Beware! Goji Berries

Melbourne, Australia

#123 Feb 2, 2010
I was pleased to see a report on the negative effects of Goji Berries. I too have not had a pretty encounter with these nasty berries. I throw up violently when eating them. I am therefore sick for a couple of days and it mimics food poisioning. At first I thought it may have been something else but sure enough it was goji berries. Very interesting to learn of the symptoms all of you report. I think there needs to be an allergen warning on these berries.

Long Beach, CA

#124 Feb 15, 2010
I had take Goji berries powdered drink with no symptoms for several weeks. In fact iI found that they helped calm me down in addition to any anti-oxident properties.

l liked it so much that I started taking it 2-3 times a day. Well one night I went to bed and when I closed my eyes they started burning like crazy. I took some fish oil and it eased the burning sensation with in 20 minutes. However my eyes remained blood shot for several days. After several weeks I went back to dosing just once a day and have not had any problems since.

North Lakes, Australia

#125 Feb 22, 2010
Ive been trying to get healthy and hence, have started eating goji berries (from the supermarket) by the handful all day. I am completely covered in an all over body rash, my eyes sometimes swell and the itchiness drives me insane. My skin is still raw now and I never thought it could be the berries (stopped wine, etc).Now am going to drink bucket loads of water and never have another and see what happens!

Maaseik, Belgium

#126 Feb 27, 2010
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Sunderland, UK

#127 Feb 27, 2010
I have been getting large blood blisters suddenly appear in my mouth. I couldn't fathom what the problem was but today I had one come up straight after I'd eaten some goji berries. After thinking about it, it makes sense that this is the cause of the blisters. Has anybody else had a similar problem with goji berries and blood blisters?
bernie - western oz

Brunswick East, Australia

#128 Mar 16, 2010
careful people. just make sure you don't overindulge!! these berries can be the devil if you don't do it correctly. and many will assume that being they are touted as some superfood, that a whole 250g bag might be ok?? especially if the lady at the health food shop said nothing in regards to overdosing. nor did the herbalist who recommended them in the first place. or the doctor. surely its got to be better than a 250g packet of potato chips?? no. just don't. now i'm so crook i can't even LOOK at a bag of them. and i'm too scared to see if even in moderation these are ok for me cos i'm onto the second day of being very sick. first 24 hours was chronic diarrhea and bloating. now today i'm onto the nauseau and lethargy. yay for me and these wonder berries.
bernie - western oz

Brunswick East, Australia

#129 Mar 16, 2010
by the way, does anyone have any remedies to ease the pain?? dull the nauseau perhaps?? i'm desperate and have a long day at work ahead of me!!

les miserables.

Fishkill, NY

#130 Mar 16, 2010
Yes, try weed.

United States

#131 Mar 26, 2010
I've had food poisoning-type symptoms three times in the past few years, once put me in the hospital. Each time I had eaten Goji berries (this last time unwittingly - in a cake). I'm guessing it's an allergy.

Boulder, CO

#132 Mar 27, 2010
fello sufferers.......two new and organic/an very little costs rash it took me 3 months to build up to toxic with this berry it took me a full 4 months to almost be near here they are a blend of raw apple cider vinigar 50/50 spring water splashed directly on rash...... and another tonic is raw honey..just smeared on and left on for as long as you can....yep its messy but the rash reacts by looking better....
peace and love claire

Thorndale, TX

#133 Mar 28, 2010
Hi ... a reminder. Goji berries are not for everyone. It is a medicinal herb. It is very good for some and not advisable for others. Chinese medicine and other systems recognize the differences in constitutional types. If goji berries cause a rash you should not eat them - but I would advise soaking them until soft in any case. I soak mine in my green tea.
Elke from Massachusetts

Somerville, MA

#134 Apr 3, 2010
Tomas wrote:
Confirmed Goji Berry causing severe nausia cramping and intestinal pain.
I was introduced to goji berries during the summer as a friend I met had just opened a raw food cafe. His food NEVER (I mean never) gave me any problems it was all delicious and much of it was cacao and goji berries. He has very selective about his sources and does not trust many companies out there.(His Goji comes from Sunfood)
When I returned home from Alaska I decided to try more superfoods and bought a trail mix by Navitas taht was Goji, Cacao Nibs, and Cashews. That day I had a green shake for breakfast and a banana for a snack then just a pinch of Goji Berries afterwards. That night I was writhing in pain and couldn't imagine what it was. The last time I had this pain was about a month ago after eating dairy but I was so confused because I didn't eat any dairy or gluten (my allergies).
This pain is severe. I wanted to die. It lasted about twelve hours.
Today I had a big green salad for lunch and then feeling better grabbed another SMALL pinch of goji and within 20 minutes I am now in the exact same pain. I knew then it was the goji and instantly typed "goji stomach ache" into google and found this thread verifying it.
Again, I never had this problem before eating Goji from Sunfood, but this Navitas is killing me. I am not going to eat any Goji until I can try the Sunfood again to troubleshoot weather it is the berry itself or just this brand.
Cramps, nausea and pain using Goji Berries from NAVITAS

I am glad I found this forum - I had no idea what happened to me last week when I got violently ill, holding my breath from the intensity of cramps, nausea, headache and blurred vision. I thought it was a stomach bug and suffered through this for at least 24 hours before feeling a little better and being able to eat some normal food. This morning I sprinkled soem goji berries on my muesli. And about 30 minutes later the cramps and nausea started again! I cannot believe I ate these poisonous berries yet again. I can certainly make the connection today. I have never had a reaction like this to any types of food. This is unbelievable and needs to be investigated and reported. I bought my Navitas Goji Berries (certified organic!) at Wholefoods. Given advice from the others in the forum I now took some Benadryl. Hope this will help soon! This is horrible!

Los Angeles, CA

#136 Apr 14, 2010
I had literally a few chocolate covered goji berries today and suffered an anaphylactic shock as well. My mouth instantly swelled up- as though someone poured acid in it. Fortunately that's what prevented me from eating more of them. Shortly after I got dizzy, a bad headache, stomach cramping and bloating, and a couple hours later I ended up throwing up severely. I've had these chocolate covered goji berries before and it was fine, but now I've been more sensitive to foods due to an elimination diet, but I was not expecting this reaction at all. NO more goji's for me.
Horselover Fat

Swansea, UK

#137 May 16, 2010
I ate maybe 3-4 handfuls of Goji berries two days ago, and within an hour of eating them I had intense itching and rashes all over my body; two days later the itching hasn't subsided...

Darlinghurst, Australia

#138 Jun 2, 2010
Noey wrote:
I had an issue with something and did not know what...I had intense stomach cramping and it became worse each day I had it. I stopped almonds thinking it was them, but went to the dr. and did a test where I showed I was not allergic to must be the goji berries...anyone else have this issue
Yeah, I have been eating about a tablespoon of dried Goji berries at work each weekday for 4 weeks. The first two weeks now that I think back, I slowley developed an uneasy stomach pain, like bloating or cramping. Then one Monday morening I had a few first thing and I had to lie down from the pain, it went away an hour later. Just before I left work I had about a table spoon on an empty stomach, 30mins later I was throwing up, diarrhea, nausea couldn't get off the bathroom floor and ended up in hospital. The most pain I've ever had to deal with.

For two weeks the pain has been roughly level but only on weekdays so I went to the doctor as I haden't figured out what caused it yet. Yesterday I was starving so had a half handfull of Goji berries before I left work to tie me over. Again I developed severe stomach cramps from what I now know was an allergic reaction to the berries. In fact I had a small amount that lunch time and the whole afternoon I was cramping too. I guess the last serving doubled up.

I think a warning should come with the packaging of these since the reactions can be so severe. one packet has now cost be over $250 in medical bills trying to figure it out.
sick and confused

Nanaimo, Canada

#139 Jul 1, 2010
Sara wrote:
2 months ago I purchased a giant bag of ORGANIC goji berries. I am a health nut, and this was my first time trying these. I'm the type that buys all this crap and only eats organic food, I am vegan, I juice my own juice, I am one of those...
Unfortunately, about 2 hours after eating them, I started to feel very sick.
I was nautious for hours. Then finally began vomiting waking up from my sleep. I was in and out of the bathroom for 3 days with extreme stomach pain. I will never eat these ever again and do not recommend them to anyone. I honestly thought I was poisoned. They are also the worst tasting berry I've ever eaten in my life. They even taste sorta toxic. The after taste of them...I just don't trust these berries.
I have had the EXACT same reaction...thought I had campi, e-coli, salmonella - got antibiotics from the Dr and ate bland food and each time I felt better, would have some of my chocolate covered goji berries and would go right back to being severely sick...pain in stomach now is excruciating!!
Just thought I'd google "goji berries and stomach ache" to see if there was a possibility and found these posts...FREAKIN' BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!!
sick and confused

Nanaimo, Canada

#140 Jul 1, 2010
Socrfem wrote:
I've had food poisoning-type symptoms three times in the past few years, once put me in the hospital. Each time I had eaten Goji berries (this last time unwittingly - in a cake). I'm guessing it's an allergy.
Yup!! I suspected it a few weeks ago but whoever could have guessed it could be this severe! But with all the hype I kept thinking, "Couldn't be!"

Can't believe I didn't google "goji berries and stomach ache" before now because I've been sick for 14 freakin' days and am on antibiotics which I didn't need!!!!

Brattleboro, VT

#141 Jul 15, 2010
I took a very small sip of a beverage last night with Goji and Pomegranate while I was geetting a glass og ice to pour it into and I started to feel my throat itch like I was getting a soar throut and all the sudden my throat was closing and my left foot was beginning to swell, I paniced and called for my roomate as I ran to the bathroom for my Daughters Benadryl, and my roomate had his cell with 911 ready to dial, I crushed 3 of the pills and swallowed them and sat for a moment, within 1 min my weezing was dissipating but my arms, stomach and legs were very itchy, after 1\2 hr weezing was gone, throat was a little itchy and my foot was still swollen, I was very tired and asked my roomate to wake in in an hr to see how I was doing, he did watch me, but did not wake me, 8 hrs later I woke and I was normal, all swellen gone and no itching....I could imaging what would have happened if I took a mouth full and really drank the small bottle down.....Beware peoples.

Rogers, AR

#142 Jul 20, 2010
I've had swollen eyes/face and my fingers are a bit swollen for weeks now ... trying to figure out what it can be because I never react this way to anything -- tried to think what I am eating/using new. Finally notice the label on new foundation -- Erase -- and it hs goji berries -- ah HA!(of course, I already put some on today, so need to go take it off)-- so I'm going to try avoiding this foundation for awhile and see if I lose this puffiness! Thanks, group.

Thornhill, Canada

#143 Aug 3, 2010
I have no known allergies, but got violently ill from goji berries. I had diarea and vomiting for hours and hours until there was absolutely nothing left in me. The first time this happened, I thought that I had a virus. The second time, I thought it was food poisoning. I called our government agency that deals with this and gave them samples of all of the things that I had eaten (which included goji's) and which were identical to what I had eaten when I thought that I had a virus. I replaced everything except the goji's which were out of stock. A few days ago. I bought dark chocolate covered goji's at the health food store. Exactly 4 hours after eating them (same as before), I got violently ill. The "sick" was exactly the same as the first two times. It was unlike anything else I have ever experienced - much more intense than anything before. There is no question in my mind that my body cannot tolerate goji's. I have not noticed a rash or anything like that...but i am certain that I can never eat goji's again. It is possible that it's some type of chemical or pesticide added to them, The first two times the goji's were from China and the last time, they were from Tibet. Either way, I can never try them again. I only had a few each time and I can't ever go through that again.

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