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Montgomery, AL

#1 Nov 26, 2007
Hello, one time I went to a massage school and received an excellent massage from a student therapist. I told her to work especially on my glutes. She was very receptive to feedback and eventually, since I told her I liked both cheeks done at the same time and requested her to just cover my crack, she misunderstood and just pulled the sheet down to my thighs and fully worked my glutes. It was extremely satisfying. I had no desire for anything improper, but she said what she was doing was fine: you always uncover the area you are working on. The massage went so well that I scheduled again with her and when I came in I asked her to just work the glutes. That's all. She did and I asked how close she was allowed to get to my perinium and crack (by just showing her with my hand). She said she could work whatever areas I felt comfortable with, as long as there was some thereputic need or something like that. Eventually, she went on her own (knowing that I was comfortable with ANYTHING, still not wanting anything illegal) and she fully rubbed all inside my crack and pushed and rubbed a great deal in the area between my nuts and hole. She never went in at all, but the pleasure was excrutiating. I have lost track of her and wondered what the proper way to request this type of massage without it getting out of hand and amounting to outright prostitution or whatever. I dont' want to come across as a perv, but I enjoy subtle techniques that many therapist use like being vigorous enough on my lower back, glutes, or legs to allow my belly to stimilate my weiner without the therapist actually touching.





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Philadelphia, PA

#2 Nov 26, 2007
Pretty much the glutes are a natural part of massage in my experience, and i am always uncovered totally during that part. I have even requested the whole massage be done in the nude, and a lot of therapists easily are ok with that. That is male and female therpists. I have nude massages that way by both.

United States

#3 Nov 27, 2007
So when you request a massage in the nude, and if it is someone that doesn't want to, isnt' the whole thing ruined at that point? What are the reactions you've had requesting nude? Do you lie on your back without being covered as well?


Horsham, PA

#4 Nov 27, 2007
Yes, I am nude even while on my back. The whole massage beginning to end. Some therapists do not want to do the massage in the nude, and that is why I ask in advance before scheduling. Some offer smaller draping. I find males are much easier to let me be undraped, but a lot of female therapists have also allowed it. Remember, I am talking about trained, certified therapists.

Montgomery, AL

#5 Nov 28, 2007
Any suggestions to my question? I.E. how do I professionally and discreetly ask for the type of massage as I described, including in my crack and between my nuts and hole?

Richmond, VA

#6 Nov 28, 2007
Listen, Scotty, I don't know how you guys do things out west, but here in Virginia that'd be totally unethical. there would be no way to request such a massage. In virginia the Gluteal cleft, the propper name for the "crack" is always covered. and I really don't think it's proper for her to massage into the anus, or your hole as you said. that's very sexual and unsanitary.
In Virgina clients are mandated by law to be draped at all times which can be as little as a small piece of fabric that covers the pubic area,breasts and the gluteal cleft. otherwise we could be in deep trouble and if caught/reported could loose our certifacation/liscensure.
I'm not saying that what you had didn't feel good, I'm pretty sure it was very exhilaraing, just not the most professional massage.
For myself It's even more difficult being a male, men always asume if you're a male therapist you're in it for an excuse to cop a cheap feel which deffinately is not the case and this student therapist was totally in the wrong and makes it hard for others to not be looked at negatively.
but then again utah is one of those quirky states...... I'm not liberal at all but that was out of controll.

Redmond, WA

#7 Nov 28, 2007
"including in my crack and between my nuts and hole?"


Commerce Township, MI

#8 Nov 29, 2007
Actually, the student did go beyond her "scope" with this one.

It's required to undrape only the area that is being treated. In your case, she could have "diapered" you. She, being a student, should have had some supervision as well.

However, there are instances that there have been prescriptions/referrals written for massaging private areas. In order to have a prescription, something's gotta be....ummm....broke. Then you would have to locate a therapist that would be willing to accept that referral.

Ken, seriously, therapists allow you to be completely exposed for the entire session? Do you undress fully going to the doctor's for any type of examination or is it just for massage?

Philadelphia, PA

#9 Dec 1, 2007
Yes, Donna. Many therapists have allowed me to have my massges cpmpletely uncovered (nude). I always request this. Like I said some decline to do it, and some offer very minimal draping, but a fair amount have no problem with it.

Commerce Township, MI

#10 Dec 3, 2007
Ken wrote:
Yes, Donna. Many therapists have allowed me to have my massges cpmpletely uncovered (nude). I always request this. Like I said some decline to do it, and some offer very minimal draping, but a fair amount have no problem with it.
ok, just wondering. It seems that a lot of schools teach different things in different areas. I was also told that there is no way you should do a massage on someone within their first trimester. I then worked for a doctor and because a source of their amusement. Pft! LOL

To each their own, brother!

Chalfont, PA

#11 Dec 8, 2007

I wanted to try a nude massage last month, and i did. The therapist was female, and she allowed me to beundraped and nude during the masage, but I'M NOT SURE I WOULD HAVE THE GUTS TO DO IT AGAIN, because while massaging my front, pelvic area, I not only was oozing pre-sperm, ut I orgasmed involuntarily all over the place. Very embrrrassing, even though she didn't make a big deal about it. She just wiped it and nevr said anything, to which I was grateful.

United States

#12 Dec 8, 2007
I get massaged in the nude all the time. I've massages draped as well, and have no problem if the therapist requires it. But, draping is not required here in Texas, and I prefer to be nude when I can. After trying it both ways, I much prefer being nude. It just feels the way massage was meant to be.

United States

#13 Feb 2, 2008
Uhh Draping IS required by the Texas State Law. They just recently changed the hourly requirements from 300 to 500hrs, which is good. But Draping is always required. For those who had to take the practical part of the Licensing exam(which is not required anymore) if you exposed genitals or breasts or the gluteal cleavage you were instantly failed. There are professional draping skills that most of us know that do not impede our Therapy.
John UK

Derby, UK

#14 Feb 2, 2008
I have had massages over the past 15 years with the same lady when i first started going to her she covered me with a large towel but after i had been seeing her for my be 6 or 6 times she stopped using it.She as allways done my buttoxs and groing so it is a lot better without any thing on

Honolulu, HI

#15 Feb 13, 2008

Honolulu, HI

#16 Feb 13, 2008

Corpus Christi, TX

#17 Mar 31, 2008
No, in Texas, there has to be consent between the therapist and client about the lack of draping. I always make sure that is covered in writing so nothing can come back at me later.
Art -Los Angeles

Redondo Beach, CA

#18 Mar 31, 2008
The inner thighs and glutes are my favorite parts to be massaged!
I just wish I could find a MT that is local to where I live!
[email protected]

Seminole, FL

#19 Jul 9, 2008
I have to say that everytime I request the "in my crack and between my nuts and hole" treatment I am told to leave the premises or else they'll call the cops!

Since: May 08

Miami, FL

#20 Jul 16, 2008
I love getting the glutes done, but I find that many therapists don't spend much time on them and work just the outer half. I think they are concerned not to undrape too much of that area or get too close to the center because they don't want the client to feel uncomfortable. I've been to a few that undrape the entire area or use no draping and these tend to do a more complete massage. I much prefer this, but I've always had a difficult time trying to relay this to the therapist because I don't want them to think I want them to give me an erotic/anal massage. I guess I'm as guilty as the therapist by not speaking up.

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