plan b, late/missed period
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Pittsburgh, PA

#1 Jun 24, 2007
I got my last period on May 23rd, and my boyfriend and I had sex on May 28th. The condom broke during intercourse, but my boyfriend was no where near ejaculating. Just to be safe, we went out the next day and bought Plan B. I took it within 24 hours of the condom breaking. Six days after I took it, I had a brown discharge. It lasted for a few days, and it had some regular blood mixed in. I also had some cramps when that was happening. We have had sex other times this month, all of them were protected and no other condoms broke. We checked them after he came and there were no holes, and he always pulled out before he came. I am now 3 or 4 days late for my next period. I'm really afraid that I'm pregnant. Is being late normal or should I be more worried?





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Liberty, SC

#2 Feb 18, 2008
just out of curiosity, what happened? were you pregnant or not? i'm wondering because i'm now in your position. i took plan b several weeks ago after a broken condom, got my regular period, then had sex once with protection, now i'm 5 days late for this period. did plan b end up being the cause of it or were you pregnant?

Brunswick, OH

#3 Jul 27, 2008
Plan B can cause you to be either a week early or up to two weeks late! I even know some women who have skipped their periods entirely! Plan B is basically like taking two regular birth control pills and since it is a double dose it will def mess up youre cycle : Don't worry you're period is on its way.





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Monterey Park, CA

#4 Aug 6, 2008
Im on the same page. My incident happened one day after my period and i took the pill like 12 hrs after that. A week later I had brown discharge and now my period is two weeks late!





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Kent, WA

#5 Aug 10, 2008
Cyn wrote:
Im on the same page. My incident happened one day after my period and i took the pill like 12 hrs after that. A week later I had brown discharge and now my period is two weeks late!
so what happened? i took plan b and had the same symptoms. a week after i took plan b i had a brown discharge for a couple days a week after the pill. i'm 2 days late.

London, Canada

#6 Aug 10, 2008
i need help. I had an incident with my boyfriend fingering me and i gave him a handjob. I was unsure if he had touched himself at all so to reduce any risks I took teh plan b on the 3rd day after stressing out knowing talking myself to being fine wouldnt work.(within 72 hour). this happened with my bf on Saturday night at midnight and I took plan B on Tuesday morning, docs said i was in the clear. Origionally I was due for my period Wednsday! It is now Sunday and i still have NO period. I can NOT be pregnant, I know i made the biggest mistake.. I have extremely irregular periods will that affect me not having my period. Please help me. I know i need to take a test but I need to know my odds before I start out. Honestly I know this is my fault and i dug myself intothis becasue I was unsafe But my life will offically be screwed up and over if i come out positive. PLEASE ANSWER ASAP





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Cincinnati, OH

#7 Aug 10, 2008
if sperm comes in contact with air it dies...
and i took plan b after an incident with my boyfriend and am about a week late on my period...ive taken a test and it was negative... from what ive read plan b can do that to your cycle. have nothing to worry about...

London, Canada

#8 Aug 12, 2008
thank you so much
i got my period today, such a relief.
thanks for the reply and good luck ladies.





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Brampton, Canada

#9 Aug 18, 2008
Yes, thank you! I've had sex twice in the last three months. The first time, with no protection and the "withdrawal method" failed. I took plan B the next day. I downed the two tiny pills at the same time and got my next period as scheduled, exactly 28 days after the last one and about two weeks after sex.

I had sex for the second time on August 4st, and I was due to have my period on August 11th. On August 14th I spotted a bit... the brown discharge the woman mentioned above, but still nothing! I'm sitting here today with my second period 7 days late on August 18th and this blog has helped me relax tremendously. I've been walking around with maxi pads in my bag and praying that my period comes each day! I'm losing sleep instead of feeling tired and I don't have nausea... I just feel like my period is on its way (normal breast tenderness and abdominal wierdness. I know I should take a pregnancy test to relax myself, but I woke up and "Googled" instead and found this convo. Thanks!! I'll continue to pray and keep preparation in my bag and if I'm not pregnant, I PROMISE to give up sex for a LONG while. Good luck everyone.





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Boynton Beach, FL

#10 Aug 25, 2008
maybe someone can help me out. A little over a month ago my boyfriend and i had sex and the condom broke, the next morning i took plan b. Now i was supposed to have my period about 2 weeks ago and i am very regular, i started spotting and cramping like i was going to get it. we ended up having sex that same day, and the same thing happened.

I didn't have money to take plan b again so i took birth conrol two in the morning and two at night. I'm kinda freaking out. i have no idea what to do. My appetite has kinda changed, when i wake up in the morning i'm instantly kind of naseaus until i eat i keep feeling like i am going to get my period but i have no idea. I haven't taken a test yet i refuse to.

i know this sounds rediculous but can anyone help me out? thanks.





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Mableton, GA

#11 Sep 3, 2008
I also need help understanding what is going on with my body. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend while ovulating, August 2, and immediately got the plan b less than 24 hours later. I have not had my period yet?! Its now September 3. I am freaking out. I had symptoms of a period around august 23 and thought for sure i was in the clear. But I never started. I am very regular. I even gave off period vibes to my co worker who premenopausal and she started hers. So I am not sure if I am pregnant or there is a long delay after the plan b. ANy help?





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Danville, CA

#12 Sep 3, 2008
April ... exact same thing, exact same situation. Took it August 4th, felt symptoms like I was going to get my period August 26th week, and now it's September 3rd and nothing. I want to think it's fine and that it's on its way. I took Plan B once two years ago and I didn't experience a delayed period.

I looked online more though and it has said that if you take Plan B too close to the beginning of your cycle (I assume, because we both were still on our periods/ending our periods when we had sex & took the pill) it can delay the period (similar to taking birth control to skip over a period).

Hope we're both in the clear.
not available


#13 Sep 4, 2008
I'm on the birth control pill and my boyfriend wore a condom, except he had previously came, so we wipped it all off and got a new condom. However, he put it on the wrong way so he took it off and re-adjusted. I was scared that there still may be sperm on the outside of the condom so i briefly rubbed it over with a blanket. The next day before 24hours passed I took Plan B. I had sex the day I was done my pack of pills, and than a day later took the MAP, and as usual assumed I'd get my period on the next day, (wednesday). But i didn't, so now Im terrified :(

Elk Grove, CA

#14 Sep 5, 2008
so the usually incident happened to me, couldn't get to a pharamcy the next morning but took it with in the 72 hours but i took the second pill 13 hours later in stead of 12 (i know it's probably not enough time to through it off) and i had strange spotting and my brest are so tender (it feels like my cup runeth over, if you know what i mean) i was getting neausiated at work and i'm going on 4 days late. i'm partly relaxed from reading everyones stories but i'm still freaking out. being a college student and working full time i don't know how i could mentally handle it...

Walnut Creek, CA

#15 Sep 8, 2008
My last period was 7/29 and I had intercourse on 8/6 and 8/8. I had intercourse again on 8/11 and being that it is too close to ovulation or middle of my cycle, I took Plan B on that very same day on 8/11. I've been waiting and waiting for my period to come around the last week of 8/25 -- no period. I took a pregnancy test on 9/3 and it came out positive. If I remember correctly, my period on 7/29 only lasted for 1 day. Do you think that Plan B failed or could I already been pregnant prior to August? If someone can please tell me?

Port Talbot, UK

#16 Sep 16, 2008
hi i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Basically I had sex a couple of days before my period was due (stupidly i didnt use anything and i hadnt been on the pill). I started using the pill that night and used it for a week and then came off to check that I would come on which i did a few days later. The thing is, I feel different now and I keep getting bad stomach cramps and not sure what to think! Anyone got any idea what could be going on?

Fremont, CA

#17 Sep 17, 2008
Alright, first I have to say, that I have goen through the ordeal from start to end:

My boyfriend and I were having sex when the condom broke. We freaked out and went to get the morning after pill within 30 minutes of the unprotected sex. I wasn't sure if it broke in me or if it broke outside, but we figured it was better to be safe than sorry.
This all happened on August 12th, the 8th day of my cycle (which means, my period had come that month on AUGUST 4TH) I normally have 30-31 day cycles, so I was pretty sure i was NOT fertile, but again, it is much better to be safe than sorry.

So I took the pill, did not have any of the immediate side effects such as nausea or vomiting. I had very light bleeding 5-6 days after swallowing the pill, and it lasted for about 4 days. I have been told that this was just intermenstrual bleeding, that it didn't mean anything, BUT, that is not correct.

Before I explain further, let me finish my story. By September 4th, I still didn't get my period, so i started getting antsy. By September 11th, It still didn't come, and i was panicking. THEN, I talked to a friend who had gone through this all and she told me that that "light bleeding" I had after I took the pill was my NEW cycle time.

I am pleased to announce, that I got my period today, just like she said I would, and almost exactly a month from that light bleeding I experienced.

So in conclusion, ladies, please do not worry if you don't get your period within a week of your expected time. Most likely, it will come a cycle from that light bleed you will get after taking the morning after pill, which usually will be close to 2 weeks LATER than the first day of your old period time.

Plan B tells you on that paper that comes with the box AND on their website that you may be pregnant if your period doesnt come within 1 week of your normal period time. IT'S MISLEADING. IT'S NOT TRUE.

I took a pregnancy test, fearing for the worst sometime around September 10th, and was relieved when it came out negative, and now, thinking back, it was completely unnecessary.

The best thing to do, and yet the hardest thing to do, is to just be PATIENT and WAIT. It's true, stressing causes your period to be late, or even worse, to miss it. I assure you, if you followed the plan B instructions to take the first pill ASAP (preferably within 24 hours) and the second pill 12 hours later, you won't be pregnant.

So now, a month wiser, and a bit crampy and bloaty, I wish all the ladies out there my best wishes, and to not worry, it's coming!!

I wrote this especially for you guys, because I came across so many frantic posts of women who were in my position, but I never found out what happened to them afterwards, so I wanted to give a note of comfort to everybody who has found themselves in this limbo.

Thanks for listening!





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#18 Sep 20, 2008
About a month ago my girlfriend took the plan b pill and it worked but recently shes been bleeding during intercourse and she is around her period but right after the first discharge the bleeding stops we're not sure if it is her period or not?

Kyle, TX

#19 Sep 23, 2008
I desperately need some input. On August 12, my boyfriend and I had intercourse. It was my first time and stupidly enough, we didn't use protection. I went out and took Plan B in the next 72 hours and my period came on August 26th. I thought everything was fine until my period lasted longer than usual. It usually lasts for about 6-7 days but this one lasted 9-10. I talked to a nurse and she said this was perfectly healthy. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex again on September 10th (I know, we're both morons) but we stopped when we realized how stupid we were for not using a condom. He didn't finish but I realize there's a huge chance of pre-ejaculation and that's how many girls wind up pregnant. Anyways, I took a pregnancy test September 21st and it came out negative. It's September 23rd now and I still have yet to have my period. Do you guys think there's a chance that because Plan B extended my last period, that's the reason this one is late or was it just a false negative and could I be pregnant? Again, any input would be great.

Chicopee, MA

#20 Sep 24, 2008
my boyfriend and i had sex september 20, and today i am getting the morning after pill. it is suppsoed to be effective up to 120 hours. i am wondering however if i should take it because my scheduled period is supposed to come today or tommorow what should i do

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