Back knots??? Please help
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#1 Apr 23, 2008
My friend keeps on coming to me and she keeps on saying see has a lot of knots in her back. She asks me to rub them out but i usually just give her a back rub and that makes her feel a little better. Does anyone know how i could find the knot's exact location and how to get rid of them? And could someone descibe how they feel? Not how they feel to the person that has them, how they feel to the person trying to get rid of them? In short, I want to know everything and anything about back knots. Please?


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#2 Apr 26, 2008
"Back Knots" as they are often called are areas of tension within the muscle fibers. To be more specific, when a muscle is overexerted a few things will happen. One, the muscle will spasm and create a stretch reflex causing the muscle to be instantly tightened and held in that tightened state(hence the knot). The stretch reflex is actually a defense mechanism that the brain utilizes to ensure that the muscle doesnt get any more damaged than it already is. Another thing that could happen is that the muscle fibers themselves will rip and tear creating quite an aggravating problem for the individual.
As for back knots. Most of them are located in between the shoulder blades(Rhomboids, erectors,Longissimus) and also above the scapula into the neck and shoulders (trapezius, levator scapula and the muscles of the neck) they will feel like literal knots and bumps.
As a Therapist i can tell you that getting these knots out is up to the client with the knots. The therapists only provide the means for change to happen within the structure of the muscle belly. A good therapist will know how to access the central nervous system and give clear signals to it to release the tension in the affected area.

Richard. when you are giving your friend a back rub, use your fingers as a probe to feel and sense where the knots and tension are, when you find that tension or knot,just press into the knot gently and slowly and hold it there for a few breaths, release the pressure and go on to another area. If you really want to facilitate a tension release in your friend and you like doing that kind of thing for people then consider taking massage courses that are offered in your area. Go to a school or just take informal classes at your local community college. Peace.

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#3 Apr 27, 2008
Wow thanks!

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#4 Mar 8, 2009
There is this back knot getter away I guess you could call it, and i saw someone with it the other day and they said it's practically a massage. They would hold the end of it and use it on their back. So, this is what it looks like:
l l
Its circular and green and I REALLY need this thing!! Please help!!!
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#5 Mar 11, 2009

There are many self-care massage tools available. You might be referring to a popular device called the Theracane:

Hope this helps!
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#6 Mar 14, 2009
Try unlacing your muscles instead, that way you shouldn't have any knots.
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#7 May 19, 2009
just keep pounding away :)

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#8 Jun 1, 2009
one way to get them out is have her lay on a baseball on the knot for 15 secs. then shift aroung the knot until it oosens up

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#9 Aug 7, 2009
Slightly out of the blue, but i use an exfoliating back scrubber to massage my back sometimes. You can really work out the knots.


#13 Jan 15, 2011
Agree 100% with LMT #3. Well put. When I was taught trigger point therapy, the method to release them was to ask the client on a scale of 10 to say when the pain reaches 6 or 7, press on the knot for 15 seconds, then release. Repeat if necessary. During a normal massage, if I feel a knot during initial effleurage I find that repeated firm manipulation without all the pain often works too. For someone working on themselves, the theracane works well, but also try a golf or tennis ball in a long sock, hold behind you and use the wall as support to roll the ball. There are hundreds of potential trigger points all over the body, there's a lot to learn in the myofascial release area, but wonderful when the client gets a release from pain.

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#17 Aug 5, 2011
knots are just balls of nerves and tense muscles. it really hurts getting them out, but once you do your back feels amazing. they kinda feel like a really tough water balloon... likea balloon filled with pudding and flour. to get rid of them you have to be really gentle but with a firm hand. just press on the knot, gradually pushing harder until you feel the tension release. you'll definitely feel it, and the person will stop wincing in pain ;]

hope this helpss!


#18 Aug 22, 2011
I'm not sure if I have nots, but my back and spine is always sore.... Like a burning sensation from the middle of my back until my shoulder blades, I have this constant feeling that something is out of place.....(Similar to a restless leg feeling) but in my back! Please help


#19 Aug 22, 2011
Go to a qualified massage therapist. It sounds as though you have chronic tension in the back. The therapist will find any knots and get them out. You will also need about 1 hr to loosen up the rest of your back. If you think it could be caused by habitual bad posture at work, or heavy handbags etc., try to be aware of it and change your posture. Swimming would be a good way of introducing range of movement to your arms & back. Good luck

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#21 Oct 25, 2011
It seems like you need to just feel around, they just feel like literal bumps. Hence the "knots." Just put a good amount of pressure on it, leave it on and hold the pressure, even twist your hand a little. I think it feels sensational having somebody work knots out.


#22 Nov 6, 2011
I have a friend who is amazing at relieving me of these little buggers. She uses a different technique though. She puts two fingers from both hands on the knot and then moves in a quick side to side motion :) god bless danas massages

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#24 Dec 9, 2011
lauren wrote:
I'm not sure if I have nots, but my back and spine is always sore.... Like a burning sensation from the middle of my back until my shoulder blades, I have this constant feeling that something is out of place.....(Similar to a restless leg feeling) but in my back! Please help
Lauren try going to a chiropractor maybe ur spine is out of alignment they do x-ray u & let u know if anything is going on there.

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#25 Mar 11, 2012
when you message it do you go from side 2 side or up nd down? How do you feel a knot??
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#27 Mar 30, 2012
Alli wrote:
one way to get them out is have her lay on a baseball on the knot for 15 secs. then shift aroung the knot until it oosens up
Im a hair dresser and i get knot's all the time what can i do intead off a baseball i live in australia theres like none hear :P

Perth, Australia

#28 Mar 30, 2012
It doesn't matter what kind of ball it is, as long as it's reasonably or comfortably hard. Put a tennis ball, a softball etc. in a long sock. You can then sling it behind you and work your back against a wall using the ball on the knot. Better still go to an MT and have a massage with trigger point release.
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#29 May 17, 2012
Wow! I just pushed one of that has been in my left trapezius(sp?) For a few days Thank You!

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