why are male doctors obsessed with th...

why are male doctors obsessed with the vagina

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Elizabethtown, KY

#1 Apr 5, 2012
it gets irritating and infuriateing knowing what these men do in these exams, how can they be allowed to practice this way? why arent more men speaking out about this to their wives? if it 'must' be done then a woman should do the exam instead of being harrassed to let men do it. how can it not be a form of sexual harrassment when you are always presented with a male doctor to look at your wifes privates at the ER getting so sick of it.

Bradford, VT

#4 Jun 17, 2012
Why are male doctors obssesed with vaginia ? The same reason all straight men are. Other men just control it better, or dont feel entitled to look, touch it, etc., the way male doctors do. There above it all, laws etc., just ask them. Woman make better doctors, they dont let their hormones cloud their thinking.

United States

#5 Jun 17, 2012
Dont we all ? Da. TOM.

United States

#6 Jun 17, 2012
Ladies, thanks for coming in, paying me and let me see and play with it :) Lol.

Elizabethtown, KY

#8 Jul 8, 2012
pailrider i appreciate your comment but i dont believe in evolution, my faith says that all men are depraved and fallen creatures and given to lust and immorality, all the more reason not to see a male doctor

Schwenksville, PA

#9 Jul 8, 2012
To the title; Because they couldn't score it on their own in H.S.

Since: May 12

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#12 Sep 8, 2012
I know people who actually know male gynecologists personally as friends or family members. Male gynecologists sometimes confess things to people close to them, in social situations, or when drunk.

They sometimes says things like, "it's a real buzz examining young teenage women" and things like, "You should have seen the breasts on the one I saw to today!" and things like, "I couldn't believe how wet and excited she was!" and things like, "wow, I couldn't believe the swelling of her clitoris!" and things like, "her cute little 'box' was perfect, just like a mouse's ear passage", need I go on?

This IS how male gynecologists sometimes talk to people that they completely trust (fact). How does this make you feel ladies?

How does this make you feel after they've fooled you by acting completely 'professional' in front of you?

Don't you feel a little deceived? Some of you may like this kind of 'banter', but that makes you no better than the Husband who secretly visits a prostitute.

You can 'Google search' and read for yourself the long list of dishonourable male doctors who have been rightly exposed! I feel that women have been brainwashed into thinking that male gynecologists are 'too professional' to get sexual pleasure from intimate examinations!?

Any man knows that the body of an attractive woman is going to turn a man on sexually, doctor or no doctor.

People don't usually just do things for other people... People are naturally selfish. The main reason that people actually choose go into a certain profession is often subconsciously related.

"A woman who was once bullied by her brother became a pediatric nurse. Why? What do nurses give to children all day? Shots!(injections). She gets to see young boys cry all day!"

Besides all the 'spoof' that people ofen 'splurt' out in order to make themselves look good in front of other people, they often do things only for 'self-serving' reasons.

Why would a male take OB/GYN? Of course they average $200,000 annual income, but you can't remove the fact that despite all those 'honourable' reasons, a male gynecologist may well have picked OB/GYN for the fact that he gets to do intimate things to many women without out all the dating rigmarole and expense.

It's easy to overlook that fact that Gynecologists are 'biological beings'. It's easy to overlook the fact that their choice to become an OB/GYN could be sexually motivated. To overlook these definite possibilities, is voluntary blindness!

However, career choice reasons set aside... those who practice OB/GYN successfully, are often VERY professional in their mannerism (good at hiding their true feelings and motives). Doctors are taught and instructed to keep these natural feelings to themselves through med-school.

It's complete nonsense when male doctors say that they don't find any sexual gratification from seeing an attractive woman naked! This goes completely against the nature of man!

Many women will not believe not hear anything negative said about male gynecologists no matter how 'logical' argument, this is because most women's reasoning is 'primarily emotional'. Only a logical thinking woman will understand my case here and they already tend to keep well away from male doctors!

Go ahead and research the 'female clitoris'... you will soon discover that stimulation of the clitoris is virtually guaranteed during a gynelogical exam. As a result, vaginal lubrication begins to flow, this is the start of sexual arousal! Some women even say that they've had orgasms during such an examination and that they couldn't help it!

As for the male OB/GYN... his male genetic make-up is naturally programmed to respond to female pheromones (natural hormonal scent given off by the vagina) and he is getting a faceful of this during an intimate examination no matter how 'detached' or 'desensitized' he is.

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#13 Sep 8, 2012

The programming deep within his genes does not automatically shut off during an intimate examination! And if he were somehow 'desensitized', then he'll probably have a VERY unhappy wife or girlfriend at home!

Of the 2 basic instincts, men have - survival and reproduction - the female patient's reaction, as well as the male OB/GYN's reaction, are naturally governed to this basic reproduction level no matter what the veneers of present-day society, past society, attempts to explain, rationalizations and justifications are used to wrap the realities an intimate examination situation.

In my opinion, women who choose male gynecologsits are as much to blame, especially if they are in a 'comitted' relationship, or even worse... if they are Married!

I find it extremely repellent how male doctors tend to manipulate women into having these intrusive examinations, however that doesn't excuse the fact that many women deliberately go to these male doctors knowing full-well how much it hurts their Husbands!

I think about 90% of the blame rests on the medical industry. Women were raised to believe that male doctors can do anything, since they are 'experts' of the human body. This is a HUGE cultural blind spot! My Mother went to a male gynecologist for many years, I started questioning her when I was about 8 - 10 years. It made no sense to me how it was okay for a grown woman to disrobe in front of a male doctor to whom she wasn't married. My Mother used to ignore my concerns. But when I grew up, she listened to me. She has not gone to a male gynecologist for over 13 years now. She told me she no longer believes that any man (including male gynecologists) can stay 'pure in thought' when they're confronted with naked women.

The medical industry uses scare tactics to encourage women into intimidating examinations. Most women who go to a male gynecologist hold their breath and go 'in the name of medicine'. They don't even think about how it could affect their relationships and Marriages. Most women assume that male gyneoclogists are professionals who can turn off their sexual feelings within a medical settings, which is just not true.

I find the whole thing mentally and emotionally tormenting.

Ottawa, Canada

#14 Sep 16, 2012
pailrider wrote:
...Thousands of years of evolution and recent cultural adaptation have produced in the female instincts to nurture, display and submit their bodies to males. This is part of the chemistry making human reproduction so successful. The vanity modern females display, their desire to attract men and please them and be accepted is part of their core emotional makeup. The male doctor observes this attraction too.
It has been said that “charm in a woman is the same thing as confidence is in the man.” Women seek to attract men and that subconscious desire to please them can lure them into vulnerable situations.
It is common knowledge that many women see men, especially those in positions of power as the men to please. They are seen as the “Alpha Males” and most worthy of receiving their attention and seed. Husband’s anxiety naturally will increase at the exposure of wives to Alpha Males.
Sigmund Freud postulates that “transference” occurs, especially in the context of the patient/physician relationship, and it is complex and problematic. The female perceives the physician as omnipotent healer and powerful and this puts her in a submissive role. Many women also relate to their physicians as a “father figure”. While there is nothing necessarily sexual in that perception, it further puts a woman in a submissive, inferior and vulnerable position. Many husbands worry about this vulnerability at the hands of another man who she may see as her “heroic healer.”
Transference can sometimes even be to the degree that the husband may end up, at least in the wife’s eyes, as playing an insignificant role in the role of having a baby. That maternity experience can become a relationship between the female and her doctor, as if the doctor were in bed with her that fateful night of conception. The husband is almost seen as beside the point.“The modern trend in obstetrics is to include the husband in prenatal care and delivery so that the physician does not become a substitute image for the husband” Even the ritual of the husband cutting the umbilical cord is meant to include him in the process, as if he were next to insignificant otherwise. Many men find the risk of transference to the doctor as offensive and a bit threatening.
In the daily practice of a gynecology office, it is easy to perceive that intricate emotional problems often lie behind a great number of the physical complaints, symptoms and disturbances that women patients bring to the office. To a great extent, these emotional problems are related to several aspects of the female nature and constitution. Many men are uncomfortable with the notion of another male discussing his marriage and even influencing his wife emotionally.
Patient dependency, vulnerability and gratitude for the care received is often confused with feelings of affection. It is reported that females sometimes have a “crush” on their doctors. Many husbands find this worrisome, especially given the vulnerable nature of gynecological exams.
Posted by Mark a very good read and it explains many things.
This was really interesting - I see you guys have found a new thread....all men I think so far. Dont worry I wont post all over it...but the comments are very insightful :)

Ottawa, Canada

#16 Sep 17, 2012
pailrider wrote:
<quoted text>
Ah got the evolution connection lol, that post was copied and pasted, maybe from another board, cant remember, doubt I could put it that the same way, good post though.
Yeh - it was the sexual roles and expression I found interesting...women presenting as charming, the alpha male etc...There certainly are some interesting psych/bio/spiritual elements to consider in this rediculous play between medical preditors....and their prey.

Ottawa, Canada

#17 Sep 18, 2012
pailrider wrote:
<quoted text>
Ah got the evolution connection lol, that post was copied and pasted, maybe from another board, cant remember, doubt I could put it that the same way, good post though.
Didn't want to leave you guys out of my "dawn chorus" postings: bear in mind - Im not a poet....just emotions finding expression:

1) My diary of a mad black woman

Dr's expect u t drop all social norms as u drop ur nickers

Open ur mind to psychological trauma - as u open ur legs

This they require in exchange for a pious air of urgent inconvenience

Their time is precious
Their profession is sacred
Their ego is fed
Their agenda is satisfied
Their dick is hard
Their fantasies fulfilled

I'm sorry did u think this was all about u?
Be sure to book a repeat appointment on your way out.

2) The Virgin Mary & Whore Well Woman Clinic
Our Hospital Pledge:
Here, at The VMW-WWC, we are proud to be able to offer you the great medical leveling experience, complete ‘parity of esteem’….
Here we aren't a respecter of persons.........one size (Fat stubby finger) fits all.
Footnote: All patients please be advised that (in the interest of “patient confidentiality and Doctor’s fetish) spouses are not allowed to accompany partners into “private consultations”. Please honor the,“very sacred”, Dr./Patient relationship of the medical gynecological profession.
“VMW-WWW, Clinic of choice,……. for the unique “Arrive a Virgin and leave a Whore” experience”.

Debz 18th Sept 2012

Ottawa, Canada

#19 Sep 18, 2012
pailrider wrote:
<quoted text>
Debz nice essay lol, your forgot their daily fix....
That reply right there goes on record as the shortest!! ;)

btw - how do you start new threads?
how do you IM here?

Ottawa, Canada

#22 Sep 19, 2012
pailrider wrote:
<quoted text>
Debz if you click your username it shows the boards you posted, also see news link below.
More and more doctor are in court for it, they have it on a plate, don't they. http://www.620wtmj.com/news/local/170103576.h...
This news link is safe to open.
Thanks Pailrider....
Re - the articles - u got more on "male on female" Dr crime?

Though i agree a letch is a letch is a SICK pervy-letch

N what's ur feedback on my poety.....

was it worth the post space? I made an exception to my new resolve to "cut it short".....this poetry expression was most therapuetic btw.

Inspired by male-Dr-Fat Fingers...."who's still lurking!" would u believe....came out of his cage long enough to tell me "He dont like me no more!" LOL...write at the point I mentioned "legal violation"

Anyway....hope the poem wsnt too crude....there are more to follow

Well it was he truth - that's exactly what it was.

Ottawa, Canada

#23 Sep 19, 2012
Poetry is post# 17....feedback w/be appreciated

Secondly....wanted to explain my spelling n wrong word usage (write, not right etc)....gotta sticky keyboard and easy attitude to posting here...hope y'all understand!

Ottawa, Canada

#25 Sep 19, 2012
pailrider wrote:
Debz you could download spell checkkkkk, I have to cheque minee becaus i spill wong way, mis leters owt, it wil make ur stickie butooons beterrr.
I mean on this topix site?
I have spell check on word but not here?

Ottawa, Canada

#27 Sep 20, 2012
pailrider wrote:
<quoted text>
Debz if you click your username it shows the boards you posted, also see news link below.
More and more doctor are in court for it, they have it on a plate, don't they. http://www.620wtmj.com/news/local/170103576.h...
This news link is safe to open.
Yes - there day in court is imminant tho!

Kansas City, MO

#29 Sep 21, 2012
Most male ob/gyn were dorks in school and couldnt see any so they became gyecologists so they could see it every day

Ottawa, Canada

#30 Sep 21, 2012
pailrider wrote:
<quoted text>
Yep n this one as well!
Did you download iespell ?
You have to ask

You cant teyyll!!LOL

will get round to it shortly

Ottawa, Canada

#33 Oct 7, 2012
man wrote:
it gets irritating and infuriateing knowing what these men do in these exams, how can they be allowed to practice this way? why arent more men speaking out about this to their wives? if it 'must' be done then a woman should do the exam instead of being harrassed to let men do it. how can it not be a form of sexual harrassment when you are always presented with a male doctor to look at your wifes privates at the ER getting so sick of it.
This comes from another forum - a patients testimony of medicsl sexual abuse under aneasthetic...when she simply asked for no male attendees and was ignored, drugged up and sexed up

Subject: my experience

Thank you for your site. I'd like to share what happened to me as a warning to others.

I'm very well educated, but I'm also quite modest. Because my health is excellent, and because of my issues with modesty, I had not seen a gynecologist in over 20 years. My husband finally convinced me to see a doctor when my problems became severe. It turned out I needed a hysterectomy.

Before making the appointment with the female gynecological surgeon, I checked with the receptionist to make sure that the doctor had an all female practice. I was assured that she did--including nurses and assistants. I also told the person I thought would be assisting with the surgery that I wanted only females during the surgery.

About 10 minutes before surgery, I learned that not only would the anesthesiologist be male, so would the circulating nurse. I was mortified, but agreed to allow both because I thought I'd at least be awake for the prep. Besides, I knew that once I was out, I would have no control who saw what and I had better play nice or things might get really bad while I was out.

To be clear, both the anesthesiologist and nurse knew I was very concerned--my modesty concerns were no secret to anyone. As the two men entered the waiting area silently, I was talking to my husband with my head turned in the opposite direction of where they entered and of my IV. They were standing there for about 15 seconds when I suddenly realized they where handling my IV. I said, "please don't give me anything. I want to be aware so I know who's in the OR." The anesthesiologist said, "don't worry, we're taking care of you." That's the last thing I remember. I have no other memory for over 6 hours.

The day after the surgery, I saw the person who I thought was the assistant for the surgery. She told me and my husband that the surgery went well and gave me post-op instructions before I was released--she made no indication that she was not in the OR with me. As a matter of fact all her comments intentionally lead us to believe she had assisted the doctor.

Finally, a week after surgery, when I was still having trouble remembering things, I called the anesthesiologist to see why I couldn't even remember being taking into surgery, being prepped or when I was given anesthesia. He told me, "oh, that's probably the Versed I gave you in the waiting area." I was stunned. I reminded him that I had explicitly asked to NOT be drugged before entering the OR. He told me that they knew I'd object to the males in the room, so they gave me the Versed to "calm you down."


Ottawa, Canada

#34 Oct 7, 2012
Part 2 of the unconscious female patient testimony sent to Medical Modesty website for Modest Woman's attention:

I was mortified.

I then requested my records from the hospital and learned that the team was almost entirely male--including the assistant.

I called the surgeon whom I had trusted to try to make sense of what happened. Basically, she told me that all the men are "professionals" and that I shouldn't worry about what they did or saw--they do it all the time. Let's be clear about what they did and saw--they stripped me completely naked, spread my legs apart, put my legs into stirrups, scrubbed my body, cleaned my vagina, let me lay naked for at least an another 10 minutes while I dried, and inserted their fingers and other objects into my vagina, all without my explicit consent and after being rendered unconscious deceitfully and against my will. When I asked her why I wasn't informed that she replaced her normal assistant with a male, she in essence let me know it's not her responsibility to tell me who will be assisting or who is in the surgical area.

When I contacted the hospital to find out why, when 90% of all nurses are female, would they put males to assist for gynecological surgery, I was informed that gender does not matter, all nurses are professionals.

I pointed out to both the doctor and the hospital that not one OBGYN in the area has males assist when the patient is wake and that woman should be treated with the same level of respect when unconscious as they are when conscious. Both said that surgery is different--"that's why people are sedated." Hospitals/surgeons don't want patients to know what's happening during surgery--"it's not necessary. Most patients like you would just object, so sedation helps everyone."

Needless to say, I will never allow myself to be sedated again.

Further--I'm more than happy to help in your effort to bring dignity and humanity to the treatment of patients.

Sign me up as a volunteer

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