that but the bloating hasn't subsided. Oh and i got little lumps around my nipple. So here i got again thinking I can still be pregnant. I decided to get a blood test -came back negative. The doctor told me nothing was wrong and it was all in my head. I kept on taking HPT's after that and all of them have been negative. On september 20 my bf and i were messing around again (yeah i didn't learn my lesson the first time) but this time took plan b not immediately after, but before the 72 hrs were up. About 6 days later i begin spotting. It didn't look anything like my normal period. This was a mixture of dark red, brown and pink. Well the spotting lasted for about 5 days. I tested again but still negative. Now I have been having a lot of vaginal discharge and lower abdominal and back pain. A lot of frequent headaches and high basal temperature. I just started getting shoulder pain that comes and goes . My period was due on October 13-14 but it didn't come. I just did another hpt 3 days ago and still shows up negative. I am already 6-7 days late on my period. I really don't know what to do anymore. The tests keep on coming negative but i just don't feel myself. My bf and friends tell me i am not pregnant and that i am just going crazy. I really don't want to be pregnant. I've got so many things planned for my life and a baby at this moment is not in them.

Niagara University, NY

#46 Oct 20, 2008
okay i had sex with my boyfriend 3 days before my period was supposed to come. He didnt use a condom but he did pull out. I was on the pill but i had forgtten 2 pills so i loaded up and took the two pills plus the pill for that day all in one night (before the sex). I was still nervous so when i got back to school i went and bought the morning after pill which was about 4 days later but still under the 120 hours. My period was supposed to come on the 15th of october and it is now the 21st and my period is still not here and im kind of freaking out. HELP!

New Braunfels, TX

#47 Oct 21, 2008
Natalie, the after morning pill should have been taken within 72 hours of the incident. Did you have any spotting day after taking the plan b pill? If so, you might get your period a month after that spotting.

Tucson, AZ

#48 Oct 22, 2008
OK! Update! I got my period exactly 13 days after it was supposed to come, I was so happy!
I hope this helps some people!
The complete story of mine is my boyfriend and I had an accident with a condom a couple days before my period, I freaked and got EC (Plan B) 48 hours later (you should take within 72 hrs for best results), my period was only 5 days late and was relatively normal. I got worried and got birth control (which I couldn't take yet). We did it a couple times after but not much. Now fast forward a month and I didn't get my period, I freaked! I took a pregnancy test when I was 12 days late and got my period the next day.

Greensboro, NC

#49 Oct 25, 2008
every one who is in this situation just pray to god
he helped me and my ex girlfriends issue and he will help yours

Pleasanton, CA

#50 Oct 27, 2008
Same situation!!! How is your situation now?

New Braunfels, TX

#51 Oct 27, 2008
I am now 13 days late. I just did another hpt yesterday and still comes out negative. I won't be in peace until I see blood. I will pray to God for a miracle...I can't be pregnant now, I just can't =(

New Westminster, Canada

#52 Oct 27, 2008
Hi. I had sex on october 4th, the day that my period ended, and the condom broke. It was not in any way my most fertile time, and I WAS on Yasmin but had not taken the pills at the same time everyday so i panicked and got Plan B.
The pharmacist said I most likely did not need it, but I insisted, and took the two pills at the same time. I continued with Yasmin the next day at the regular time, and have been taking in consistently ever since.
I have had safe sex since, while on my birth control, but now am two days late for my period. I did NOT bleed after plan b, but they say that some women do not.
I know I am only JUST two days late on my period and shouldn't be freaking out, but i am.. did EVERYONE here bleed soon after they took plan B?

New Westminster, Canada

#53 Oct 27, 2008
BTW, he DID ejaculate.

Santa Clara, CA

#54 Oct 28, 2008
troubled wrote:
BTW, he DID ejaculate.
Not everyone bleeds after plan b. And if you took plan b, you can expect your period to come one week before or one week after your expected period. If it doesn't come within a week, get a pregnancy test.

Dumfries, VA

#55 Oct 28, 2008
Thanks Amber! My girfriend totally skipped her period this month. She hasn't taken a preg. test but we think everything is okay because we have used protection in the proper way. She is due next week. We'll see.
amber wrote:
Plan B can cause you to be either a week early or up to two weeks late! I even know some women who have skipped their periods entirely! Plan B is basically like taking two regular birth control pills and since it is a double dose it will def mess up youre cycle : Don't worry you're period is on its way.

Jackson, MI

#56 Oct 28, 2008
My boyfriend and I had sex the day the night before i was supposed to start my period..we didn't use protection but he did pull i thought i had nothing to worry about. but now i'm almost four days late, however, i did take the morning after pill yesterday..and i took a pregnancy test yesterday and today and they were both negative..could i be pregnant?

New Westminster, Canada

#57 Oct 29, 2008
Hi everyone. I'm happy to say I got my period, and only a few days late like you said Paranoid.

Just one thing though: It's slightly more brown in colour than usual. It isn't a light flow like implantation bleeding is supposed to be.. I AM safe, right?:s

New Westminster, Canada

#58 Oct 29, 2008
..and should i go get a pregnancy test just in case if it stays brownish and thick?

United States

#59 Oct 30, 2008
I am so happy!!!! I finally got my period, exactly one month after the bleeding i got from plan b.....I had started to panic because it didn't come on my usual day but after reading a post on this same site that explained that the bleeding after plan b is your new cycle I got a little relieved....and now its been exactly a month and its here!! not heavy like usual but i finally see blood!!!! plus i have the usual cramps i always get!!

So troubled, if you bleeded a few days after plan b, doesnt matter if its brown, dark red, or even pink....this would most likely be your new period and a month from now you should get your next period.

I give THANKS to the Lord because my wait is over.

United States

#60 Oct 30, 2008
And I forgot to mention that for 2 months I've had all of the symptoms of pregnancy ...all!! Which include:

Back pain
Food cravings
Tender Breasts
Fuller Breasts
Lumps on Areola
Dark nipple
Frequent Urination

I even had shoulder pain, earache, dark urine, mucous in stool, rash, and some other ones I don't recall...

I was almost 100% sure I was pregnant. I even made bets on it, now I lost. I have money to pay, but at least my period is here....i can't possible be pregnant, I believe the symptoms are either due to something else or psychological or something.....

So for those of you that have all of the symptoms, don't automatically assume you are pregnant. In my case all of my tests kept coming out negative, both urine and blood, yet I thought they were wrong because i still had all the symptoms.....

So if a blood test comes out negative and you still experience some symptoms, you are most likely not pregnant. It might be something else or your own mind playing tricks on you.

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