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#560 Aug 30, 2012
Draping is required in every state in America. That being said many therapist end up relaxing the rule once they know the client. The worst thing to do is request the massage in the nude over an email or even a phone call. It is best to make that request once you are on the table or even a little into the session. Any therapist that would agree to such a thing over the email or phone will be busted at some point. You do not want to be the one on the table when the police bust in! Responsible therapist only offer such flexibility when it is requested discreetly. What ever you do never mention it in an online review as the therapist is put at risk legally for such carelessness. For the therapist that refuse understand that in many states they have to invest over 12k to be trained and certified and there desire to go by the book should be respected and understood.

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#561 Sep 4, 2012
What a great response!
GsC1969 wrote:
Draping is required in every state in America. That being said many therapist end up relaxing the rule once they know the client. The worst thing to do is request the massage in the nude over an email or even a phone call. It is best to make that request once you are on the table or even a little into the session. Any therapist that would agree to such a thing over the email or phone will be busted at some point. You do not want to be the one on the table when the police bust in! Responsible therapist only offer such flexibility when it is requested discreetly. What ever you do never mention it in an online review as the therapist is put at risk legally for such carelessness. For the therapist that refuse understand that in many states they have to invest over 12k to be trained and certified and there desire to go by the book should be respected and understood.

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#562 Sep 4, 2012
what ever happened to the guy who started this thread

Burke, VA

#563 Sep 7, 2012
Old wives tale. Nude massages ARE legal in Virginia. What the law states is that the therapist must PROVIDE covering. If the client chooses to remove that covering (and the therapist does not object) there is no violation of the law.

Even massage schools get this wrong. Read the original law on the books--not what other people are saying.

Santaquin, UT

#564 Sep 10, 2012
Bryan_V wrote:
Listen, Scotty, I don't know how you guys do things out west, but here in Virginia that'd be totally unethical. there would be no way to request such a massage. In virginia the Gluteal cleft, the propper name for the "crack" is always covered. and I really don't think it's proper for her to massage into the anus, or your hole as you said. that's very sexual and unsanitary.
In Virgina clients are mandated by law to be draped at all times which can be as little as a small piece of fabric that covers the pubic area,breasts and the gluteal cleft. otherwise we could be in deep trouble and if caught/reported could loose our certifacation/liscensure.
I'm not saying that what you had didn't feel good, I'm pretty sure it was very exhilaraing, just not the most professional massage.
For myself It's even more difficult being a male, men always asume if you're a male therapist you're in it for an excuse to cop a cheap feel which deffinately is not the case and this student therapist was totally in the wrong and makes it hard for others to not be looked at negatively.
but then again utah is one of those quirky states...... I'm not liberal at all but that was out of controll.
Actually in Utah you are not allowed to touch private areas, or show the gluteal cleft, the breasts of a female can only my shown, and worked one at a time, if they have had cancer, being completely un-draped is unethical and not legal. This is a conservative state, it's not Nevada!

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#565 Sep 10, 2012
Dave wrote:
<quoted text>
Hilarious man! can't stop laughing, you go buddy get them nuts rubbed, damn..........
I never saw a continuing education class on 'nut rubbing'. I am sure it was 'therapuitc'. Surely there must be a class for boob and vagina massage!(wink).

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#566 Oct 21, 2012
Flguy wrote:
I wish you were in FL ..we could exchange massages if you liked.
South Florida, by any chance???? ;-)

Calabasas, CA

#567 Nov 15, 2012
who cares wrote:
When will you guys get it through your head that therapeutic massage is NOT sexual? Quit trying to bring your little fantasy life into a professional setting. Yes, we can always tell when you orgasm whether you ejaculate or not, simply by the tension in the body that can't be hidden no matter what you think.
Oh my lord, is this guy/gal serious?? How pretentious, judgmental and PRUDISH!
Any good massage IS sensual. It is the basis, yes the BASIS of a massage because, guess what? The human body is essentially controlled by hormones and pheromones, and this is why we HAVE a career. Condemning people for enjoying their bodies is foolish, and if you are so da**ed uncomfortable with the human body, why what in god's name do you call yourself a "massage therapist" for, anyways? For heaven's sake, pick up your bible, find a pulpit and give all your BS from there, not from a wonderful, blissful and heavenly career such as this!
We are meant to ENJOY our bodies! And a massage is meant to ENJOY it even more! So what if a fella/gal experiences a voluntary or involuntary orgasm? Will the world end? Will YOUR god send that person to hell in a handbasket? I bet you would love to think that your deity would! But newsflash- thankfully whoever created our bodies, I am convinced, will NOT cruelly punish us for enjoying this work of art and beauty he/she/it has endowed us with!
So get the heck off your high horse (swine!) and get OVER yourself! My clients experience orgasms all the time, and you know what? I don't touch their genitalia or allow them to touch me or mine; hence I am a dam*ed good massage therapist and NOT a prostitute, as you prudish sorts love to accuse!
The harsh truth is, you are not very talented at what you do, you have chosen the wrong profession (most likely because you are unable to get along with anyone else well enough to work in another profession- ie, you keep getting FIRED for being snotty!) and you are a rotten masseuse. There, I said it, I know you hate that word "masseuse" but calling you such is an undeserved compliment which I am bestowing upon your inquisitional head. The fact is that when you see another therapist doing a superior job to anything which you might ever aspire to, you are JEALOUS. Thus, you spit out your spite and bitterness in every direction, which tells me one more as yet unvoiced yet truthful fact about you: You are a terrible aim! Ask any self respecting adder, viper, spider or wasp, and most stings or expenditure of venom of even the bitterest variety which you like CLEALY like to spew, are at least poured forth into the rough direction of the prey. However your direction pours your poisons directly into your own lap! That is to say, you are making a complete fool of yourself and it's plain enough for EVERYONE to see! An ass you are, an ass you ever will be, and were I to become religious at any point in time, my very first prayer would be for you to DROP your pretense at this wonderful art, and by all means follow the footsteps of every other hypocritical, child molesting religious zealot.
I hope and truly believe that the career advice I have dispensed as been taken seriously by yourself and that you will apply it at the soonest possible opportunity- that is to say- YESTERDAY!

United States

#568 Nov 17, 2012
Amen Psmmmmmmm I and many of my female LMTs totally agree with your thoughtful comments. I have been providing quality massage for over ten years in a large spa atmosphere. Modern day American massage acceptance began in the early 1960's the Esalen massage technique. The massages were done and are still done in Big Sur CA looking over the magnicficent Pacific Ocean. The massages were done in the NUDE, sorry prudes. The massages are wonderful as well as the baths and hot springs. Just because I am massaging a male client who is nude does not make it sexual. It may and should be sensual not sexual. I have never had a client ask for any additional services and I do not of course offer any. If you look up massage under Wikipedia it states that a massage is done clothed, partially clothed or unclothed. The option should be up to the client and the LMT not to prudes. If a LMT is uncomfortable with a naked client why the heck are they in the business. If you are a client and are looking for a wonderful relaxing unclothed experience talk to your therapist and become a regular client. If the the therapist is uncomfortable with your request find another one who is comfortable. Most of my female friends allow regular clients to get naked and yes most of these clients get erections. I would never let a first time client get unclothed in front of me. The nerve of some pretend LMT posters on this site that say the therapists that allow our regular clients to get naked in front of us makes us prostitutes is just childish BS. Grow up get another job.

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#569 Nov 27, 2012
hi ya'll,

here for 1 week and looking for a sensual/therapeutic massage in Lubbock, Texas. Can someone steer me in the right direction?(phone, email etc)

Much appreciated.

Oxford, AL

#570 Dec 2, 2012
Scotty wrote:
Hello, one time I went to a massage school and received an excellent massage from a student therapist. I told her to work especially on my glutes. She was very receptive to feedback and eventually, since I told her I liked both cheeks done at the same time and requested her to just cover my crack, she misunderstood and just pulled the sheet down to my thighs and fully worked my glutes. It was extremely satisfying. I had no desire for anything improper, but she said what she was doing was fine: you always uncover the area you are working on. The massage went so well that I scheduled again with her and when I came in I asked her to just work the glutes. That's all. She did and I asked how close she was allowed to get to my perinium and crack (by just showing her with my hand). She said she could work whatever areas I felt comfortable with, as long as there was some thereputic need or something like that. Eventually, she went on her own (knowing that I was comfortable with ANYTHING, still not wanting anything illegal) and she fully rubbed all inside my crack and pushed and rubbed a great deal in the area between my nuts and hole. She never went in at all, but the pleasure was excrutiating. I have lost track of her and wondered what the proper way to request this type of massage without it getting out of hand and amounting to outright prostitution or whatever. I dont' want to come across as a perv, but I enjoy subtle techniques that many therapist use like being vigorous enough on my lower back, glutes, or legs to allow my belly to stimilate my weiner without the therapist actually touching.
Something new for the area of LMT's... Preventative massage therapy... it is of course RIGHT now seen as other than STRAIGHT. If preventative care can be included in this area of Therapy. Begin by better informing the public... as follows.

“P-PAP” In September!
Playboy’s Prostate Awareness Program

Who else could make something BENIGN come back to life?

The objective is to change the masculine MIND’S EYE; of men, to allowing women, toying in man’s, inner sanctions (Prostate Massage) with the intent of enhancing HIS love life.

First make the idea seem more literary, less disgusting, an easier read, with less vulgarity (four letter words) more animated descriptions… make the idea fun, rather than skuzzy.

Make the issue about masculine, prostate health… with a loveable side effect… less about SEX.

Explain “Prostate Awareness” in a better than the normal; Medical ASSAULT the PROSTATE format… make it a… prevent the prostate from getting bad enough, to have to poison it with chemicals, to stab it with needles, and via preventative maintenance… away from the slice and dice of the surgeon’s knife.

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#571 Dec 6, 2012
I am an acupressure/swedish massage therapist in england fully qualified and certified and i only expose the areas i am working on unless the client requests otherwise. i have one client looking to be massaged nude as he preferred not to be covered. Massage is all about making the client relaxed and comfortable so i agreed. He had tight knots in his glutes and upper thighs so that's where i worked both with him laying on his back and on his stomach. Yes he got an erection because of the areas iwas working but that is a normal reaction from the stimulation to the areas and connecting nerves. It is not perverted or disgusted it is just the human body and how it works. if a client wants to be massaged nude bcause it is more comfortable for them i say allow it, if they need their glutes massaged, i say do it as long as they know it isn't sexual it shouldn't be a problem.
Normal Massage Receiver

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#572 Dec 18, 2012
Thank You Mary! Good to know that not all massage therapists are uptight bitches like LMT. It is all about relaxing and feeling comfortable. I can imagine what goes through LMT's mind. "oh my god nooooo!, I can not touch the glutes that is wrong!"
That is a part of the human body, but if I go near it... It will be sexual!!! NOoooOooOooOoooOoo!
Normal Massage Receiver

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#575 Dec 19, 2012
Normal Flora wrote:
<quoted text>Translation: "Good to know that there are still massagers who ignore professional ethics." You could NEVER know what goes through a licensed professional's mind, so don't even try.
Translation - Adhere to western puritan nonsense

Oxford, AL

#576 Dec 22, 2012
akb123 wrote:
I have to say that everytime I request the "in my crack and between my nuts and hole" treatment I am told to leave the premises or else they'll call the cops!
Learn to rephrase your request, unless you enjoy "Shock Jock" terminology... In the American language, there are so many ways to request a special touch... find and print an article that compliments your request, give it to the Masseuse (if it's not against the law where you are), see if that will help... If you are requesting a Prostate Massage look up "Whitelotuseast" it will have everything you are looking for, in complimentary reprose. Also, type in your search engine...'Just Whose Prostate Is It'... you'll find something I wrote.

United States

#577 Dec 22, 2012
I've traveled to many countries in Europe, Asia and North & South America. The good ol' USA is the only place I've been where the prudes rule. You can get an assault rifle with no background check in many states, but in just as many or more if a person's body is uncovered during a massage you've broken the law.

A full-body (inclusive of the butt and genitals) massage is common in many places in this world. A great massage from a well-trained therapist CAN and sometimes DOES include (gasp!) this in many places. Every therapist has his or her own boundaries, but there's really no reason for these laws. We're talking about MASSAGE (the laying on of hands), not full-bore prostitution.

If a male client gets an erection during a massage and the therapist is okay with it, what's the problem? Why is this wrong? Again, I want to make it clear, I'm NOT talking about people who use massage as a front for prostitution, people with no training or knowledge of massage. On the contrary. Why do so many people think it has to be one or the other? If a female clients wants a similar massage, whats the problem?

I understand the laws involved, but for purposes of this discussion let's set aside that issue for the moment. Maybe we'll talk about the therapist in Tokyo or in Frankfurt, to give a couple of examples. Full body massage is legal in both of those cities, and many more.

We are all free to make the ethical choices in our practices. How do my choices effect other therapists? How do their choices effect me? Aside from the legal issues in the USA, where is the problem?

Littleton, CO

#578 Dec 28, 2012
Nobody wants to jump in with an answer?

Charleston, IL

#579 Dec 29, 2012
Blah wrote:
Nobody wants to jump in with an answer?
You're right... I too have been around the world (retired Army) especially in the Orient (Japan, Korea and Vietnam) one can get what's called a “Steam and Cream”... done quite pleasurably. First the Massage Therapist Bathes the client (yeah naked in a real tub), and then massage the entire body (and I mean MASSAGE) then... they massage the "OTHER" parts (depending what the client is comfortable with, and can afford).
I've also escorted women to massage parlors (I was an armed escort at times) in various countries and know what treats women enjoy... they aren't so prudish when it's their turn, I can promise you that. That's the reason I write these things... Men should be granted the rights to be pleasured, in a healthful manner, without the stain of homosexualism.
Prostate massage is healthful, especially as one ages (like myself) it helps keep oxygen rich blood flowing to essential "man parts" and thusly keeping the man in functioning condition... even though he's been diagnosed BPH... but... as I've said before... there is no profit in a yet benign prostate. So innuendoes and slander (anonymous of course) reign supreme.

Metuchen, NJ

#580 Feb 5, 2013
It is unethical for a maseusse to knowingly stimulate you sexually. If it happens during the course of a massage inadvertently ,so be it.

To draw attention to it would be embarassing for both parties .

Colorado Springs, CO

#582 Apr 10, 2013
wow! people are so shameful of their bodys and bodily functions!

an orgasm can be very relaxing,AND AS A BODY WORKER should be comfortable with the whole body....we have to deal with a lot...dirty,sweaty,smelly, talkative obnoxious people,some in which who dont even care to wipe the chunk of feces out of there crack....If a clean respectful man or woman who is not able to get release any where else is willing to pay, they should be able to rely on a body worker,someone knowledgeable about the body and its functions to provide a safe comfortable atmosphere.
not to say that there are not people either buying or selling sex...but sex is a rescission proof industry

if you cant beat it or join it...dont hate on those who do

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