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#396 Jan 6, 2013
Sexsee Sonia wrote:
<quoted text>
Its so funny how guys will waste their money on hopes of getting their peter touched. Why not just go to an Asian/Oriental massage parlor. Better yet, help out us independent providers. Rates are usually the same, sometimes lower.
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So are you saying that you independant providers will rub our peters?

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#397 Jan 10, 2013
Bill24 wrote:
<quoted text>
So are you saying that you independant providers will rub our peters?
Some independent massage providers do that, but you know that already. Still, others do not include that as part of their service, and yet some do more. The main thing is trying to communicate that information to each other in a way that is legal, or rather, not illegal.

This may be the forum for me to test out my theory. I hope you all will participate this much when I do.

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#398 Jan 12, 2013
feelingthesame wrote:
I perposely go to massages just for the hopes that the therapyst touches my erect cock.
I have been going to this one for a couple visits. when the massage is just about over I will grab it and start stroking it .. she replies by saying I will give you a few minutes to finish up. I am meeting with her on the 28th and I am hoping I can hint to her to touch it. I know she wants to just by the may she massages me:)
First of all, I too give massages and men do normally become erect, some have precum, it is a normal thing to happen to a man. Just because she rubs your body with healing/sensual touch...this does NOT mean she wants to jack you off. As a woman that loves sex, we do not want just any erect cock. She is a professional and is not even thinking about sexual things when you are in her place of business. Trust me. Just go there to have the best massage of your life and enjoy it, try not to think of it as a sexual experience. You will find that you will be able to relax and enjoy it much more. I personally think if a man wants to jack off during a massage then he can go for it, but PLEASE ask your masseuse B4 if she or he minds if you relieve yourself during your massage. It might be uncomfortable to him/her if you just start jacking off in front of them. Everyone is different, I see it as my client being comfortable and totally relaxed in front of me. Not everyone will feel that way. I know there are some who will see it as a sexual deviant behavior and would either report you or not allow you to come back. Think b4 u act!

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#399 Jan 12, 2013
TLC where in the NW suburbs are you... I live right next to Palatine.

Monterey Park, CA

#401 Jan 28, 2013
LMT wrote:
<quoted text>Please review your guidelines for disposal/treatment of LIQUID BIOHAZARDOUS WASTE. Sweat and massage lotion are not in this category. Semen is. And of course we all use NEW sheets after spraying down and wiping all surfaces, right?
LMT Please you are a very prude LMT and I just want to say If you dont clean up as you talk biohazmat stuff you are also directly to blame when a fat slob is drewling on your sheets!!! READ UP ON SALIVA.
So why not get fun with your clients and relax yourself - maybe even try a NURU Massage you might LIKE IT :)

Kobylnica, Poland

#402 Jan 29, 2013
No, it is not normal at all!

Columbus, GA

#403 Jan 30, 2013
Totally Agree with TLC.. :-)

Doha, Qatar

#404 Feb 2, 2013
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Ada, MI

#405 Feb 3, 2013
NCMT wrote:
I did a search for "news about massage" and ended up on this thread.
News flash for everybody: IT'S NOT OKAY TO GET SEXUAL DURING A LEGITIMATE MASSAGE SESSION. I've been a certified massage therapist for 12 years and would never accept the behavior in which you guys engage. No matter what you've experienced or how many "therapists" you've known, you're obviously seeing sex workers, not massage therapists.
Sexual activity is never allowed during any legitimate massage session by a licensed or certified professional. Any LMT/CMT who formally studied at an accredited massage school to get licensed/certified knows that they risk losing their credentials for sexual behavior in the massage room, as it's a huge breach of ethics. Would a physician tolerate you jerking off during a routine visit? Get real.
For the yahoo from OK who considers himself a "massage fan", don't speak for the group of true professionals with whom you clearly have had no experience. To state that "Most female therapists consider helping you masturbate as part of their job...It all depends on how well she knows you" is ridiculously erroneous.
Hey Johsonplay in NJ (where I happen to work), you're not the expert you think you are. "A number of massage therapists" ARE NOT "starting to be OK with a client masturbating." Guess what--when the recession hit, I got a second job to supplement my income. I haven't "lost" any clients because none of them were interested in sexual favors to begin with.
To sum up, don't confuse massage therapy with prostitution--healthy, compassionate touch doesn't equal sex, and the confused belief that it does leads to a lot of misguided behavior.
As a legitamate massage therapist i completely agree with you. it is stated less than 3 times before the massage even happens that it is a nonsexual massage and draping is required once in my telephone interview, once in my communication checklist and once in the disclaimer that all my clients must sign where they also agree by signing that if the session is ended due to their behavior full payment is expected and they can/ may be charged with solicitation
robert from ottawa

Ottawa, Canada

#406 Feb 5, 2013
i have been masturbated while having a massage. she had enjoyed my erections, having happened periodically during my session. it was obvious she was enjoying 'the scene' as much as I was. having watched, had asked 'would you like me to help you?'
i replied "Please". she did, ever so gently massage around my privates, inside my thighs, and worked her way to my groin. and slow and sensual she massaged me very slowly. Meaning that there was not anything erotically-sexual about how she did it, to her it was part of my body that needed relaxing....& that she did!

Chicago, IL

#407 Feb 5, 2013
Thanks to Debbie and LMT-GA for providing thoughtful and reasonable responses from therapists' perspectives. Their responses fit my experience as a customer much more than some of the responses I read from some of the others who claim to be LMTs here.

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#408 Feb 6, 2013
The last time I went to have the massage I asked if I could have it undraped.'Yes' she said, that was fine to have it undraped, but I WOULD have to sign a consent for it. After the massage I flat asked her if she ever became excited doing a massage, seeing how a guy often times became erect. She said 'no' and during more conversation she thanked me for not asking her to 'do any more'. I then asked her if she would be comfortable if I was to touch myself during the massage and she said 'that would probably be ok with me'.

I've been to her 4 or 5 times now, total. I don't know if I'll touch myself when I become erect at the next session, and want a release, or not. My point is that I feel we have pretty good communication and so far that has made my experience very very special. BTY, I've only had about 5 massages my entire life that I've paid for and she's done all but one of them, so I don't have much experience to compare.

Saint Cloud, FL

#409 Feb 12, 2013
My mother in la is a massage therapist and she'll often give me a massgae. I recently had a session with he where I had such an erection that she commented on it. I just didn't say a thng but I reached down and stroked my erect penis unti I ejaculated all over the place.She was rather impressed and this became our M.O. every time she gave me a massage. Sometimes I Jerk Off before she did anything...

Lafayette, CO

#411 Feb 26, 2013
I know that several of these post are total BS, but here are my thoughts on the subject. I've had many massages over the years. I have been to massage parlors in the past. These days I only go to CMT's because I want the best massage for my money. Not that I haven't had some great massages at massage parlors, but sometimes they rush the massage and don't give you the full time that you paid for. Anyway I just decide to stick with CMT's now. I try to find a CMT that allows no draping or at least just drape with a sheet. I like to see how they will react when I'm laying on my back and I get hard. I go to the ones that work out of their own office or out of their home. I always mention that I would prefer to be undraped and want a full body massage when I first meet them. I always shower ahead of time, smell nice, and look very professional and wear clean close. I just lay back and enjoy the massage and be very polite and have a friendly conversation. I never ask them if I can masturbate during the massage. After all I came there to get a massage. So if your not a total jerk about it, you can find a CMT that is open minded and will massage your penis along with giving you a legitimate professional massage. You don't have to pay $150 for an hour to get off. I have one CMT that charges $40 an hour, so I pay for two hours and give her a $30 tip, so it comes out to $60 an hour for a great relaxing full body massage.

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#412 Feb 27, 2013
After reading some of the posts here I finally got the confidence to bring the subject up with my massage therapist. She explained that it was understandable that I might feel the need during a session. She had received massages herself where she felt certain feelings come over her and had felt the need/urge to masturbate. People are allowed to be human.
So long as one is respectful then it shouldn't be a problem. She has set her rules, though she did let slip that she found watching a man ejaculate to be very stimulating. I guess it depends on the individual. So long as the therapist is ok with it then no one else has any business saying it is wrong. If the CMT/LMT is asked and says no then that response has to be respected - either comply or find another who may be ok with it.

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#414 Mar 12, 2013
I have never had a massage where the gal didn't jerk me off. Some I had to
persuade but most offered w/o asking. A few I have even drilled them.
To put it bluntly there are different levels of attraction. I am a 10.
10's get it all the time.
5's have to ask
1's and 2's never get anything.

What number R U?

Port-of-spain, Trinidad and Tobago

#415 Mar 15, 2013
Fan of Al and Kevin wrote:
You are just plain wrong. Lot's of men are masturbating as part of a massage, Al Gore and Kevin Costner to name two. Just do a google search and you will see.
There is nothing wrong with sexual release as part of a massage. If you don't like it, get another job.
Excellent and well said. I am a Male massage therapist and don't tolerate any sort of sexual misbehaviour. Mostly gay guys feel that they want to masturbate. I will end the session immediately. Women make advances and even try to grab me. I will also terminate the session and they will be warned that they won't be invited back if they continue. Control is key. We are human but fantasize and masturbate afterwards if you want but not on your therapist's time. It means that you are there for the wrong reasons
haha 3

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#416 Mar 18, 2013
Dino wrote:
<quoted text>Excellent and well said. I am a Male massage therapist and don't tolerate any sort of sexual misbehaviour. Mostly gay guys feel that they want to masturbate. I will end the session immediately. Women make advances and even try to grab me. I will also terminate the session and they will be warned that they won't be invited back if they continue. Control is key. We are human but fantasize and masturbate afterwards if you want but not on your therapist's time. It means that you are there for the wrong reasons
Masturbate on your time and your face.

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#418 Mar 22, 2013
Really guys there are no legitimate therapists that are going to touch your thing. I have clients that get erection that are draped. No big deal. I have had a couple of good clients ask me if it would be ok to masturbate to relieve their stress. I allowed them it was very interesting but they never asked me to touch them and I would not. If you want a girl to touch you, get a girlfriend.
haha 3

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#420 Mar 25, 2013
Normal Flora wrote:
<quoted text>Any guy who "needs" to masturbate to relieve "stress" has some serious psychoses. This is not normal.
Any douchebag who constantly feels the need to judge the private actions of others is not normal either.

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