Erections during massages is it normal?

Beckley, WV

#138 Mar 4, 2011
I have been to several female massage thereapists, and they had no prob when I got an erection. If I ever went to a female massage thereapist who did have a prob with it, I would not go back there.

Des Moines, IA

#139 Mar 4, 2011
Erections are a part of every day life, happens all the time. Nothing wrong with getting an erection. Expecting your MT to "take care" of your erection is when it crosses a line that should not be crossed.

Birmingham, AL

#140 Mar 4, 2011
Despite what Trollbuster says, many licensed MTs are willing to "take care" of an erection. I understand it's against the rules of massage licensing areas. However, if two consenting adults agree to it, I refuse to see it as immoral or unethical.


#141 Mar 5, 2011
my LMT is an old friend,i get undressed with her to my nylon briefs and its no big deal,i do get regular erections and it doesn't fase her or me now,i take some condoms with me and sometimes slip one on out of her sight,i have cum a couple of times,we have an understanding about these things and she suggested the condoms.she does a sensual massage,though ive yet to go naturist!!

Reynoldsburg, OH

#142 Mar 6, 2011
My LMT is great. I have been going to her for 5 years now, every other week on Friday. It started out as fully draped, then on to a towel and now is in the nude. She stays in the rooms with me all the way through the entire process, undress, massage and dress. I have had an occasional erection and it was o big deal, Even during dressing and undressing. In the five years and approximately 125 massages, I have gotten probably less than 20 full blown pointing at the sky erections. She has from time to time, about 5 times, given me a couple of minutes to take care of things. She did walk back in on me once as I was finishing and it has become a topic of teasing that will never go away.a There has never been any inappropriate touching, just a hug upon arriving and another one when leaving.

Greenwood, LA

#143 Mar 12, 2011
My current therapists (a guy and a girl) say guys who don't get an erection are the exception.

The guy actually tries to make it erotic. The girl...gets close.

Neither promises or gives a happy ending. They do about 95 % of men and about 50% of women undraped or draped with small towels.

United States

#144 Mar 16, 2011
As a professional massage therapist and instructor, I am completely appalled by some of these posts! Any true massage professional would not bring attention to an erection or help/allow you to "take care" of it! I talk to my students about it in class and remind them that it is a completely normal physiological reaction when a man is relaxed. Did you know that most men get more erections in their sleep than they do awake?? It has nothing to do with sexual thought or intention. It is also completely normal for a person to pass gas when relaxed. This is another common issue that is nothing to be embarrassed about. Just remember guys that it's nothing we haven't seen or heard before and it's just your body doing what it does naturally. It is a sign that you are relaxed and your therapist is good at their job. It is also a matter of finding a therapist you are comfortable with. You can start by going to a reputable massage school and following a student that you are comfortable with after they graduate.:)

Hollister, CA

#145 Mar 31, 2011
heather wrote:
When massaging the quads it is normal for that to happen. There is a nerve that stimulates an erection in a male there. Now if your massaging the dude's calf or head then no it's not normal.
I got a shoulder massage and immediately got an erection. I was embarassed and confused. The therapist later bent over me staring intently at my erection, not knowing that I could see them. I was mortified. You're saying that my erection was not normal?

Dayton, OH

#146 Mar 31, 2011
I am wondering what the person is wearing when they are massaging clients.

Miami, FL

#147 Apr 1, 2011
incognito wrote:
<quoted text>
I got a shoulder massage and immediately got an erection. I was embarassed and confused. The therapist later bent over me staring intently at my erection, not knowing that I could see them. I was mortified. You're saying that my erection was not normal?
sounds like your therapist is not normal if they bent over you looking at it like they have never seen one before. Maybe they wanted to take a taste!!

Hollister, CA

#148 Apr 1, 2011
SMILES wrote:
I am wondering what the person is wearing when they are massaging clients.
Medical-type clothing.

Kansas City, MO

#149 Apr 6, 2011
Mindy wrote:
<quoted text>
Please do not stop posting. Your post was not a troll. His response to your post was.

Thanks, I appreciate the support. I do travel extensively and have quit posting just reading all the comments.

Crown Point, IN

#150 Apr 13, 2011
SoAmzed wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks, I appreciate the support. I do travel extensively and have quit posting just reading all the comments.
Well I hope you return to posting sometime. Sane voices like yours are needed here.

Orange, CA

#151 Apr 13, 2011
I guess it is because I am an exhibitionist, but I prefer to be massaged by a women.

I knew a young lady in college that did massage part time for extra income.

We met during a swimming class, the first time I went over for a massage was for carpal tunnel and she did and excellent job on my hands and arms after a while we started bartering for services I'd fix her car in exchange for a massage. We got very comfortable with each other and became fast friends.

During one of our massages she mentioned that from time to time she has been know to go around the house naked. I thought that was an interesting statement.

During one massage she asked me to giver her a hand with setting up the table as she had gotten home late and handn't set the table up before I got there.

I mentioned that I was naked if she didn't mind a naked guy setting up her table she smiled an just snickered a bit as she went to get the oils

When she came out I was just finishing up putting up the table so there I was standing completely naked in front of her, now mind you I was still soft.
When she came out she was wearing a regular pair of short and a white tank top. We started talking as usual while I finished setting up the table. While we were talking i started to become hard, I went to cover myself, she said that i did have cover myself that she liked looking at erect men. She asked me if it would bother me if she massage me, while I was naked so she could look at my erect penis. Being single and unattached and an exhibitionist I didn't mind.

Well we finally got around to the massage and she didn a fine job of working on my lower back hands etc. She was very good at what she did
She asked if she could massage my testicles and such When she had me roll over she asked if I wanted to be covered I declined and she was happy about that, I did warn her that I was hard and had pre-cum oozing out she didn't object.
During the massage she said that she was an exhibitionist as well and would I mind if she stripped, I didn't object

While she was naked she would asked if I wanted her to rub her breast on my chest i graciously accepted. While she was massaging me I told her that I was getting close to ejaculating and that I would like to ejaculate on her small boobs she graciously allowed me to shoot on her.

Now I know there are many LMT that would say this is wrong and it probably would be if she were in the business of giving massages but I believe this is more two friends taking care of each other We would barter for massages and everything was extremely consentual.
So I'm not seeing a problem with this

Apo, AP

#152 Apr 29, 2011
Well IMO if you find yourself becoming aroused during a massage. You need to call the play. Id suggest trying to offer her your member with small thrusting motions. Trying not to be to obvious of course. If she does not respond to this advance then relax, and enjoy your massage. However... If she bites at your advance then its game on. Do your thing BigDOG! You've had a long week....You deserve it.

Milton Keynes, UK

#153 Apr 29, 2011
Massage Lady wrote:
<quoted text>
You are bad man! If you come my shop and do that, I cut it off!
- how many times has it ocurred?

Kula, HI

#154 May 1, 2011
I have had many massages and I usually get an erection but I have never had a happy ending or been asked/encouraged or allowed to "take care of myself". I wouldnt mind having a happy ending, but its never happened. I guess I am going to the wrong places. I am now going to this Thai place that gives the most thorough massage without giving a happy ending, but she is massaging your buttocks, groin and even puts her foot in your crotch to brace herself when she is stretching your leg. She has to "feel around" when she places her foot to make sure she is not crushing your testicles and usually brushes them in the process. I do not know how I haven't ejacuated. I keep going back because its a great massage and hopefully one day she will offer

United States

#155 May 2, 2011
Have u been to melinda in brandon
jim wrote:
I go to a CMT that allows me to be nude for a 2 hour session. When I flip over on my back I always get an erection. She massages my entire body and has no problem with it. She doesn't allow any of her clients to massage her. Yes she did go to massage school and gives one of the best massages I have ever received. Some CMT's are just very open minded about nudity.

United States

#156 May 2, 2011
Melinda Short got the best hand job in Town

United States

#157 May 10, 2011
Mindy, Thanks. I am back responding. Reading the previous (stickman)post seems like it could be made up. I have had many massages myself and must admit that that has never been my ( therapist is nude) experience or even close. Not that I am a prude, just the opposite. It just seems like that just doesn't happen.

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